Football: Sandy Barbour — `We’re close’

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour returned my call a few minutes ago and said the wait is nearly over: “We’re getting real close,” she said of the search to replace football coach Jeff Tedford. “Real close.”

Via Twitter, from Football Scoop: “Sources tell us that Sonny Dykes will be named head coach at Cal.” Same source says announcement will come “within 24 hours.”

Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports tweeted earlier that Barbour told him she expected to have a coach hired by next week. She explained Feldman passed her in the hallway at an event Wednesday and asked, “Do you expect to have a coach by next week?”

She said yes.


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Jeff Faraudo

  • go8ears

    Dykes yikes!

  • discdude

    Yup, he worked for Leach at TTech from 2000-2004. You may recall that system from some 2004 bowl game…

  • George Watson

    Man, I thought I was taking things badly! Look, maybe the guy will turn out. Like Pandora, all we got left is hope. And we got to do that. What’s the alternative?

  • George Watson

    Leach is a disaster. I;ll check that out. Spread is a variation on the old Mouse Davis “run and shoot” which became “run and gun.” Spread option as I know it is a variation on the variation. If I’m a current CAL QB, I think I might be looking elsewhere beginning now. (Apparently not if I am Jared Goff.)

  • rotfogel

    Hopefully this is all one big smokescreen and tomorrow Sandy Barbour will have tricked everyone and I will be feeling foolish in the morning.


  • discdude

    The world ends on 12/21/12 anyway. Who cares?!?

  • George Watson

    Heh-heh. Maybe Sonny D.’s hiring is a foreshadowing. (BTW, the Mayans would think we’re crazy.)

  • George Watson

    That grande dame of sports reporting, Yahoo Sports, is now proclaiming Dykes the new head coach of the Golden Bears. That’s Ohio, folks.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Keith Gilbertson Part 2

  • BlueNGold

    STFU, moron.