Basketball: Cal topples UCSB, 68-59

Freshman guard Tyrone Wallace, making his first start, had 10 points, 10 rebounds and four assists and Cal (7-3) beat UC Santa Barbara 68-59 at Haas Pavilion to end a three-game losing streak.

Senior Robert Thurman had 14 points and six rebounds off the bench as Cal’s reserves contributed 24 points.

Allen Crabbe had 12 points and David Kravish scored 10. Cal turned the ball over just eight times and held the Gauchos (4-6) to 33-percent shooting.

Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow

    My idiotic cable has Pac12BA fine, but Pac12CA in “channel operating shortly” mode for 53 minutes now. Sigh.

  • San Ramon Mike

    Sorry to get off topic…Saw where Gary Andersen is leaving Utah St. for Wisconsin. Guess the Cal job wasn’t good enough for him. Also probably explains why Dave Aranda declined the DC coordinator job. He’ll either go to Wisconsin with Andersen or maybe move up to head coach at Utah St.

  • Will

    Tyrone Wallace is going to be special.

  • SteveNTexas

    Looks like we are beating this cupcake by 15 or 20 Yawn

    Stanford lost to NC State.

    I wonder what the Pac12s record is against top 30 teams.

  • gobears49

    Saw the game. The Bears were not impressive.

    Some of my takeaways from the game.

    1. Thurman should start in place of Soloman. Could be, in part, because of UCSB’s weak front line, but to me the game showed that, while Soloman may be a better all round athlete than Thurman, Thurman is a much better offensive player. He has some good inside moves, and some touch there, which Soloman just hasn’t quite developed as well yet. Besides, Thurman is a senior and having to play better to get more minutes would be good incentive for Soloman to be effective when he is in the game.

    2. Kreklow is the guard out there, with the exception of Smith, who is really looking to pass first and shoot second. And he is a good shooter. If everyone played as unselfishly as he did, they would get better shots, as they would be recipients of good passes to them that will put them in position to take shots with good looks at the basket.

    3. While the jury is still out on Wallace being a good playmaker, it is clear he is a better shooter than Smith. But I don’t contend I can rate players on the defense they play. I think (or at least hope) that Wallace will become more comfortable as a playmaker as the season goes along. He has tremendous upside, since he’s only a freshman.

  • gobears49

    BTW, I have heard the Kreklow is playing injured, and it looked that way in the second half, as he had a slight gimp in one leg, even though it did not seem to slow him down. Shows the guy is a tough player, though I don’t know how he does that. It is rare to see a player going all out when they play with a limp.

  • gobears49

    Sorry to make so many posts, but I forgot to make one final comment —

    I agree with Monty’s post game comments that Kravish needs to be more aggressive in shooting the ball. He is, by far, the best pure shooter we have on the front line (I regard Thurman as more workmanlike, and good close to the basket, but not as natural a shooter or as versatile a shooter as is Kravish). Kravish needs to be told to look more for his shots inside and for his fall-away shot. It would help him to bulk up about 20 or so pounds for next season if he really wants to be a presence in the deep post, so he won’t get tossed around.

    Cal needs to keep up passing the ball into the post more than it has in the past, as it did against UCSB, as this should diversify Cal’s offense more (recently consisting mainly, at least before the UCSB game,of Crabbe and Cobbs going one on one from the outside), and allow for more open look shots from the outside after the ball is kicked out from the post. I haven’t seem much of that outside to inside to outside game much from Cal this year, even tonight. Like I said, if done right, (most effective when guards try to collapse on the Bigs inside after they have been effective with their inside game), it should provide open looks to the basket for three point shots.

  • wehofx

    Thurman should start? Yeah, I agree.

    time warner la didn’t televise they game for some stupid reason. both pac 12 channels showed ucla. good thing they have two. tw blew off 20/30k viewers by not flipping a switch. ucsb doesn’t have fans in la? dumbasses.

    anyway. followed game on twitter. sounds like monty yelled at solo more than once.

    solo hasn’t developed any back to the basket moves as far as I can tell. Thurman has some decent back to the basket moves. Thurminator starts. He’ll also start passing the rock back out if he’s not open.

    kravish has to get his shot attempts up into the 10 to 15 range.

    great to see cobbs and crabbe’s minutes under 30.

  • Batmansf

    One unmentioned aspect of last night was that Christian Behrens played 12 minutes and was not bad at all (at least by Cal big man standards). He physically looks the part more than the others, but yesterday was much more involved in the action than he has been in his typical cameos. He has clearly moved ahead of Bak in the rotation, and probably should be eased into a regular 10 minutes a game or so role, particularly since the other 3 bigs are not exactly setting the world on fire. I agree with Monty though on Kravish—we would be better off if he were more involved offensively.

  • gobears49

    Yeah, I agree Behrens looks the part of a good BIG (he’s 6’9″). He’s probably improving from his somewhat disappointing freshman year.

    But I wasn’t watching that much of the second half, as I was chatting with some guys sitting next to me about the good old days of Cal basketball. I am so old that, when I went to school, Cal (and other schools) had a freshman team. Early in my Cal years, the crowd would come out to watch scintillating Cal freshmen Jackie Ridgle and Charlie Johnson play and then leave before the ho hum varsity got on the floor (though they did have a very good player in Rusty Critchfield).

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Kreklow coulda had 10 assists had he played a few more minutes, plus there was at least one blown layup on one of his great passes. Even at 3/4 speed I think he can help big time with his passing; Ernie Kent kept saying “Kreklow make so many basketball plays…”, not sure exactly what he meant but I get the drift…Kreklow is a playmaker – simple.

    And, yes, I’d like Thurman to start, but that could really mess up Solo’s head, and the team doesn’t need that right now. I prefer the short leash until Thurman consistently scores like last night. GO Bears!

  • DaveintheHills

    I’m not sure that Solo’s head would be messed with. Such a situation would be bad for players struggling with confidence. That’s not a problem Solo ever has. I’m very, very disappointed in Solo’s play after all the time he had last season to think and the way Monty had been talking him up this summer. Thurman should start. We would lose some quickness but gain bulk and unselfish play. I’d take that.

    Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    If we want to do anything in Conference (and the tourny) solo’s gonna have to give us 30 productive minutes a game so I don’t think starting or not is an issue. I just hope he gets his game right. Fast.

    It be great if Behrens does make us a real 9 player rotation. His line showed 4 rebounds in 12 minutes that’s a good start. (solo got 4 in 20 minutes.)

    B Smith did not have a great line 2points on 1 attempt, 3 rebounds but only 1 assist in 21 minutes.

    Did he look like he got the message and start playing within himself again?