Football: A tough day at the office

Cal has lost 17 games by 17 points or more in 11 seasons under Jeff Tedford. Fifteen of those have come in the past four seasons. Only two were in his first seven seasons:

2012: 42 pts — Oregon 59, Cal 17
2009: 39 pts — Oregon 42, Cal 3
2010: 34 pts — Stanford 48, Cal 14
2010: 34 pts — USC 48, Cal 14
2009: 32 pts — Washington 42, Cal 10
2011: 28 pts — Oregon 43, Cal 15
2009: 28 pts — Oregon St. 35, Cal 7
2009: 27 pts — USC 30, Cal 3
2005: 25 pts — USC 35, Cal 10
2012: 22 pts — Utah 49, Cal 27
2011: 21 pts — USC 30, Cal 9
2010: 21 pts — Nevada 52, Cal 31
2012: 18 pts — Stanford 21, Cal 3
2012: 18 pts — USC 27, Cal 9
2011: 17 pts — UCLA 31, Cal 14
2009: 17 pts — Oregon St. 31, Cal 14
2006: 17 pts — Tennessee 35, Cal 18


Jeff Faraudo

  • Eric

    Shouldn’t the article title be “a TYPICAL day at the office”?

    Booby/Boaltblue – I hate to say it, but your refusal to even address Tedford’s obvious errors this season (which have been known for years, when you were lauching ad hominem attacks on anyone who dared to criticize Tedford) suggests you are bandwagon fans.

  • Juancho

    Jeff – can you consider doing end of season blog awards to commemorate our efforts here.

    Id like to nominate covina (my arch nemesis) for most polemic of the year for that LA vs Bay thread.

    Jankoski for dissapeared award.

    Dan for blogger of the year.

    Robbear for the prejudice award.

    Wisdom for fair and balanced.

    Boaltblue and takeoff for the cheap shot award.

    Steventexas for the texan award.

  • ScottyBear

    Juancho: What has been our largest margin of victory against those teams on the list during the Tedford era? USC obviously doesn’t count since Tedford has only beaten them once, and Tennesse was only one win.

  • Juancho

    I accept everyones nomination for most inspirational. I guess i sort of am like the rudy of blogs ?

  • Juancho

    Scotty ill research this. But lets start here.

    Tedford has never beaten

    Sarkisian (i think)

  • Dan

    Juancho – I’d like to nominate Eric for most value delivered per post. When Eric posts, it’s usually spot on, well positioned, and worth a read.

  • Dan

    I agree with Juancho for Most Inspirational and the Rudy reference is pretty good… “Juancho! Juancho! Juancho!”

    As far as Jeffs post, this applies metrics/facts to what we have all witnessed for several years.

    1). Guaranteed beat downs/blowouts to the really good teams -$C, Oregon, Stanford
    2). Now losing looking bad to teams that we used to beat – Washington, ASU, Arizona
    3). Losing to teams with less talent – Utah, Oregon State, ASU, Arizona, Nevada, UCLA last year

    Blah, blah, blah. Tedford sucks, Sandy is worse, this is all the bad dream where you’re in danger, can’t run, can’t walk, and the darn dream never ends. Except you wake up in a sweat and realize it was a dream and everything is OK. Except we never wake up, and the dream just keeps getting worse.

    Tedford,, similar to that Obama chant I heard the other night … “3 more years! 3 more
    years! 3 more years!”.

    We won’t even have the hope of last years unbelievable recruiting class gone bad.
    Just shoot me now.

  • Steve W.

    I only watched three quarters of the game last night, but I was really disappointed with Bridgford’s performance as the game developed. I don’t blame it on the kid at all. He was just not prepared, mentally or physically. He needs some serious coaching up on his throwing merchanics, and it would appear he is not getting any help from the guru.

    Contrast that with Oregon State, where Cody Vaz has looked very good in a backup role to their starter. Stanford plugged in a redshirt freshman as the starter on Saturday, and all he did was rally the Cardinal to an exciting come from behind win over Oregon State. And Utah has been playing a true freshman who helped dismantle Cal a couple of weeks ago.

    I have been a Cal fan for 25 years because I love the passing game and good quarterback play. These last few years have been sickening and disheartening, even more so because it’s not going to get any better if Tedfraud returns.

  • ScottyBear

    Sark is 3-0 v. us

  • Dan

    PS- if you go through the list of blowout losses slowly, going back to the earliest ones, doesn’t it just blow your mind, all those complete blow outs, remembering all that disappointment and frustration? Then think of all the post game Tedford interviews, all the cliches and platitudes… Blows my mind even more.

    This is now the standard, this is what we expect. isn’t Tedford essentially Holmoe, that the Bobbys and Boldtblues of this site skewered anyone who dared to ever criticize St. Jeff?

    The only difference is that Cal never paid Holmoe anywhere close to $2.3+ mil a year with many, many years on said contract with no reasonable buyout, negative performance clauses?

    Shoot me twice.

  • Woj

    Fire Tedford. WTF is the AD waiting for. My goodness, is she even watching these jokes called Cal football games? Fire her if she isn’t watching. Get this done. Cal is completely irrelevant, a blue and gold doormat!

  • Dan

    Hey Steve W- Great examples on all the other backup QBs – don’t you think they all took some snaps in practice with the first team O while the backup? You can bet your axx they did.

  • Juancho

    Woj if tedford is fired sandy will be within the year. Thats what shes waiting for. Theres no win in it for her.

  • Eric

    JF – one small correction – you have two 2009 Oregon State losses. The 35-7 game was in 2010.

    I have long thought the 2006 Tennessee game was one of the top 5 worst losses in the Tedford (and, at the time, the second worst loss after the 2004 Holiday Bowl). Not because of the margin of defeat, but the context of the loss and how poorly we played relative to it.

    The more I look back on it, in some ways that was the high water mark of the Tedford era. The 2004 season was magical, and we got screwed by Mack the Prostitute, but Tedford then let everyone down with an extraordinarily poor play-calling in the 2004 Holiday Bowl. But at least it was, at the time, understandable – a let down game often happens. The 2005 season was a weird season, with the Longshore injury and Ayoob being Ayoob, but when you look at the losses that year, the team was competitive.

    So going into the 2006 season, we had Longshore back. SI had tapped Lynch as the Heisman Trophy winner. We DeSeason. And we were a prseason #1 (remember, Lee Corso?) going into a tough SEC environment.

    And we were destroyed. The score does not reflect how poorly we played, but may be the first example of Tedford’s mentality of Cal “winning the second half”. Sitting up in the nosebleed seats at Neyland, the only enjoyable things were watching the drunk Vol fans trying to navigate across the docked boats. I kept asking myself, “how could Tedford so ill prepare his team for this kind of game?”

    Since then, there have been many, many bad losses. And I don’t expect for it to get better. But while the 2004 Holiday Bowl I think started the slide (and also makes the Top 5 worst losses in the Tedford era), the 2006 Tennessee loss I think is analogous to Robert E. Lee right before the battle of Gettysburg.

    Juancho – fun idea. I agree with the Jan K. Oski award for the best disappearing act. I’m not sure why he took his nasty, but fun, wit elsewhere.

    Dan – thanks for the kind words.

  • rollonubears

    5 more tough days at the office and we can all breathe easier, and then start freaking out about the replacement.

  • 707 Bear

    High water mark for the JT Bears has to be kickoff of the 2007 game at Memorial vs Oregon State, Oct 13; the Kevin Riley clock runs out game.

    Bears could have been #1.

    NFL players on that roster included:

    Justin Forsett
    DeSean Jackson
    Lavelle Hawkins
    Mike Gibson
    Brian De La Puente
    Alex Mack
    Craig Stevens
    Tyson Alualu
    Zach Follett
    Thomas DeCoud
    Sydquan Thompson
    Bryan Anger
    Javid Best

    It’s been downhill or flat ever since.

  • BlueNGold

    It is probably a good thing that the new chancellor does not start until June 1. That can give the AD a bit of time to overhaul the football program before Birgeneau, who has been pretty supportive, retires.

  • BlueNGold

    On the other hand, will there be donor $$ available to pay a new HC a big salary?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    No need to pay a new HC a big salary if he is a guy like Willie Taggart…not sure what he makes right now at WKU, but I think he’d take ~$1M/yr.

    Cal really needs to think outside of the box here and NOT SETTLE for some retread – that is my worst fear. Hue Jackson or similar – NO NO NO! 🙁

    They need to go with a (hopefully youthful) innovator, someone that will TOTALLY re-brand Cal football AGAIN, just like Tedford was able to do so many long seasons ago. We have the talent to install speed and power oriented systems (Kelly vs. Harbaugh styles); some good coaches out there must have their mouths watering looking at the Bears roster.

    The brilliant offensive football being played by the oregon ducks does not have the faintest resemblance to the pocket-pass-centric Tedford offense of the 90’s; the offense that was scrapped for what we now see. That team is playing the football of the future – but we still see the same crapola outta JT – despite Bigelow/Allen/Harper’s speed. “Let’s run it up the middle on 1st down with Isi again…that’ll fool ’em…” brutal.

    Tedford was a one-trick pony, never having the slightest ability to adapt to any kind of adversity or a surprise game-plan by an opponent – so Braunish. And his one great season, 2004, seems a total luck-out in retrospect: Aaron Rodgers was sent by God and the O-LINE WAS MONSTROUS – the best EVER AT CAL, look it up. All Tedford really had to do that season was stay out of the way…

  • Eric

    @707, – I thought about the 2007 Oregon State game as the high water. That team obviously was exceedingly talented. But by that point we had already seen the flws in Tedford’s coaching manifest themselves – the 2006 season included the Tennessee, Arizona, and U$C losses.

    And the 2007 #2 ranking was really a lot of luck – teams ahead of Cal kept losing (I think it was 4 or 5 straight weeks of the #2 team losing). Cal did not play all that well leading into the game; even the Oregon win had a lot to do with Oregon mistakes.

  • scottybear

    Justin Wilcox is still up there on my list. Fiesta Bowl OC for Boise when they ran those 3 trick plays with the game on the line…not like Tedford when you’re behind by 4 TD’s. Not a single play action play Saturday night, whereas Oregon was play action on every down. 1st down, up the gut with Isi, 2nd down, out pattern to harper. 3rd and 12, a sack. Where was Rodgers over the middle. Bigelow?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Tedford still coaches like its 1999.

  • rollonubears

    I think the highwater mark was just before the loss at u$c in 2004

  • Steve W.


    Bruce Snyder’s 1991 offensive line anchored by Todd Steussie, Steve Gordan and Eric Mahlum would probably give the 2004 O-line a run for their money.

    Steussie and Mahlum were first-day draft picks, and I think some other guys got drafted. Just going off the top of my head.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Marvin Phillip, Aaron Merz and the biggest of them all, Ryan O’Callaghan, anchored the right side of the line in ’04. I am willing to bet that Arrington and Lynch NEVER got stopped for a loss that season when running to the right side. Yes, the ’91 line was dominant too, but Phillip, Merz and O’Callaghan were all snap to whistle BIG-meanies playing with chips on their shoulders, especially Merz, he use to destroy people downfield at the exact moment the whistle would blow.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    And btw, Eric’s comment (#1) is hilarious! “Shouldn’t the article title be “a TYPICAL day at the office”?” LMFAO!

    One more week, one more week!

    I feel bad for the players and the others who are giving it their all…


  • rt

    Bring back Kapp…..he’s not afraid

  • rt

    Can Phil Jackson coach football?

  • Boaltblue

    At no. 2:

    Juancho, remember your post attacking our coaching staff and our recruit:

    Juancho Says:
    October 18th, 2012 at 5:15 pm
    Whoopdy do! Looks like the staff has decided we’ve already lost this year, let’s just get enough bodies at this point. Let’s hope it’s a small class and we don’t harm the program for the next 2-3 years by offering a bunch of two star guys.

    This isn’t early in the process. A two star guy at this date isn’t like a two star guy six months ago. High school seasons are about halfway done.

    What a travesty. High paid coach, clueless AD, and now bad recruiting means we’re going to leave little in the pantry for the next coach.


    Your post prompted me to post:

    Boaltblue Says:
    October 19th, 2012 at 5:59 pm
    Welcome Garrett Hughes to the Cal Family! Please ignore those so-called fans, including one who calls himself a youth coach, who spout so much negativity, fear, and ignorance in disparaging the Cal Football program, its coaches, and players.

    I join plenty of other Cal Football fans who wish you the very best and hope that you follow in the footsteps of so many 2-Star diamonds discovered by Coach Jeff Tedford and his staff who have went on to great Cal careers and the NFL, including Justin Forsett, Alex Mack, Mike Tepper, Thomas DeCoud, Matt Giordano, and 2009 Big Game Hero, Mike Mohamed.

    The sky is the limit! When you get to Cal, show the world what you are made of!

    Go Bears!


    I also posted:

    Boaltblue Says:
    October 19th, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    One of my points is that a coach like you should not disparage a player/recruit which you obviously did. You were referring to our recent 2-Star recruit and described it as “bad recruiting” before the recruit stepped out on the field. How is that not a personal attack on our recruit (as well as others listed in your comment)?


    You are the one who took a cheap shot, including directed at our recruit, and as a youth coach, you should have known better. So please, nominate yourself for your cheapshot award.

  • Juancho

    Great i accept.

    Reply to erics post.

  • Boaltblue

    At no. 1, Eric:

    I am not a bandwagon fan.

    I have been a Cal Football fan for almost four decades. For many years, I have attended all home games, rain or shine. I will attend all home games as long as I am able to walk to the stadium. My financial contributions to the program are in the five figures.

    I appreciate what Coach Tedford, his staff, and our players have done for the program and us fans. There is no doubt that Coach Tedford resurrected the football program and without his loyalty and commitment to the program, we would not have the new stadium, the new training facilities, and many, many wonderful memories of times spent at Memorial Stadium.

    I think it is classless to use “fraud” in connection with our coach’s name, call a player “Gumby”, attack the physique of the running back who plays with such a big heart and gained over 1300 yards last year and twice gained over 100 yards against Oregon, or disparage a recruit who has yet to take the field.

    While I am and will remain passionate about Cal Football, unlike Moron, I have other things to do in life besides comment on this blog. So please do not interpret my absence on this blog as being a bandwagon fan.

    I wish you well. Go Bears.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Classy post Boalt. I wish you well too, and all my fellow Cal fans, even you in Southern California and Texas. 😉

    We all gotta get behind the idea of Cal’s necessity for a new Head Coach, unless we want to become even less relevant and forget about any Roses. And using the word “fraud” is indeed harsh when describing JT – he is not fraudulent. I will stick with “gutless” – as the man had not a gambling bone in his body…how many 4th and 1’s were kicked away?

  • Eric


    Right. So you happily disparage Cal fans when it suits your purpose, and yet when it has become obvious that Tedford (who you say you appreciate what he has done for the program and us fans) is not a good coach, you disappear. And when you surface, you go right back to disparaging Cal fans.

    Where you to either explain, excuse, or defend Tedford in any of massive losses this year? Or last year? or the year before?

    So what do you appreciate? The fact that he has had a revolving door of staff members, most importantly the offensive coordinator position? You think they are appreciative of Tedford? You think all of the quarterbacks he recruited and then let down appreciate him? Or how George Tavecchio, who Tedford blamed for a loss? And for the fans, do you think they appreciate higher tickets prices to support a failing program, led by a person who is making more money in one year than 99% of the people of California make in 10?

    Great that you have other things in your life. What’s your point? Everyone does. If the only time you decide you want to get away from the other things in your life and post here is to attack other Cal fans, please go back to the other things in your life.

  • Eric

    And while you laud yourself with a list of what you say you have contributed to the school, you deftly avoiding even addressing whether you think Tedford is doing a great, good, ok, mediocre, or terrible coaching job. You don’t address whether Cal should fire him or not.

    He brought great memories? What is the last one for you that Jeff Tedford brought? If it is more than 3 years ago, I think you have proven what many of us have argued for a long time. If your “great” memories are within the last three years, and you entirely ignore the losses (which JF pointed out) perhaps I was wrong to call you a bandwagon fan; delusional, yes.