Football: Figuring out what is true

Day 22 of the Cal football coaching search and pieces of “information” are flying.


— Late morning, a website called OwlScoop — a Temple fan site — reported via Twitter that San Jose State’s Mike MacIntyre will interview this week with the Philly school. Mac spent the 1997-98 seasons as an assistant coach at Temple.

— I called MacIntyre to ask him about our report Tuesday night that he had interviewed Friday with Cal, and he said he will not talk about jobs. He is headed to Washington D.C. today to participate in pre-Military Bowl events, but laughed at notion he’s talking with Temple — said he hasn’t spoken to anyone from there.

— Barely an hour later, Jon Wilner of our staff hears from a source at SJSU that MacIntyre no longer is involved with the Cal situation. Is that true? Probably. But maybe MacIntyre wants to cool the talk.  

— Contact in Boise says everything they hear is Chris Petersen is staying put. Well, imagine he is staying . . . at least until he isn’t.

— Early afternoon, Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports tweets he just talked to Sandy Barbour, who said she expects to have a coach in place by next week. Two questions: How and why is she talking to Bruce Feldman, when she isn’t talking to anyone else? And does “by next week” mean it won’t be until then or still could be anytime?

— I leave a message on Barbour’s voicemail. Hard to believe she didn’t return my call immediately. Right.

— Barbour calls back within an hour. “We’re getting real close,” she said. “Real close.” That doesn’t sound like next week to me.

— UPDATE: Talked to LaTech AD Bruce Van De Velde at 2:20 p.m., and he said, “I can’t comment on any coaching speculation.” Geez, he was plenty talkative on Monday. Makes me wonder: If Dykes were staying at LaTech, wouldn’t his boss be thrilled to tell everyone?


— Do we assume MacIntyre is out of the picture? Maybe, but I’m not 100 percent convinced.

— Is Louisiana Tech’s Sonny Dykes the frontrunner? That may have been the case for several days now, but until the case is completely zipped closed on Chris Petersen, hard to consider anyone else the frontrunner. But we all know Petersen is — always has been — a very longshot.

— Is there someone else — a mystery candidate — that Barbour is quietly courting? I’m having reporter nightmares about that one.

Stay tuned.


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Jeff Faraudo

  • discdude

    You are the man, JF! Can’t believe she called Feldman instead over you! Local media should get the scoop first, given that you are on campus all the time.

  • Sandy is a joke.

  • Eric

    Great article JF – please, please, please keep up the investigative journalism. Much better than many sportwriters’ willingness to serve as parrots.

  • rotfogel

    Jack Freaking Del Rio…cut it out with this “Sonny Dykes” BS…we don’t need a little league coach…we need a big league coach.

  • rollonubears

    I’m going to reserve judgement until we ink the new guy. But this is really taking a long time, and it’s going to start affecting recruiting.

  • Dan

    JF –

    You’re killing me, lol. Love the effort and humor, truly. You do such a great job covering Cal, it is VERY much appreciated.

    So not to be redundant, still hoping NO NO NO to Hue Jackson. Also, would rather have both McIntyre and Del Rio over Dykes. I feel the reality on Dykes would either be settling, as in that’s the best Cal could get – OR – an overreaction to the pathetic, abysmal offense under Tedford – as in let’s hire the guy who had the highest scoring offense in the country.

    Still hoping- hopefully not against hope- and praying for Chris Peterson. Also, I don’t see Petersen going to Oregon. The Ducks already have Kelly’s replacement in OC Helfrich and the Ducks aren’t going to chuck that offense.

    So why not Petersen? If he ever wants to move, he’ll likely want to say in the west . I think Cal would be near perfect for many, many reasons.

  • ScottyBear

    JF: Thank you for going on offense on this. Much more aggresive than Tedford! Something tells me we are either going big with a shocking big name a la Gruden or Petersen or Sandy is trying to keep face after multiple rejections. Dykes just doesn’t feel right, so hopefully MacIntyre is playing poker. Go Bears!

  • 1brsfan

    JF- any word on the headline on Rivals.com that says that SB has already made a decision?

  • 1brs: I’m on rivals. Its not true. They took it down.

  • 1brsfan

    thanks for the update on the rivals.com article.

  • Steve W

    Major bummer if MacIntyre is truly out of the picture. No one else gets me excited unless there is someone like Harbaugh coaching at an outpost like UC San Diego whom we know nothing about. Let’s face it folks, Cal ain’t paying Chris Petersen money with Tedford’s buy-out package soiling the payroll pool.

  • RT

    Sandy’s soliciting $ from boosters to bring in a big name, someone with Cal and/or west coast ties…..because a bit of $ now to land a big name will mean more $ in the long run, which will allow the school to sell more of the Preferred Seats and pay off the huge debt…the school, upgraded facilities, and stadium, existing talent on team…..it’s ripe for the picking….as far as west coast schools go, this is by far the best vacancy out there and it deserves an excellent coach to take it to the next level. Keep the faith.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I just can’t imagine Sandy talking to Feldman when she has not leaked anything, which I think may help her maintain some trust with candidates (coaches like to keep things quiet, too, unless they are using the interview for leverage – otherwise, if they don’t get hired, their current job gets bad mojo). So, I don’t know why she would do anything otherwise.

    I’m like JF, can’t give up on Petersen until it’s over. After Sandy landed Monty, you have to believe anything is possible.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Steve W, the thing with Mac is that he gets US excited, the people that pay too much attention. If Sandy is hitting up boosters for a the money to get a big name guy as an investment for the program, it is not going to be a MacI or Dykes, it would be a Petersen type name on the hire end, a (my God, please don’t) Roman on the low end.

    The name would have to be identifiable enough to sway the casual college fan. In Roman’s case, the argument would also be to lure Niner fans (and I have no faith at all that Roman is even on tenth a Harbaugh). My point is that any true “big name” rumors would mean a very big name to everyone, not just those that follow closely enough to know Mac’s potential.

  • George Watson

    She called Feldman because he’s an alum and writes for SI. He’s a pretty big noise in college FB, with all due respect, Jeff. She’s probably thinking about good press for CAL down the road. And CAL can use it.

  • Raf

    Bruce went to Cal?? Assuming for journalism? His bio say he did undergrad at Miami. No mention of Cal.