Football: Sandy Barbour — `We’re close’

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour returned my call a few minutes ago and said the wait is nearly over: “We’re getting real close,” she said of the search to replace football coach Jeff Tedford. “Real close.”

Via Twitter, from Football Scoop: “Sources tell us that Sonny Dykes will be named head coach at Cal.” Same source says announcement will come “within 24 hours.”

Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports tweeted earlier that Barbour told him she expected to have a coach hired by next week. She explained Feldman passed her in the hallway at an event Wednesday and asked, “Do you expect to have a coach by next week?”

She said yes.


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Jeff Faraudo


  1. So that’s sounds like they’ve already picked but are in negotiations. Or more likely that they’re waiting until next week, which I guess, with Army-Navy this weekend, is the official end of the season?

  2. Petersen or MacIntyre!! Gruden!!!

    JF: Did Sandy sound genuinely enthusiastic about her statement, as in, I can’t wait to announce this, or was it typical stay tuned jargon?

  3. I might regret saying this later.. but I gotta say Sandy has my trust. Despite the flack that she received (and maybe deservedly so) over signing Tedford’s extension without a buyout clause, I was very impressed by the way she handled Tedford’s firing and the press conference. I trust that Sandy has done her due diligence and will use her best judgment to bring in an awesome hire come next week.

  4. By the sounds of all the white noise out there… Mac is out of the running, La Tech AD not wanting to talk anymore, etc. it’s starting to feel like Dykes may be the guy. If it is him I can’t say I’m too excited because I see more upside to guys like Mac and DeRuyter.

  5. You go ti, 1brsfan. Oakland Tribune confirms MacIntyre out of running, Dykes top candidate.

  6. I just read from several different places that La Tech just called a meeting and that Dykes will be named Cal head coach within 24 hours.

  7. disappointing if true. we couldn’t do better? CU got Butch Jones and the best we could do is Dykes?

  8. from footballscoop.com

    Cal: Look for Sonny Dykes to be named head coach at Cal. We’re told to look for an announcement “within 24 hours”.

    Colorado: The Denver Post is reporting that Butch Jones has accepted the Colorado job. We have not confirmed. Sources tell us Colorado broke out the big guns last night. Update> Sources close to the situation tell us that the agreement is currently being finalized. Not done; but headed that way.

  9. Really dissapointed if it’s Dykes. This is the one guy I really had strong feelings on not wanting.

    If it is him, I’ll get behind him and support.

  10. I am not buying it until I see an update on his Wikipedia page. /s

  11. If Dykes got hired – this will be the day that Sandy united nearly everyone against her.

  12. UCLA fans were initially down on the Mora hire, and so far it’s worked well for them. Hopefully we have a similar situation here.

  13. I wish it were a joke. the twittesphere is blowing up so it MUST be true.

  14. Wow, this is really, really, really NOT FREAKING COOL! SONNY FREAKING DYKES? ARE YOU JOKING! No dice!!!!!!

  15. he better bring on one hell of a DC or we’re doomed. We’ll score 40+ a game but give up 50+.

  16. I thought it was a joke, or just a simple smokescreen when they were mentioning Dykes as a possible candidate. I thought, there’s no chance a southern boy could possibly be the coach of Cal football. His small time tactics would get eaten alive in the Pac 12. Low and behold, it freaking seems to be true and I cannot possibly be more upset. This is sickening! There are about 3 or 4 LEGITIMATE coaches whom Cal should be able to get and are way more qualified and realistic than freaking Sonny Dykes. Disappointed is an understatement.

  17. well on the upside i expect more imaginative offensive play-calling

  18. Hiring of Monte had me convinced Sandy would make a similar hire for football….No Dykes

  19. The Jim Mora comparison doesn’t totally fly. Mora had that NFL sizzle that could help with recruiting. And Mora didn’t have a strict offensive philosophy.

    Dykes is a straight Mike Leach spread disciple. Not a spread-option like Oregon, not a hybrid with the pro-set like some might want, he’s flat out spread. Which was innovative about ten years ago.

    I pray that he comes in with an open mind, fire, and he has a short leash. Because if he doesn’t come out gangbusters – I can already foresee everyone calling for him and Sandy to be fired next year.

  20. Washington State – Spread
    Washington – Pro Set
    Oregon – Spread Option
    Oregon State – Pro Set
    Cal – Spread
    Stanford – Pro Set
    USC – Pro Set
    UCLA – Hybrid
    Arizona – Spread or is that spread option ?
    Arizona State – Pro Set
    Utah – Spread ?
    Colorado – TBD

  21. dykes ran the ball for 2800 yards and 47 Td’s.

    he was also a rivals recruiter of the year
    Reports that we will bring in dewayne walker at DC. Big time LA recruiter.

    Be positive.

  22. Dykes was severely outcoached by San Jose St this year….Good thing WE’RE FREAKING ABOUT TO HIRE THAT GUY!

    Sandy Barbour, you never seemed competent and now I can confirm this, you are incompetent (that is if the rumors are true and you’ve actually hired Sonny Dykes, the next Tom Holmoe)!

    If you don’t hire Dykes, please forgive me, sometimes I can get carried away if someone does something stupid.

  23. Also just got an ESPN announcement that it will be Sonny Dykes. I hope Ms. Wonderful didn’t give him huge, LONG term contract and we’re hmastrung if this doesn’t work out.

    I know he’ll better than Tedford offensively, hard to imagine the program could be any worse overall. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed we didn’t get Chris Petersen.

    Here’s hoping this works out for the best, I’ll support him fully. I am VERY concerned about the huge number of penalties that LA. Tech had, that speaks to lack of focus and discipline, and that is an area Cal has been horrible and needs to clean up. If Dykes had that issue at La. Tech, how is he going to handle any differently at Cal?

    Signing Day should be the first glimpse of what to expect from Dykes.

  24. And so ends the tradition of great QBs at CAL. No spread QB EVER made it big. (Still trust Sandy?)

  25. Sandy Barbour got sold a bill of goods by the recruiter Cal no doubt paid HUGE $$$ and by a slick talking southern boy. Not impressed. Dwayne Walker can recruit, BAD D Coordinator.

    Yeah, this went well.

  26. See Juancho? I told you half (or more it seem) would complain. First and foremost, I’m a Cal fan, so I will support the choice, no matter what.

    Go Bears!

  27. Yep. I can see Sandy’s wheels a-grinding away: competitive because spread, will fill the seats because of exciting offense, #1 in nation. Doesn’t have good bones though, the way the Harbaugh hire had. So a few years and maybe both Sandy and Sonny are gone. (Sandy and Sonny: perfect for CA.)

  28. Oh … and Sonny Dykes will sell a lot of tickets. Riiight.

    Re: Sandy Barbour, I’ll leave it to the words of the late, great Herb Caen … “The Definition of Unclear on Subject”.

    Said perfectly.

  29. Correction – “The Definition of Unclear on THE Subject”.

    I hate when I do that.

    Why don’t they have an edit function here? Maybe we could edit the news.

  30. “1brsfan Says:
    December 5th, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    nationally this is being hailed as a great hire for Cal.”

    By who?

  31. See Juancho? I told you half (or more it seem) would complain. First and foremost, I’m a Cal fan, so I will support the choice, no matter what.

    Ah c’mon, Discdude. This IS disappointing. The guy’s going to make over the team into that frenetic non-football they play in Oregon. It’s not a stellar hire.

    But I’m a CAL fan, too, so … more heartache.

  32. This is worst case scenario. Dykes was the ONLY coach I couldn’t fathom being named our head coach. Well, looks like we’ll give him his three losing years and then hopefully we’ll be firing Sandy Barbour after that.

    Jack Del Rio
    Chris Peterson
    Mike McCyntire
    I’d even rather have, actually WAY rather have Hue Jackson.

    What a nightmare of a hire! Sonny Dykes? Sandy, please relieve yourself of ALL hiring duties, you’re extraordinarily bad at it.

  33. Kinda hard to complain when I was one of many who called for Tedford’s head. Petersen seemed unlikely after awhile. I don’t know whom else there is, but really, can’t we let it play out, maybe even see who the assistant are going to be? Or maybe even see how the season goes? I guess not, this is what the internet is for, to let us complain.

  34. You’re right Disc. I’m complaining too. But I’ll support the guy from day 1 and hope he does well.

    Walker as D Coordinator ? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  35. George, go look up Leach’s system (learned by Dykes) and Oregon’s system. There is a difference, one is spread, the other is spread-option. LaTech runs the spread, you’ll notice that there QB actually doesn’t run that much. Oregon’s QB runs…A LOT! I haven’t seen LaTech play, so not sure if they use the Kelly speed, or not. With Kline and a ton of young receivers, could actually work.

    If you *trust* wikipedia, here is more info:


  36. why would walker take a DC job when he’s a head coach? granted it’s a dead end job for a lousy team but he hasn’t been fired.

  37. LOL. This happens just after I albeit reservedly give my vote of confidence to Sandy.. But let’s not jump the gun too fast. We all knew some disappointment was a possibility. There was very little chance that we could get Petersen, but that’s what everyone wanted, wished for and expected. Let’s wait a little bit until we hear more about this hire if it indeed is Dykes, why Sandy and others thought he would be a good hire despite what is plain for everyone to see and the terms of the contract. It’s too soon right now.

  38. Rotfogel- I kind of thought so on Tedford. Just busting your chops a bit, no malice intended.

    By the way, I completely agree with your 3 choices, just switch JDR and CP. I THINK I’d would rather than Dykes than Hue Jackson, just cant see why Jackson is fit as a head coach at Cal.

    I actually think I would rather have either Standford DC Derek Mason or Oregon OC Mark Helfrich than Sonny Dykes. Heck, I think I’d rather have Justin Wilcox if he was a package deal with Tosh Lupoi.

    Cue Easy Ed with my mention of Tosh.

  39. I’d rather have had Sandy Barbour tell us that she had a change of heart and Jeff Tedford is coming back.

    Cal will actually be taking a big step backwards…Oh well, that’s like in Berkeley. The football team has some good years which give way to 10 or so really bad years. Cal has had it’s good, now it’s STRAIGHT BACK TO BAD, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. We will suck. Thank you Sandy….

    Sonny Dykes? Are you freaking serious?

  40. Discdude,
    Leach’s system? As in Mike Leach? Yikes! Ah crap.

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