Football: Bears introduce Sonny Dykes

Cal unveiled Sonny Dykes as its new football coach on Thursday afternoon at Memorial Stadium.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Easy Ed

    Steve W you have to understand that the Moron aka the Cheeto Kid is a frustrated loser who couldn’t get into Cal so he feels good that he can engage Cal Alumni and talk trash. The truth is the Cheeto Kid is a spoiled rich kid whose Daddy is a raging drunk and ashamed of his loser offspring who couldn’t get an AA from the local community college. The Cheeto Kid is unemployed lives at home and spends what should be productive hours in the day munching Cheetos and drinking Red Bull. Show the Cheeto Kid pitty.

  • ConcordBear

    This new OC T Franklin is the real deal.
    I’m excited to see what Cal makes happen.
    Spring game can’t get here sooon enough.

  • Raf

    dykes would not have gotten into cal

    moron is a cal fan and a troll

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    How did you figure it out that I was a UC East Bay fan?

  • Raf

    the fact that ur comment #54

  • Will

    $C really has become the butt of every joke HAHAHAHAA:

    “Yes, once again, USC was destined for the national title game and the QB, in this case Matt Barkley, was destined for the Heisman. Ha!”

    “I apologize if I offended anyone? Weak. For the millions, and millions, of people out there that dislike usc like I do the hits just keep coming. How can a guy from Watts have the temerity to slam El Paso? They have equal amounts of crime AND illegal brownies LOL!”

    “Cry On UNRANKED Trojans!”

    “Who wrote that apology for him? I know he didn’t do it. Too stupid.”

  • rollonubears

    Concord, this spring game could have the best attendance ever. I really hope they do something interesting for it. Some have suggested having it a Kezar in the City. I thought that was a great idea. Memorial will be nice, too, though, and I’ll bet we get over 5k for it.

  • Will


    Give the man a shot to fix the defense before judging. Defense is obviously a concern, and if the defense is god awful, then you can analogize Barbour to Cohan.

  • BlueNGold

    I wonder if lame kiffin was tasked by the sleazy cheaters AD with having the fire his own father?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #59 – I wonder why you care. Monte held your offense led by “Points to his left arm” and “Bags the Last 3 Games” to 9 big points.

    Fix your own problems before you worry about ours

    SC = 11 National Titles | 32 Bowl Victories | 156 All-Americans | 7 Heisman Winners | 437+ NFL Players | 14 NFL Hall of Famers

    “Is Social Welfare even a major?”

  • BlueNGold

    #41 moron- I support my school and its AD. I know that loyalty and belief are entirely foreign concepts to someone who has never accomplished anything in life other than ten continuous years of being an obnoxious troll. Perhaps if you had actually graduated from, and are participating as an alum in, an institution of higher learning, you might have a slight amount of understanding of and empathy for the concept. Unfortunately, the life path you have chosen of being a perennial, trash talking troll has so distorted your thought processes that you have no ability to grasp, much less comprehend, such fundamental concepts. So it is no wonder that you have decided to cast your lot with an institution and its football program that is so mired in dishonesty and lack of integrity that it makes students take the fall for stupid, tacky and simply abysmal acts of cheating. You are a loser and so are the sleazy cheaters. LOL!!

  • BlueNGold

    If you do not know if social welfare is even a major, you are even more uninformed and basically stupid than was previously known. Grow up and stop acting like a 2 week old turd.

  • SteveNTexas

    Moren did you ever read the top 15 least ethical football programs?

    Telling us to fix our problems?

    We may suck at football- I’d prefer we didn’t but we will never make USC’s list.

    Slimy low-esteem people like you care only about winning -something you personally have probably never done. When we all insult you – you enjoy the negative attention its clearly the only kind you’ll ever get.

  • discdude

    Maybe some of you are new to the Faraudo (and Juancho!) blog…Stop feeding the troll. Just ignore her. She’s like a fart, you just don’t acknowledge it and eventually it goes away.

  • go8ears

    Yeah imagine ignoring him for a whole year! He will get so bored and leave on his own. Instead… we have him around for more than 10 years..

  • BlueNGold

    After 10 continuous years of trash talk, insults and name calling, then threatening to leave but never, never following through (does that trait exemplify moron’s life in general?), it should be obvious that the troll is not going anywhere. Why would it? It has no other life and obviously needs this blog in order to feed its obsessions and boost what little, if any, self esteem it apparently has. Ever wonder why someone who claims to be a die-hard fan of the sleazy cheaters does not spend its time on their fan web sites? Because there is no gratification in it. Nothing gets the jollies going like being a first class arse and pain in the same!

  • Juancho

    Wheres the cat ? I dont like when the blog leader dissapears like this. Brings back jo flashbacks.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I will be at the DeLaSalle vs Folsom High game tonight rooting on Michael Hutchings our 2012 commit from DLS.

    I seriously doubt any of you will be there since you are a bunch of fake fans. However if you come to the game look for the one wearing a USC hat.

    I find it hilarious that UC East Bay becomes more irrelevant to the high school scene in the East Bay and now in Sacramento. The only recent player who you signed out of Sacto is Moala and what bust he is.

    Look at all of the players your irrelevant program has missed out on – Shaq (Grant), Jordan Richards (Folsom), Eddie Vanderhoes (Placer), Cody Vaz and Cooks (St Marys Stockton), John Boyett (Napa), Sean Mannion, Morgan Breslin (Diablo JC), both Armsteads, etc.

    “Is Social Welfare even a major?”

  • wehofx

    S Fla hired W Taggart. Cincinnati just hired tommy “yank-the-headphones” tuberville away from TT. What do you wanna bet TT would of made a big time run at SD?

    Be interesting to see if McI, DeRuyter or Daico(sp) take the CU or TT jobs. (If i’m their agent, I tell them to stay away from CU. What a train wreck. what a d bag of an ad.)

    Juancho, I humbly ask you to give JF a break. He’s been busting ass since Sunday, Nov 18 chasing jt’s firing then the hc search. He deserves a little time off, you whip-cracking keeper of the BTB.

    JF, that said, I sure hope there’s a game day thread on tmrw’s game vs unlv.

    Go Bears!

  • Will

    Juancho, as the VP of blog operations, it’s your job to step up when the cat goes into hiding.

  • ScottyBear

    Moren: I’ll be looking for your whiny ass and USC hat tonight at the game. Looking very hard. Girlie man!

  • Dan

    Hey if anyone is going to the DLS-Folsom game tonight, look for the turd that is wearing a u$c hat and has orange Cheetos dust all over it’s clothes and hands. Then take pictures of said “person”. We can then find a way to post those pictures and the coward is outed. It told us all where it will be, it has invited us to find it.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Bleacher Report called your pathetic team the 4th biggest flop in the 2012 College Football Season.


    “Is Social Welfare even a major?”

  • wehofx

    Wow! (don’t know what moron said. Don’t wanna know but I get the gist. GREASEMONKEY.)

    Please tell me you don’t actually think a coward like moron is really going to show?

    That’s like expecting the freak to post with logic, intelligence, honesty or honor. Ain’t gonna happen. It’s a freak. A coward. Think Pat gone sociopath but still fat and androgynous. And think how it would look if you got in the face of something that looked like pat the loser?

    Anyway. Per twitter, db’s Cameron Walker and Darius Allensworth committed. 3/4 stars. Seems like Ashley Ambrose is busting his ass to stay on SD’s staff.

  • daredevilfan

    Looks like our cat was busy with his other priorities. I feel betrayed.


  • Juancho

    Wehofx. Allensworth was already a commit. The story is hes more solid now that sonny called him. He said he was taking visits after tedford got fired.

    Walker did commit. Good player with good offers. The guy to watch is lj moore out of fresno. That guy could be another stdquan.

  • Eric


    You post in December an article from October 25? No wonder, because it does not list U$C. But we know by the end of the season who was the biggest flop of 2012, and the biggest flop in the last 40 years. From AP#1 to a trip to El Paso to play Georgia Tech, a 6-7 team.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Good game last night between DLS vs Folsom. It reminded me a lot of many of your losses the past 3 years. A good game for the first minute and then a blowout. LOL

    Michael Hutchings reminds me of a mini DJ Williams with his build, speed and maturity. He will do some serious damage to opposing teams (including yours). That kid is the surest tackler I have seen since Cushing and Maluaga.

    I had an ongoing conversation with a DLS fan (thankfully he was more knowledgable than the UC East Bay fans who sit in TT). The conversation turned to Tosh Lupoi (your favorite subject on this board). He knew his father well. Here is what he told me.

    Lupoi was disgusted with Tedford. He worked his rear end off to bring in 5* players only to watch Tedford ruin them. He was also displeased that he was made the fall guy for “Injury-gate”.

    I said “There has been some talk of Lupoi wanting to return to UCB now that there is a new coach”.

    “Absolutely never,” was the answer.

    You can thank me later for this post.

  • ScottyBear

    Moron: We will thank you later to buzz off. We don’t care what you think. I was looking for you last night. Wanted to see what a midget troll vampire looks like under the lights. Was looking for yellow fingers and a “I love USC but USC won’t love me” t-shirt. BTW, do you ride bareback or side saddle?

  • BlueNGold

    “Good game”? For who? Folsom got trounced. Sort of like the sleazy cheaters vs the ducks. But I suppose if you have no life and no accomplishments, that is what passes for entertainment in Sac-town.

  • BlueNGold

    Good work moron- you blithering idiot! No one with even an ounce of brain matter would seriously believe that any true Cal fan would ever want Lupoi back. No one in the AD administration wants him back either. Your points, such as they are, are nothing more than a crock of trash talking BS. Sort of like you, actually.

  • Will

    Scotty, are you sure you didn’t just miss out? I was at the game too. Got this picture:


  • ScottyBear


    Great shot, but can’t be Moron. She/he only wishes she /he was that macho!

  • Easy Ed

    Hey Moron, where you lurking around a DLS game because you don’t have a college to claim as your Alma Mater?

  • BlueNGold

    Nice pic, Will! The only thing missing is the sleazy cheaters propeller beanie. Maybe you could photoshop one?