Football: Oregon game thread

FINAL SCORE: Oregon 59, Cal 17. Bears drop to 3-8, 2-6 in Pac-12 play heading into their finale next Saturday at Oregon State. The 42-point margin of defeat is the largest in the Jeff Tedford era. It was the 15th time the past four seasons the Bears have lost by 17 points or more. No. 2 Oregon improved to 10-0, 7-0 in the Pac-12. QB Marcus Mariota finished 27 for 34 for 377 yards and six TDs, tying a school record.

Isi Sofele rushed for a season-high 134 yards for the Bears. It was his eighth career 100-yard game, the third this season.  

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11:43 4th Q: Been gone a while — writing for the morning edition — and this one is now in the books for Oregon. Mariota’s sixth TD pass of the night, a 7-yarder to Will Murphy, makes it 52-27.

10:07 3rd Q: Cal’s defense held after Oregon returned the second-half KO 60 yards, and the offensive line powered the Bears to a touchdown that makes it 24-17. Sofele had five carries for 54 yards on the 74-yard drive, including a 4-yard TD burst. The offensive line opened gaping holes in the Oregon defense. Sofele has 15 carries for 118 yards.

HALFTIME STATS: Oregon has 287 yards to 193 for Cal. Difference is in the passing game, where Mariota is 16 for 21 for 222 yards and two TDs. Bridgford is 7 for 12 for 87 yards and one TD. Neither has been intercepted. Cal hasn’t forced a turnover — probably needs 1 or 2 to pull off the upset.

HALFTIME: The Bears were hanging tough until the final 2:02, when the Oregon offense lived up to its “blur” nickname and went 69 yards in a span of just 1:18 to extend a 17-10 lead to 24-10 at halftime. Mariota, who had come out briefly earlier due to injury, returned and delivered a 10-yard TD pass to Josh Huff with 44 seconds left in the half. Oregon gets the ball first to start the second half — a critical series for the Cal defense.

12:11 2nd Q: Vincenzo D’Amato kicks 27-yard FG and Cal pulls within 14-10. But a great red zone chance was wasted after the Bears got to the Oregon 5.

END OF 1ST Q: Oregon outscored its first nine foes 176-29 in the first quarter. Cal hanging tough, down 14-7 and on the move. Whaddya know.

1:41 1st Q: Oregon regains the lead with an 86-yard drive, capped by a 3-yard TD burst by freshman Byron Marshall of San Jose. Marshall was in the game because Kenjon Barner had come off with a right hand injury. Ducks lead 14-7.

8:04 1st Q: I can hear the Cal crowd already: Where has Allan Bridgford been all season? Well, tonight the junior QB is starting and he just threw his first career TD pass, a 10-yarder to freshman WR Darius Powe. Two pass interference penalties against the Ducks aided the 71-yard drive, but so did effective running by Isi Sofele and C.J. Anderson and a 13-yard completion from Bridgford to Chris Harper. It’s 7-7.

10:41 1st Q: Well, that didn’t take long — 2:55 to be exact. Ducks went 57 yards in seven plays, scoring on a 10-yard TD pass from Marcus Mariota to TE Colt Lyerla. Oregon leads 7-0.

COIN FLIP: Oregon wins the toss and defers. Cal will receive the opening kickoff, moving from south to north on offense.

SENIOR CEREMONIES: Cal’s 19 senior players are taking their bows and hugging their loved ones in pregame ceremonies. QB Zach Maynard, out with a left knee injury, just made the walkto his family, greeted by half-brother Keenan Allen, who is just a junior but also likely making his final appearance at a Memorial Stadium home game. Senior OT Matthew Summers-Gavin (knee) is in street clothes.

LINEUP INFO: Elk Grove native Arik Armstead, a freshman defensive tackle who considered attending Cal, will make his first career start for the Ducks.

WELCOME: The final home game of the season tonight with second-ranked Oregon visiting Memorial Stadium. A sparse crowd trickling in so far. As much green and gold as blue and gold so far. BTW: Zach Maynard is in uniform, but pretty much on the periphery as his teammates go through warmups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • CalBearister

    Here’s my #1 reason why Jeff Tedford needs to be fired. Cal just lost by six touchdowns at home, and I don’t give a damn. I wasn’t the least bit upset, surprised, or concerned. I was pleased by being down two touchdowns at halftime.

    That’s pathetic. If Jeff Tedford wants another year, he needs to coach next season for free. But paying him $1 would make him the most overpaid coach in the country.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    You know I am actually back to enjoying the BI board better than this one. This one has too much whining. It started here beginning with the beatdown against Nevada and so for the past three months I have started threads over there Some of which became the most viewed and replied to. It is a different culture. They know and understand football.

  • Juancho

    I think everyone here wants tedford fired. Its just my fear he wont be.

  • BlueNGold

    Good for you, moron. Why don’t you stay on BI so you can feed your obsessions and fill all that idle time you seem to have so much of doing what you do best- being a trash talking parasite. I am sure it will suit you well, at least until you get banned there too…

  • CalBearister

    Moron – shouldn’t you be deflating game balls or something?

  • gobears91

    I share your fear that JT won’t be dismissed this year. But if the money is there (as has been reported), why wouldn’t it happen? Ticket sales are crashing and we’ve seen overnight improvement at places like UCLA and U of A. 2 out of 3 years without a bowl (and a terrible showing last year when we were barely eligible) shows no promise or sign of hope. We are clearly trending down, so if money is not the primary concern (because the old blues have already passed the hat around) I see no other reason to continue on this path?

  • wehofx

    JF is a conscientious journalist so when he says, quoting from his game story, “It would also leave Tedford’s Cal future very much in question,” I think you can assume it’s not idle speculation/wishful thinking by JF. JT is almost certainly going to be fired.

    I couldn’t bear to watch after ab’s second pick. But it seemed like the team quit – after 2.5 quarters of playing hard, especially the D. Another nail in the coffin.

    Once riley and his dc see the tape of ab’s slow mo release and moon balls, you know the beav’s back 7 is going to be put in a position to make multiple picks. Early Over/Under on ab INT’s is 3.

  • 707 Bear

    Top 5 Memories of the 2102 Home Schedule

    1. UCLA game
    2. Top Dogs
    3. Real bathrooms on the west side
    4. ??????
    5. ??????

    Not a good sign.

  • 707 Bear

    One more, and yes, I’m bitter. (Oregon fans are much more obnoxious than SC fans)

    How could a Cal season ticket holder sell his/her seats, knowing they would be purchased by Oregon fans?

    I know times are tough, but how about giving them away or just eating them?

    If the Duck fans want to go to the game, make them buy a ticket through the ticket office, at least the program will get the cash.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    BTW I heard that Hutchings and Vanderhoes were in attendance at the game last night to watch the worse loss in the Tedford era. I heard both will decommit from SC and sign with you guys.

    It is a package deal. One gets to coach linebackers and the other one the defensive line. Your program has had much success with those package deals.


  • BlueNGold

    I heard that once you spend ten continuous years trolling the fan blog of a college team you claim to despise, you can never return to any semblance of a normal life. True, moron?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I heard that GoGoBears (TheAdvisingBear on BI) has been trying to get me busted for posting on BI. He thinks he did but he got played by a couple of posters who played him. He went around boasting that he got me banned but he got set up and took the bait. LOL

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Bridgford is a better QB than Maynard, straight up. That Tedford never recognized how terrible Maynard was over the last 2 seasons is astonishing. Not that AB is brilliant, hardly, but at least he gives the receivers a chance to make a play, something ZM rarely did.

    This program is so in need of a makeover and a reevaluation of the talent at the two most important postitions – QB and RB. Sofele had some nice runs, but if those holes are there for Bigelow those runs turn into TDs. Why is Sofele still taking carries from Anderson and Bigelow? They are both NFL talent, Isi, not so much…

    I really hope that Cal gives Willie Taggart a look at Head Coach. I think he is exactly what Cal needs: a coach who is hungry and young and can immediately make an impact recruiting. I really hope they do not get a retread type like Hue Jackson. If Chucky wants a piece of Cal I would be ok with that though.

    Taggart maybe be coaching an SEC team soon – with his recruiting connections in the South AND in the WEST – I think he could me THE MAN at Cal for a LONG TIME! Go Bears!!

  • BlueNGold

    Gee moron, is that all that you have to live for? How sad. No, how pathetic. LOSER.

  • Larry

    That is sad.