Football: Now the coach search gets serious


Cal has talked with Sonny Dykes, Darrell Hazell, Gary Andersen and perhaps others about its football coaching job.

But we’ve heard nothing on Chris Petersen (everyone’s No. 1 choice) or Mike MacIntyre (the obvious local candidate).

Until now.

Here’s what I believe is going on: Cal or its search firm likely made preliminary contact with Boise State’s Petersen and San Jose State’s MacIntyre immediately after Jeff Tedford was fired on Nov. 20.

Easy to imagine the response from both: I’m busy with my team. Get back to me when the regular season is over.

That means this week.

As far as we know, Louisiana Tech’s Dykes still is in the picture. Perhaps former Raiders coach Hue Jackson is, too. Kent State’s Hazell will be introduced Wednesday as the coach at Purdue, ESPN reported. Andersen announced last Friday he is staying at Utah State.

Now the real action begins. MacIntyre on Tuesday morning told the Bay Area News Group’s Jimmy Durkin that he has had preliminary contact with schools. He wouldn’t say which schools. But we can assume Cal is one of them.

Sources in Boise tell me they still expect Cal to make a push for Petersen, as virtually every big school with an opening does every year.

I’ve had several people suggest that Petersen could be more open to a change this year than in the past because circumstances with Boise State are changing. Most notably, the football team will enter the Big East in the fall of 2014, and who knows if Petersen is excited about flying all around the country to play in a league whose membership is changing by the day.

Here’s the problem with Petersen as a Cal candidate: Even if he does decide it’s worth looking outside Boise for employment, with a record of 83-8, he will have other offers. Presumably lots of them. And a few will be better than Cal. Substantially better.

A month from now, he could be offered the Oregon job if Chip Kelly flees to the NFL, as expected. Petersen worked at Oregon in the past and Phil Knight is likely to give him as many pairs of free Nikes as he wants, plus a couple bucks.

If not Oregon this year, how about USC next year? One more year of failing to meet expectations and Lane Kiffin could be out the door. Trojans AD Pat Haden no doubt would try to scrape together whatever is necessary to tempt Petersen.

Those are just two potential opportunities Petersen could have merely by waiting a month or a year. He knows it and Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour knows it.

It would be fascinating to hear Barbour’s pitch to Petersen and what she’d say Cal has to offer that he couldn’t get somewhere else. She has to try, but hard to imagine should could be compelling enough to get him to say yes.

MacIntyre would be a second choice to Petersen, but so would anyone else. He would not be a consolation prize, however, but a very solid choice. In three years, he has taken an SJSU  program whose academics and football were in shambles, and resurrected both.

The Spartans are 10-2 and going to a bowl game.  

MacIntyre may not score a KO at an introductory press conference (as Petersen likely would, simply by his presence), but he quickly would grow on Cal fans. He’s down to earth, likable, accessible, enthusiastic, hard-working and smart.

He he has shown at San Jose State he can build a program. And while his family and football roots are in the South, he is here and seemingly comfortable now as a West Coast guy.

We cannot be sure that would be the case with Dykes, who spent three seasons as an assistant at Arizona, but is a west Texas guy whose career mostly has been spent in the South.

And while Dykes fielded the nation’s highest-scoring team at LaTech, the Bulldogs also ranked last nationally in total defense. Not near the bottom, but at the bottom. And that defense cost them in a 52-43 loss to San Jose State.

If it comes down to Dykes or MacIntyre, I’m not sure where I see an edge for Dykes.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Pasadena Dave

    The longer we don’t hear from Petersen, the more I like our chances. Not like…a lot more…just a grain of salt more.

  • Juancho

    Beautifully written Jeff.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    The key to Petersen is that he’s a man comfortable in his own skin. He has turned down jobs many thought were too good to pass on already. He has also been rumored to like the idea of both Oregon and Cal (Both with ties to his past, Cal by NorCal location and UC affiliation).

    Of note, I believe the “Cal and Oregon would make him think” rumor was OLD, meaning he spoke of it before Kelly turned Oregon into a juggernaut, back when other big programs were after him but he was turning them down. I don’t know that stepping into a system based winner, one that is not his own, would be as appealing to him, which Oregon was before Kelly, now compared to several years ago. Something to think about . . .

    I believe there is a chance that he either takes Cal or never leaves Boise, as Oregon has turned into a different animal. Of note, I don’t know that Oregon would want Petersen over promoting their current OC. Why risk changing from the offense that got them where they are when you are already near the top of the pyramid?

  • 1brsfan

    The names we’re not hearing about are probably the one’s that are high on Sandy’s list. If Dykes, Hazell or the other coaches that we interviewed were high on the list then they would have already been hired. Either that or Petersen hasn’t officially said no to Cal and Sandy is waiting before going to plan B.

    I still think Petersen is an outside shot with Mac and DeRuyter waiting in the wings.

  • ScottyBear

    Thank you Jeff! If it is Petersen #1 and MacIntyre #2 then we are in great shape. Petersen’s hire still seems like the culture shock would make it unlikely, espeially if Oregon or USC have openings. $2 million a year in Boise where football is king goes a long way versus in the bay area and California with the new tax & political climate. Cal does offer the vehicle to get to the BCS title game. If not Petersen, then MacIntyre for several reasons just feels like the right guy, so Sandy, do your magic!!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I am liking MacIntyre more and more. He seems to win against all odds: his teams overperform. Can you imagine a talented Cal team overperforming? Its been a while…

  • George Watson

    While I appreciate all the appreciation for Petersen – and I have it, too – him coming to CAL is a pipe-dream. First of all, he’s king in Boise. He’s been asked before and hasn’t wanted to leave. Second, CAL isn’t Oregon or USC. Let’s face it: we love it, but others don’t. They’d prefer … Boise. Third, you have to wonder how much money Sandy has left to spend on a new coach AND decent assistants. Petersen could get a head-snapping money deal in ARK, but not at CAL. Not after the pay-out to Tedford. McIntyre maybe, Hazell, probably, Dykes probably, but Petersen is quite literally out of our league. Hey we didn’t want the Memorial Stadium lawn painted blue anyway.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Scotty, what do you mean by culture shock?

    He knows Berkeley. He’s from Davis. The two are very similar, culture-wise. Davis is way more like Berkeley than anywhere else within 80 miles of the place. Believe me. I’m in West Sac.

    While the money may be an issue, I think that returns a bit toward the type of man he is. He already is a millionaire. It’s not like he’d be working for free and unable to live, probably as well or better, than he does in Boise now, just not saving as much money in the process.

    I’ll never fault a guy for wanting as much money as he can get, but I also know there are people that value other considerations enough to turn down mega-millions when you still get millions. Given he’s stayed in Boise making far less than other jobs before, I think he is that type of person.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Keep digging Watson. I don’t think he’d go to U$C, ever. Oregon is very possible, but I’ll bet on my earlier post that he wanted to make Oregon a top 10 team, not take over an already top 10 Oregon with a spread option offense in place.

  • George Watson

    Petersen at CAL = Stardust in the eyes. Be prepared for “not Petersen” as coach of Bears.

  • George Watson

    Look, I’m just being a realist. What actual “love” for CAL on Petersen’s part are we referring to? Analogous love to building former non-entity Boise State into a national powerhouse? CAL is neither a non-entity nor likely to be a powerhouse. There’s a lot of work to be done, but why, after you’ve done your “work” and built “your house,” would you want to abandon it? Doesn’t make sense. Sandy hasn’t got any moon whatsoever to promise Petersen. The cupboard is bear, but not golden with the departure of Tedford’s money. (And nobody riff on “Sandy” and “moon” either.)

  • Cre8tivguy

    I don’t know if Petersen will come to Cal or not, but his decision will not be based on how much money we can offer him.

  • Cre8tivguy

    Does anyone know if Larry Scott can get involved in these coach searches and help persuade coaches? It seems to me that it only benefits the conference (and the Pac-12 network) to get the best coaches in the country to to come here.

  • discdude

    National “powerhouse” Boise State at 10-2 to the Vegas Bowl. Woohoo! Outside of that upset against Oklahoma, they’ve had their 15 minutes. Will that get any better in the Big East? The Big East is crumbling right now, there’s a possibility it will be end up weaker in football as teams exit. Currently, other teams will include: UCF, SMU, Houston, Memphis, Navy, Tulane, East Carolina (football only), Cincinnati, USF, Connecticut, Temple. Damn, that’s a basketball conference. If Petersen wants a challenge, he’s coming West, whether to Cal or Oregon. If he’s comfortable knowing he’ll be a big fish in a small pond forever, or he’s willing to keep waiting, he’ll stay.

  • George Watson

    Hey Discdude:
    It’s been a little longer – and will be a lot longer – that 15 minutes. Dig it:

    Petersen’s record: 83 8 0 .912 (includes bowls)
    AP rank Coaches poll
    2006 13–0 5 6
    2008 12–1 11 13
    2009 14–0 4 4
    2010 12–1 9 7
    2011 12–1 8 6

    I’d say that’s a “powerhouse,” especially compared to CAL. Everybody wants Petersen. As far as Big East: Boise State gets broader exposure. BTW, they don’t have to stay in the Big East.

    (You talk and think like you went to Furd. What’s up with that?)

  • Oski4u

    Remember discdude, Boise st. Has more bcs trophies than cal, Stanfurd, notre dame, and the PAC 12 north…combined!!

  • covinared

    scratch Arkansas off Petersen’s list.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Watson, I disagree on a few points, but primarily that the cupboard is bare at Cal. There is considerable young talent, several straight top 20 recruiting classes, for him to work with, and facilities that now match anyone. Plus, it’s Cal.

    If Stanfurd can become a national power, why not Cal? Hell, Tedford was on the verge of being ranked number 1, and likely would have if Longshore does not hurt his ankle.

    It is not at all ridiculous to believe the next coach CAN (not should) have Cal in the top 10-15 in two years, perhaps even next year. The biggest issue is the OL, and two highly recruited redshirts play next year, plus there is time still to recruit a few new guys or transfers.

    To think Cal can’t become a top team is Stanfurd thinking. The conference is a top conference. Cal CAN compete for most athletes in recruiting, with an impressive resume of NFL players still a feather in the cap. With the right coach, their is no ceiling.

    Mostly, I think you may (MAY, I don’t know) be underestimating the allure of the Bay Area, especially to one that has known it. I also think there is something to be said for being loyal to the ideals of the UC system (oxymoron that may be). Many of Davis have the pride they should in their public university, and it does stick. I can’t say this is how Petersen feels, but it does fit as possible given his history and the choices he has made.

  • discdude

    No one thinks Boise State is really a powerhouse. It is what it is, a very good team in a weak conference. It’s easy to bulk up on weak competition. BCS was “forced” to give a spot outside the 6 BCS conferences, that why in later years they went to BCS games. I’m not knocking Boise State’s record, or Petersen’s talent skills at all. I have no doubt he’s a fine coach and he would do well anywhere. But Boise State is NOT a big time program when all they do is primarily beat up on weak competition.

    2012 – best teams played were SDSU and Michigan State, they lost both games.

    2011 – beat Georgia in first game of the year (that is a Petersen strength, prep time), but lost the only other good team they played, TCU (11-2).

    2010 – beat VaTech in first game of the year (see the trend), but lost to the only other good team they played, Nevada (the same one that kicked Cal’s butt)

    2009 14-0…ya got me there, congrats. Oh, they beat Oregon the first game of the year (see the trend), and then they played exactly no one, until they beat the vastly over-rated TCU in a snoozer of a game that they barely won.

    2008 Whoops, lost to TCU again. They did manage to beat Oregon, congrats. So did Cal.

    2007 How come you left this one out? They finished 10-3, with losses to the best 3 teams on the schedule, Washington (who went 4-9 that year), Hawaii and big time East Carolina in the Hawaii Bowl.

    2006 – fantastic year. I agree 100%. Best game I’ve ever seen against Oklahoma. And they deserved it and their 15 minutes.

    They are just not relevant to the overall NC picture, that is exactly why they want to move to the Big East. But I think you miss the MAIN point here, which isn’t to bash Boise State, it’s to point out that he’s done about all he can do there, there isn’t much else to achieve, they beat the weak teams, they generally lose to the better teams from bigger conferences (Oregon notwithstanding)

    We’ll see what happens in the Big East, and it will be really interesting to see if he success if he chooses to stay at Boise. Most people view Big East as a basketball conference.

  • rotfogel

    Jack Freaking Del Rio! Why are we wasting time with a bunch of wannabes.

  • discdude

    BTW, George, the fact that you couldn’t pick out my main thesis (that Boise State is not a powerhouse, big time program), makes me question your education. Thanks for the ad hominem attack, tho.

  • George Watson

    BTW, West Sac and Davis are pretty far from the Bay Area in many ways. The Central Valley is a different planet: I know. I grew up in Sacto. UC Davis is not UC Berkeley: separate campuses. Davisites hate the fact that UC Davis was the Aggie extension of UCB.

    That said, for Petersen, it’s either “stay in my house” or “go on to a cool mansion”? CAL, alas, is neither. Brother, I wish it was, but I am just trying to keep things real here. Petersen can have Oregon if he wants it, USC if he wants it – just about any team if he wants it. So far, he don’t want it. Money’s on Pete staying in Bwahsee.

  • George Watson

    Hey Discdude,
    No problem, brother. (Actually I didn’t mean anything by it. Sorry if I offended.)
    Your statement, “nobody thinks that Boise State is really a powerhouse,” isn’t true just because you say it. You didn’t support it except by rhetoric. As I tried to point out, the AP and Coaches’ Polls had the Broncos in the top ten for several years. (I don’t know what the deal with 2007 is.) As far as “big time program,” why would Boise State even be mentioned in thought about expanding the PAC 12 if it weren’t considered capable of matching up with the teams in it? Or maybe you think that the PAC 12 isn’t “big time”? Here’s what Larry Scott said on Friday, November 30th: “When we expanded in the past we looked at them (Boise State and SD State) because they are prominent schools in the West, with very strong athletics programs, in markets we are not in,” Scott said. “There’s a lot of criteria that we looked at last time, that I’m sure we’d look at again. If we were to look at expanding again, I’m sure both those schools would be on the list.” One or two loss seasons consistently, national rankings consistently in the top ten or near it, consideration for PAC 12 expansion possibly: such consistency, which probably brought about the PAC 12 thoughts, adds up to “powerhouse” to me. I think the Broncos’ problem is that they can’t line up bigger schools to play. They have Sparty in 2022, but really only WA, Wazzou, and OSU closer in, it seems. They keep trying.

  • Steve W


    Very good analysis of Petersen’s record. Let me add that he lacks one critical thing on his resume that MacIntyre has: resurrection of a bad program.. Petersen flourished in the house that Dirk Coetter and Dan Hawkins had already successfully built.

    MacIntyre sounds like the right fit for so many reasons, but mainly because we can afford him and he should truly be happy to be here.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Watson, Sac is farther from Davis than Berkeley, conservatively speaking. West Sac, too, though not as much as Davis. Davis is quite possibly the second most Liberal campus in the UC system, which sadly says a lot more as to what has happened to Santa Cruz. Heck, in many ways the actual school is much more liberal than Cal, when you go by faculty and students, not counting Berkeley’s fringe.

    But if you think Davis (and West Sac) are like Sacramento, check out the voting polls. Or better yet, sit through some voir dires in both counties.

    But where do you get this “go to a cool mansion” concept? especially when there are believed true rumors that Petersen himself has said to friends in the past that Cal and Oregon were jobs that would make him think about it? Note – not “I’d jump at the chance,” but that he would have to consider it.

    What reason would he have for that if your “stay or mansion” options were his only desires?

  • George Watson

    Did you start early today? Davis is 15 miles west of Sacto. Berkeley is 64 miles from Davis.
    As to “houses,” I am speaking metaphorically. If he trades up from what he’s built and maintained, he’s going to Oregon – a veritable football “mansion,” nicely furnished by Phil Knight. CAL ain’t no football mansion. It’s been up sometimes, but down more. It’s not in a shambles, but it’s not up to speed by a long chalk. (Think of Phil Jackson after the Bulls: he didn’t go to Charlotte or even Detroit.)

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Steve W, I’m still trying to figure out why people keep thinking Cal needs resurrection. It needs a coaching overhaul and some new life, but many of the players are already in place. It’s not like the brand is unknown or that no Cal grads move on to the NFL.

    Cal does not compare in any way to pre-Mac SJSU. Not trying to be difficult, but I just don’t see the pathetic program so many others seem to. This is not the same school that was lucky to hire Tedford. Cal has facilities to match an education in an elite conference which has had success in the relatively recent past.


    Otherwise, the reason I like Petersen so much is precisely because he wins the big games on his schedule. The argument against his BSU teams has been that the “lesser” players he has wouldn’t last the grind of a big conference schedule. Well, he’d get top recruits at Cal.

  • discdude

    Ok, none taken.

    I think what would happen to BSU in the P12 is the same thing that has happened to Utah, they’d get beat up and be facing at least 3 to 5 more losses. They might be able to increase recruiting at some point, but it wouldn’t be an easy transition. Utah has had two consecutive 5-7 seasons in P12, but prior to that 10-3, 10-3, 13-0, 9-4, 8-5, 7-5…see, it’s not easy joining a big conference. And even in basketball, where they had been a significant power, they’ve seriously struggled.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Watson, “conservatively speaking” did not mean what you thought it meant. Try again. 😉

  • George Watson

    Sacramento I know is liberal, although it’s got an awful mayor.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Of course, I also thought Monty would land some top big men. 🙁

  • discdude

    But back to the main point…still not sure what’s keeping Petersen there. I don’t want to get into speculation about future jobs he may get offered, but he’s certainly had the opportunity to leave, so maybe Boise is just a damn nice place to live! I just think he’s done about all that can be done there and if he wants a challenge (interpret that how you want), he will leave to one of the big 5 conferences. To me, it’s not going to be that much of a change to the Big East, other than massive amounts of travel and a guaranteed BCS bid.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Yeah, Watson, my wife is a Sac Public Defender. It’s very conservative on any litmus test.


    Anyone else kinda shocked over Bielama to Arkansas? The B1G is going to be rolling in even more money with their expansions, and Wisconsin was a pretty nice gig. I have not seen what was promised to him yet, though, but I’m betting it’s sick money.

  • discdude

    Agree WC, must be HUGE money.

  • George Watson

    Boise S. beat Nevada and Nevada beat CAL this year. They lost 17-13 in the 2012 opener to Sparty and 21-19 to SDSU, but won every other game. They beat Georgia in 2011 in the Georgia Dome – Georgia went 7-1 in the SEC that year – and kicked the living crap out of ASU in the – you guessed it – MAACO bowl. They beat VA Tech on opening day in 2010 and Oregon State that year. So I don’t know where you’re getting this “they’d get beat up” stuff from. Utah, which BSU beat in 2010, is not comparable.

  • George Watson

    Bielema had trouble at WI this year – they lost five games and some are taking it as scandalous that they’re going to the Rose Bowl with five losses. ARKy will pay him BIG $$$.

  • 1brsfan

    Hazell off to Purdue. Probably wasn’t a serious option for Cal.

  • ScottyBear

    Wisdom Cow: Did you go to Berkeley? Similar to Davis? Kidding? Davis doesn’t have tree sitters, a mayor hwo played on the last Rose Bowl team who sued to block the new Cal stadium, Telegraph Avenue, etc. Davis and Berkeley are galaxies apart culturally. I still hope Petersen comes to Cal, but it won’t be because Berkeley feels like Davis.

  • George Watson

    December 4th, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Yeah, Watson, my wife is a Sac Public Defender. It’s very conservative on any litmus test.”

    According to my source, SAC Co. went 58% for Obama and turned out Dan Lungren. How is that “very conservative”?

  • discdude

    Well, we don’t really know George since it’s hypothetical, but I think week-in, week-in, playing Oregon, SC, Furd, yes, even Cal, BSU would struggle initially in the P12. But, as I noted above, if they improve recruiting, they could compete. I think Utah really felt like they’d compete well, and while Wynn went down, they haven’t really impressed.

    BTW, doesn’t Bielema leaving open the Wisconsin job to Peteresen now, too? That’s direct competition from a program that you can argue is better than Cal right now.

  • Juancho

    Id like to nominate this thread for most contentious at the bear talk blog awards.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Discdude, obviously, I don’t KNOW, but I think he’s a guy that likes his life. His child’s health is well documented, and that is the type of thing that gets a person to have priorities that don’t place money at the top of the list. But realize, it’s much easier for a millionaire that is going to keep making millions to put the quality of life he and his family have in the status quo over football’s social status.


    Such is why I think Cal fits as a CHANCE. He may really like the idea of living east side of the hills, anywhere from Orinda to Danville or closer to Martinez (heck, even Benicia), being pretty close to his Davis ties. If he thinks he and his family’s quality of life would improve overall, I think he makes the move.

    I think Cal, as a program, fits the HC/football part of the equation. It’s the non-football aspects of moving his family and changing their lives that I think will drive the decision. It’s just my take. I could be way off, but until he does or says something new, it sure fits with the way he has handled his career so far.


    Okay, I’ve been posting too much. Sorry if I’ve come off being argumentative. Just trying to be more precise with my opinion, and honestly asking for clarification on that of others.

    Signing off for a while with – How awesome is it when your kid wants her birthday dinner (big 6, needs two hands for “this many”) at Round Table? I win!

  • discdude

    If you think it’s chippy in here today…just wait until Cal hires someone that half the people like and half the people hate, even though said coach will have not even coached one game at Cal.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Sigh, you think Obama is Liberal? (jk, kinda.) Votes against Romney and Lungren hardly do it justice, look at the proposition histories for a more accurate picture, also noting that numbers changing in terms of population.

    Sacramento is much more in line with Modesto, Stockton, and Fresno, than Davis. Davis is the primary exception to the conservative valley. Though, admittedly, population growth and a larger segment of re-situated former Bay Area folk, like myself, is moving things more to the left in Sac than it was a decade ago.

    [Again, sorry for going off-topic, but I do think living in the East Bay (east of the hills) is much more like Davis than many realize. I’m walking away from the comp, really. You get last word, at least til late tonight, if you want it, Watson.]

  • Eric

    @28 – while I think you have made fair points on Peterson, the Utah comparison needs further analysis.

    First year in the Pac-12, Utah almost wins the South (granted, U$C was ineligible, but so what).

    Second year, Utah does go under .500.

    But Utah has had tremendous injury issues, particularly at the QB spot, and the team in the last two years has not been nearly as good as Utah teams in the recent past (including the one that destroyed Alabama in Sugar Bowl). I have little doubt that Utah will be much, much better next year.

    The Boise State issue needs to take into account the unwillingness of BCS level schools to plat at Boise State. Since they have managed to knock off Oregon, Georgia, and Va. Tech in the regular season, other schools don’t want to take the chance. I looked up Boise State’s schedule for the next 5 years. Other than Pac-12 schools and BYU, the only BCS level non-conference game they could schedule through 2017 is Old Miss in Atlanta. They have a home/away with Michigan State in 2022 and 2023. Nobody wants to play Boise State, much less at home. Can’t penalize Peterson for that.

    This year’s team lost Kellen Moore and their running back, Martin, who were astonishingly good. So the fact that they went 10-2, losing at Michigan State (close game) and SDSU is not unreasonable. They did beat BYU. The 2010 loss at Nevada (Kaepernick, anyone?) was in overtime, after the Boise State missed a very makeable kick to win it. Had Boise State won, they would have played in the NC game.

  • Steve W


    If you think that Cal will have a winning record next year, regardless of the new coach, then you are a true optimist. They were a bad program this year, with some vastly overrated team units, namely both the offensive and defensive lines. There hasn’t been a decent quarterback in Berkeley since Longshore turned his ankle over five years ago.

    Maybe not a total reclamation project, but certainly far worse than anything Chris Petersen inherited at Boise.

  • TrumanHugh

    Cal will absolutely go bowling next season! They are loaded with talent and experience. The insertion of new ideas, fresh perspectives, and renewed focus and vision that our new HC will deliver is all this team needs.

    Cal’s problems were at the top. Yes, we were in a reloading year offensively (as well as suffering from injuries elsewhere), but the fundamental problems that brought Cal its worst record since 2001 were a result of failed leadership, lack of innovation, stale game plans, and a disturbing acceptance of mediocrity as the norm.

    Short of an abject failure on Sandy Barbour’s part (which I fail to see happening), our new head coach will restore discipline and work to reinvigorate a team that is laden with talent, skill, athleticism, and, above all else, a strong desire to return to its winning ways.

    Go Bears!!

  • rob bear

    Beat Northwestern with EXTREME PREJUDICE! regardless if our coach is Sonny Dykes, Sonny Corleone and / or Sonny and Cher (Rest in Peace)!

  • konamike

    All the speculation about Petersen is amusing mostly because that’s what it is. If it were a money issue he’d been gone long ago. I just hope Sandy’s not wasting time on Petersen. Much more likely that we’ll end up w/ MacIntyre because: He’s a builder; he’s close by and less expensive. Hope she gets off her duff soon so we don’t lose more recruiting time.

  • TrumanHugh

    @#49 (Konamike)–Do you honestly think Sandy is just sitting on “her duff” these last couple of weeks??

    She’s hired a prestigious corporate scouting/recruiting firm to help identify good fits, narrow the search, and facilitate the process. So far as has been reported, she’s interviewed Jackson, Hazell, Diaco, and Dykes; reached out to Petersen, Andersen, McIntyre, possibly Roman.

    Picking the right coach takes time, especially when many of those most qualified/fitting are prepping for postseason games or finishing out the NFL season.

    I trust her to know that anyone worth having is open to competition from other schools, and will keep Cal’s name in front of any and all prospective hires. I also trust her to properly gauge their interest/probability and act accordingly to keep them on the hook. To that end, I expect her to recognize a genuine interest in coming to Cal versus using us to renegotiate a current contract or jack up the offer from another, more preferred assignment.

    She has earned my trust with the unexpected–and fantastic–hiring of Mike Montgomery. She knows the game and she is as savvy and adept at playing it. She is a top tier AD who has a pretty great product to sell.

    In the end, whatever is meant to be for Cal will be. Whichever man is meant to be Cal’s head coach will be hired. We’re not going to get a shot at everyone on our wish list, but we will have the opportunity to bring in a Petersen or Diaco or Roman. I’m certain that Sandy Barbour is aware of timing and will do whatever she needs to do to secure the best coach for Cal.

    She has earned our trust–and our patience.