Football: Oregon State game thread

FINAL: Oregon State 62, Cal 14. Here’s what you’re waiting to hear: Athletic director Sandy Barbour had no announcement immediately after the game regarding the future of coach Jeff Tedford.

“Now that the season is over, Jeff and I will get to work tomorrow on what the solutions are for us to get better. We will start the conversation . . . to what the answers are, what the solutions are to put us on the right path to being a better football program.”

Pressed on when she might have a decision, Barbour merely repeated those words several more times. If she has made up her mind, she wasn’t saying so Saturday night.

Tedford, asked about the game in his postgame session, said, “Not very good. It’s not something we’re not used to. It’s obvious we have work to do. I will say this about these kids — these are good kids. Through tough times they’ve kept it together and I appreciate that.

“It’s absolutely not something we’re used to and don’t ever want to get used to.”

Asked if he expects to be back next year, Tedford said, “I don’t know. My job is to develop players. We have work to do. We’ll go back to work tomorrow and get ready to get going.” 

Asked he if thought his players finally cashed it in Saturday when the score got out of hand, he added, “You didn’t see that in their eyes. We’ve got  a lot of guys banged up. Oregon State was hitting on all cylinders. We had way too many penalties (15-172 yards) and turnovers (4). I really don’t believe it’s a lack of effort. I don’t think they ever quit. They just were outmatched tonight.” 

THE NUMBERS: Cal finished 3-9 overall, 2-7 in the Pac-12. It was just the seventh time in the Bears’ 130-year football history they lost as many as nine games in a season.

It also marked the first time in 28 years they lost the final five games of the season. The combined margin in those five: 212 points to 74.

Cal had not surrendered 50 points in back-to-back games since 1973.

A pair of East Bay products delivered for OSU against the Bears. Quarterback Sean Mannion, formerly of Foothill HS in Pleasanton, finished 24 for 34 for 325 yards and four touchdowns. Sophomore tailback Terron Ward, an Antioch native who prepped at De La Salle HS, ran for 128 yards and two TDs.

Cal junior quarterback Allan Bridgford, starting in place of injured senior Zach Maynard for the second straight game, was 18 for 31 for 132 yards with an interception. He scored his first career touchdown on a 1-yard sneak.

“He needs some more experience,” Tedford said. “He kept plugging away in there, always was attentive to what was going on. He made some good throws and did what he could.”

HALFTIME: OSU 35, Cal 7. Mannion is 18 for 24 for 239 yards with TD passes to four different receivers. Total yards: OSU 333, Cal 202. Sofele has 15 carries for 63 yards. Bridgford is 11 for 21 for 94 yards with an INT. Cal has six personal fouls and three turnovers in the half. Some sort of record, don’t you think?

7:13 2nd Q: This is quickly getting out of hand. Mannion throws his third TD of the night, a 14-yarder to Connor Hamlett, and the Beavers lead 28-7. A six-play, 69-yard drive. Mannion is 13 for 17 for 203 yards.

10:56 2nd Q: At exactly the same moment Stanford kicks a game-winning FG to upset No. 1 Oregon, Mannion throws a 48-yard TD pass to Brandon Cooks and OSU leads 21-7. Big cheer for Cooks’ TD. Bigger cheer moments later when the crowd learns that the Ducks lost.

END OF 1ST Q: Cal had 132 total yards in the quarter, 88 rushing, 44 passing. OSU had 156, with 106 passing, 50 rushing. Cal had 44 yards in penalties.

4:34 1st Q: Tyler Anderson scores on a 1-yard plunge and OSU leads 14-7. Beavers go 68 yards in five plays, including a 38-yard run by Storm Woods. OSU leads 14-7.

6:30 1st Q: Isi Sofele scores his 15th career TD, running 9 yards to tie the score. Sofele had two runs totaling 30 yards to cap the nine-play, 82-yard drive — one of their best possessions of the season. It’s 7-7.

7:10 1st Q: Senior RB C.J. Anderson, after runs of 11 and 5 yards, shaken up. Looks to be OK.

9:10 1st Q: Mannion throws an 11-yard TD pass to Markus Wheaton, capping five-play, 44-yard drive. OSU leads 7-0.

10:35 1st Q: The Bears giveth back. Allen Bridgford picked off by safety Jordan Poyer, who returns it 4 yards to the Cal 44. Poyer’s sixth INT of the season. 

11:21 1st Q: Pleasanton’s Sean Mannion completes a 48-yard pass to Markus Wheaton on OSU’s first play of the game. Two plays later, Josh Hill intercepts a pass that went through the hands of Beavers TE Colby Prince. Cal starts at its own 23.

COIN TOSS: Oregon State wins toss and defers, so Cal will get the ball first. Senior OG Dominic Galas, who missed much of the season after tearing a pectoral muscle during summer workouts, then had an emergency appendectomy in Salt Lake City on Oct. 27, was among four team captains at midfield. And Galas is starting.

WEATHER: Been dry at Reser Stadium for the past hour or more. With kickoff looming, it’s beginning to rain.

INJURY UPDATE: Besides QB Zach Maynard (knee), WR Keenan Allen (knee) and OT Matt Summers-Gavin (knee), the Bears have several other surprise absences. OLB Brennan Scarlett (infection in right hand), DT Viliami Moala (concussion) and S Avery Sebastian (knee) did not make the trip. 

WELCOME: We’re here at Reser Stadium in Corvallis, Ore., as the Bears (3-8, 2-6 Pac-12) play their season finale against OSU (7-2, 5-2). Cool and windy, but it hasn’t rained in more than an hour and reports are it may be dry the rest of the evening. We’ll have more as we approach kickoff.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Ray Finkle

    Just disgusted with that game, and I didn’t even watch it. Juancho, I totally agree with your analysis on “developing players”….The spin has already started. I will say this, if he is not fired, I refuse to watch another game until he is gone. My mother in law, has already vowed to not renew her season tix she has had for 30 years……I am very anxious today, feels like xmas already and I can’t wait to hear he is gone….HOPEFULLY.

  • Calfan

    Turned off the Cal game and saw Oregon give away a national title to the pukes instead. Oh well. At least Cal basketball is undefeated.

  • Rollonubears

    It’s just pitiful. Letting him finish the season without telling him he’s gone, in hindsight, was even worse than making an announcement and letting him finish the season with dignity.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    OK OK I will return to take my lumps.

    Yes. I was wrong.

    I predicted that UC East Bay would be 6-6 at best this year and 4-7 at the worst. I was wrong! Never did I think Oregon State would paint 60+ on your pathetic defense. If I recall correctly the last time that was done was when we beat you 61-0.

    Your program has now reverted back to the sewer of the Pac 12. What a laughable joke you have become. Some of your fans are now wishing Ay-Boob was your QB. That maybe the solution too.

    I hear he throws a pretty good paper airplane.

    I am done with you guys for the year. Oh I may jump in once and awhile but why? I get enough laughs thinking how hard it must be for Sherm. After Teddy gets canned, his Social Welfare hold on football players is just about ending. The only thing he will be clustering is his band memories.

  • konamike

    Assuming Tedford’s gone why not replace him with Tosh?
    So what if he’s never been a head coach. Tedford wasn’t when he was hired. Tosh is the best recruiter in college football. The players love him. Obviously, he knows Cal inside & out. He’s young.
    All you Tosh haters need to grow up. If somebody tripled your pay and gave you a promotion you wouldn’t go? Barbour & Tedford should have anticipated that someone would come after him and should have made a pro-active move. Instead, they relied on his “loyalty”. Well, Washington’s a good school & that kind of money talks.

  • Rollonubears

    Tosh is a cheat. Having linemen fake injuries. No way JT called for that. He was just sore about JT publicly humiliating him. His moral compass changes with the wind. He would be a disaster, and unless you want to pay his salary, he won’t be even considered. The donors want none of that on our staff.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    stay golden Says:
    November 17th, 2012 at 11:25 pm
    I think that had more to do with Riley piling it on late in the 4th with some passes when they were already up 55-14. The screen pass for a TD happened with less than 3 min left in the game. Pretty classless if you ask me.


    It’s your job to stop them. There has been only one team in the Pac10 which has consistently called off the dogs and that is USC. Carroll never ran it up and neither did Coach McKay or Robinson.

    The fact that we beat you guys 61-0 a few years back was with mostly walk ons playing.

    Coach McKay said the game against UC East Bay was the best time to rest all of his first string guys. LOL.

    You guys are right back to those days again.

  • Woj

    Tennessee fired their coach after 3 pitiful seasons. Nice to see accountability occur elsewhere. Has Tedfraud been fired yet?? He’s on 5 crappy seasons in a row. Bring accountability to Cal’s athletic department. Tedfraud = Ben Braun longevity + fistful of unearned $$

  • CalBearister

    Really? Pete the Cheat never ran it up? You want to go with that Moron?

    2001: $UC 55, Cal 14. Third quarter fake punt against a team with no wins and a head coach who had just resigned. As usual, Pete the Cheat was all class.

    If stupidity were worth money, you could afford half of the salaries paid to $UC players. Now go back to deflating footballs.

  • daredevilfan


    Just saw a Denver article about JT, if he is let go, maybe going to Colorado to Offensive Coordinator. They better alert the printer to stock up on paper for the new over-sized playbook. And they better make room on their roster for 85,239 QBs.

  • Will

    Preseason #1 taem in hte country playing in Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl? FIGHT ON! LOL

  • Eric

    @Moron/Adam Morrison:

    Start the crying because you’re getting slapped (again). You realize that U$C’s fall from consensus #1 at the start of the season to not ranked at all may be the greatest collapse in the last 20 years? Far worse than Cal in 2007 (given that Cal started the season outside the top 15).

    The only thing that could possibly redeem U$C’s terrible season is beating ND.

  • rob bear

    I’d leave for the year too after claiming that this site is for losers, yet you repeatedly post on it. Funnier yet, claiming that your school would win the national championship and the Heisman and is currently at four losses and whose QB will get as many Heisman votes as our QB. Too funny and well, stooopid….

  • BlakeStreetBear



  • wehofx

    #60 Daredevil, interesting. I harbor no ill will towards jt. I was one of the last ones to quit drinking the kool aide and jump off the bandwagon. He did accomplish a lot and he can be proud of leaving behind the hpc and cms reno but his time at Cal better be/let’s hope/is over.

    Before I read that post, I was thinking jt could do a Dirk Koetter and go to the nfl. His massive playbook could work in the nfl. oc (vs hc) might be his natural/best position like dk. Believe it or not, dk is a hot hc prospect again for UK and a number of the nfl hc jobs sure to be open soon.

  • wehofx

    …and in today’s la times lame k was pilloried for being dour, distant and low energy on the side lines. Sound familiar?

    $c ad also said – much to the chagrin of most alumni – he will come back next year.

  • Woj

    Has Tedford been fired yet? No? I’ll check back later.

  • Ray Finkle

    Absolutely LOVE the idea of MIKE MaCINTYRE coming to CAL. The guy can obviously coach and develope QB’s. What he has done at SJSU is one of the most phenomenal coaching jobs I have ever seen. Imagine what he could do at CAL…….

  • rollonubears

    that’s what people thought about JT in 2004. are you sure it’s not just a great qb making him look good? seemed so watching the game last night, but i’ve only seen one of their games so far. he’d be cheap though.

  • Juancho

    +1 for coach mcintyre

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    You know I like Bear INsider so much more than this board because the posters over there don’t make excuses when the team loses 62-14. Now even that has changed. They are actually championing the same empty excuses as many of you have previously done.

    However I am thinking to post over there rather than here because at least they know when there are good topics. Over the past 3 months I have had a handful of posts which have been some of the highest viewed. I dare the fat man to get me banned over there. When I attempted to have blocked a couple of posters gone wild I was told that if people were blocked for posting negative things 95% of the posters would be blocked. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    What a bunch of losers.

  • CalBearister

    Anyone know how much buying out McIntyre’s contract is? Signed through 2017:


  • wehofx

    JF tweeted:

    “Word is Cal fb to hold team mtg Sunday at 5 pm. Figure perhaps Jeff Tedford situation may have some resolution by then. Stay tuned.”

  • Eric

    @71 – no, you mostly definitely will not leave here. You enjoy it to much. You have threatened it so many times, but never carry out on it. So, another nickname:

    The baby who cried wolf.

  • go8ears

    According to Ryan Gorcey, it’s a regular end-of-season team meeting that has been scheduled for quite some time now. Maybe we will hear something by then but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Btw a whole lot of different mood in South Bend where I go to school now.

  • BlueNGold

    I predicted that UCLA would be a surprise against the sleazy cheaters. I was right. I’m predicting an ND beatdown of the Toesucks next weekend. If I am right (again) we all will know who the real LOSER on this blog is, including loser troll itself.

  • stay golden


    So sad

    Your posts are sounding more and more like a cry for help.

    Is it because Hostess is shutting down business?

  • GOGO Bears

    Remember this? MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    September 16th, 2012 at 10:02 am

    “We still very much have a chance for the conference championship and the NC. We are SC!”

    And the results of that prediction? “We are not even in the top 25 anymore.” Say good night, SC. Moron, go take comfort with your friends — oh wait, that’s right. Never mind.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #78 And there he is! Hi Sherm.

    I know you tried to block me over at Bear Insider. LOL.

    Two posts from you the entire year just about fits the cowardly way you handle a losing season.

    Thanks for the huge part you played in those deplorable APR rates for UC East Bay players. I guess you can always blame the Food Appreciation course for taking away some of the clustering in your program. They give out ‘F’s unlike your department. HAHAHAHAHA

    Go ahead and get me blocked over at Bear Insider.

  • GOGO Bears

    Gee — I thought moron was leaving.

    It must be fun posting on BI when you have to totally neuter yourself and hide your identity — assuming of course you are there at all. In the same post you said you were going there, you said you were leaving here.

    Lawyers are supposed to be honest and always.. oh wait. That’s right. Nevermind.

  • Easy Ed

    Hey Cheeto Kid, how about a nice 8 clap, U-C-L-A!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey Sherm.

    Neutering oneself comes from you with first hand knowledge? LOL.

    The last time I checked you set the record for hiding one’s identity over at SF Gate. And if lawyers are supposed to be honest then Social Welfare Advisors are supposed to be kind to students especially female, not racist and physically threatening.

    We all know how untrue that one is.

  • wehofx

    Grease Monkey

    Peter King just said Chip Kelly is at the top of the list for nfl teams looking for new hc.

    If p knight can’t get c peterson, I wonder which rock star hc they’re going to target?

    C’mon Sandy, pressure is on.

  • Juancho

    You know what worries me. The thought wassu will fire the pirate leach and bring in petrino.

  • 1brsfan

    We need to make an announcement today and talk to Petrino and Peterson ASAP!

  • go8ears

    From our very own:


    The team meeting got pushed back until Monday. Ugh. The waiting and the uncertainty..

  • Dan

    The meeting being pushed back until Monday is BS. Just shows cluelessness isn’t owned only by the HC, but also the AD. Big surprise, huh?

  • Woj

    Good thing Barbour and Tedford are employed as public employees. This level of incompetence and delays and ridiculous financial liability signed off on by Barbour in 2007 would get both fired in the private sector.

  • Dan

    Woj is right. This level of incompetence from both would NEVER be tolerated in the private sector. Where’s 60 Minutes?

  • Dan

    PS – Tick tock, tick tock Cal management.

    This whole thing is already Ben Braun 2.0. Apparently, Cal didn’t learn one single thing from that. Cal is sliding as we speak, every single minute matters. Tick tock, tick tock.

  • Will

    I think it’s likely that they’re finalizing the terms of a settlement. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, Tedford is toast tomorrow.

  • ScottyBear

    Tedford’s final comment says it all. His job is not “to develop players”, it is to win football games!! Fire Tedford and hire a coach who knows what his job is. Just win baby!!

  • covinared

    sandy was about to fire him and ted pulled out a blackmail card.

  • Juancho

    What if the delay is bc tedford is back and they need to meet with the assistants who will be fired tomorrow before mtg with the team.

  • ThisisCal

    You’re not answering the question. How did UCLA’s a$$ taste? Beat Stanfurd and then come post on this site, dummy.

  • ScottyBear

    Bye Bye Moren! Brilliant move Barkley to come back for your senior year. Just like Leinart. What is it about USC QB’s who peak at their junior year but insist on coming back. For what? No BCS bowl game. No ranking. Nada.

  • Woj

    This is utter nonsense! In the private sector the dead man walking doesn’t get to meet with his secretary, hang out in the office another day surfing the Internet, pal around with his coffee buddy, check the fantasy football friends seen in the cafeteria, and certainly not embark on the ‘next’ project not visit with the other people on the firing line, etc. In the private sector, the day you are let go is not filled with delays or indecision. The decision is already made and the terminated employee has a suprise meeting show up on the calendar, meeting happens soon after, a terse 1-sided chat ensues and 15 minutes later you are handed a packet with ‘call this # if you have questions’ and a financial statement of what you can expect as far as checks in the mail. Why on Earth did this not happen today with Tedfraud?? Answer – Because his ‘boss’ is his friend and pal and she wants to be his friend instead of rack up wins for Cal football. I;m convinced Barbour is a public union lackey who listens more to Adam Duritz versus negotiating effective contracts and certainly cannot dole out accountability to her direct reports, in this case = a Failed Football coach for last 5 years called Jeff Tedmoe. Stop the madness, terminate him and move on. And get Petrino’s and Petersen’s and McIntyre and Gruden’s #s tonight! Each second is precious. Cal has a 1 week lead on hiring a much better coach since a bunch of other schools are playing 1 more game. Cal’s only competition is Tennesse for a great new coach.

  • Juancho

    Woj great post.

    Agree with the sentiment that we need to get those guys on the phone first. Before other programs do. Adding in willie “beaman” taggart.

    Your point about the private world is what worries me about this delay. I just worry that this is a sign hes coming back.

  • Steve W.

    I’m just not buying any scenario where Tedford would fire most of his assistants and stay on as head coach. What kind of assistant coach would want to come to Tedford’s staff and get blamed for everything that goes wrong and ultimately get fired? The kind that just got fired in another program and desperately needs the job. If Tedford stays on, look for him to hire assistants from programs like Tennessee, Colorado, Kentucky and Auburn.

  • daredevilfan

    #92 SBear, couldn’t agree more. That one little snippet is an indication that Tedford is too decent of a person to be a great head coach. The PROGRAM is what is important. If the program succeeds, then a whole bunch of the players succeed and those who pay your salary get their moneys worth. There will always be a few kids who inadvertently get a raw deal. That’s called life. But for the most part kids will have a great experience and the success of the program will give them an opportunity to get to the next level. Focus on wins not development. The development is a foregone conclusion with time spent. Your job is to run a program that wins games. Period.