Poll: Should Cal have fired Jeff Tedford?

Now that Cal has fired Jeff Tedford, was removing him as football coach the right move?

Jon Becker

  • Juancho

    Second most penalties in country. Lane tedford kiffin.

    Senior qb who regressed and dissapointed. Tedford kiffin.

    Senior qb who ends season hurt. Tedford kiffin.

    Backup qb unprepared to play. Tedford kiffin.

    Loses all the big games. Tedford kiffin.

    Lifeless personality on sideline. Tedford kiffin.

    Nfl talent but mediocre results. Tedford kiffin.

    Game passed him by. Tedford kiffin…

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Goin out to a party, YEEE!! I hope my fellow Golden Bear fans have a great Saturday night and a good holiday weekend, Go Niners!

    Its feels good to know that I’ve got some great friends to enjoy…and that I only to contribute to my OWN team’s blog. It looks like $c is going down again, kinda like one of their cheerleaders on a recruit.

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Bsb i hope you atain carnal pleasure.

    In klines name, amen.

  • Will

    Five losses for the preseason #1? WOW. Talk about an epic fail. I hope Barkley comes ready to play against their opponent in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, or it’ll be time for loss number SIX.

  • Will

    I wonder why Kiffen didn’t try to make it a one possession game by kicking a FG on fourth down. The guy clearly loves field goals.

    Juancho, isn’t this the same guy who attempted the 76 yarder with the Raiders? What a schmuck!

  • Juancho

    Will my brother. Kiffins balls were buried with Saint Al Davis.

    Im just glad Barkley was exposed before my Raiders drafted him 1. Instead i want manti teo or keenan.

  • Will

    Barkley is Sanchize 2.0. He’ll look decent for a year or two, and once the league figures him out, BAM. Over.

  • Dan

    Hey Moron- great season for the Cheater$, you can sure pick and predict. You suck worse than Tedford. Nice the way “your” team took the pipe from the Irish. Nice sequence done there on the goal line, with all those 1st round O linemen getting blown off the ball. Was Tedford consulting as guest offensive coordinator tonight? LMAO! You are such a delirious loser!!!

    Oh and the stadium was packed because it was half full of Irish fans. Did you even watch the game? Every play that went Notre Dame’s way brought more crowd noise than rare successful $C play. You were a bitch in your own stadium. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Oh, but don’t worry, things will be better next season when the Cheater$ are on even worse probation thanks to fumblin’ Joe McKnight.

    Finally, great NY Jet sequence the other night when Mark “Buffoon” Sanchez ran into his own lineman and fumbled for a Pat touchdown, and Cheatin’ Joe McKnight fumbled for another Pat TD. 2 plays, 2 Pats TDs on 2 Cheater$ screw up. Was totally LMAO. What a bunch of losers and chokers, just like you. Very poetic.

  • go8ears

    Sooo.. this is what it feels like finally to have your school team go to the BCS National Championship.. Frankly I am a bit underwhelmed.. I think I would’ve been 100x happier right now if it were my Golden Bears.

  • Will

    Also, I remember someone guaranteeing that Te’o was a lock as an $C commitment, remember? Such ACCURATE predictions.

    Well, at least this person was correct in that Te’o did lead his team to the National Championship at the LA Coliseum! LOL

  • SteveNTexas

    Not a good night for the Pac12. Oregon and ASU lost their basketball matches and USC laid an egg v ND. With all the money SC spends and all the cheating they do – they could at least win the few times I ever root for them. Dumb fans too!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Still no reply from The Advising Bear re. the deplorable APR by the UC East Bay football team. They must be taking too many difficult Social Welfare classes. LOL

    To the rest of you. I know when you watched the game last night and saw our freshman QB start his first game you never expected to see what you saw.

    The best arm of any QB including Barkley, Palmer, Sanchez

    Of course, given your QBing over the past 9 years since Rodgers left, you wouldn’t know what any of the above was.

    As for Rodgers, he has a big mouth and always has had a big mouth. He shows up wearing red, promoting his JC, and then when Teddy gets canned he throws his weight around like he is the AD. No class, no honor.

  • Will

    Juancho, as your arch nemesis and resident Beartalk 49ers fan, it was my duty to remind you of the whole Al Davis/Lame Kiffin debacle from a few years back.

    Here’s more reports on how Trojan fans felt yesterday:

    “…they ended their regular schedule mired deep in the muck of five losses and heaps of disappointment and a torrent of boos. Lots and lots of boos…”

  • ScottyBear

    Moren: Please regale us with your comments on last night’s game. What an idiot USC has as a head coach. How pathetic that 1st and goal from the one result was. USC will be lucky to get an invite to the Kraft Food Fight Hunger Bowl. How the natives are restless and calling for Kiffin’s head down in Watts. How many socks did you go through last night in front of your computer?

  • Dan

    Moron- you just live in your own Cheater$ and Cheato$ (sic) filled delusional world. Talking about how strong your newest loser QB’s arm is? Really? Did you watch the game? Did you know “your” team lost? Yeah that QB is great. He’s about as good as Mark Sanchez is on the Jets.

    You have zero credibility as you spew so much nonsense, never accept how usually wrong you are, just keep repeating the same Cal stuff over and over and over – hey we fired our coach dipstick, change the record.

    All I know is you predicted a NC for the Cheater$, a Heismann for Barkley, and on and on. How did all that work for you? That right there shows how much you know about football and why you have ZERO credibility. How is Lame Kiffin-Tedford working out for you?

    How did Oregon’s, Stanford’s, Arizona’s, UCLA’s and Notre Dame’s asses all taste?

    You are a loser of epic proportions.


  • Juancho

    Will as your arch nemesis i must and will root for a niners loss. Id be lying if i wasnt secretly rooting for this kaepernick thing to unravel their season.

  • Will

    Juancho, these days, I don’t even need to bother rooting for a Raider loss. They are largely inevitable. Though may the great Brandon Myers score a touchdown for my fantasy team.

  • wehofx

    Just FF’d through sjsu v lafayette game. NO D from either team.

    I prefer pro set so I like McIntyre better from the start. (imo Pro style qb’s has been and should continue to be our niche/core philosophy.) sj O line play and running game were strong. Disciplined. Imaginative play calling out of the pro set. wr’s got lots of separation.

    Air Raid is fun to watch and racks up yardage. Not convinced if either hc is the One for Cal. But. Good choices.

    The lack of D, however, is a concern. Won’t be surprised if at least one of them gets one of the sec job openings. if c kelly does go to nfl, s dykes would be a good fit at pku.

    Don’t forget to watch Cal v Pacific tonight at 6. We get to bounce between that and NYG v GB and AR. Great night of sports.

    Go Bears!

  • rob bear

    What happened to the guy / gal that calls all of us losers and his / her formerly #1 ranked Trojans have reached the 5 loss column and are being considered the worst #1 ranked team to end a season? How ’bout that Heisman hopeful? Perhaps he / she will follow through on leaving us alone, for he / she has gone from zero credibility to simply a stupid joke. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

  • GOGO Bears

    Gee Moron — waiting for an answer? Well you were asked a question first — what happened to your prediction of an NC and Heisman for the Cheaters — and you should answer first. Second, be patient — not everyone has no life like you — some folks go out and spend time with friends. I realize you have no friends and no life, but you should not assume everyone has a sad pathetic life like you with NOTHING but the forums where you spew your hate to enjoy themselves. The rest of us have real lives in which we feel sorry for you and your lonely social outcast life.

    Second — boy is the LA Times ripping apart your team and you weak hope that next year will be better.
    Considering that Kiffin has led the team to four losses in its last five games — including the unthinkable double defeats to UCLA and Notre Dame
    — this decision will continue to puzzle many fans, who walked away Saturday night thinking mostly about those eight snaps.

    “You’d like to think that that many snaps, you could score a touchdown,”
    Kiffin said.

    You’d like to think that with this much talent, USC would not be 7-5.

    You’d like to think that after starting the season ranked No. 1 in the country, USC would not have completely disappeared.

    You’d like to think things will be better next year. But on another lousy Saturday night in a season full of them, those eight snaps might
    tell you to think again.

    And lastly little lonely no law degree troll: You love to comment on the past Cal collapses — how bad does your team to suck to go from #1 to having 5 losses and no place at all in the rankings. HAS THERE EVER BEEN A MORE HUMILIATING DOWNFALL AND PLUNGE INTO EMPTINESS? Why yes — there was your quitting law school and taking that travel agent job while having no friends at all to be with.


  • Easy Ed

    Hey Cheeto Kid,

    “Daddy” ruined the Thanksgiving brunch at the Club, he was drunk again and I believe he relieved himself in his khaki pants. Please get him some help and perhaps he will stop drinking when you get a degree, job and your own place. Help “Daddy” before it’s too late.

  • Dan

    Hey Pat – how did the Toejams do against SDSU on the home floor tonight?

    The Aztecs took over the Galen Center, out-numbering and out-cheering the bandwagon $C “fans”. Where’s all that “tradition” you blather on about. Aztecs took down your pathetic basketball team – and did it minus 2 starters.

    $C fans suck, show up only when the team is good, and when it sucks like both FB & BB do right now, they sell their tickets to the opposing team.

    What a bunch of losers. Just like you.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    When did SC play SDSU? Are you talking about football?

    SC fans don’t care about basketball. Never have.

    PS A basketball school North Carolina State just fired their football coach for going 7-5. You guys are neither football or basketball and, yet, you cry and whine about firing a coach who was 3-9 with a one win over SUS.

    Now that is pathetic.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    3-9 with one of those wins over Southern Utah

    Second to last in the Pac 12

    Players who quit

    Deals with the devil

    Half empty ESP seats

    Parents of players who send disgruntled emails to fans on team boards

    A senior QB who is arguably the worse QB in the Pac 12

    Second to the worst APR in the Pac 12

    $320 million in debt

    Falling way behind against your smarter. more physical and more talented rival – Stanford

    -7 yards rushing against Stanford

    Blowout losses to end the year against Utah (!), Oregon and Oregon State

    Yeah your program is truly laughable AGAIN

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #171 – Well Sherm if copying and pasting is your thing here it is right back at you.

    An off-campus incident between a student and a UC Berkeley undergraduate advisor that led to explosive allegations of racist and sexist epithets against the student has a local activist organization calling for the firing of the employee and the UC officials conducting a review of the university’s initial response.

    In addition, UC officials are looking into a related allegation that a student’s records were improperly accessed by a UC employee. The incident has raised questions about the limits of the university’s authority over an employee’s outside activities.

    The situation began with a Berkeley bus stop confrontation in late September between UC sophomore Erika Williams, an African-American, and Sherman Boyson, a white undergraduate assistant in the UC Social Welfare Department. The two had a second confrontation in mid-October in the doorway to the apartment building where both Williams and Boyson live, and then a third, a week later while both were riding on a city bus.

    It does not appear that either Williams or Boyson knew at the time of the confrontations that the other was connected to the university.

    Williams alleges that during the course of the three confrontations, Boyson called her a “nigger” and threatened “to kick the shit out of” her, as well as calling her and her Asian-American roommate, Helen Kim, a “bitch.” Williams also alleges that during the confrontation in the doorway to their apartment building, Boyson physically assaulted Kim by bumping into her.

    In an interview with the Daily Californian newspaper, Boyson admitted he called Williams a “nigger,” but said he did so only after she called him a “fat fuck.” ______________________________________

    Here’s what you will do.

    1. You will deny that this happened because you are still holding down your low level paper clipping job

    2. You will whine to JF. If this gets censored at least everyone will know why it was.

  • Easy Ed

    Dang Cheeto Kid, if you put half as much energy into getting your AA degree as you have in researching contributors to this Blog “Daddy” wouldn’t be a fall on his ass drunk!

  • GOGO Bears

    Oh little troll. Has someone gotten under your skin? Going after the same old bs, huh? Boyson was cleared of the false charges and yes, he is still working.

    But you? No denial at all because

    1. You are all alone. You have no one. You post on weekend nights and NYE night. We all know and pity you.
    2. You had to leave law school after your mental breakdown. GldnBear71 made sure we all knew about that after you confided in him — so desperate to have a friend that you didn’t realize he was playing you.
    3. Your team sucks. 5 losses? The worst crash of a pre-season #1 in HISTORY!
    4. And Boyson — your obsession with Boyson because you challenged that he couldn’t get you banned, and yet where is Morenc’s on BI? On WeAreSC — your own fan base banned you? Where is FatAdvisor or AngerManagement on SFGate. The sad fact is that Boyson is the most important person in your life. Your obsession with him goes way back — let’s look at all the messages you posted to yourself on SFGate and see how many are about Boyson?

    You can bring up the ten year old stories all you want, little troll. But you can’t deny that today, you have no friends, no hope of ever getting laid without paying for it, and you have no law degree — just the travel agency.

    I pity you troll — this is all you have.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    5. GldnBear71 got played by me (and knew it too) and then Boyson got played bigtime. I can prove it too but Boyson would still find a way to deny it.

    6. I have close to 1000 posts on BI. The fat man can’t get me banned there. I posted at least 40 messages on scout the past two months and about half were on WeAreSC.

    7. Once a racist and a misogynist always one. What a waste of taxpayer money.

    In a statement released last month, Birgenau condemned Boyson’s language.

    “I cannot state strongly enough how much this university must deplore strongly and without question the use of racist language of any kind,” Birgenau said. “Use of racist language is so deeply hurtful to individuals and it is also hurtful to our community, violating the values that we share as a university. I share the outrage our students and others feel when such language is used.”

    Birgeanu went on to say, “The university is examining this situation fully and the role that we can play in ensuring that our campus climate is welcoming to all.”

    But in an indication that this examination would not include the confrontations themselves, the chancellor said that “the verbal exchange between one of our students and a staff member appears to have been a personal dispute which occurred off campus.”

    “Clearly anyone who threatens to physically assault women and uses the ‘b’ word and the ‘n’ word is not fit to work with students,” said BAMN Northern California Coordinator Yvette Felarca. “Whether it happened on or off campus has no bearing. If it was a black administrator who assaulted two white students and called them these names, we wouldn’t even be having an investigation. He’d be gone.”

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    On a side note, people are still waiting for an explanation(s) for the deplorable APR numbers.

    We know the dynamic combo of “Points to Left Arm” and “Bags it for Last Three Games” won’t help those numbers. I bet you won’t find them in class if you drew them a map.

    But what about the rest? Has Food Appreciation upstaged Social Welfare, Sociology, Ethnic Studies as a major for the mercenaries at UC East Bay.

    Is Social Welfare even a major?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    HAHAHAHAHA The Advising Bear posted a topic today – Should athletes major in athletics?

    Only 6 people have replied and only 165 views. I posted late last week and I had 20 replies and about 1000 views in 6 hours.

    Someone named “concernedparent” wrote “Because those American Studies and Social Welfare degrees are high in demand.?

    I wonder who wrote that?

    Then the Advising Bear came back with a sharp tongued answer. Could he be off of his anger management?

    Is Social Welfare even a major?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    LOL. Look at how the poster named The Advising Bear got punked over at BI.

    He posted a topic – “Should athletes major in athletics?”

    Someone named “concernedparent” wrote “Because those American Studies and Social Welfare degrees are high in demand.?

    Then a poster named Rotton Robbie wrote – “Great idea. Athletes already have to worthless majors to choose from, so let’s just add 1 more.”

    Not a word from the OP.

    Is Social Welfare even a major?