Football: Bears to bring in Texas Tech’s Thomsen as offensive line coach, according to report

Chris Thomsen, who is serving as acting head coach at Texas Tech, will be Cal’s new offensive line coach, according to the website CoachingSeach.com.

Thomsen, 42, was the Red Raiders’ offensive line coach this season, then was promoted to lead the team Friday against Minnesota in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston after coach Tommy Tuberville left Tech to become head coach at Cincinnati.

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And Merry Christmas to everyone!

Jeff Faraudo


  1. Jeff thanks for all your work and merry christmas. I really appreciate all you do. This blog is a really fun distraction from other stressors in life and damn do i have fun here.

    And i wish all the regulars and newposters a great holiday season and new year. You guys make watching cal sports a million times more fun.

  2. A very, Merry Christmas and booming GO BEARS to all! Ho ho ho Grrr Grrr Grrr

  3. For the holidays my brother (alsoa Cal grad) got me a book on the history of Cal football. That is a good brother!

  4. HC-Dykes
    OC-Franklin WR-Likens RB-Ingram OL-Thomsen QB-Franklin?

    Spec.Teams/Inside WR-Tommerdahl

    DC-Buh DL-Sacks LB-Buh? DB-Stewart


  5. Back from my yearly (give or take) holiday visit to the in-laws who live near Pasadena. Wife grew up in South Pas.

    Seeing the Rose Bowl build-up (floats under construction, temporary parade stands on Colorado Blvd., white tents in the Arroyo Seco) makes me green with envy.

    Next Year in Pasadena!

    Happy New Year to all the contributors to this blog.

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