Football: Hazell sidesteps Cal questions

I tried calling Kent State coach Darrell Hazell on Monday with no success, so thought I’d share what he told Zac Jackson of Fox Sports Ohio.

Hazell, who reportedly talked with Cal over the weekend, danced around the questions: 

“There are so many rumors that are floating around,” he said. “Every time a job comes open my name is mentioned. That’s honoring, but I can’t discuss all the rumors that are out there.”

Hazell was asked whether he was actively looking at other opportunities.

“I’m not actively looking,” Hazell said.


Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTexas

    The same names keep surfacing for every job – I wish Cal would get creative and go for someone new-take a chance.

  • Woj

    Hazell & Kent State’s short term success in the middling MAC??? No thank you. Shoot way higher than this guy Cal please.

    Chris Petersen, Bobby Petrino, Jon Gruden, even Hue Jackson is WAY WAY better than smaall fry Hazell, the Utah St. guy, etc.

  • ThisisCal

    JF – Any word on big name coaches being interviewed (other than Hue Jackson)? I’m curious if we’ve reached out to the likes of Tressel or Petrino. How about giving those two guys a jingle to inquire?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    We should not disparage coaches who are coaching in smaller leagues. Everyone started in a small league – nobody is just handed a D1 head-coaching job outta high school or JC.

    Where the candidate is currently at is not so important to me – its where the guy is headed. I’d much rather Cal get a guy who is on an upward trending arc than someone who has already plateaued. I want a hungry hungry coach – a la early JT, not someone who has already made his millions, unless its Urban Meyer or somebody like him…I wish…

  • Mr. B

    Anyone else starting to think most of these alleged candidates are simply subterfuge/misdirection/personal agendas?

    Wisdom Cow summed it up for me on another post: As much as some of these coaches (eg, Dykes) are using CAL’s vacancy as a bargaining chip, CAL is equally using these coaches as misdirection, to draw attention away from the real candidates (eg, Petersen) for the HC slot.

    At least I hope so. So much so, I’ve convinced myself this is supported by objective facts.

    For example, JF’s article from yesterday about Dykes says:
    “Cal’s search for a new coach enters its third week after the Nov. 20 firing of Jeff Tedford, but an athletic department spokesman said there will be no comment, including a timetable, until a new coach is hired.
    Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour, who has kept a low profile throughout the process, declined a request for an interview.”

    (In the olden, JT days, that type of private process was the scourge of us fans, see closed practices and press conferences consisting of no real info, yet now it is a necessity for CAL’s resurgence.)

    I hope SB is truly Machiavellian, the recruiting firm is earning its pay behind closed doors, and in a few weeks, when we have a new creative and impressive HC, Juancho will have all of us laughing about Sonny Dykes and Darrell Hazell being candidates.

    Santa, please make this so.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Get rid of your AD first and then hire your HC.

    If this HC fails she will be gone and then who will hire your next one.