Football: Barbour, Tedford likely to talk Sunday

Had a busy evening at Haas Pavilion. I talked with Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour during halftime of the Bears’ basketball win over Pepperdine, and she gave me the news that her post-season evaluation meeting with football coach Jeff Tedford won’t wait until Monday.

The two probably will meet Sunday.

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And here’s a transcript of my interview with Barbour:

Talk about what your process will be in determining what Jeff Tedford’s future is:

“This hasn’t gone the way any of us want. The key is going to be what are the solutions to getting it back on track. In college football, there’s not a lot of time to sit around and say, `We’ll get to that tomorrow.’

“We’ve got a football game to play Saturday. We owe it to the young men in this program to concentrate fully on that. As soon as that’s over, I know Jeff will shift his attention to the future, to recruiting and to what are the solutions to get this thing back on track and that’s what he and I will be discussing.”

Do you already have an idea what you will do or do you enter these discussions still with an open mind?

Football to this university is really important. It’s a huge emotional driver, a huge financial driver and in seeking solutions to how to get us back on track, we’ll be really thoughtful. At the same time, again because of recruiting, because of everything, we have to decide what that solution set is very quickly and let’s move in that direction.”

How much more complicated is the decision because of the Memorial Stadium financing situation?

“It’s an important decision, how to put us on the right track for success that the student-athletes in this program deserve, that our community deserves, that Jeff Tedford deserves, that’s important no matter what. Certainly the different economic ramifications around it have always been important.”

Aren’t those considerations even bigger now?

“I think a positive is we have an incredible facility. Do we have to pay for it? Yeah, absolutely. I can’t escape that, and wouldn’t want to.”

There are people who believe you will be reluctant to dismiss Tedford because you extended his contract and might feel like making a change there would reflect badly on you. Your reaction to that:

“My first and foremost driver in any decision that I will make is what’s right for Cal.”

So, can you be clear about your timetable for meeting with Jeff?

“Actually, we’ll probably get together on Sunday and we’ll go from there, however long it takes us. We need to resolve quickly what are the solutions to getting Cal football moving in the right direction.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • gobears49

    I agree with Steve W. Before the Oregon game I thought I wanted Cal to lose big, to make it easier for Sandy to hire a new coach. But once the game started, and Cal looked pretty good in the first half, my Cal rooter instincts, honed by years of experience, kicked in and I started to root like hell for the Bears.

    I think another thread we should start is whether Kline should be starting next year ahead of Bridgford. My estimation of Bridgford is that he is just OK. Probably need to see Kline in action to make a true call. BTW, that freshman Oregon QB is really something.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    There is absolutely NO WAY that Cal will win on Saturday, so we can all root for the Bears. This is the type of game that Cal hasn’t won in many years, on the road against a good team. I will be rooting for the Bears in vain, as I have for the better part of the last 4+ seasons.

    Tedford has the most wins AND the most losses as a Cal coach. I thank him for the former, not so much for the latter as many of those losses were VERY winnable games – and a few of them ($c ’04, az ’06, $c ’06) kept us out of the Rose Bowl. JT has had his chances and he came up short. Cut the cord Sandy and move on…

  • gobears49

    I was at the SC game in ’04. We probably would have won that game if Makonnen (sp) had not slipped in the end zone on the last Cal drive. Rogers’ pass to him probably would have been on the mark if not for his slip. That wasn’t Tedford’s fault. It didn’t help that Lyman couldn’t play in that game (or for the rest of the year, as I think he got hurt right before that game.

  • Eric

    @Bob Sac

    I respect the post you made (much better than others who defend Tedford) but I respectfully disagree. Aside from the fact that he is the losingest coach at Cal, a few other things to keep in perspective:

    – During the Tedford era, Cal has played 12 games a year, 1 to 2 more games than the other coaches you are comparing to.

    – During the Tedford era, the number of bowl games, and the Pac-10’s allocation, has dramatically increased, so we get to play in bowl games with 6 or 7 wins, when 15 to 20 years ago, that wouldn’t have happened.

    – During the Tedford era, particularly in the last 5-6 years, we have played a large number of cupcakes – D-1AA schools or really, really bad D-1 schools from non-BCS conferences, almost always at home. There are a good 6 wins that Tedford pads to the resume that no other Cal coach had.

    – Tedford’s salary, even adjusted for inflation, blows away any other Cal coach. It would be interesting to see how much Cal has paid to Tedford for each win, and then compare to Pappy Waldorf (adjusting for inflation).

    – Tedford has cycled through a large number of assistant coaches; that lack of stability has greatly hurt the program.

  • BlueNGold

    Hey Juancho- If you or anyone else is looking to email S Barbour, the correct address is athletic.director@berkeley.edu

  • Juancho

    Passionate email being written now.

    My opening salvo will be:

    “With all due respect, I do not respect you.”

  • Bobsac

    Eric, you make good points that pass fact-checking, though I agree with others who have said in the past that JT’s salary is not relevant to his evaluation. It is, of course, relevant to whether donors will put up the millions to both buy out JTs contract & buy a new outstanding coach plus outstanding assistants in the most expensive housing market area in major college football.
    That said I haven’t seen any disagreement with the point that JT has in his 11 years done more for Cal football than any other person ever. Folks who want him out now as opposed to giving him another year should speak of JT critically, but with respect, as Eric has done. Others who call him Tedfraud or Tedfurd & root for Cal to lose to hasten a firing, well, those folks make me hope all the more that JT gets another season. By the way, interesting article in the Chron today comparing JTs record to Mike Riley at Ore State.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I am glad Tedford isn’t the overly sensitive whiny crybaby like Juancho otherwise he would have left a long time ago. The vitrol of the UC East Bay fans has become toxic.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Now it is just this kind of comment that makes me laugh at your fans…

    gobears49 Says:
    November 15th, 2012 at 10:03 am
    I was at the SC game in ’04. We probably would have won that game if Makonnen (sp) had not slipped in the end zone on the last Cal drive. Rogers’ pass to him probably would have been on the mark if not for his slip. That wasn’t Tedford’s fault. It didn’t help that Lyman couldn’t play in that game (or for the rest of the year, as I think he got hurt right before that game.

    First, slipping is part of the game. You might as well say, if the guy didn’t get tackled he would have scored a TD.

    Second, injuries are part of the game and winners compensate for injuries. Good programs build depth too.

    This is why I stick around here. It is pure entertainment.

    Thank you.

  • gobears49


    The only thing that is comical are your comments, which show a consistent ignorance of football, particularly Cal football. I have never seen such consistent criticism of anyone who comments on this blog as you are. I would suggest that you switch over to comment on the team you truly favor, USC, but for the fact that you would get lost in the midst of all of those readers who think its really “great to be a Trojan.” Better to stand out by commenting on a non-USC blog, try to make fun of Cal, but end up being a total buf___n on a blog devoted to Cal fans.

    Only a person who doesn’t understand football, or any other sport, for that matter, would not know that there is a vast difference in blaming a loss on an inadvertent slip by the offensive player compared to stating that a win could have been had if only the defensive player had not made a tackle. In the first instance, there is an inadvertent (and very rare) mistake made by the Cal player. In the second, reliance must be made by an opposing player making a mistake for Cal to win, which one would not expect to occur Totally different, but only a m___n like you would not know that difference.

  • Uh Huh!

    Juancho, with all due respect…

  • Uh Huh!

    My interpretation of the interview: it’s been a nice journey, Jeff. Best of luck.