Football: Tedford says Bridgford `most likely’ to start vs. No. 2 Ducks on Saturday night

Still reluctant to give a definitive answer, Cal coach Jeff Tedford said after practice Thursday that backup Allan Bridgford “most likely” will replace injured starter Zach Maynard against No. 2 Oregon.

Maynard, who sprained his left knee last Friday against Washington, has not practiced all week. He walked off the practice field Thursday morning wearing a brace on his knee, after being transported on a cart the previous two days.
“He has not practiced,” Tedford said of Maynard. “He’s gotten better each and every day, but we don’t want to irritate it.
“Most likely if he’s ready to play (Saturday), he’ll be there for a backup-type of role. Most likely Bridgford will start.”
Bridgford finished the Washington game after Maynard, a two-year starter, left with 4:01 left.
Bridgford, who is 4 for 16 for 32 yards this season in limited action, has gotten first-team practice reps all week. Tedford said he is ready.
“He’s always done a real nice job of preparing, keeping his head into it. He’s a student of the game,” Tedford said.
Redshirt sophomore Austin Hinder has taken snaps with the second team all week.
Tedford said the status of all other injured players will be game-time decisions.
But it seems unlikely senior offensive tackle Matt Summers-Gavin will be available. He injured his right knee against Washington, has not practiced this week and was wearing a T-shirt and knee brace on Thursday.
Three players — cornerback Marc Anthony and linebackers Jalen Jefferson and J.P. Hurrell — all are awaiting clearance after sustaining concussions.
Freshman wide receiver Bryce Treggs, who sat out last week with an ankle sprain, has practiced but still was limping Thursday.
Star junior wideout Keenan Allen remains sidelined with a knee injury.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Mike

    No Doubt, without a Doubt.

  • rollonubears

    Clown show

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    “Most llikey”?!!?

    Tedford still being Tedford.

  • scottybear

    A real student of the game? Guys were flying arond at practice? He’s a real good player? Same old quotes year after year

  • BlueNGold

    Too bad JT is not a student of the game…

  • daredevilfan

    I most likely think JT is an idiot.

  • GC

    No, Tedford has lost his mind, believe it or not.

  • Stay Golden

    Bridgford will start and Hinder will back him up.

    Now that wasn’t so hard, coach!

  • Eric

    Where are Bobby and Boaltblue to defend Tedford? They usually launch vitriolic scud missles (that, like their namesakes, miss widly) saying how dare we criticize Tedford for possibly second-guessing him.

  • scottybear

    How can your #2 QB not have taken at least one first team snap at practice??!! Tedford has definitely gone backward and inward. To a place no one knows but it’s not headed toward winning football games for Cal. Between Tuesday’s elections and the downward trajectory of Cal football, I’m looking for something to live for! Pro basketball and hockey suck and it means it’s the dark time of year. Tedford is not leading us into the light.

  • Guys, the reason that Bridgeford has not taken a 1st team snap in practice is because Maynard needed every bit of practice he could get.

  • Eric

    @Moron – more reasons to slap you around for being so wrong. You claimed that the media was short-changing Lee, and the statistics should speak for themselves. I said U$C idiotically backed Barkley (whose weakness was disguised by his WRs).

    So file this away in the “better late than never category”


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #12 – Eric

    USC will play its studs both ways regardless of Heisman consideration. Robert Woods played CB last year.

  • “heisman consideration”? Who says Lee is a serious heisman candidate?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    After today’s game against ASU Lee should be the favorite.

    10 receptions for 186 yards, 1 TD

    66 yards rushing

    ASU would not kick the ball to him and USC started at or near the 40 yard line after every kick.

    TV announcers were all saying he is the best college football player this year.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    From the Sac Bee. This absolutely made me sick that your fans should be so rude and uncivil that Shaq Thompson’s mother was warning the Armsteads of being booed.

    Read this…

    “Arik will likely be booed by Cal fans tonight in a twisted compliment, much as Bears backers heckled Washington safety Shaq Thompson, out of Grant, last week in Berkeley.

    Cal fans were hopeful of landing Armstead, much as they had expected to lure Thompson for a bonanza recruiting haul.

    Thompson’s mother, Patty, texted Guss and his wife, Christa, on Friday to warn of possible cascading boos.”