Football: Chris Petersen’s college mentor says timing could be right for Cal to lure Boise coach

While ex-Raiders coach Hue Jackson labeled the vacancy at Cal “a golden opportunity” on Tuesday, UC Davis coaching legend Jim Sochor believes the timing could be right for the Golden Bears to lure Chris Petersen from Boise State.

Sochor, who coached Petersen at Davis and gave him his first coaching job, said the changing landscape at Boise could be a factor that tempts Petersen to make a move after years of resisting big offers.

“A lot of changes have taken place there,” said Sochor, referring to the Broncos’ scheduled move to the Big East Conference in 2014 and the arrival of a new athletic director last year. “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he’s had maybe some change of heart. At some point I do believe he will go elsewhere.”

Sochor hopes that place is Cal.

“He’d be great at Cal. He has all the requisites that Cal would be looking,” Sochor said. “He’s a great football coach and really good person and good ambassador.

“He would be one of the best people they have brought on board ever.”

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Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow


  • ScottyBear

    That would be the highlight of year for Cal. Bring him on!!

  • wehofx

    YES$ Please. Please be true.

    JF, great idea to interview Schor.

    Twitter is blowing up w rumors of possible Arkansas hc’s including mad hatter miles and the vandy hc – he would be a great plan B for us.

    This is completely speculative on my part, but what if rg got Muhammad to commit by passing on a little inside info on the next Cal hc.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    The way so many things are lined up, it feels a bit like when Sandy hired Monty, another “it’ll never happen” long shot, if memory serves.

    Stars align, Mayan Calendar is about to end, and Petersen opts for Cal.

    Go Bears!

  • ConcordBear

    Cal has a tiny crack of an opening to reach out to the Petersen family and recruit them to California.
    Chris is a great coach and Cal would be proud to have him lead our program.
    Getting Cal back on track and eventually to the Rose Bowl has to be an intriguing prospect for any coach with competitive fire.
    The man who leads us there will go down in history and be celebrated across the UC world.
    Go Bears!

  • Dan

    In much the same way I was attacked forbearing to criticize Tedford as far back as 6-7 years ago, I have been told repeatedly on here by many know-it-alls that there is no way Petersen would come to Cal. While that may eventually be true, I had 2 points that are true, IMO-

    1). Petersen is hands down the best and most definitive choice to be HC at Cal at this point in time for many, many reasons.

    2). You HAVE TO do EVERYTHING you can to see if he’ll come.

    Some may disagree with either or both of my points above, which I can respect. But to justvsay he won’t come, that there is no chance, is ridiculous. Many on here that have said that have NO INFORMATION that says he won’t, but they say it repeatedly.

    Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’d say ask hard, be persuasive. The guy is class, he’s a winner, his teams are tough as nails, his teams play to win, they play with no fear. He recruits properly, he’ll have a chance to have significantly better talent here, I personally couldn’t wait to see how he does.

    Final thought re: CP – the timing might be perfect to attract him for one big reason. Boise State stands to get royally shafted with all this conference realignment. As an SDSU alum, the Aztecs are currently joined at the hip, planning to enter the soon-to-be non-AQ Big East, with Boise State. The BE is literally falling apart before our eyes. The TV dollar potential for the BE are evaporating daily as top programs leave the conference. Boise State and SDSU both stand to be standing, without a chair to sit in, when the music stops. This stands to put the fiscal picture of the entirecathletic programs for BSU and SDSU at
    great risk. For this HUGE reason, the timing might be great for Cal to take a strong swing orvtwo at attracting Petersen.

    Hopefully SB doesn’t screw this up. She will go a long way to improving her status, at least in my eyes, if she pulls this off.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Dan, you were calling for Tedford to be fired when he had the team finish the season at #25 seven years ago? at #14 six years ago?

  • bigdruid

    Shhhh. Stop ruining Dan’s “I-Told-You-So” moment.

  • daredevilfan

    Dan’s got as many ITYS moments as CAL has backup QBs!

  • Steve W

    Petersen is pulling down $2 million a season, which is a king’s ransom in Boise. My guess is that a guy like Petersen could demand $4 million on the open market. Does Cal have that kind of money to pay a head coach? And didn’t Boise have some player academic elgibility problems of its own recently? Anybody know the player graduation rate at Boise?

  • Dan

    Wisdom- did you read what I wrote? I never said I called for Tedford’s firing back that far. What is said is I had criticisms of him that far back. BIG DIFFERENCE. I was sitting in Qualcomm Stadium at the 2004 Holiday Bowl vs. Texas Tech when he stopped ramming the ball down their throats, which was working and keeping the TT offense off the field, instead to try to pass the ball to a non- existent group of depleted receivers. Had to try to be too cute and prove he was a passing guru. How about the Longshore quick out int return, not once but twice in back to back seasons at Arizona and UCLA, both costing Cal big wins, including the Arizona game that cost Cal a trip to the Rose Bowl. How about the “let’s keep punting it to Maurice Drew” UCLA game, Cal was getting a minimum 12-18+ yards on every 2-3 carries against a weak and depleted UCLA D-Line, but instead Tedford kept killing drives with pathetic pass play calls and also called one of the most poorly designed and ill-timed trick plays I’ve ever seen. I was present for each and every one of those times Tedford snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And I could go on and on and on.

    So I have had criticisms of him for many years, but kept hoping against hope he would figure it out but he never really did, did he? I knew that it was going to take a Ben Braun-like epic failure like what has happened the past few seasons for him to be gone. And I knew it was going to happen. But, again, I never called for Tedford to be fired until this season.

    Anything else you want to mis-quote me on?

  • rollonubears

    I’ve been calling for Tedford’s firing since 2003, and 2007 on this site. I also think we’ll get Petersen, or at least an interview, and have been shot down multiple times on this site for mentioning it, but no matter. All I care about it the end result. We just spent half a billion dollars on a stadium. We can pony up 4mm to take our team to the promised land.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    OK Dan, easy boy. Every fan that has an opinion has critiques of every coach. The way you acted like you are the only one to think there is a chance at Petersen (not that many “no chance” posts) made me think you were trying to separate yourself. Just questioning moves is normal.

  • Easy Ed

    Jeff Ted..who?