Football: Hue Jackson says he’s interested

I talked on the phone this morning with former Raiders coach and one-time Cal offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, who said he has not heard from Cal but would welcome a call.

Here’s my story.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. At least we’d have something to complain about for the next 3+ years.

  2. I never heard of him – perhaps its because I live far away and am not a raider fan – or perhaps because he lacks the stature for the job.

    I want someone who young players ie recruits can identify with. Tony Gonzalez would be my choice if this is his last season.

    I don’t want an old man with no name recognition that kids don’t relate to.

  3. Kentucky hires M Stoops, fsu dc. That was fast.

    I sure hope our hire generates significantly bigger “Wow” factor.

    The only sjsu game I saw was last week against Lafayette. With that caveat, is anyone else worried about the total lack of D?

  4. I agree that SJSU’s lack of defense is a concern. Not sure Mcintyre is the right guy. As we have seen this year with ND, Stanfurd, FLA, Bama and others good teams start with Defense. If you have a good but not great QB that can manage the game and limit mistakes you’ll be in every game.

  5. I’m wondering if the Hog Blog got Patterson and Petersen mixed up. Arkansas wants a coach with Texas ties, and that’s Gary.

  6. If we can’t get CP, one name that has really has started to intrigue me is Derek Mason of Stanford. Stanford’s D is nearing NC level. That D now sets the tone for the entire Stanford team – it was the in your face, toughness of the offense, which is still that way. I’m blown away how bad ass that defense is.

    Imagine that kind of toughness and success at Cal with the athletes Cal has, and would get. Look what Notre Dame accomplished with suffocating defense that seems to be on par or nearly on par with a top SEC defense. You can compete to win every game with a great D and special teams. The guy shut Oregon down, for heavens sake.

    Also, the guy has been involved in BCS success there, overall team success, doing what I would have thought was impossible. Great O at Stanford, absolutely, but top 5 caliber D, no way. But he has. And he does it with top notch kids, smart, academically successful kids who are winners on and off the field. That is how should do it, that is how Cal can compete nationally. He would more than satisfy the need for APR improvement that is badly needed by virtue of recruiting a different ilk of recruit.

    I’d be curious to know if he would implement the same O philosophy as in place at Stanford, or if he would go in another direction.

  7. Dan, if you want D, I’d prefer Rivera over a Stanfurd DC that may not have it as a HC.

  8. How about our good ol friend Pete Alamar over there on ST with Stanford? (sarcasm).

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