Football: Tedford’s status remains in limbo

On the day after the end of Cal’s worst football season in 11 years, there was no decision on coach Jeff Tedford’s future.

Tedford was scheduled to meet Sunday with athletic director Sandy Barbour after she watched the Bears lose 62-14 at Oregon State on Saturday night.

Barbour’s office at Haas Pavilion was locked and dark on Sunday afternoon, and she did not respond to a text message asking for an update. Likewise, Tedford wasn’t available for interviews.

An athletic department spokesman said in the early evening that there was no decision made or announcement planned.

A previously scheduled season-ending team meeting was moved from Sunday afternoon to Monday, with no details available.

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NOTE: Wanted to let you all know I will not be around during Thanksgiving week while attending my son Ryan’s graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. Jon Wilner on our staff will follow the Jeff Tedford story during my absence.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Right ROllon – I dont think anyone wants him to stay but the bigger unanswered question is Why can’t Juancho swim?

  2. Esteban in the great republic of texas.

    I blame the town i was raised in. No pools at our schools. And during my childhood i was too busy being a baseball star.

    And then once i became an adult i became too much of a chicken. Plus now i refuse to ever learn bc if i learn now ill realize how much time i lost not swimming.

    Its a travesty. But im tedfording this one.

  3. Hermanos did anyone watch or listen to 60 minutes? They had a segment on the business of college football. We were mentioned as one of the gluttons of facilities spending.

  4. @rollon, there are only 71 posts if you don’t count Juancho… messages r blowin up worse than my ex-gf. but the suspense is killing me too.

  5. To truly support the program, we need to show “tough love”. Supporting the program when it blatently is choosing to be mediocre to avoid shedding light on prior past bad decisions is not doing anyone any good. These are well paid people here, and they are also acting as fiduciary for state and public funds. We cannot put our heads in the sand as they act irresponsably and selfishly and borderline criminally. We need to absolutely stop all support of the program and mandate a change. That is what real support of the porgram means.

  6. I think you were the sole proprietor of the vote auditing firm as well….

  7. Daredevil the elections may not have been fair but they had high turnout.

    I congratulate you for winning the 2012 bear talk blog most diabolical award.

  8. Does anybody want to start an online petition as another way of showing what the fans think? If we can get at least a couple of thousand signatures, maybe they will take notice.

  9. The cal save tedford campaign is on full blast right now on 95.7 in the bay.

  10. Guess who theyre talking about. Kline !

    Too predictable. Injuries the problem. Kline the reason to bring blackhawk country club back. Pathetic.

    Fire sandy barbour and tedford.

  11. Two comments.

    1. If it is true that “changes from above” mean that changes in Tedford’s coaching strategies/salary/etc. are made, then maybe people can have some fun describing what those changes might be.

    2. Personally, as I have aid before, I think that the major changes that should have been made was to have Tedford take a big pay cut and transfer that pay cut to his assistants, primarily Tosh. With the top 10 recruiting class Cal would have had with Lupoi, Tedford would have more easily returned for next year and without having to deal with changes being made to how he runs his football program.

  12. Gobears. That class wasnt just top 10 it was 3.

    And included dj foster offensive freshmen of year. Shaq thompson defensive freshmen of year.

    And would have been just as goid year after year.

    Instead tedford was afraid to pay tosh more than clancy.

    Sandy is average. Tedford is terrible. Cal could have been great. Instead were here today.

  13. Daddy asked me tonight if that 49er QB was the one who killed you guys against Nevada. He said “I just want to make sure it wasn’t the other one.Maybe he can go to the Raiders.”


  14. I agree Sandy is average. Hate to sound like a broken record, but the loss of Tosh really hurt Cal’s future prospects. I think a top notch recruiter, which Tosh was, is more valuable to a team than a defensive coordinator.

    If Sandy was at the top of her game, she would have realized that and would have taken some sort of creative step to keep Tosh, such as gently telling Tedford he was overpaid and should sacrifice some of his salary to keep Tosh (assuming no money could be raised from outside sources to do that).

  15. Tosh clearly wasn’t happy working for Cal anymore, either because he got bus tossed (deservedly) or because he just couldn’t stand working for JT anymore. We offered to match UW’s ridiculous offer, and when UW raised it again, he bolted. It was his excuse for leaving, and a pretty profitable one as well. To me, the problem wasn’t the money, it was JT, and Tosh was more than happy to leave.

  16. Sandy has one chance to make this right. Remove JT as head coach. Any combination of adjustments that involves him staying at the helm is a recipe for continued disaster.

  17. Ya. Tweets:

    “Mandatory #Cal football team meeting at 10AM. Sport Information Directors called into a 9:30 AM meeting beforehand.”

    “@Kameron3Jackson: It could be ehh”

    Let’s hope. Fingers crossed.

  18. One more tweet:

    Joe Davidson ‏@SacBee_JoeD

    Hearing from 2 directly linked to Cal that Jeff Tedford has been fired. Mandatory team meeting within minutes

  19. Fired as opposed to resigning? I guess that means he’s taking the full package.

  20. Can’t blame the man for taking the full package. They may have worked out some system to defer the payments though.

  21. I heard he’s staying with the program just not as head coach? Anyone have details on this?

  22. If Tedfraud is indeed fired that means there is sun on the horizon of Cal football and I’m in for 2013. Get Bobby Petrino on the phone pronto. He built great teams at Louisville and at Arkansas. Tell his wife he’ll only have a 1 seater motorcycle and mount a camera on the back she can peek in on when he’s rolling on 2 wheels.

  23. That would be bizarre. Where did you see this, our great sage Juancho?

  24. My college buddy texted me hes staying in the front office. Hes apparently following twitters. Ill see if i can get more details.

  25. Just received an ESPN notification on my phone reporting that an inside source had said that JT is not returning.

  26. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember, no one person is bigger than the program. Thanks Coach, and best of luck. Sincerely.

  27. Friend has a well connected friend who has connections to the administration.

    So it hasnt been tweeted. Well see if its true or bs i was sent.

  28. Let me guess Juancho, Tedford’s our new 2.3 million a year video coordinator

    Woj…..Petrino’s a clown and a bad dude…..we can do better than that

  29. If you’re right Juancho, I wouldn’t oppose that. He does care about the program, and hey, at least we’re probably getting something for the 7 mil that we’re paying him.

  30. Let’s get Justin Wilcox or Willie Taggart, some ass kicking young gun who can recruit and fire up our team to expect to win every game!!

    No more kneel down Bears!!

  31. That’s the point .. I don’t want a ‘good’ guy coach. That was Tedmoe. Well likely, coached up the team to be confused doormats. I want a guy that is all about maximizing Wins and Losses. That’s Petrino. He’s won everywhere in college football he’s landed. The only other guy with his cache that can be had ‘possibly’ is Chris Petersen – BSU’s head man but he may prefer gorging on 4 or 5 cupcakes a year to pay the win total and salary than jump into the difficult Pac12.

    Other names to now focus on – Jon Gruden, Mike Holmgren, some stud SEC defensive coordinator who has proven he can shut down athletic offenses, Hue Jackson.

  32. I don’t want Tedford to have any ties to the school as an employee. He has burnt too many bridges and at this point represents a sad part in our history.

    It would be like keeping Holmoe as AD.

    Plus – Tedford having any say in anything means Wilcox and Tosh won’t be considered. He shouldn’t have a voice. He had a voice for 11 years. Time for a change.

  33. Selling points are there. New stadium and facilities. The team has a talented set of young players at many skill positions ready to go. A new HC with good recruiting skills could be in very good shape very soon.

    Now, it’s time for some fun.

    So, Juancho, if Sandy managed to pull Gruden in, would you still want her fired?

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