Basketball: UNLV game thread

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FINAL SCORE: UNLV 76, Cal 75. Quintrell Thomas’ putback off an airball by teammate Anthony Marshall with 1.2 seconds left provided the No. 21 Runnin’ Rebels (7-1) the final margin over the Bears (6-2). But Cal lost this game by allowing 13 offensive rebounds, turning the ball over 13 times, and missing 13 (of 28) free throws. Allen Crabbe led Cal with 18 points, and career-highs for Richard Solomon (14) and freshman Tyrone Wallace (13). Anthony Bennett, a freshman who may never become a sophomore, led UNLV with a career-high 25 points and 13 rebounds. Guard Bryce Dejean-Jones scored 22, 12 in the second half.

1:36 2nd H: Freshman Wallace has scored Cal’s past four points and has a career-high 13. But UNLV freshman Bennett just made two FTs — he has 21 points — and the score is tied 70-all.

3:41 2nd H: Wallace draws an offensive foul by UNLV’s Savon Goodman and Cal has the ball, trailing 68-66. Bryce Dejean-Jones, who had scored 12 points since 10:26 left, now on the bench with his fourth foul, an intentional against Justin Cobbs.

8:18 2nd H: Cal tied it on two FTs by freshman Tyrone Wallace, but UNLV now leads 61-58.

11:33 2nd H: Cal has gone five straight possessions without scoring and UNLV is up 53-47.

13:57 2nd H: Cal’s zone continues to stymie (love that word) the Rebels, who are shooting 1 for 8 in the half. A short jumper by Kravish pulled the Bears within 48-47. UNLV called timeout. Cal shooting 62.5 percent from the field, but is 3 for 12 from the FT line.

15:58 2nd H: Cal has crept within 47-41, thanks to a 3-pointer by Crabbe. Teams are a combined 2 for 9 in the half and Solomon has missed 2 more FTs. This is Cal’s chance right now — UNLV is struggling to do much more than cast 3-pointers against the Bears’ zone defense.

HALFTIME: UNLV 45, Cal 38. The Bears led 24-17 with 9:33 left, but have been outscored 28-14 since. Same old problem:  Too many turnovers and too many offensive rebounds by the other guys. UNLV has 15 points off nine Cal TOs, and has six second-chance points off eight ORebs. Cal shooting 65.4 percent (17 for 26) and trails by seven. Crabbe and Thurman both with three PFs. Richard Solomon is two points from equaling his career high with 12 already, but missesd a wide-open layup and two FTs. Freshman Anthony Bennett leads UNLV with 13 points, eight rebounds.

1:27 1st H: (Back after technical difficulties). UNLV leads 43-36. Crabbe picked up his third PF on what was called a Flagrant 1 when he swung his elbows while holding the ball. Score was 28-all at the time with 6:49 left. Moser returned to the floor with his right arm in a sling. Won’t play again. UNLV doesn’t appear to need him.

7:45 1st H: Cal leads 26-24 after a jumper by Cobbs. Cal is shooting 73.3 percent (11 for 15), but is plagued again by the same thing that cost the Bears last week at Wisconsin — seven turnovers and six offensive rebounds allowed. Crabbe is back on the floor, playing with two fouls. Robert Thurman just took a seat after picking up his third.

11:55 1st H: Cal leads 18-17 after a 3-pointer by Cobbs, then a postup basket by UNLV’s Quintrell Thomas. Moser left the court with 15:10 left after apparently hitting his head on the floor during a scramble for a loose ball. He was wobbly as he got up and was taken to the locker room. Has not returned. Crabbe picked up his second PF with 12:15 left and is on the bench.

15:41 1st H: A 3-pointer by Crabbe gave Cal a 10-2 lead. Now 12-6 after putback by Robert Thurman and he will shoot one after the timeout. Sonny Dykes and his family just were introduced at midcourt during the time.

17:32 1st H: Good energy in the house and a good crowd, although not full. Cal leads 7-2, forcing UNLV to call timeout. Two baskets by Brandon Smith.

LINEUPS: Cal will start the same lineup its used for all seven previous games with F David Kravish, F Richard Solomon, G Allen Crabbe, G Justin Cobbs and G Brandon Smith. UNLV will start F Anthony Bennett, F Mike Moser, G Katin Reinhardt, G Bryce Dejean-Jones and G Anthony Marshall. 

WELCOME: The Bears (6-1) are back at Haas Pavilion today for the first time since Nov. 13, facing No. 21 UNLV (6-1). The game is such a big deal that new Cal football coach Sonny Dykes is here. Will be back with lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx

    >>>. Same old problem: Too many turnovers and too many offensive rebounds by the other guys. >>>

    True dat.

    I like his game a lot but seems like Cobb is suffering from 2nd year slump. His negative assist to turnover ratio is bad. It’s kinda like what b smith went through last year.

    Solomon’s points are needed but what the hell is he doing 15 feet from the basket?

    C’mon Bears, (kravish and solomon, esp) get on the O glass and bang!

  • Juancho

    Jeff The Cat Faraudo. Is it just me or are less cal bball games on tv locally now? I thought the pac 12 network was fixing this. I dont have espnu. And i worry neither does the most christmas tree of pine zack kline.

  • daredevilfan

    Ouch, thought we had that one. Free throws killed. We should have won. Lots of positives, but the loss is still the bottom line.

  • SteveNTexas

    Not good – 3 important games – we lost two of them so far.. Wisc lost again to an unranked team but because they may be good later in the season and are usually good we should count that.

  • Juancho

    Im not a montgomery fan. This doesnt help. This is tedfordesque.

  • daredevilfan

    That was a pretty darn good team we played today. I saw some real potential by us if we can put it all together. Wallace is so scrappy and really is a gamer. Hopefully we can grow from this and have more composure going forward.

  • Will L

    Free throws killed. But we were one fairly easy block out from winning. Ball watching. Fundamental error cost us the game at the end.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Well, I got to try to teach my kid why you DON’T SHOOT WITH 11 SECONDS TO GO ONLY DOWN 1.

    I really hope Cobbs misread the clock and thought he had 4 seconds instead of 14 when he made his move. Otherwise, that was terrible. Basic clock management failure. You drive with 8, maybe 7 seconds left, leaving enough time for a rebound if you miss, sticking them with 3-4 seconds, max, if you get the lead.

    Such a great effort to keep close and come back (albeit with the good fortune of their bruiser going down) only to make a mental mistake when it counted most.

    Here I was, while missing Jorge’s D and leadership, very glad that he would no longer turn the ball over on the last possession, only for Cobbs to shoot WAY too early, giving UNLV the chance they should never have been given.

    Defense matters.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Will L, there is little harder defensively than blocking out on an airball.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt


    I didn’t see the game but if Cobbs put the team up 1 with 11 seconds that’s fine. If you miss and foul after shooting with only 7 left the game is over when you foul with only 1 or 2 seconds left.

    I would tell a player if you can score under 15 seconds we’ll take it.

    If Cal was down when Cobbs scored you can’t nitpick and say ‘you must score 3 seconds later!’ At that point you need a score to pull ahead and if a good chance to score is there a mere 3 seconds earlier you take it.

    Again I didn’t see the game but if this is the case it seems like an overreaction to be so mad at Cobbs for putting Cal ahead. If Cal was up 1 I agree with you.


    After demanding that Kline transfer (and getting called out on it) I thought maybe you’d chill out on your assault on all thing Cal-related. Calling Monty ‘Tedford’ for almost beating #21 team when his guys miss 13 FT. Wow. You’ve hit rock bottom, dude.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Down 2, yes, you take the first good look. Down only one, no. You play to win. You leave some time on the clock, but 11 second is an eternity. It was flat out wrong, and I would not be surprised to learn Cobbs misread the clock. He did force a shot and was fortunate to get a call.

    It’s not an overreaction to think the play was poor, especially against a team with two 6’8″ 240+ forwards having their way with us in the paint.

    And with only 3-4 seconds left, you can still foul and get a much better chance than the one they ended up with at the 0.9 second mark.

    You didn’t see the play. He was in the standard, dribbling while the clock goes down 10 feet above the key, then started his drive with 14 seconds left, and force a shot. It was just wrong.

    Now if a guy flashes wide open under the basket or something like that, down one, sure, you jump at the points regardless of the clock. Otherwise, no. You won’t see it happen often at all. You take the last shot when you can.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt


    Good points I just don’t think it’s automatic to play it that way down 1. Leaving time to miss, foul, and potentially get the ball back with 7-10 seconds still down 1, 2, or 3 points is viable. But I agree going for the kill is tempting. I’m curious if he misread it as you said or was told to start at a certain time. I’ll watch DVR of game tomorrow, maybe ill feel differently but like I don’t think it’s a major bonehead play considering he got the lead. And then all Cal needed was 1 stop for the win, or one rebound…

    Frustrating they couldn’t pick up this win. As said above pressure is mounting for the Creighton game and it’s time for a big win.

  • SteveNTexas

    Takeoff read Dan’s comments about you the very last time you posted before you attack another Cal Fan.
    You and moren seem to only value your own opinions.

    Monty is not Tedford but we have been declining steadily the past few seasons and the Pac 12 is not so hot. Colorado got blown out last night. Letrs see if we make the NCAA’s.

    Losing the last two games is not good- Wisc has 4 losses this year – and we should play better at home than we did today.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Takeoff, consider two things,

    First, you can still foul and get it back with enough time for a reasonable (not great, obviously) shot if you wait until 3-4 secs left, start your play or move around 7-8 seconds. These are the exact things you argue for.

    Alternatively, you are putting the opposition in the exact position in your best case scenario. They have the ball with enough time to miss (air ball), still get it back and ice the game, and they did it with their PG taking some time off the clock before throwing up the air ball.

    You just don’t give the opposition that much time. It’s like trying a last drive FG attempt to win with 15 seconds left instead of letting the clock go down to 2 or 3.

    Honestly, keep it in mind as you watch games this year, or at least during the Tourney when many games will be in that situation. The odds are best for you to have a little time left when you shoot, down one, but not more than 4-5 seconds. Down two, different story. Keep it in mind and you’ll see.

    Teams down one won’t shoot that early because it is giving the opposition much better odds, whether you make or miss. Make, they still have time to miss a shot and get a second attempt (the very position you could have run your preferred play against them with). Miss, they have foul shots to make it a 2 or 3 point game.

    I’m saying it pretty much is an automatic to take the clock lower in that situation. I’d be really surprised to hear any coach say otherwise. Again, this is specific to being down only 1. You run your play, with enough time for a rebound second chance, but very little else.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    I agree teams won’t shoot ‘early’ I think we just differ on what early is. Down 1 at home I’m not ready to put it all on one shot. Shooting when Cobbs did doesn’t seem crazy to me.

    Hi Steve. Good to see you. I’m fine thanks. Feel like talking about basketball? Great. Feel like posting the same thing over and over about how bad Cal is? Not great.

    Do you realize that nearly 100% of your posts attack the coach, team, conference, or something else – without any real substance? Great contribution. Reminds me of…

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Takeoff, I didn’t put it on one shot, but one possession, yes. You can get a second chance shot (just as UNLV did, sadly), and even a second, literally last second or two possession. The point is that you don’t give the opposition one QUALITY possession by giving them so much time.

    I argue over minutia often, but this one is kinda big. I’d argue it’s a no brainer 100% of the time, barring some kind of defensive breakdown where you are given automatic easy points.

    Trying to see your position, it wouldn’t be as bad of a decision if you had the advantage on the boards. UNLV, however was dominating in the paint all night, meaning they were the team more likely to get second chances.

    Again, I’m talking strategy and odds. You shoot early, you can still win. It’s just over the course of 100 games with that scenario, teams that leave time on the clock are going to lose more than those that don’t.

    Also, I’m saying you run YOUR play. Cal was running a set play and Cobbs had time to kill (having gotten possession with 24 seconds remaining) and actually did run some clock off, which made it all the more odd. Perhaps, think on it like the Three Door Monty Hall problem. It’s just maximizing your chances.

    Last, honestly, my earlier post may have come across harshly towards Cobbs, but that was not my intent. He made a mistake. It’s his first time being THE GUY with the ball down the stretch now that Jorge is gone. It was a big come back (never down big, but it never looked like they would regain the lead against that front line). This is how he learns to handle those situations. Bummed about the loss, but I really like Cobbs.

    Now, if he does it again . . . 😉

  • SteveNTexas

    Arizona seems to be the only really good team in the Pac12. This means Cal has a shot for 2nd or 3rd and a possible playoff berth.

    We have to hope to improve without injuries and that the Pac12 will send 3 teams-not impossible.

  • rollonubears

    We got a ton of help from the officials down the stretch. It was almost embarrassing to watch. We should have won that game easily, given the help. UNLV is huge, as are all of the top programs in the country. Unless we run the princeton offense, I don’t think we have a chance to do anything this year. We might make the tournament, and maybe win a game. We need big men. Big, not just tall. But we need more tall guys, too. The game was really fun to watch. I’m not too stressed about the bears. After these last 2 games, my expectations are way down.

  • discdude

    Anyone have a thought about the “elbow” call on Crabbe? He said he didn’t connect, but is that call made even if you don’t connect, i.e. that if you bring the elbow above the shoulders with or without intent, it’s a foul? IMHO, that was the game changer right there. Even if Crabbe was being covered like glue (he was struggling to get open), it took one of UNLV’s players out and the game was close. Solomon stepped up a hit a few, but missing free throws is infectious. If Cobbs had been to the line a few times before Solomon (something he needs to concentrate on), the team would have shot 70%. Watching Solo up there missing 4 in a row didn’t help Kravish and the others. Missing Crabbe for 7 minutes really didn’t help. Kravish and Solo did their best, but UNLV big men too strong and good. It’s just a Cal weakness, lack of physical play.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    The replay I watch showed a connection, but it looked very unintentional. The graphic they displayed made it seem like it does not matter what you intend, so long as you are swinging them. Crabbe did do a bit more than just set himself, more like hoping to draw a foul going into his motion.

    While a discretionary rule is more ideal, refs suck, so I don’t mind the rule. Players just have to stop clearing space with high elbows.

  • gobears49

    Guess we throw in some airballs in blocking out drills when the other sides shoots to make sure we immediately go after the ball. Most likely blocking out drills don’t include that type of situation and assume the shot ball will hit the rim and/or backboard.

    I didn’t see the game (pissed that I didn’t tape it) but it could be Soloman was surprised to see the ball land near him. Got to prepared for any eventuality so may as well practice it so you get used to seeing it happen.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    With a healthy Kreklow we beat unlv (unless they had a healthy Moseley. then it woulda been a great game.)
    Until then…I expect some more pain against good, athletic teams.
    And Wallace should replace Smith in the lineup today in practice, please Monty?

    *IF* we can beat Creighton we should enter pac12 play at 10-2, not too shabby. Get healthy RK.

    Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    Cobb taking the shot w 11 sec didn’t bother me at all: 1) unlv’s D was so good open looks were hard to come by. (Yeah, I know it was a force but he did go to the line and get the lead.)
    2) What Takeoff said.

    Wisdom, but I do agree w you about crabbe flagrant. It was a flop w incidental/minimal contact. Ref’s had benefit of replay and still blew it. The high elbows, however, had to be called – I guess – thus crabbe gets 3 foul regardless.

    BlakeSt, true dat x 2. I know it’s become my pet peeve but b smith has to go to the bench. Wallace gets the start starting w creighton/today’s practice. (TW is going to be special.) I was hoping b smith would raise his game from last year but those out of control drives in the 2nd half were inexcusable. The last one po’d monty enough that he finally benched him for wallace.

    When Kreklow gets healthy, B smith becomes last guard off the bench.

    Thurman has raised his game. I hope Monty keeps increasing his minutes.

  • discdude

    My other thought about this game is that Crabbe exhibited (not verbally, but with fouls #2 and #3) the kind of frustration that Cobbs had against Wisconsin. He was frustrated he wasn’t getting open, so he shoved the guy on foul #2 and then lead with elbow. That just kills the Bears to not have him in there. Both of these guys need to play under control and be leaders, not whiners. They need to realize that the other team is doing this to get them in foul trouble. Stuff happens, play on, work hard, if you can’t get open, do other things, tire your man out and make him weak when he’s on offense. But getting frustrated and having to sit never helps.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Discdude, you nailed it.

    That Bennett guy was a beast, Powe-ish even.

  • SteveNTexas

    Creighton has a possible player of the year candidate in McDermott

    Meanwhile our Jason Kidd is quietly still averaging 1.9 something steals a game and shooting 50% from the 3 point line.

  • Mitchie V

    That was just painful. Every missed free throw was . . . pain.

    Thank you for having this board where I can share my angst. My coworkers just don’t understand.