Football: Utah State’s Gary Andersen in demand

Gary Andersen, who guided Utah State to a 10-2 regular-season record and an outright Western Athletic Conference crown, apparently has moved toward the top of the coaching wish lists for both Cal and Colorado.

Sources indicate representatives from both schools have reached out to Andersen, 48, who in 2009 took over an Aggies program that hadn’t enjoyed a winning season since 1996.

Utah State had won a total of 15 games in six seasons before Andersen’s arrival, but has won 15 of its past 18, dating back to last season. The Aggies’ only two losses this season were 16-14 at Wisconsin and 6-3 at BYU.

Meanwhile, the Daily Camera of Boulder, Colo., reported that Jeff Tedford will not be a candidate for the Colorado job. A source close to Tedford told the newspaper Tedford is not interested.

I talked this morning with outgoing UC Davis coach Bob Biggs, who coached Chris Petersen at Davis in the mid-1980s. Biggs disputed Davis coaching legend Jim Sochor’s suggestion that the timing might be right for Petersen to consider leaving Boise State, where he is 82-8 in seven seasons.

“Chris is a man of tremendous integrity,” Biggs said. “If he says he’s not going to do something, which publicly he has said, he is not one to back away from that. That’s just not who he is. He doesn’t play games.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • daredevilfan

    I’m pretty underwhelmed by a Utah State coach. But I guess I should read more about him.

    I was never really that swayed by the Sochor comment. Kudos to JF for reaching out, but it was just a random comment by someone who didn’t sound like he was in touch with CP in recent times, so it was completely irrelevant info.

    Given the Les Miles activity going on today, it just feels like SB is setting the tone for us to not be part of the big boy gang. When the tone is set like that from the top, we might as well not even try to sniff Roses going forward. Its a cutthroat business and the meek sink fast.

  • 1brsfan

    I read that a Andersen told a “source” that he’s interested in the Cal job and would take it if offered. Of course he could be using that for leverage and more pay from another school since he seems to be a hot up and coming coach.

  • Eric

    Anderson has done wonders at Utah State, and he is a great coach, but I’m not sure he is the creative offensive mind and young gunner tpe we would want.

  • Juancho

    I always thought morten anderson was a better kicker. But thats just me.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Hey Biggs, he didn’t give 100% assurance he was staying.

    I hate morons. The fact that he said 99.9% is a statement of integrity, in itself, noting it was not 100%, but for a nimrod to act like he did say 100%, in a public comment, rebutting a previous coach of his own school, a legend there, no less, says much about the integrity of Briggs. He lacked the ammo, but tried to fire a shot at his much loved predecessor.

  • Juancho

    The more time passes the more im convinced mike macintyre is the guy.

    Id take him over petersen at this point. Andersen isnt the guy. Its coach mac. It isnt hue jackson.

    I hope colorado doesnt nab coach mac.

  • southseasbear

    Juancho, why would you take McIntyre (and 1 good year) over Petersen (and several good to great years)?

    Why is Andersen not the guy? His team had tougher competition than McIntyre’s.

  • Juancho

    San jose state was going to cut their football program. Macintyre fought to save it.

    Petersen inherited a good program. Macintyre built a program.

    Macintyre is younger. Macintyre has done his work here in the bay. Has everything to prove.

    Doesnt have the koetter and hawkins examples of unsuccessful predecessors who left like petersen.

    More miney left over for a goid staff with mac versus petersen.

    Mac plays the guys who are the best. Recruited dave fales out of monterey city and played him right away.

    Had zero resources. Had a school who wanted to end football so he innovated to do a rolling road show of csmps at key high schools to recruit.

    Great resume and bosses.

    And. Petersen isnt coming here. Its not worth risking losing mac to colorado to pursue the negligible chance petersen and his big salary come here.

    Andersen isnt the guy to me bc 1 he has no pipeline in california. 2 hes too proactive in the media about wanting the job. 3 no head coach experience. 4 no big time conference exp.

    Coach macks been at georgia ole miss and the nfl under parcells.

    Fyi he recruited patrick willis to ole miss.

  • Juancho

    I think all of you know jeff faraudo named me his honourary vice president of this blog so it pains me to link to wilners blog. But it has a good take on mike mac daddy macintyre


    In klines name, amen.

    Will / covina. I disagree with you.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Well, in a week or so, I’ll be helping out my kid write her letter to Santa, and if the hiring is not complete by then (which it probably won’t be), I’ll be making sure a “Get Coach Petersen to come to Cal” is high on her list.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Juancho, I’d be very happy with Mac, but he’s not nearly the recruiting draw nor the ticket seller Petersen would be. Both could boom or bust in all other respects pretty equally in my book.

  • Juancho

    Wisdom. I bet your daughter is the wisest calf around.

    Tell her about kline. Amen.

  • Steve W.

    Cal is not going to pay the $4 million annual salary that Petersen would command, and he is not coming here anyway.

    Please, please don’t vacillate and let Anderson or Mcintyre get away. These guys are miracle workers who know how to get the best out of the young men they are coaching. Neither San Jose State nor Utah State has been relevant in the last 25 years until these two guys showed up on campus. Remember Mike Perez at San Jose State back in the mid 80’s? That was the last San Jose State had a team that could stand up and beat both Cal and Stanford on the playing field. And Utah State? I think Merlin Olsen was shedding blockers the last time anyone in Provo or Salt Lake City feared them.

    Time to move, Sandy. Purdue, Colorado and Auburn are going to trump us unless we get moving.

  • Easy Ed

    Cal would be stupid to build a $300 million dollar ship and hire a Captain on the cheap. However we are talking about Cal football so…

  • Hungry

    Someone mentioned that the head hunter we’re using placed Mac at SJSU, so it’s unlikely they’ll recruit him out of SJSU to Cal.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Nike would pitch in mad money to get Petersen in the Pac 12, with a marketable brand school.

  • Steve W.

    I would be interested to hear what other bloggers think about what kind of team any new coach at Cal is going to inherit next year. With Northwestern and Ohio State on the non conference schedule, I don’t see anyway that Cal gets to a bowl game next year considering how good the conference teams are going to be. Here is my report card on how I perceive the team by unit next year:

    Offensive line – D – three seniors leaving, and the younger Rigsbee did not impress me at all. Freddi Tagaloa unproven.

    Defensive Line – D – the most overrated unit in a long time at Cal. They COULD NOT rush the passer last season, and Cal lost a few extra games because of it.

    Linebackers – B – with Scarlett and a hopefully bulked up McCain anchoring, this should be a bright spot.

    Secondary – B – If McClure is healthy, and with Williams and Sebastian roaming back there, this unit could be better than 2012.

    Tight Ends – C – Richard Rodgers wasn’t the best tight end in the country last year.

    Running Backs – B – Lasco and Bigalow should be more than capable, and we have to assume that Gould is coming back to coach them. And perhaps some playing time from the true freshman from Notre Dame Sherman Oaks?

    Quarterbacks – C – Obviously this grade will make a big leap upwards if Kline lives up to the hype. We can only hope he will be as good as UCLA’s redshirt freshman QB was this year.

    Wide Receivers – C – Harris was a bust this year in my view. But the three true freshman could be very good if they work hard during the off season and make a connection with whomever starts at QB. Another grade that could move upwards.

    Overall – C – The interior lines on both sides of the ball scare me. I am hoping a new strength and conditioning coach will just kick their asses and get them to play up to their recruiting potential.

  • konamike

    Since Sandy did such a great job w/ Tedford’s contract and not being pro-active to prevent Tosh from leaving why would anyone expect her to do a great job in hiring the next coach? Whoever it is he’s not going to inherit much to work with (see Steve W. above – pretty accurate assessment I think, esp. on the O & D lines ).

  • Bobsac

    # 1 above is “pretty underwhelmed by a Utah State coach”, referring to Gary Andersen. Admitting to having been around for a while, I recall that former Utah State coach John Ralston later took Stanford to the Rose Bowl twice & former Utah State coach Bruce Snyder took Arizona State there after almost getting Cal there.

  • The Wisdom Cow


    Look at her other hires, which includes Monty.

  • daredevilfan

    Thanks Bobsac, that helps. I’m warming up to the possibility. Mostly just don’t want us to fall asleep at the wheel as others fear. Peterson would be the best sparkplug for recruiting and hype, Mac seems real solid with background too, and Anderson sounds like a leader and innovator too. Let’s get it done.

    Steve W, your grades don’t sound too far off. A couple of the B’s (LB, WR) could surprise us and do better. But I agree, the lines are the concern, and I personnally feel those are much more important than your specialty position players. I think we have some of the playes there for Dline, maybe we just lacked health and depth and a bit more aggressive coaching. On the Oline, maybe we need to grab some solid Juco’s like we did a few years back and patch things up?

  • rollonubears

    JT interviewing for OC at U$C per Dan Patrick.

  • Eric

    @22 – if that is true, reminds me of the old saying, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” That would drive the Moron bonkers.

  • 1brsfan

    @Juancho. Are you not concerned about SJSU playing absolutely no defense? Look at the teams playing this weekend. All have a solid defense. Oregon scores a lot of points but have not been able to get over the hump against good D’s (and because of a bad kicking game!). That’s my biggest concern with Mac and why I prefer Andersen who is defensive minded. Alabama, ND, Stanfurd… solid Def and good (but not great) QB play that limits mistakes.

  • Juancho

    Of course I am concerned.

    But Louisiana Tech leads the nation in scoring. And that’s why Sonny Dykes is a head coaching candidate. But – San Jose beat them.

    I think that the points given up to Louisiana Tech should be weighed against the fact that San Jose almost beat Stanford.

    I think MacIntyre and Andersen have the same risks. Except MacIntyre has more experience recruiting heavy in California. Which is why he’s my guy.

    MacIntyre won the award for top assistant when he was a D Coordinator at Duke. So the argument that one is more defensive minded than another doesn’t hold water. It’s both a key if not the main area of their philosophy.

    But to me the decision doesn’t come down to numbers. It comes down to who would one project to build a better program at Cal.

    For me, and I could be wrong, MacIntyre did more b/c he literally fought to keep the program in existence for one, and then in three years had them end the regular season at #25 in the BCS rankings.

    Andersen would be a great hire also. But if I think of who my biased opinion projects as a better producer at Cal, I think it’s Mac b/c of his familiarity with the area and the key schools for recruiting here.

    It’s not so much about the numbers of these two guys or the other guys. Both come from weaker conferences with weaker players and less ability to recruit. So it’s more about with more resources who will do more and faster.

  • Dan

    Tedford at SC as OC. Poetic justice. Would LOVE that. Hope he holds out for $2.3 mil per season.

  • Tru Dat

    The “JT interviewing for $C OC” story are FALSE per Bruce Feldman. Also, Kiffy has stated that any and all stories of a Tedford inerview and/or hire are bogus. Don’t know what Dan Patrick thought he knew, but, no…