Football: Four new assistants — all from LaTech

New Cal coach Sonny Dykes added two more assistant coaches to his staff, bringing the total to four aides. All formerly worked for him at Louisiana Tech.

Hired on Friday were Mark Tommerdahl, special team coordinator and inside receivers coach, and Pierre Ingram, running backs coach.

Earlier this week, Dykes brought on offensive coordinator Tony Stewart and assistant head coach/receivers coach Rob Likens.

Still to be named are Cal’s new offensive line coach and the entire defensive staff, including coordinator.

Jeff Faraudo

  • H8sRed

    Any way Sonny can lure Diaco away from Notre Dame?

  • Juancho

    Brethren. Can someone clarify something for me. That new uc logo. Was that for cal only or the uc system ?

  • wehofx

    Juancho, 98% sure it was for Cal but sounds like the powers-that-be finally got a clue and dumped the fugly pos.

    twitter rumor I hope is true:

    FootballScoop Staff ‏@footballscoop

    Sources tell us that former Cal running backs coach Ron Gould will be named head coach at UC Davis Monday http://www.footballscoop.com/the-scoop

    Go Bears! Beat Creighton!

  • Will

    100% sure the logo was for the entire UC system.

    It’s gone though. Thank goodness.

  • ConcordBear

    Ron Gould being hired as head coach at UC Davis would be a tremendous promotion for him and well deserved.
    Hope it happens!

  • Juancho

    Wisdom, BTB minister of magic and mysticism. I dknt want to miss out on that ever turkey again. Please advise on any traditions we need comply with. How soon should i put my ladle out for the turkey. When does he make his rounds.

    Wehofx, BTB social networking director, kindly advise on how pierre ingram and dykes are doing on the twitternet.

    Will, BTB rope guy. How are you going to adjust for the spread ? How does the rope strategy shift flr spread vs pro set ?

    Covina. Not sure what youre doing or thinking. But i disagree with it.

  • covinared

    I was thinking women are more atractive than men.

  • Juancho

    Awful sexist and masogynist. I nominate covina to be the official attractiveness rater for BTB. This comment plus his sharing that sonny dykes wife has a meritorious physical manifestation.

  • Juancho

    If ed gray read covinas comments he would cringe.

    Ed gray you a reader ? Announce yourself.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, damn you, don’t forget my primary job is Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. In addition to Pint Curls and Breast Press, I’ve added (Wild) Turkey Trot, Bar Hopping and Knocking Boots to the BTB Workout.

    Get a look at DC candidate, dave aranda, now on tv: utah state vs toledo.


    Twitter rumor is aranda has been offered the job. andy buh has been interviewed = Plan B.

    SD got his first flip/steal. Tx 3/4 star wr danon cavil has flipped from ole miss.

    ucla decommits erik bunte/ol and jermaine kelly/db are interested.

  • Will

    I was thinking that perhaps more counterclockwise rope swinging is called for given the new style of offense. I saw too much clockwise rope work from Kevin Parker. While he brought excellent form, I believe that such an approach is best suited for a pro-style offense.

  • Juancho

    Haha both great posts. Wild turkey trots seems to especially offer a lot of promise. Wehofx im a fan of aranda. Hes my guy for that job.

    Will i think thats true. The spread is about misdirection. And clockwise 100% of the time can be a very predictable pattern.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I’m leaning towards Aranda from the searches I’ve done on the web. Buh seems like a solid choice as well, though not quite the resume (both still young). I’ll be bummed if Aranda chooses Texas Tech over Cal, rumors being he has offers from both on the table.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Juancho, I’m sure I’ll make up some other tradition on a moments notice next year.

    Right now, I am trying to work out the kinks of transposing an old legal brief into a Petition For Removal From The Naughty List. The jurisdictional language is quite tricky, but I think I have Santa’s legal team on the ropes.

    I’m hoping to get a real judge to sign it, then my daughter can have life long proof of how hard I fought for her to get Christmas presents. Of course, if a judge won’t sign, a lump of coal and my shopping if half done.

  • Juancho

    Maybe the BTB legal team can help. Bearister, and i believe steve in tejas.

  • Big D

    OC-Franklin WR-Likens RB-Ingram OL-? TE-?(or is that “inside WRS”?)

    Spec.Teams/Inside WR-Tommerdahl

    DC-? DL-? LB-? DB-?

    Halfway there!

  • Big D

    Jeff- Who is Tony Stewart?

  • Juancho

    Big d there isnt a tight end coach in his offense. Tight ends become receivers. Usually inside guys.

  • Will

    An exceptional NASCAR driver.

  • rob bear

    Take your time on the Defensive side, Sonny Boy. Let a few bowls go by and see what shakes out as far as other coaching moves and transitions. We know what you can do when we have the ball. Where we will either reach greatness or become another Rich Rod U. of Michigan fiasco whereby we put up 45 and give up 55 will all depend on who will architect what happens when the rest of the PAC 12 has the ball. I like the fact that nothing is being rushed. Build it and they will come, Sonny Boy.

    GO BEARS! Beat North by Northwestern with EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!!!

  • Juancho

    Rob bear they already offered the job to dave aranda with extreme prejudice. Hell decide between us and the txas tech job in next few days.

  • wehofx

    doesn’t ts play for the raiders?

    D, JF meant Tony Franklin – who with, sd and P ingram are rumored to be at Cal HS championship game. Recruiting HARD.

    twitter rumor: SD did in home w salesian’s jermaine kelly.

    watched parts of utah statue game, Aranda’s D looked very good, no, make that excellent, against what is statistically a high scoring toledo O. Seemed like Toledo used Pistol/zone read and – unlike cp’s D – gap discipline was maintained and the edge was set. The DE’s didn’t bite on the dive.

    surfed between above game and marin vs madison. Goff got game and wheels. He also has a wicked fast release.

    Juancho, ZK is gonna have competition. Competition is good.

    GO Bears! Beat Creighton!

  • Juancho

    Wehofx. As some on here claim, i am a fan of zack kline. I can admit that.

    Goff though is a better fit for the spread. Hes a better runner. Heck hes a stud shortstop who i hope will be given the option to play baseball at cal now too under dykes.

    The spread doesnt have the traditional protectionpocket or three step drop that a guy like kline is made for. He can still thrive in dykes system. But calling a spade a spade that kid was raised and trained to be an nfl style pocket passer since he was young.

    Spread is about accuracy with an emphasis on short routes and throws on the run. Typically with the qb throwing lickity split and moving laterally to get space.

    Nflmstyle is about making reads as you drop back with typically longer routes and stepping up in the pocket andmaking throws.

    I think both guys can be excellent in both styles. But the spread style benefits the guy who can move laterally and run and thats goff.

  • rob bear

    #23 Too funny. This is a very narrow definition of the Spread Offense. ALL offenses are about accuracy and have short routes as options to what the defense gives you. Moving laterally is something you look for in all QB’s, regardless of your offense. Trust me, Sonny Boy will get one of these guys on the depth chart ready to play within two years. Scoring will not be a problem.

    Aranda is one of many options on defense.