Football: A long, dreary season ends at Oregon St.

For the Cal football team, all the season-long subplots will fade into what’s expected to be a wet and dreary Saturday night at Oregon State’s Reser Stadium.

The Bears’ season-ending matchup vs. the Beavers isn’t a referendum on coach Jeff Tedford’s future — the good and bad of his 11-year tenure will be sorted out Sunday when he meets with athletic director Sandy Barbour to discuss what’s next.

Still, Tedford is the focal point in a game that offers few tangible rewards for the Bears. He has guided the Bears (3-8, 2-6 Pac-12) to heights they hadn’t enjoyed in a half-century and became Cal’s winningest all-time coach. Now he presides over a program that has won just 15 times in its past 38 games.

“It’s frustrating. My expectations were way higher,” senior running back Isi Sofele said. “We have one more game. We’re going to come out and give it all we’ve got. This is our bowl game.”

Of course, it’s really not. The Bears are missing bowl season for the second time in three seasons after seven straight post-season appearances.

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RECORDS: Cal 3-8, 2-6 in Pac-12; Oregon State 7-2, 5-2

KICKOFF: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Reser Stadium, Corvallis, Ore.

TV: Pac-12 Networks


SERIES HISTORY: Cal leads 34-30. Cal won 23-6 in 2011, but Oregon State has won four of the past five meetings.

STORYLINES: Will this be Cal coach Jeff Tedford’s final game? He is experiencing his worst season in 11 years at Berkeley and the Bears hope to avoid becoming the first Cal team since 1984 to lose their final five games of the season. Either way, Tedford and athletic director Sandy Barbour are expected to meet Sunday to discuss the future of the program. … Pleasanton native Sean Mannion, who passed for an OSU freshman record 3,328 yards last season, is healthy again and will start against the Bears.

INJURY UPDATE: Cal — WR Bryce Treggs (ankle) is questionable. OT Matt Summers-Gavin (knee), QB Zach Maynard (knee/flu) and WR Keenan Allen (knee) are out. Oregon State — LB D.J. Alexander (ribs) is probable; QB Cody Vaz (ankle) and OG Grant Enger (ankle) are out.

MATCHUP TO WATCH: Cal’s running game vs. OSU’s run defense. The Bears, who average 182 rushing yards per game, ran the ball effectively against Oregon last week and hope to once more in order to help protect inexperienced junior QB Allan Bridgford. But the Beavers are stout up front and rank second in the Pac-12 in rushing defense, allowing just 99.7 yards per game. In a nutshell: If the Bears cannot run, they’re in trouble.

STATS THAT MATTER: Oregon State’s defense has allowed just one opponent to score more than 26 points. The Bears have surrendered 26 or more in seven games. … The Bears have been outscored 150-60 during their four-game losing streak. … Cal’s RB trio of C.J. Anderson (729 yards), Isi Sofele (653) and Brendan Bigelow (412) is just 206 yards shy of reaching 2,000. … OSU wideouts Brandin Cooks and Markus Wheaton have combined for 118 receptions.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    So now that tedford is back, now what ?

  • daredevilfan

    What do you mean?

  • Juancho

    There was obviously a coordinated push to have all the local radio stations and rodgers speak up for tedford.

    I interpret this as tedford is coming back until proven otherwise.

    As much as some of us take time to post our dissatisfaction, only 5 of us emailed the AD.

    If were some of the most vigilant fans and we arent even making noise, imagine how little heat the AD is feeling.

  • jabes

    I tweeted Sandy during the UW game.

    The only issue at play for Cal is Tedford’s tenure. He won’t be coming back.

  • Juancho

    I hope you’re right Jabes. I think too many of us are just assuming that someone else will be letting Sandy know why we need a change. And we’re not making enough noise as a blog.

    I just get a bad feeling that Birgeneau doesn’t want the Tedford dismissal on his legacy. They’ll give Tedford another year b/c there’s no real pressure on them to make a change. And they’ll let the new chancellor own this problem next year.

  • rollonubears

    they’re really owned concerned with esp folks. we keep coming out to the games no matter what, because we can’t get enough cal football, but they’re debating whether to throw down 250k, so they have a voice, and they’re torn, because they’re conservative and scared, which is why they like this coach.

  • Juancho

    Rollon email the ad.

  • Rollonubears

    The decision has already been made, one way or the other. Either he is going to be fired and he knows it, and they’ve discussed the terms, or he’s staying and the meeting on Sunday is just a review of the year. No way sandy pulls him into a publicized meeting on Sunday and asks him questions and then decides. Think about that….. “Hmmmm, you know what JT, good answer but you’re fired.” Or, “I was going to fire you today, but I like what you’re saying here.” Too much money is involved in this. It’s been decided. Our emails aren’t going to sway this any more than an Aaron Rodgers interview will. And because if that interview, it makes me think he actually (Rodgers) knows JT is gone

  • Dan

    Am I the only one who is just worn out on all this?

    I have posted and discussed my thoughts, feelings and suggestions for several years- early on, going as far as the tail end of the 2005 season, the first time I started to see the beginnings of disappointing patterns on offense- safe, predictablevplay calling overall, and a tendency to play not to lose, instead of aggressively to win.

    I complimented Tedford for bringing in the aggressive offensive coordinator Mike Dunbar from Northwestern for the 2006 season, but then watch Dunbar and Tedford run the offense even more passively than the prior season. I knew then that there were issues and they
    revolved around Tedford.

    We all then saw what happened with the complete collapse of 2007. I knew then that were big problems with Tedford running the program, and kept hoping against hope he would wake up one day or someone close to him would appeal to him, get through to him to make some drastic changes to adapt, to figure out how to recapture the excitement, positivity and winning of his first few years. Then I’d watch the program slowly deteriorate every season to where it is now.

    I think 2010 was the First season where I felt he didn’t deserve to be coach anymore. From 2005 to 2009, I just kept hoping he could turn the ship back around and correct what was going wrong. I felt he deserved those seasons to do so based on his earlier successes.

    By 2010, it was very clear he was incapable of that and was clueless to realizing how bad the program was getting. I knew by then that Cal was never going to a Rose Bowl, was never going to challenge for a PAC 10/12 championship. It has actually even worse than I could have ever imagined. I believe I was the first one to make the Ben Braun comparison – I was skewered for that by some- and here we are. This is worse than Braun as the stakes are so much higher and the finances are mind boggling. This program has been run into the ground as badly as Braun ran the BB program.

    And now? It’s all out of our hands, the decision is made. I’m bordering on apathy and exhaustion over all this, I can’t imagine I am alone in feeling that way. Well Over ten thousand empty seats at the Oregon game seem to be saying the same thing.

    At this point, I have zero confidence in Sandy Barbour and the other powers that be will make the right decision, and if they happen to, I have less than zero confidence that they will do a great job hiring a replacement.

    So there you have it, it’s tiring rooting passionately for and investing in a program that is so riddled with and accepting of such a loser mentality, of easy mediocrity.

  • Joshiemac

    Tedford deserves a ton a praise and thanks for doing what he did at Cal. It makes me sad that he won’t be the one to take Cal to the Rose Bowl.

    Of course, he also deserves to be fired.

  • ConcordBear

    In Bay Area sports, the Giants and Sharks have everything in place to win a lot and compete for Championships every year. The 49ers will have everything in place with their new stadium too.
    Cal football has everything in place right now to be like these great local franchises.
    The new stadium is spectacular, the SAHPC is an amazing modern structure to train.
    The UC degree is elite, the Bay Area is a top notch world wide destination to live. There is so much that Cal has going for it.
    I like the media attention to the problems the football program has right now. We should not be this bad, we should be strong every year and competing for championships.
    I hope the media stays on this story, it’s a big one, there are a ton of Cal alums in the Bay Area, in California and around the west. Cal fans expect and deserve the best. Media coverage should be on this program because they are under performing.
    We need to get this right.
    Cal admin, this is your chance to transform the football program and lead us to the Rose Bowl.
    Time to make hay.
    Go Bears!!!!
    Nice work JF and thanks

  • Boaltblue

    As the season winds down, I must comment that the coaching has been TERRIBLE and the cause of tremendous UNDERACHIEVING for years. Add the lousy quarterback play and all of his intercepttions, the worst kicking game, and the failure to play under pressure in the BIG GAMES, lead me to the inescapable conclusion: FIRE THE COACH! All of those supposed star players, 5 Stars and 4 Stars, and all of those losses, including the loss today against cross-town rival the baby Bears. The University of Shameless Cheaters does not even own SoCal any longer. Preseason favorite for National Champion? Or more accurately, destined to some toilet bowl. Heisman for their QB? Only in their cheating dreams! Poor, poor moron, nomoreNCsarecoming: that is the reality of your cheating program.