Football: Report says Gould to land UC Davis job

The website Footballscoop.com reported that former long-time Cal running backs coach Ron Gould will be named head coach at UC Davis on Monday.

Gould, 47, spent 16 seasons at Cal, the past 11 under coach Jeff Tedford.

He recruited and coached the likes of Marshawn Lynch, Jahvid Best, J.J. Arrington, Justin Forsett and Shane Vereen at Cal.

Gould did not return two text requests Saturday for confirmation he will replace Bob Biggs as Aggies coach. Biggs retired after this past season, his 20th as head coach at Davis.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rob bear

    Best of luck to Coach Gould wherever he ends up.

    Brace yourself PAC 12. The Sonny Bear Assault is a few months away! Go BEARS!

    Beat Northwestern with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  • Juancho

    Happy for coach gould. Happy he will still be at a uc.

  • wehofx

    JF, one of the primary reasons BTB and your bang reporting are my first sports read are you’re an old school conscientious journalist – unlike many of the wanabes on twitter or those old dogs phoning it in, ie crum. (not to mention your occasional well timed snark.) In the above case that means getting confirmation from the source, ie RG or davis ad.

    That said, here’s a hot twitter rumor from F scoop. (I didn’t start following them until last week so I have no idea of their record during the jt firing and hc search. the twitter reporter wannabes were wrong more often than not.):

    >>>FootballScoop Staff ‏@footballscoop
    Sources tell us Buh had offers from Dykes, Bielema at Ark… and Barry from Wisconsin. Yes, Barry tried to sway him to stay. Impressive
    Double boom! Sources: Andy Buh plans to bring Randy Stewart to Cal. Stewart has ~15 yrs exp in Cal (Fresno St. & Cal)
    Buh and Stewart are two coaches the High School coaches (and players) in CA will know and love seeing more of. Good additions by Sonny >>>

    If true, sounds great to me. or as RobBear would say, “Andy & Randy welcome to Cal w extreme prejudice! Put together a DOMINATING defense w EXTREME PREJUDICE$$$

  • 707 Bear

    Congratulations Coach Gould.

    A visit to UC Davis for a game—when there isn’t a conflict with Cal–is a treat.

    Gameday at UC Davis is a mini-Cal experience: same fight songs, same colors, tailgates, Rotary Club beer outside stadium, etc.

    Prices are mini as well: 7$ to park and 12$ for a GA ticket.

    There are grass hillsides in each end zone. Watching the wee little ones log roll down the hill is worth the price of admission.

  • Juancho

    Haha great post. Looks like rivals is saying rumor is buhs been hired. Glad to hear that recruiting tidbit. Thats where ive had extreme prejudice in the past.

    Clancy n tedford didnt recruit much. Looks like and al buh(ndy) couldbe big upgrades there.

  • Kevin

    Great pick up for UC Davis – very happy for Ron Gould. As a Davis alum and Cal fan, it will be fun to see how this plays out. Hopefully, Gould can improve recruiting a bit for Davis as the Big Sky is a tough challenge.

  • Juancho

    My favorite pizza has always been woodstocks in davis. Spent a lot of time there and the old arcade next door as a kid.

  • gobears91

    @Wehofx – the Wisconsin and Ark sites are saying the same thing about Buh turning them down to come to Cal. Hearing good things about him. Aranda probably going to Texas Tech.

  • Juancho
  • Juancho
  • gobears91

    Of course, the czar Juancho is all over it. As far as recruiting, Sonny has reportedly been down in SoCal all weekend for the HS Championship games. Making sure our existing commits feel the love as well as working on new ones. Gotta love the new energy after Tedford basically slept through recruiting season.

  • Juancho

    Get this. Andy buh was lead recruiter for wisconsin on terrell newby.

  • daredevilfan

    Gotta find a way to get Newby. He plus muhammed would be huge. Although, I’m tired of CAL having great specialty players and losing in the trenches. So I really hope there is a bigger push to get dominant lines.

  • Eric

    Newby is awesome – I was at the Chaminade/ND game this year, which was a total shootout.

  • Juancho

    Here’s a little recruiting research:

    These are the current Wisconsin commits from California.

    Tyler Foreman a 4 star safety from Crespi. Which I believe is where Chris Harper is from. This is a guy Cal had been in play for in the past. Could this be a guy we look to flip ?

    Here are the current Wisconsin recruits from CA.

    Terrell Newby a 4 star running back. Buh was his point person at Wisconsin. Cal has been in Newby’s shortlist. So this could be a commitment for us. Would be stellar to get this guy and Khalfani. That’s Oregon’esque.

    Jack Powers a 3 star defensive end from Palma high in Salinas. Not a guy Cal has been in the mix for. He has decent offers. Including Utah. 6’6 kid. Plus I was born in Salinas. So maybe this guy has some of the magic that John Steinbeck and I had.

    Elijah Mitchell a 3 star CB that has pretty weak offers other than Boise St.

    But if our own recruiting fiasco taught us anything this year, it’s that this is a 2 year business. So these are the California kids that Wisconsin is looking at for next year.

    Keller Chryst. # 2 rated QB in the country for this class. Palo Alto High. Has an offer from USC and Stanford. 4 star.

    DJ Calhoun a 3 star LB from El Cerrito. Offers from Washington, Utah, UCLA.

    Adarius Pickett a 3 star CB also from El Cerrito, who Cal is also already recruiting. We’ve offered, so has Utah, ASU.

  • gobears91

    Nice, good research Juancho. The two 4-star Wisconsin recruits seem to make a lot of sense if Buh was their contact person and they were already considering Cal….

  • Juancho

    Here’s the fun stuff. These are the guys who might be back in play for Cal. In order of highest rating per Scout.

    Eddie Vanderdoes, 5 star. # 2 DT in the country. A monster, a smart kid, a great pitcher, who wants to play both sports. A commit to USC. Long rumoured to be uncommitting to them. He’s still taking visits. If he flips it will be us or Tosh. Big V as he is known was part of the CalGang 2.0 which was supposed to be this year’s monster class after last year’s almost monster class. Let’s hope Buh flips this guy. If he does more dominoes fall. (Mike Hutchings).

    Tahaan Goodman, a 4 star safety who is friends with Tyler Foreman. Please read post above. He has a Cal offer. We haven’t been in his short list for a while.

    Max Redfield a 4 star safety who is probably going to Notre Dame. Don’t see us having a shot to flip this gentleman.

    Johnny Johnson a 4 star CB from Fresno. Fresno is our territory. Tedford locked this area down. This kid is leaning UCLA/ Tosh. We need to lock down the group of uncommited Fresno kids.

    Tyler Foreman – please read above.

    Nico Falah a 4 star offensive lineman and HS teammate of Bryce Treggs. This is a guy we need to lock up. I believe he was at one time a USC commit, but uncommitted. We have a shot. So does Oklahoma, Tosh and others.

    Mike Hutchings, 4 star linebacker. Commit to USC. Also rumoured to be uncommitting from USC at some point. This guy was a Cal guy before Tosh left. If Vanderdoes or he flips to Cal, so will the other. And – if this guy flips to Cal, look for Austin Hooper also from De La Salle to commit to Cal. That would give us 3 of De La Salle’s top players from one of their best defenses in years, Egu, Hooper, Hutchings.

    Elijah Qualls a 4 star DT from Petaluma and a Washington commit. Another one of these “would have been a Cal guy” fellas that we lost in Tosh gate. But – could the new staff create enough excitement to reignite this kid’s desire to play in blue & gold.

    Hatari Byrd / LJ Moore. Two more guys in Fresno both 4 stars. Byrd is a S and Moore is a CB. Byrd is an Oklahoma commit. Moore is undecided and has been a Cal guy for a while. If the new staff wants to get the most bang for their buck, they’ve got to make a push at the three studs that Central East has in Fresno. These guys originally wanted to play together and that changed. Maybe they want to reconsider and play at Memorial.

  • wehofx

    Excellent research, VP$ newby would be huge as would vanderdoes(sp) and hutchings.

    Buh and Stewart are both supposed to be BIG TIME recruiters. stewart – according to twitter – recruited Deltha O’neal & Nnamdhi (???).

    I sure hope Ingram has checked in w Muhammed over the weekend. more twitter: 3/4 star juco DL sione sina had a campus visit.

    Buh used a 4/3 at Wisconsin. on 11/17 vs OSU, wisc held them to 14 in regulation. Standford’s 4/3 is the only D that really stopped PKU this year. Are we going to switch?

    we have a LOT of quality lb’s. BUT. guys like B Scarlett and N Broussard can become hybrid DE’s. imo CP used them as DE’s in his scheme.

    #13 Daredevil, agree. Seems like the last 2 big hires are going to Ol and DL coaches.

    Finally – if true – the Buh and Stewart hires are BIG. It is a great indication of how the coaching fraternity views SD and his future. I’ll be surprised if lame k can top the Buh and Stewart hires. If $c hires a retread dc like D Walker, I think we can assume that the hot in-demand dc’s see $c/lame as a program in trouble.

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Wehofx, Ingram and co. already had an in-home with Khalfani. Story is everything is all good on that front and he’s staying put.

  • wehofx

    VP of BTB Recruiting strikes again. Thanks$$$

  • wehofx

    Shoulda logged off but couldn’t resist.

    twitter RE: #15

    >>>Trigga ‏@BryceTreggs

    Tyler Foreman you can go ahead and commit now. Thanks bro. >>>

  • Juancho

    Fyi vanderdoes was up at washington this weekend.

  • gobears91

    As noted above, Cal just flipped a 4-star WR who had committed to Ole Miss: Dannon Cavil. 6-5, 205 lbs. He looks solid. Biggens/Scout is saying that we just got a former UCLA commit, but I don’t know who it is. That would bring the class up to 18 with a lot of solid guys still out there….

  • Juancho

    Gobears prob o lineman erik bunte. Solid player. I know he visited cal this weekend.

  • Juancho
  • Juancho

    Max redfield from my post up above is a hs teammate of bunte. Lets hope dominoes start to fall.

  • gobears91

    Once again, the czar is on it. Thanks Juancho-

  • daredevilfan

    Man, this is starting to feel exciting. Where you get a tiny bit of movement, I hope they keep pushing with all that they’ve got as these high school kids are emotional and will jump on the hottest/latest bandwagon.