Football: Tedford’s status remains in limbo

On the day after the end of Cal’s worst football season in 11 years, there was no decision on coach Jeff Tedford’s future.

Tedford was scheduled to meet Sunday with athletic director Sandy Barbour after she watched the Bears lose 62-14 at Oregon State on Saturday night.

Barbour’s office at Haas Pavilion was locked and dark on Sunday afternoon, and she did not respond to a text message asking for an update. Likewise, Tedford wasn’t available for interviews.

An athletic department spokesman said in the early evening that there was no decision made or announcement planned.

A previously scheduled season-ending team meeting was moved from Sunday afternoon to Monday, with no details available.

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NOTE: Wanted to let you all know I will not be around during Thanksgiving week while attending my son Ryan’s graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. Jon Wilner on our staff will follow the Jeff Tedford story during my absence.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Can someone drive down to San Jose and give Mike MacIntyre a ride to Berkeley?

  2. Wisdom – no I would not.

    I think if she did fire him then she deserves credit for this very hard decision.

    I wanted her fired if she KEPT HIM.

  3. I’ll be happiest with a guy that runs the pro-set as a base offense, but I’ll take any offense that doesn’t shoot itself in the foot with penalties each series as a starting point.

  4. Is it officially confirmed? Rejoice!!

    We better pounce on Petersen or Taggart or Wilcox before Lane Kiffin gets fired and Chip Kelly goes pro.

  5. XMAS came early! I will drink to this. I’m off and celebrating

  6. Cal could do a lot worse than SJSU head man Mike MacIntyre. Give the man a couple fo interviews. His work at SJSU has been remarkable. I’d still rather have Petrino or Petersen but neither may want to come to Cal. Absolutely pick up the phone and talk to Mr. Gruden as well. Fiery, passionate, knows Xs and Os liek the back of his hand, charismatic = College Chucky!

  7. 1. Jon Gruden
    2. Chris Peterson
    3. Bobby Petrino
    4. Wilcox / Tosh
    5. Mike MacIntyre or Willie “Beaman” Taggart
    6. Hue Jackson

    Ron Rivera doesn’t make my list. I don’t think he’ll do a good job.

  8. 1. Jon Gruden
    2. Chris Peterson
    3. Bobby Petrino
    4. Wilcox / Tosh
    5. Mike MacIntyre or Willie “Beaman” Taggart
    6. Hue Jackson
    7. “Ernie” Kent State’s coach

  9. Juancho, Hue Jackson is ridiclous…..Love the rest of your list though. Why do you like Hue? Dude is a moron. I know he coached at USC, but he is a snake.

  10. Ray Finkle – he is a moron but I don’t care. Petrino is a moron too. Because I think he would win and focus on that.

    I’m a Raiders fan. If he could make our offense good…

    Covina – the past 5 years of high paid futility, that’s the sad part of the past few years. Not being ranked since 2009. The Tosh debacle. The WSJ article. The terrible graduation rate.

  11. whoever they choose it’s got to happen fast to get out in front of all the other schools, especially Pac-12 schools, that will be looking for new HCs.

    What about Mariucci?

  12. I’d send Gruden a all the tape of Kline I can dig up, plus the great job done by the freshman WRs this year. Add info on the DL and LB youngsters and he’d probably consider the idea for a moment, maybe two. Then, drop a “Jim Mora has done great things at UCLA” to make him scoff and start thinking about how he’d make Mora look like an amateur, and reel him in. 😉

  13. I’m skeptical that we can justify paying the kind of money we’d have to give to a Gruden-type when we still owe Tedford a lot of money.

    I would guess that an up-and-comer or a coordinator is far more likely (like MacIntyre or Wilcox)

  14. Will, the key to a Gruden-type would be how much money Nike would pitch in. Uncle Phil wants his Ducks playing in the best conference possible.

  15. Juancho, I;m a Raider fan as well. You are correct, both are morons, but Hue has shown nothing as a leader at any level. I’m not trying to argue with you, I am very happy right now, and I think your insight is spot on. GO BEARS

  16. I am a Niner fan, so Juancho, I’m going to battle Covina for the title of being your arch nemesis.

  17. Wisdom, Gruden still has a home in the East Bay from what I understand.

  18. Why would Gruden ever come to CAL??? He is my favorite coach of all time, but I just don’t see it. I hope I’m wrong.

  19. Of all the openings in college football, Cal’s has to be at or near the top…..there is definitely talent there….the new facilities….a chance to resurrect a proud program…..it’s got to be someone who can step right in and take the reigns…..get the kids to believe in him and themselves and play freely.

    This situation kids of reminds me of the Lakers this year…Brown was trying to coach the players too much instead of maximizing their talents and keeping them from getting in their own way…..something Phil Jackson and D’Antoni do well….let their players play free…..Tedford’s teams seemed to play in slow motion…thinking too much instead of using their natural talents to play free and aggressive…..leads to predictable and undisciplined play…..already excited for next year…..hope they find the right guy!

  20. Dear Donors and Season Ticket Holders:

    This morning I met with Coach Jeff Tedford as we continued conversations about the state of Cal football and how we can, collectively, as a football program, an athletics administration and a campus community, redirect both our competitive and academic performance. Throughout the course of the conversation, it became evident that there was not a clear, direct or expeditious path to reversing worrisome trends. Therefore, I informed Coach Tedford that I have decided the time has come to seek new leadership for the Cal football program. This decision was not made lightly, or easily, and comes only after careful consideration and complex evaluation of our football program. After weighing all of the variables and extensive consultation with Chancellor Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor Wilton it is evident that this level of change is what is needed and is in the best interest of Cal.

    This should not be seen as a refutation of Coach Tedford’s passion, commitment and skills. I believe he still has the same set of extraordinary personal and professional tools that allowed him to compile an unbelievable record of accomplishment during his 11 seasons at Cal – his near miraculous resurrection of a program in a state of collapse; two-time Pac-10 Coach of the Year; Pac-10 conference championship; eight bowl-game appearances; and more wins than any coach in Cal history. Additionally, I can’t even begin to quantify what his patience and perseverance meant to our campus community as we endured repeated delays on the way to a new Memorial Stadium and modern training facilities. Jeff has earned a permanent place in the legacy of Cal football. However, as we have all seen sports, there comes a time when the needs of a team or a program no longer align with the tangible and intangible attributes of a particular head coach, no matter how talented and committed he may be.

    Throughout this evaluation process, our focus has been on our student-athletes. We are all here to provide young people with what they need to fully realize their potential. Every professor, coach and staff member on this campus has a responsibility to provide them with what they require to excel, to learn and to grow. When Chancellor Birgeneau talks about comprehensive excellence as one of Berkeley’s defining attributes, he means it….and we live by it. It is imperative that Cal football be recognized as a leader in academic accomplishment, competitive success and community engagement.

    As hard as it has been to watch our student-athletes struggle on the field, the team’s continuing decline in academic performance is of great concern. As recent NCAA data show, Cal football is now last in the Pac-12 in terms of the team’s graduation rate: 48% compared to Stanford’s conference-leading 90%. In fact, the other metric used by the NCAA to measure academic performance, the Academic Progress Rate (APR), is, in some ways even more sobering. The football team’s APR performance has now declined to the point where we are dangerously close to being disqualified from postseason play in the future.

    I understand that cynics may conclude that this decision was driven solely by financial issues, and while revenue implications are one consideration, I’m here to say nothing can be further from the truth. I take very seriously the responsibility of providing our student-athletes with nothing but the finest of resources, and my experience as a coach and leader in intercollegiate athletics teaches me that if you establish and sustain the conditions student-athletes need to succeed, it creates a foundation from which all success can follow….academic success, wins, postseason play and ticket sales.

    I realize that this decision will be met with varying levels of support, but I know we can all agree that Cal is parting ways with a very good man who has done remarkable things for our campus, our intercollegiate program and our team. However, my responsibilities to our students and the university as a whole has forced me to evaluate whether or not the team’s current leadership is in a position to make the changes necessary to turn things around. At the end of the day, I’m confident that this is the best decision for Cal and our student-athletes.

    Jeff Tedford has served this university admirably and I will forever be indebted for his commitment, expertise and unflagging effort. I know the entire Cal community will join me in thanking Jeff for changing the face of Cal football.

    My staff and I are now turning our attention to the future as we begin to explore and assess possible candidates for the position of head football coach. As that effort begins, we will seek ideas and input from many areas. As a first step, we are convening an advisory group of key stakeholders who we will turn to for guidance in terms of the professional profile, experience and personal attributes we should be looking for in potential candidates.

    I know we are all proud of Cal’s intercollegiate athletics program that together we have built and sustained. I will continue to honor that support with an undiminished commitment to, and passion for, the pursuit of even greater achievements in the future.

    Go Bears!

    Sandy Barbour
    Director of Athletics

  21. Juancho, I believe he does, too. It’s the only reason I think it is possible. He likes the Bay Area. I think the selling points and the location are exactly why it could be a fit. If he has any interest in coaching college ball, I think he’d be into it.

    This is not the Cal that was lucky to hire Tedford. This program has top facilities and a good group of young players already here. There is a legitimate chance to get Gruden. I even think there is a small chance Peterson would make the move (he is about more than program prestige).

    It also doesn’t hurt that Monty coaches hoops, and re-upped top remain. He may prove a good coach recruiter with a phone call or two as well.

  22. Isn’t it awesome to have a sudden infusion of optimism!

    I was reluctantly convinced Tedford would return for yet another year of wasted possibilities. Now, the possibilities are limitless.

  23. Thank god it is finally over. I hope we can all get back to talking about how to fix the mess that Cal football has become. Rampant speculation about who will be the new coach seems like a great waste of time to me. Let the AD do her job and hope that whoever it is provides at least a bump for the recruitment process.

  24. WooHOO!! Best of luck Jeff Tedford. We know you are a “good” guy, just not a very good head coach, anymore.

    Willie Taggart!!!! Mike Macintyre!!! please!

  25. BearClaw – Jeff Faraudo is on vacation. He’s with family as his son graduated from Marine Corps boot camp.

  26. ” I believe he still has the same set of extraordinary personal and professional tools that allowed him to compile an unbelievable record of accomplishment during his 11 seasons at Cal – … Pac-10 conference championship”

    When was that?

  27. Here is a name that should be thrown in the mix. Gary Andersen at Utah State. He’s built a solid program in Logan, UT. Imagine what he could do at Cal. He would not be using Cal as a stepping stone like some of the other names thrown around would. I know I threw Petrino’s name out a while back but guys like him, Gruden, Hue, would use this as a 2-3 year and then move on type of job. I would rather have a Mcintyre, Peterson, Andersen type that would stick around 5-7 years.

  28. I hear you Juancho but I thought Wilner or someone would be updating here. No big deal. Meanwhile, you should read Ted Lee’s New Yorker length article on the Tedford era on bear insider. Really good read.

  29. You know over at BI there are a lot of good threads about the deplorable academic performance by the football program. Some are even claiming that was what got Tedford canned.

    Where is the esteemed advisor who has gone strangely missing since those deplorable reports were released by the NCAA?

    As Rome burns, he sits in his office hoping for this to soon pass.

    Unfortunately for him, the anger and disappointment continues to mount as the Social Welfare, Sociology, Food Appreciation mercenaries (aka football players) fail at an epic rate.

  30. Moren: Weren’t you going to drop out of sight, just like the Trojans from the Top 25 rankings? Your drivel isn’t interesting or worth reading. Predictale and flat out boring.

  31. No one cares except you, moron. The rest of us are here to talk about Cal football and basketball. You are only here to talk trash and make snarky comments. Take a hike and spout your psychotic obsessions elsewhere.

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