Basketball: Cal State Bakersfield game thread

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FINAL SCORE: Cal 78, Cal State Bakersfield 65. Cal wins its season opener behind 27 points from Crabbe and 22 from Cobbs. Solomon finishes with eight points, nine rebounds. Smith, who injured his shoulder last Tuesday in the exhibition win over S.F. State, started and contributed five points and five rebounds. Freshman Tyrone Wallace had six points, five rebounds and three assists in his college debut against him his hometown school.

2:54 2nd H: Less than inspired second half by the Bears, who have scored just 27 points in the period after posting 45 in the first half. Crabbe and Cobbs each with 22. Richard Solomon has eight points and nine rebounds, and freshman Tyrone Wallace, playing against his hometown school, has five points.

11:56 2nd H: Cobbs has 18 to complement Crabbe’s 20. Bears lead 57-40.

15:25 2nd H: Cal leads 51-33. Crabbe seems fine, although he shot an airball 3-pointer on his only shot attempt of the half.

CRABBE UPDATE: The junior guard warmed up with his teammates after the halftime break. He is starting the second half.

HALFTIME: Cal leads 45-28 after Javonte Maynor banks in a 3-pointer for the Roadrunners at the buzzer. Crabbe had 20 in the half before limping off the floor with 1:27, having apparently injured his left ankle. Cannot tell if it’s serious. He was moving OK on the sidelines, but wouldn’t be a surprise if he sits for second half. Cobbs has 14 points.

3:49 1st H: Bears have gotten a little sloppy and the Roadrunners have crept within 38-23. CS Bakersfield on mini 8-0 run after trailing 38-15.

10:00 1st H: Roadrunners call timeout and with good reason. It’s 30-9 and getting worse. Cal has outscored the visitors 21-3 over the past 6:57.

11:52 1st H: The Roadrunners are going to have to figure out a way to defend Crabbe — he is 3 for 3 from the 3-point arc and already has 11 points. Cal leads 24-9.

15:57 1st H: Cal jumps out to 12-6 lead. Cobbs with a pair of running floaters, Smith a drive and free throw and Crabbe with a 3-pointer.

LINEUPS: The Roadrunners will start Tyrone White, Javonte Maynor, Zach Lamb, Adam Young and Stephon Carter. Cal will start David Kravish, Richard Solomon, Allen Crabbe, Justin Cobbs and Brandon Smith. 

WELCOME: The Bears open their regular season at Haas against Cal State Bakersfield. Will have lineups in a minute.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Ive played basketball before. I recommend it.

  • Will

    Learn how to swim and you can play pool basketball. Even better.

  • Juancho

    Will you know i cant do that. Ill leave it to the next generation to be swimmers.

  • rollonubears

    It’s to be able to watch this on the Pac12 network, and not listen to it on the radio. I like what I’m seeing from the crabbe cobbs tandem, but we really have no depth out there. Solomon seems a hair better, kravish hopefully will improve on last year but looked a little off last night. Smith seems much better, but as far as big men, I think we’re going to have to pray for health and hope to limp into the postseason again like last year. We really needed some depth down low. They were exhausted in March in 2012 because of this.

  • rob bear

    I concur with the exhausted in March comment. We were not a tournament team last year. Four games in four days is not a good format for this year’s team as well. Luckily the PAC 12 is twice a week. GO BEARS! Beat the Waves with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  • discdude

    Presumably, if you finish in the top 8, it would be 3 games in the P12 tourney, not 4. But last year’s team was definitely spent by the time they even got there. Monty will need to manage minutes at the end of the season, but something tells me that they’ll be fighting just to stay in top 4 this year, so he may not have a choice. It would be nice if someone (or some-two) stepped up and took 5 to 10 minutes per game from the other players without much drop-off in talent. An 8 or 9-deep rotation is so much better.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Cal’s Depth:

    The Great:
    Crabbe – All-American talent (NBA)
    Cobbs – All-Pac12 talent (NBA)

    The Good:
    Kravish – All-Pac12 talent (EURO)
    Solomon – All-Pac12 talent (EURO)
    Kreklow – Newcomer of year potential (NBA?)
    Wallace – All-Pac12 Freshman team (NBA?)
    Smith – Senior who played VERY well 2 years ago
    Thurman – Senior who looks hungry and motivated (EURO)
    Johnson – Freshman with the body/tools to contribute (UERO?)

    The Rest:
    Bak Bak

    Crabbe and Cobbs will get it done with at least 30-10-10 between them – no concerns there as these guys are both legit NBA talents. Cobbs speed is close to Randle’s but he’s got 5 inches and 25 pounds on lil Jerome.

    Kravish and Solomon should combine for about 20-15-5-5 barring foul trouble issues for Solo (Kravish doesn’t foul unnecessarily), but backing them up you’ve got the Thurmanator – who is a very serviceable backup PF/C and has stepped up when needed in the past.

    Wallace and Smith (and I assume Kreklow too) are all better than average guards and Wallace may be NBA material in a year or two – he’s got the body and handles already – I think he will contend for Freshman of Year if he ends up starting (hopefully soon). If Kreklow can really light it up AND defend then he should get 20+ minutes – he may be WAY better than we think if he can shoot as advertised. I am hoping Smith will not be on the court for more then 10-15 minutes as Kreklow and Wallace have much more potential on both sides of the ball, BUT Smith was VERY good 2 seasons ago…which version of him will we see this season?

    Johnson is a potential glue guy. If he can embrace his role as a defender/rebounder/screener then I think he contributes as well, he has the background and size/athleticism to help immediately.

    So that gives the Bears 9 legit players. And throw in Bak/Behrens/Rodriguez for a minute or 2 a game and you’ve got a 10 man rotation – every bball coach’s dream – trust me – I am a coach…

    What I saw last night was a team that could score at will when it wanted to but ONLY when it wanted to, and that desire to run them out of the gym waxed and waned throughout the game. I didn’t like that. I thought they should have scored 100 points but the energy wasn’t there – maybe because there is essentially no crowd? I imagine if there were 12K at the game like they get in Kansas/Kentucky/Duke (even for the patsies on the sched) then the Bears might be more motivated to drop 3-digits on the their opponent?? Thoughts?

  • rollonubears

    I love that breakdown, and it’s super early, but my impression last night was that any time we subbed out a member of the starting 5, production fell off dramatically. Thurman has a huge heart, but is really slow and tends to get stuffed. Solomon is going to have to step up, play smarter, and the freshman could definitely be the difference. I hope you’re right about them.

  • gobears91

    @Blake Street – solid breakdown.

  • joey

    Cal’s got as much depth as anyone in the Pac 12 except for guards.

  • discdude

    BSB is a lot more “glass half full” than me (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I see a 6-man rotation with Cobbs, Crabbe, Kravish, Smith, Solomon, and Kreklow (a guy who we don’t really know what he’ll bring yet, but we’re hopeful). The rest will contribute on various nights, but it’s all about consistency and none of the guys who played last year (Thurman, Bak, Powers, Behrens) have consistently played well in limited time. Heck, even Smith (who I personally like) is inconsistent and has off-games, while we might expect 2 or 3 at most from C&C. The new players, I guess we’ll see where they fit, haven’t seen enough yet.

    Here’s to hoping BSB nailed it, tho.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I am optimistic, yes, but I am also a realist. And both Wallace and Kreklow were EXTREMELY good in HS, Kreklow was POY in Missouri and Wallace is the all time leading scorer for his Bakersfield HS, nothing to scoff at. Wallace is a pure playmaker, as we will see. He’s a pass first left-handed PG with shooting range and finishing skills. And he’s lanky, strong lanky, watch him rebound. Kreklow is already in his 3rd year since HS so he should be mature physically. Also, watch some of Kreklow’s highlight videos from HS, he looks like a man and everyone else is a kid – he’s got confidence and deep range. Being POY of ANY state is big, but BBALL is king in Missouri and like Kravish I expect him to have a good BBALL IQ, same with Wallace. Gawd, I love basketball…

  • BlakeStreetBear

    This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqfOI7Pqx-A

    is why i am optimistic about Kreklow…


  • discdude

    I used to make shots like that and I suck at basketball!

    Seriously, I’m sure Kreklow will work out fine, but what I’m concerned about is bench depth and the quality of the drop off from the starters. We had four guys last year who averaged over 30 minutes per game. And, we saw what happened at the end, they just got tired. We lost two guys, and presumably picked up two in Kreklow and Solomon. So, I still see big minutes for the main five being very necessary. Smith will be the 5th guy initially, and then we’ll see Kreklow work his way in. We’ll have to see how Wallace develops, it does look like a solid 7 man rotation, but after that,…hey, I hope the other guys step up, I really do, that would make Monty’s and my life much easier. There is always the fact that other teams may have limited depth, too.