Football: WSU wideout Marquess Wilson says players victims of “abuse” by Leach


Junior wide receiver Marquess Wilson, who left the Washington State team a week ago, said in a letter to Cougar Nation that he was not booted from the team but quit because of what he claims is a pattern of “abuse” by new coach Mike Leach and his staff.

Wilson, one of the top wide receivers in the Pac-12, said instead of building up the players, the coaches “preferred to belittle, intimidate and humiliate us.”

Click here to read Wilson’s letter.

WSU athletic director Bill Moos released this statement in response to Wilson’s letter:

“It is unfortunate that Marquess has chosen not to go through the weekend and have the subsequent visit with me as we had discussed last Tuesday. I was hopeful to provide additional guidance if he was willing to meet the standards that have been set by Mike Leach and his staff in their effort to establish a competitive football program at Washington State. Unfortunately, during times of coaching transitions, departures are not uncommon.

We have procedures in place that were developed to monitor student-athlete welfare in all of our sports programs. We will continue to follow those procedures and modify them if needed.
I believe I join many Cougars in wishing Marquess well in his future endeavors. WSU athletics plans no future statement at this time.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • That is nothing. The people that participate in this blog have been getting abused by moron for 10 years running.

  • Hungry

    Very good writing for a college kid! Great job standing up to his principle.

  • CalBearister

    Well-written, but one has to wonder whether he’s just not one to respond to Leach’s unorthodox style. Adam James cried abuse too, but I’m sorry, having to spend the afternoon in an equipment shed doesn’t seem all that brutal. I think some people respond to Leach, and others don’t. But I do respect Wilson for standing up for his principles.

  • Cre8tivguy

    Wow. The AD can’t just blow-off a letter like this from one of the best players on the team. I hope they are taking this seriously and investigating the matter. There have been a number of coaching changes in the conference, and from all accounts, the transition to a more “disciplined” coach for AZ, AZ ST, and UCLA has been very successful. Hearing this, and knowing Leach’s history is very alarming. If Leach has lost respect from the whole team, it could take many years for WA ST to rebuild. If a letter like this came out from a player at Cal, I would be very concerned for the program.