Football: The coach search intensifies

I’m back folks and, as expected, plenty happened while I was gone. My absence could not be helped — a significant family event that was planned months ago.

Now I turn my attention to tracking down who is being courted by the Bears to replace Jeff Tedford. I expect Sandy Barbour to aim high — there is a lot at stake.

Meanwhile, it appears Tedford may already have suitors lining up. Colorado fired Jon Embree on Sunday night after he posted a 4-21 in two seasons, and Tedford’s name was mentioned in the Denver Post as a possible replacement.

From the Post: “A search for a successor will start immediately. (Athletic director Mike) Bohn has mentioned an admiration for Jeff Tedford, considered at one time a quarterbacks guru who was fired at California after an 11-year stint.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I love this quote.

    From the Post: “A search for a successor will start immediately. (Athletic director Mike) Bohn has mentioned an admiration for Jeff Tedford, considered at one time a quarterbacks guru who was fired at California after an 11-year stint.”


    The key words are “considered at one time a quaterbacks guru…”.

  • rollonubears

    This would be great! Boulder is like Berkeley except everyone is higher.

  • jabes

    Did Embree get the boot because Tedford was available?

    Cal is a more attractive job, for example head-to-head you can’t see a Chris Peterson/Hue Jackson taking the CU job over Cal.

    Still, wouldn’t it be just like Cal to see Tedford get his spark back in Boulder?

    One positive in this scenario. Tedford had to finish against Oregon at home in an empty stadium. If he gets a HC job at CU, hopefully we play them at home next year and Tedford could get an ovation.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Please CU, take Tedford!

  • Steve W

    Tedford ain’t getting hired as the HC in Boulder. OC, maybe. If I was the AD in Boulder, I would be booking a flight to Logan, Utah right now.

  • calbearister

    I like the idea of a standing ovation for Tedford. Just as long as it comes after the words “Final score – California 52, Buffaloes 3.”

  • covinared

    what about Pat Fitzgerald?

  • Will

    I hear that Lane Kiffen might be on the market soon after performing so well this past year!

  • ScottyBear

    Any more Pete Carroll rumors out there? Is Hue jackson still a contender? Sandy needs to make a hire with immediate pop. I hear the big donor alums are heavily involved this time, so we might be getting some exceiting news.

  • Will

    Pete Carroll is a cheater no matter where he goes. The NCAA dropped the hammer on the Sleazy Cheaters because of him. Now, look at all the Seapuppies getting popped for drug violations. If we’re going to win, I want to do it without him.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Sorry ScottyBear, but why would you want Hue Jackson as next HC?
    What has he actually done in his career besides bounce around MANY MANY times? imho, he is the definition of a “retread” coach and I sincerely hope that the hiring “committee” does not consider retreads, only established winners and up and comers please.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    And no Pete Carrol either, total slimeball. I’d rather Petrino.

  • ScottyBear


    Don’t want either one! I was hoping both those rumors have died, especially about Hue Jackson. That’s why I asked. One of the articles had Hue in the top 5 along with Herm Edwards. Blah!! Agreed about retreads – time for Sandy to man up and make a big splash!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Scotty, got it. 😉

  • BlueNGold

    How much of an epic fail were the sleazy cheaters this year? Going from #1 pre season pick to a pac 12 also ran? And what happened to that heisman barkey was a shoo-in to win? Can anyone say ‘over rated’?

    I am surprised that Kiffen has not been sacked already. LOL!!

  • Steve W

    Auburn, Purdue and Colorado are out shopping for big time coaches with undoubtedly big pocket books. Cal needs to move quickly. I still like McIntyre and Anderson. They are going somewhere, and they know how to recruit in California.

    I agree with the neighs on Jackson and Carroll. I’m surprised that we haven’t at least heard about some interviews yet.

  • 1brsfan

    I like Andersen as our coach. Wouldn’t mind ND’s DC or Niners OC either.

  • wehofx

    #11 & #13 mora and petey@ $C were considered failed “retreads.” That said, I hope we go for a McIntyre or Taggert or Romans – if he can recruit.

    If I’m jt’s agent, I tell him to absolutely positively take 1 year off. His mega hours clearly clouded his thinking to the point that some of his decisions – zm’s 1 quarter suspension fiasco – the play calling and his answers to the press – big’s carries – bordered on the delusional. If jt can do a brutally honest post mortem on his failures, I can see him making a “retread” come back like dirk koetter.

  • Sean

    Gene Chizik? Only things I know about him are that he is available, and he won a NC with Auburn 3 years ago…

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I don’t know that Tedford is legally allowed to “take a year off,” unless they renegotiated his contract upon his release. He is supposed to look for work, which would mitigate what Cal owes him. If he does not, Cal pays less, probably through an arbitration process to determine the amount.

    I agree that Cal needs to bring in a name, one that can inspire ticket sales. That means a big name among the up and comers (like Wilcox) that can be sold through advertising or a name that does it all on it’s own, like Petersen or Gruden. I think SJSU’s Mac is would be a good hire, but I think he is just about on the cut-line for name recognition. He’s known locally, but only by resume in a weak conference.

    I’m dying to hear rumors of people contacted and/or interviewed.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Saw that Hue is supposedly coming in this week. Can’t say he does it for me. I’d prefer Rivera, personally, but it is a concern trying to look to current NFL guys that won’t be able to recruit while finishing their seasons.

  • gobears49


    Is it still “great to be a Trojan”? USC did even worse compared to expectations this season than Cal did and your man Kiffen is hanging by a thread to keep his job. But they will probably give him one more year and THEN he’ll be gone.

    BTW, it’s Bridgford, not Bridgeford. And Longshore was a great QB until Tedford continued to play him when he obviously had a bad ankle. Riley should have played then, as he would have been very good then because that would have been before he got too much QB coaching from Tedford.

    Kline would have been a great QB under Tedford because Kline has too much talent to ruin.

  • ScottyBear


    Where are you? C’mon, rejoice with us how great the Trojans were this year. 1st time in history a projected national champion finished out of the Top 25. Clobbered by UCLA in their must win rival game, then puked on themselves on the big stage aginst the #1 team in the country. Brilliant call to go fullback pass on 4th and goal. Barkley, not a sniff of an invitation to be at the Downtown Athletic Club for the Heisman presentation despite having arguably the two best WR’s in the country to throw to. Just going to get worse with all the whiny USC alumni start pointing fingers and the scholarship reductions kick in. 150% my ass – Haden hates Kiffin. At least we kicked the shit out of UCLA. Maybe you can switch teams to sniff jocks for since USC sucks. Go troll on Kent State. USC will play them in the Meinke Car Care Bowl.

  • rob bear

    What’s funnier than ‘SC falling faster than a speeding bullet is that you repeatedly call us losers, yet you are on this blog as much as those of us who love Cal. Too funny.

  • H8sRed

    Jabes et. al. — Can we please dispense with the misinformation about Cal’s attendance this year? Despite the hideous start against Nevada, general “suckiness” throughout the season, and less than favorable kickoff times, Cal averaged 55,875 for home games. The lowest turnout was 42,226 for the Washington game — which probably would have had 50,000+ had it not been played on a Friday night.

    That compares to 37,657 last year at AT&T, and 57,873 in 2010 (when Memorial Stadium had nearly 10,000 more seats). In 2001, Holmoe’s last year, average attendance was a pathetic 30,123. Say what you will about Tedford — much of it deserved — but he put fannies in the seats and raised tens of millions of dollars for Cal Athletics through ticket revenues and donations.

  • jabes

    I wasn’t referring to the gate for the Oregon game. I was referring to the people in the stands as the team walked off the field.

    Tedford put people in the seats for 10 years, and was part of making the Pac-10/12 attractive through the years when otherwise it looked like U$C and the nine dwarfs. He was fairly compensated for his financial impact.

    It was time to make a change, including for the future financial impact.

  • Tom S

    PLease no retreads like Hue Jackson. Need a McIntire or Chris Peterson from Boise, plus enough budget to get quality coordinators. I would kick tires with Sonny Dykes, and Person at TCU. Now that TCU has to knock heads with Oklahomea and Texas every year say goodbye to 11 -1.