Football: Bears’ 2013 non-conference schedule set — new coach will open with 3 straight at home

Cal’s new football coach will make his debut Aug. 31 at Memorial Stadium against Northwestern and will be on the home sidelines for at least the Bears’ first three games next season.

Cal announced the non-conference portion of its 2013 schedule on Thursday, and the Bears will play Portland State on Sept. 7, then Ohio State on Sept. 14, both at home. The Northwestern and Ohio State games were announced previously.
The Bears are in the midst of a coach search after firing Jeff Tedford on Nov. 20 after 11 seasons.
Pac-12 home games next season will feature Arizona, Oregon State, USC and Washington State, giving Cal a total of seven games in Berkeley. The Bears will face Colorado, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA and Washington on the road.
Dates for the Pac-12 schedule will be announced in January.
Cal misses Arizona State and Utah State next season.
The school also announced a home-and-home series with San Diego State in 2015 and ’16, with the Aztecs visiting Berkeley on Sept. 12, 2015, and Cal traveling to San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium on Sept. 10, 2016.
Cal previously announced a home-and-home series with Texas in 2015 and ’16.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    And Utah State ? Is Jeff “the Cat” Faraudo using code to tell us something about our new coach?

    In Kline’s name, amen.

  • covinared

    speaking of northwestern, pat fitzgerald would be a good catch for Cal.

  • Juancho

    Covina you know I’m bound to disagree with that right ?

  • Dan

    Don’t agree with Pat Fitzgerald. He does a very nice job at Northwestern. I don’t want “nice”.

    How many Big 10 Champpionships has he won and how many BCS bowls have they played in?

    He is supposedly very happy there, recently signed a big extension, has no west coast roots, so I just dont see it- unless we’ve gone through 1- other options to no avail.

    So I’m with Juancho on Pat Fitzgerlad. Not so much on Kline though. We’ll have to wait and see on him. I don’t buy the annointed and star to be thing at Cal QB anymore. I don’t think you can just assume he’s going to be an NFL star before we’ve seen him ever take a college snap.

  • Juancho

    #2 rated quarterback in the country coming out of high school. When I saw him in high school he looked Pac 12 ready. He has the “it” factor. Great academic student.

    He has to prove it on the field. Agree on that. But up until now does he have star written all over him – yup. Everything he could possibly do to prepare to be a star, he has done.

    That means zilch once he hits the field. Let’s just hope if he deserves to hit the field ahead of other guys he gets that shot.

    I baptize thee in the name of Kline.

  • Dan

    Jauncho- not saying he won’t, just saying I’m not buying the hype and I’ll believe it when I see it. I guess I need to get excited about a new coaching staff first and feel like there is a plan and there is much cause for hope. Waiting to see who SB and the big time donors are able to lock down as the new HC.

    Also, you are kicking a few other highly rated Cal QBs to the curb in your adulation of Kline. Let’s see what they can do under what will hopefully be great coaching that plays to win.

  • Dan

    Hey Juancho – what are you going to do if SB hires Mark Helfrich, and he installs the Oregon offense and that is a terrible fit for Kline? Kline might transfer. It could happen.

  • Juancho

    Ill die inside.

    Other than that ill be fine.