Football: Bears introduce Sonny Dykes

Cal unveiled Sonny Dykes as its new football coach on Thursday afternoon at Memorial Stadium.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    he has a nice looking wife.

  • Juancho

    I bless this thread in klines name, amen.

    Except covina and will.

  • Juancho

    Jeff the cat faraudo. Any way you can find out if sonny delight will open up practices ?

  • daredevilfan

    “We figure out who our best players are,” Dykes said, then tweak the system to get them on the field.

    You had me at hello.

    I will see Roses now I am sure.

  • Juancho

    The presser is on youtube. Watching it now.

  • Juancho

    Love his press conference. Can i interest anyone in a nice warm glass of sonny delight ?

  • Will

    Glad to see the change of heart, Juancho

  • Juancho

    False will.

    And thats whats weirding me out about the blog infighting. I said i was onboard since he was hired.

    I shared some concerns. But that would be the case for anyone. Thats why i dont get why some folks are being so petty towards those who express their concerns. Thats the beauty of blogs. Otherwise people can read the newspaper and enjoy their own opinion.

    Im a believer. But i have concerns. I think thats fair. And think a lot of folks may feel that way. And

    Ive been a cal guy all my life. To think i have to blondly accept a new guy and see no negatives right off the bat rings wrong to me.

    Im drinking the sonny d. But if a gentleman such as the most wise of bovine shares his worries. I think thats fair too.

    Will im glad harbaugh ruined the niners season.

  • Eric


    You are, of course, correct that there is no need for infighting.

    Sharing worries is cool. Pointing out some of the flaws in the worries should also be cool. That is not attacking someone – that’s just pointing out the flaws in the argument. Attacking those who point out the flaws is not cool.

  • Eric

    Sharing worries does not equal labeling someone as incompetent or suggesting they “blatantly misquote.”

  • Juancho

    I agree eric.

    And i hope you and wisdom can let bygones be bygones. You guys are two of the old reliables.

  • Will

    Juancho,there’s an NFL game going on right now. You should check it out.

  • Juancho

    Watching it will. Raiders fans dont go into hiding when the team struggles unlike another bay area nfl teams fan base.

  • Will

    The other Bay Area NFL team isn’t the one that had games blacked out for years due to an inability to sell out the stadium.

  • Eric

    Ever since the Raiders got Palmer…

    It is the curse of the U$C QB. Leinart. Sanchez. Cassel. Soon to be Barkley.

  • Will

    I’ll give you credit though, it must be tough being both a Cal and Raiders fan these days. At least the A’s did you proud.

  • Juancho

    Eric the sad part is i bet the raiders get mark sanchez next.

    Lots of dissapointments will. But sports is about loyalty. And you can bet that my A’s playoffs sweater i get this year at a detroit game is truly treasured.

  • shaka

    Listened to Sonny’s radio interview today, and you have to like what you heard. Despite early cynicism and Monday qb’ing, could be a monster pick. Humble, articulate, flexible, approachable, willing to risk..traits missing before. Really understands the leadership role of the QB in shaping team confidence. Will be interesting to see if and how he impacts recruiting near term. GO BEARS!

  • Eric

    I’m a Giants fan. Suffered terribly in 1988, 1993 (103 wins and you don’t make the freakin’ playoffs), and 2002. Finally saw the glory in 2010. Best part is my dad, who was born in 1926 and has been a lifelong NY/SF Giants fan, got to go to a World Series game and see a championship in SF before he goes….

    I’m also a NY Rangers fan (weird family connection). If 1994 hadn’t happened, I think I would have gone postal.

    And now I need my Bears to get to the Rose Bowl before I die. Don’t need to win it. Don’t need a NC. Just need to go to the Rose Bowl.

    Pass me the Sonny Delight.

  • Eric

    Sorry, 1989, but did suffer in 1988, indirectly, due to Kirk Gibson and Vin Scully. Scumbag Dodgers.

  • Eric

    Does anyone know his 4th down go for it statistics? Would be interesting to find out.

  • Juancho

    Eric ill always have a soft spot for the giants world series. I had just moved to san francisco. And will always remember rushing to a bar after work to watch lincecum close it out. Plus im a baseball guy.

    Strangely enough ive always thought about making it to the rose bowl. Never about winning or losing it.

  • shaka

    For the academics in the crowd..


    Eric, the question is relevant.

  • ConcordBear

    Good luck to our new coach.
    Important short stretch for him over next week as he puts together his staff.
    If he can put together an elite staff we can start building something.
    Lot of doubters around saying he will not be a good coach.
    We’ll see what he is made of.
    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Id like to nominate my hermano shaka for the most academic award for the annual bear talk blog awards.

    Yiu guys see that jeff the cat faraudo was the first gentleman to ask sonny delight a question ?

  • Eric


    Thanks. Gregg Easterbrook (tmq at espn.com) has long favored going for it on 4th down, and has tracked a high school in Arkansas where the team virtually never goes for it on 4th down. They have won something like 4 out the last 5 state championships at their level (going from memory).

    So anyone know Dykes’ statistics for going for it on 4th. I love a coach that does, particularly anytime you are between the 30 yard line and the 45 line of your opponent.

  • wehofx

    The Cat…I like it.

    Also like what SD said about Special Teams. I was one of the last jt supporters but his st’s always sucked even in the big years.

    I think we can do better than D Walker. Let’s hope sd comes up with dc hire that is a pleasant surprise – even for the skeptics.

    I stopped reading the chron a coupla years ago but checked in to see what they/crum said. Lame/non existent coverage about jt firing and hc search. The few threadbare stories crum wrote were a week after jf’s stories and imo were plagiarized from jf.

    Again, kudos to JF. Great work.

    I also think the posts (and the posters) here are vastly more interesting, better researched and well argued than the chron. As a result, we occasionally get down and dirty bare knuckle fights. Price of doing business.

    Juancho, you’re gonna have to come up with BTBA for Best Fight based on research, logic and minimal name calling.

  • for all you fair weather bear fans wringing your hands about the foreboding woe that might be, maybe you ought to check out the youtube Texas A&M D v. Louisana Tech O 2012 clip. Final was TA&M 59–LT 57. Frankly my biggest worry is that we won’t have enough skill players to take advantage of SD’s offensive abilities.

  • Rollonubears

    If we’re gonna lose, I’d rather lose 59-57 than 6-3. I think we have a lot more skill players than la tech, so that won be a problem, and I think we have a lot better defensive stockpile as all. With even a decent d coordinator, we should be fine. With a great one, we could win the pac12. With all of these guys on both sides playing at a higher tempo, we’re really going to need the best strength coach of there.

  • daredevilfan

    Ode to Sonny
    Sonny, your name is funny
    Your nose is likely runny
    You look as if you like hunny
    You’ll make us score a lot
    On 4th we’ll take a shot
    Covina thinks your wife is hot
    Jeff the cat gives you a chance
    So strap on your big boy pants
    We’ll deal with Morens rants
    Get rid of 110000 backup Qbs
    Don’t worry ‘bout folks in trees
    Please don’t settle for 3’s
    Wise Bovine thinks you’re a bust
    Such that our stadium will sit bare and rust
    But in Kline we Trust
    Bring us Roses Sonny

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I hate to rain on your love fest but why do you think a one time Arizona assistant will succeed when none have?


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Just think if you are a Stanford fan taking time out from making Rose Bowl travel plans to read this article.

    It will be interesting to see if this good ole boy can improve UC East Bay’s graduation rate from rock bottom in the Pac12 to Louisiana Tech levels.


  • rob bear

    Have fun in El Paso being the most underachieving #1 ranked team in the modern era. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Trojans!

    Find a Solid D Coordinator and we, CAL, will be fine. This guy Dykes knows how to score points and win games.

  • Will

    This “football school” has turned into a national joke:


    Reader favorite comments:

    “USC has a linebacker? Who knew? Never saw one make a tackle this year.”

    “he should be grateful his pathetic team even made it to a bowl”

    “TB behavior is consistent with that of USC. Most of USC players and coaches believe they are championship team but played like crap on the field, and that’s why this idiot got mad. It’s a good reflection of the school as well as the head coach. Good job USC.”

    And simple, but to the point:

    “Stay classy USC”

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I don’t see roses, just a bunch of We Believe signs.

  • jabes

    Hey. Pick on the Dodgers all you want. Hate Gibson for gimping around the bases. You can even pick on Hershiser’s nerdy looks and awkward on-air presence. Leave. Vin. Scully. Out. Of It.

    a) Vinnie didn’t throw the pitch to Gibson, he just called it.
    b) Vinnie is the least homerific announcer, and not coincidentally the best. He would have made the same call if it was one of the bash brothers making that type of play.

    I was trying to be an A’s fan in 1988, even though it’s the American League. Went to opening day, followed the boxscores, the whole thing. If only the A’s and Dodgers didn’t meet in the WS I could have done it.

  • BlueNGold

    moron: “I hate to rain on your love fest…”

    Oh, really? Then how do you explain ten years of non stop, repetitive and redundant trash talking from the troll? Your entire existence is completely dependent on posting snarky, stupid and childish comments about Cal and its athletic programs. Why do you insist on lying and denying the truth? Could it be that even you are ashamed of your pathetic life over the last decade? Or perhaps its because even daddy thinks you are a waste of a human being? Do you EVER speak the truth, moron?

  • Eric


    I totally agree that Vin Scully is a national treasure. What is so painful is that he calls for the Dodgers. It is wrong. It is wrong that one of the most amazing calls was on Gibson’s HR. The scumbag Dodgers don’t deserve it.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    At yesterday’s presser, were representatives from the Engineering and Pre-Med departments present since this hire could impact their enrollments?

  • A-Dubble

    In his presser he said Cal football would be exciting and we’ll put the ball in the air. I want our run game to continue to be strong.

    I would hope he has the sense enough to keep Coach Gould. He wont find a better running backs coach anywhere else. The dude’s resume is proven. Igber, Arrington, Lynch, Forsett, Best, Vereen, Sofele, Anderson and of course Bigelow. 5 of those guys went to the NFL and im sure the rest will follow. It should be slam dunk.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #37 BlueNGold

    Do you support this hire of the “Coach No One Wanted”?

    I will wait by my computer for your answer.

    By the time you answer with a football related comment IE will be 128-bit.

  • CalBearister

    Moron – look at your coach getting called out by the QB whose Heisman dreams died this year:

    USC coach Lane Kiffin disagrees with quarterback Matt Barkley’s comments
    By Scott Wolf, Staff Writer
    Posted: 12/05/2012 02:13:28 PM PST
    Updated: 12/05/2012 02:15:46 PM PST

    USC coach Lane Kiffin took issue with quarterback Matt Barkley’s comments Monday that USC’s offense focused too much on wide receiver Marqise Lee this season to the detriment of wide receiver Robert Woods and the Trojans’ tight ends.

    “No, I don’t think that’s true,” Kiffin said. “He had one more catch (112) than Robert had last year,” Kiffin said.

    Although Barkley said earlier this week he was unsure if he would play in the Sun Bowl, Kiffin said he expects his senior quarterback to play.

    “We anticipate Matt will play,” Kiffin said.

    When asked if Barkley might sit out to rest his shoulder and save himself for NFL draft workouts, Kiffin said, “It wouldn’t matter what game it is. If he can play, he’ll play.”

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Marqise Lee = 2012 Blietnikoff winner for best WR in the country.

    Keenan Allen = 2012 Honorable Mention Pac 12 but all time record holder at UC East Bay for receptions.

    No respect for your program.

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    MoronTroll: = 1986-2012 Haterkoff winner for saddest troll in the country.

    MoronTroll = 2012 Dishonorable Mention Pac 12 but all time record hater at whatever JC she attended because she couldn’t get into Cal or USC.

    No respect for herself.

  • CalBearister

    Moron – how many of those 112 catches by Lee were with illegally deflated balls? As Pat Forde points out with devastating precision, your coach is a lying, manipulating, douchebag with zero integrity. Give me Sonny Dykes any day – and twice on Saturdays.


  • gobears49

    For those of you who may be concerned, like I am, that Sonny Dykes passes too much is does not run the ball, below is a link to the stats of La Tech last season. They almost ran the ball as much as they passed it, which I am happy about. Note the great stats on TD’s versus interceptions.


  • Juancho

    Wehofx, I’ve been racking my brain. I’m not sure the blog has had an amicable fight.

    Daredev, I nominate you to be the official minstrel of this blog. And noiminate you for the Bear Talk Blog Awards, for most poetic post. That thing was beautiful.

  • Steve W

    The article about all the Arizona coaches that went on to get fired in HC positions is total BS and taken completely out of perspective. Ron McBride was the guy responsible for taking Utah to another level and had mostly successful seasons before he was let go. Kinda like Tedford. And didn’t Arizona fire Dick Tomey, the architect of Desert Swarm and the most successful coach they have ever had?

    Leave it to the Moron to send that over. I am now convinced this sicko (Moron) doesn’t give a crap about SC and just uses that program as a convenient vehicle. I am surprised he has not changed his allegiance to Oregon. I am convinced it doesn’t phase him one bit when the cal posters keep reminding him what a joke the Trojans have become. When a Cal co- ed calls you out for having a small wee-wee, that pain apparently runs long and deep.

  • wehofx

    shaka & eric, in this week’s SI (lebron on the cover) there’s a great article called, “Gridiron Geeks.” It’s about how more and more nfl teams are starting analytics dept.s w math phd’s. It addresses going for it on 4th down, passing vs run, “conservative.”

    #47 True dat$ I vote for DareD’s Poet BTBA.

    For the remaining sd skeptics/naysayers, I was thinking about the Executive Search firm used to get sd. The lead guy was also lead on the harbaugh and McI hires. I’m speculating – w some knowledge of E Search firms albeit in movie biz – that he must have been sb’s primary sounding board in the interview process. If he agreed that Dykes was the man among that formidable group of coaching candidates, then I feel even better about sd’s hire.

  • Mr. B

    Who’s the new OC?

    A man of honesty and integrity (he blew the whistle on Kentucky giving recruits money orders) who is also incredibly creative (he is the one who truly came up with the speedy spread that Kelly runs for NikeU) and knows that going for it on 4th and short is usually the right choice.


    Great LA Times article here:

    Sorry for posting another newspaper on your blog, JF.
    Anyone else happy the LA Times is helping CAL recruit in LA now?

    All I want for XMAS now is confirmation of Ron Gould remaining in-place as RB coach.

    Go BEARS!!