Football: Louisiana Tech AD says he won’t engage in bidding war with Cal for Sonny Dykes

Louisiana Tech athletic director Bruce Van De Velde said he won’t get in a bidding war with Cal for coach Sonny Dykes, suggesting, “I’m sure if he gets an offer, he’ll consider it strongly.”

Cal’s search for a new coach enters its third week after the Nov. 20 firing of Jeff Tedford, but an athletic department spokesman said there will be no comment, including a timetable, until a new coach is hired.

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour, who has kept a low profile throughout the process, declined a request for an interview.

Dykes, whose Bulldogs lead the nation in scoring, interviewed with Cal over the weekend and is perhaps the front-runner.

Van De Velde told this newspaper Monday that he expects a decision by Dykes “within the next day or so, I would hope.”

Asking about Cal’s field of candidates, Van De Velde also wondered, “Why haven’t they talked to Mike MacIntyre? He’s a hell of a coach.”

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    You know. Im starting to get the sense dykes is using cal for leverage. And hell stay put or take a job somewhere else. Everything seems a little too open.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I think Sandy is hedging her bets on the Mayan Calander. Why go through the trouble of hiring someone when the end is nigh?

  • ScottyBear

    A greed. Why haven’t we talked to Mike MacIntyre??

  • Calduke

    Velde screwed up Tech’s chances to go to a bowl game.
    Now, he needs to be clever and mention NacIntyre’s name.He doesn’t sound too fond of Sonny.

    Who has said we haven’t sent a ‘sniff’ towards MacInyre?

  • Calduke

    Who can name the coaches that have been interviewed?
    Firm info; hearsay, rumors, ‘side-step answers’ by coaches do not count.

  • 1brsfan

    The only confirmed interviews are Dykes, Hazell, Diaco and Andersen. There are several rumors about other candidates being interviewed. I read somewhere that it was up to 9 candidates right now.

    @Juancho- I think you may be right in that Dykes may be using Cal for leverage. The fact that LT’s AD mentioned that Dykes already got a bump in salary when he “flirted” with schools last year is telling.

  • Woj

    All of these candidates are not impressive as a group. Dykes’ teams don’t play D and they are in a pseudi-defunct conference. Not impressed with Hazell or Andersen for the same small conference reasons.

    Diaco – WTH is this guy? High school coach? – If so Cal should go get the De La Salle Head man.

    When are big time names like Chris Petersen, Petrino, Gruden, Jackson, Jack Del Rio, Pete Carroll, Jim Tressel, the Defensive coordinator at LSU/Alabama/Georgia/Florida going to be interviewed? Think big – not Ben Braun like.

  • Juancho

    Hue jackson had an interview. Bob diaco did ?

  • ThisisCal

    I agree with Woj. Why haven’t we heard any rumors about big name coaches being interviewed? Dykes is not the guy for us.

  • 1brsfan

    @woj- Diaco is one of the main reasons that Notre Dame is in the national title game.

    Of the guys you list only Petersen has any realistic chance of coming hear and even that is a remote chance according to the “experts”. Petrino has already been ruled out. Gruden not interested. Carroll is headed to the playoffs. Tressel cannot be hired until 2016 without the university taking on sanctions if they hire him. Gruden is not interested and not sure that Cal has reached out to Del Rio. Hue Jackson was interviewed but I’d rather have one of these other guys as he’d be here 2-3 years and leverage it into an NFL job.

    Most of the top coaches today started in these small conferences. I would prefer to hire the next Urban Meyer over some of the retreads you mentioned.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I still would have liked to read the rumor that Gruden told Sandy he wasn’t interested in coaching college. I’d just like to know thinking big has been acted on by those that matter, not just written about in comment sections.

    I’m still hoping for Petersen. She landed Monty. Petersen feels so similar. I’m also hoping that the efforts to land him, as a priority, are why the rumored candidates that have been interviewed are not such big names, making it easier to string things along. If one of the sought after guys interviewed and was rumored to be very interested, hard to make him wait while hoping to land Petersen still.

  • ScottyBear

    Dykes just doesn’t feel right. His AD putting him up for grabs, losses to the other two candidates we wanted (until G. Petersen stayed) and a dad named Spike Dykes. Shocking that MacIntyre is not on the board. If we hold out for Chris Petersen and get sandbagged, we’re scooping leftovers. For recruiting, we need a big time hire. C’mon Sandy, impress us!!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    My source with the Seahawks said PC wouldn’t bother with UC East Bay and it is in his words “laughable” to think he would.

  • Sean

    There’s like 14 Div 1 AQ schools looking for head coaches. I *DONT* want to hear about Cal talking with a big name coach unless we’ve hired him. Dykes, Diaco, Hazell, et. al., are gonna get the attention of other schools looking for a head coach. Hopefully, it IS MacIntyre (or someone of his ilk)…and keeping his name from being associated with Cal right now (during the search process) is a good and planned thing.

  • Rollonubears

    Questionable officiating is the reason notre dame is in the title game. That and crappy teams pooping their pants every time they have nd by the short and curlies late. OT wins at home against pitt and Purdue? Give me a break.