Football: Yes, 2 more Cal commits

Cal got two more oral commitments on Monday, with a pair of junior college defenders joining coach Sonny Dykes’ roster for 2013.

Kyle Kragen, a 6-1, 225-pounder from Diablo Valley College, played both defensive end and linebacker the past two years. He attended high school at San Ramon Valley-Danville and is the son of Greg Kragen, a native of Pleasanton who starred at Utah State and eventually was a Pro Bowl defensive end for the Denver Broncos.

Joining Kragen is Sione Sina, a 6-4, 250-pound defensive end from College of San Mateo.

Both players will arrive at Cal with two seasons of eligibility.

Five prospects have committed to the Bears since Dykes’ arrival, giving them a total of 19.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Raf

    i want at least 4 stars. roster is filling up, how many scholarships do we have available? still hope these kids can contribute asap.

  • SteveNTexas

    I agree Raf

  • Eric

    JC transfers are evaluated differently. Take a look at the other schools making offers – that can be a good barometer of the perceived value of JC transfers.

  • Sean

    Dunno about that Eric….I seem to recall Aaron Rogers not having any other offers. Wasn’t he “found” while we were down there looking at a tight end?

  • Juancho

    Sean rodgers was a 4 star when we “found” him at butte. Not sure what offers he had when we offered him. But i believe the story is after we offered him he got more offers.

    I believe sina is a 4 star per some rating sites. He has mega offers like oregon. And thats good enough for me.

    Kragen was a high schoolmteammate of this blogs spiritual leader, zach kline.

    Id prefer five stars and fours. But realistically its too late this year for most. Next year i expect fours and fives. But this year i will give the new staff credit for the improvements theyve already made. Rivals now rates our class at 24 in the country.

  • H8sRed

    Alex Mack was a 2-star.

  • Juancho

    An exception does not make a rule. I could counter with Desean was a 5. Or Keenan was a 5. Or Rodgers 4.

    Nobody knows whether these kids will pan out down the road. A 2 or no star could very well be a great player.

    But these ratings people get paid a lot of money to track and do their best estimate in grading recruits, much like investments. So next year would I prefer a class of 10 2 stars, or a class of 10 5 stars. The 5s.

    Does that mean a 2 is for sure a bust. Nope.

  • Eric

    Rodgers was the clear exception – playing for a small high school in NorCal, he was entirely off the radar screen, and then stayed close to home.

    More often than not, JCs are evaluated with the ability to make immediate impacts. It is very difficult to get 5-stars for JC transfers (otherwise, they would have been recruited as such in high school, or they were highly recruited but left college programs for various reasons – think Cam Newton). HS recruits who are 4 and 5 star rated are not necessarily going to start as freshman but the potential is enormous.

  • Will

    “It is very difficult to get 5-stars for JC transfers”

    Mostly true, unless you’re Joe Ayoob….

  • wehofx

    Nothing wrong with doing a Boise State this year. Even today’s Boise team only has one or two 4 stars.

    Kragen and SIona have the feel of Boise types who will develop into extremely productive players.

    Not to mention, it feels like we have a real shot at flipping some 4/5 stars. Starting with Terrel Newby then, Hutchings and maybe even Venderdoes(sp)!

    Great to hear rivals has us at 24.

    BTB VP of Recruiting, am I right in assuming that the last 3-5 schollys jt gave out after loi day and subsequently blew up are a blessing in disguise?

    (As I recall, jt offered them out of desperation/need for bodies on practice squad. they were really Preferred Walk-On types, 1/2 star. All 3-5 of them blew their schollys by not qualifying academically.)

    My point is doesn’t SD have an unusually high amount of schollys available this year?

  • daredevilfan

    so nice to be troll free for awhile. maybe it got evicted

  • Steve W

    Love the two JC transfers along the defensive line. Let this be a wake-up call to the returning members of the D-line, who under performed on a massive level last season. I could easily see these newcomers starting on the D line next season along with Todd Barr. If a bunch of upper classmen are riding the pine next season, so be it.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Raf says: “I want at least 4 stars…” why settle for 4? why not be happy with only 5 stars?

    Oh, wait, there are very few 5 star athletes, and they’ve already signed up with other schools cuz of the Tedford disaster.

    C’mon guys, we just hired a new coach who is just now cranking up the recruiting machine. Relax. Of course we all want 5 star recruits, and of course the sky is yet again falling for some of our more “clenched” fans. Relax. There will be more recruits…and if there is not a single “5-star” among them, I will not bitch about it, promise. Go Bears, regardless of the numer of “stars” by your name.

  • Raf

    We’ve jumped quite a bit in recruiting rankings, momentum is all i can ask for at the moment. but let’s be clear, sonny is supposed to be a top recruiter. any pac-12 school can fill a roster with 3-star guys.

    it’s a little round about to find this link on espn, but gives a great snapshot of recruiting for the conference. we all know usc recruiting dominates… but damn.


  • wehofx

    I try to minimize posting links to other publications out of respect to JF and the great job he does. But. I can’t resist. 3 stars and All Pac 12 Team


    or $c is loaded with 4/5 stars and where did it get them?

  • San Ramon Mike

    Sorry to get off topic…Saw where Gary Andersen is leaving Utah St. for Wisconsin. Guess the Cal job wasn’t good enough for him. Also probably explains why Dave Aranda declined the DC coordinator job. He’ll either go to Wisconsin with Andersen or maybe move up to head coach at Utah St.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx you are correct.

    San ramon mike, you bring up something that makes me worry. Anyone else as paranoid as me and starting to worry that andy buh has not been officially announced as the dc? You dont think that fell through bc andersen wants him to be dc at wisconsin in case aranda gets the head job at utah state ?

  • Juancho

    The buh story broke sunday. Then andersen interviewed at wisconsin monday. And its all been silent since.

  • San Ramon Mike

    Juancho, one can NEVER be too paranoid when it comes to Cal and somehow losing out in these situations. And yes, your scenario is very conceivable. That said, I would have to think that Alvarez knew all along he wanted Andersen and only waited to interview him until his bowl game was over. Word of Alvarez’s choice I’m sure filtered down to Buh a long time ago (at least prior to the weekend) so if your scenario was true and he wanted to stay at Wisconsin, I don’t think he would have even considered Cal let alone say yes. My guess the delay is just technicalities due to being able to get out here, salaries for assistants, etc.

    On the contrary I think Buh took the Cal job BECAUSE he knew Andersen was getting the Wisconsin job and he would be replaced anyways. At least that’s what the common sense/optimist side of me says. But this is Cal after all so ANYTHING’S possible.

  • Juancho

    Haha true SRM.

  • Bobsac

    Aaron Rodgers was a fantastic early find by JT. Anyone know how JT & co. later on managed to miss Colin Kaepernick in nearby Turlock? I think Nevada was his only offer.

    I see I was not the 1st to start worrying about where is the official announcement on hiring Buh as DC.

  • Kotempman

    Is Buh that great to be worried?

  • San Ramon Mike

    Juancho: Was thinking a little bit more about your scenario and came up couple of more thoughts to ease your mind regarding Buh… Given that 1) He’s a California guy (Escondido) and spent most of his life here it’s a homecoming for him. 2) He recently was at Stanford so he knows the Pac-12 and again is probably comfortable 3)He was an assistant at Cal many moons ago so he at least knows the area.. and 4) He could have went with Biliema to Arkansas but opted Cal instead. Granted it was as LB coach at Arkansas vs. DC here but still. He loved Wisconsin but new coach probably meant new guys. Still think Andersen brings Aranda with him UNLESS Utah St. hires him as HC.

    Anyways, given Buh’s background and having seen nothing to the contrary, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Still, it is Cal….so nothing’s EVER 100%..but call it 99.5%.

    Just my opinion–no actual facts to back it up–just what I’ve read.

  • covinared

    2 Cal commits on LA Times SoCal all area offense. Muhammad and Hunt.

  • 1brsfan

    I agree with most comments that if Buh wanted to stay at Wisc he could have stayed. I disagree that Cal wasn’t good enough for Andersen. He came out and said he wasn’t interested in the job but that’s usually coach speak for I’ve been told I’m not getting the job so I better save face and say I don’t want the job. If it’s true that SD set the bar for SB and Co. then she would have known right away that Andersen wasn’t her guy and probably let him know.

  • covinared

    Hunt LA Times SoCal lineman of the year.

  • 1brsfan

    I just read the wisky statesmen journal and it says that Buh’s job at Cal starts AFTER the Rose Bowl so that’s probably why he has not been formally announced.

  • wehofx

    Sione Sina is a HITTER. He could be like morgan breslin or the furd DE who’s name escape me. anyway:


    Anyone know how many scholly’s are available?

    tried a couple of different google searches and couldn’t come up with a number.

  • wehofx

    …oh, yeah. gotta keep C Hunt. He sounds like he could rekindle the tradition of great/dominating Cal O Line.

    I hope SD names DL and OL coaches soon.

  • Larry

    I counted 32 available scholarships based on attrition & Srs gone, but SD said he will bring in 25-30 this signing class.