Basketball: Harvard stuns Bears

A bad loss for Cal on Sunday. No other way to put it.

The Bears fell 67-62 to Harvard, just their fifth defeat ever to an Ivy League team.

I was at AT&T Park covering the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, so I did not see the Cal-Harvard game. But here are a few details and conclusions:

The Bears dropped to 8-4 headed into Thursday’s Pac-12 opener at UCLA, which has won five in a row, including a win over a tough Missouri team on Friday night.

Cal’s first three losses were to opponents (UNLV, Creighton) or at places (Wisconsin) that were understandable.

The Crimson is a team Cal should beat regardless of the circumstances.

And there were circumstances:

   — Senior sixth man Brandon Smith missed the game after suffering a concussion in practice  the week before against Prairie View. He would have been valuable defensively against a Harvard team that outscored the Bears 30-0 from the 3-point arc.

   — Sophomore guard Ricky Kreklow missed his eighth game in 12, bothered not only by his sore foot but also an ankle sprain he sustained in practice.

   — Sophomore forward Christian Behrens, two years removed from tearing his ACL as a senior in high school, tore it again last week and is out for the season.

So, yes, the Bears had manpower issues, and some difficult matchups in the backcourt against an opponent that starts four guards.

Even so. Cal entered the game rated No. 40 nationally, according to RealTimeRPI.com. Harvard was No. 107.

Cal tied a school record with 11 blocked shots — five of them by Richard Solomon — but couldn’t defend the perimeter and could not assert itself in the paint sufficiently to take advantage of its size edge.

Allen Crabbe played 40 minutes and scored 27 points to lead the Bears. Justin Cobbs had 15 points, but five turnovers, and David Kravish contributed 14 points. The rest of the team combined to shoot 2 for 13. 

The Bears were picked third in the Pac-12 preseason media poll. Wonder where folks believe they fit now?

I’ll make my picks in a few days, but I can tell you I cannot imagine this team, with its limitations and personnel issues, finishing in the top three or four.

Maybe they fix some things, and they have the right coach to perhaps get that done.

But Mike Montgomery may have trouble getting his thin big men to be more physical or able to finish at the rim. And if Smith or Kreklow cannot play, the Bears will struggle again vs. teams that go small and attack from the perimeter.

Going from Harvard to UCLA is apples to oranges. Different personnel, different challenges, for sure a different venue.

But it makes you wonder: If the Bears couldn’t deal with the Crimson, how are they going to slow down Shabazz Muhammad?



Jeff Faraudo

  • gobears49

    Made a big mistake. Bozeman recruited for Campanelli, not Braun. Must be early alzheimer’s on my part. Braun should be credited fully for his recruits.

  • Juancho

    Really good posts above.

    Here are some of my reactions.

    1. Let’s look at the program as a business. We certainly shut down Baseball because it wasn’t making money, so we need to look at al programs as a business.

    If one is in Sandy Barbour’s position, and has the current Basketball program on hand, does one even consider it being an area that needs “Fixing”?

    I think so. Attendance seems to be down since Montgomery took over. Even when we won the conference attendance was low. If I’m Sandy Barbour, this whole “we don’t have a basketball fan base” problem is something that needs to be solved for.

    I don’t fully accept that Cal is not capable of supporting football and basketball. I was a student from 2002-2006. What that means is that I was there for the Aaron Rodgers years, and for the Leon Powe years.

    I can tell you basketball games were PACKED each night for those teams. Why – great recruits, and great LOCAL recruits that evoked some community interest. A la what Jabari Bird will do, what Marcus Lee and Aaron Gordon would have done.

    I just don’t fully accept the problem with the program is a lack of fan interest. That’s like us saying our school is too nerdy to support any sport, or we have too many foreign students to support sports.

    Cal is about excellence, and people make it out to watch exciting and excellent sports.

    I think Monty is a great coach. But sometimes I get the same Tedford-protection feeling when I read comments like “we can’t do better than Monty”, or “we’re lucky to have Monty”. Just like all of us he gets paid to do a job, that settling for safety mindset is what has hurt Cal.

    Do I think Monty should be canned, nope. Do I think that should always be an open possibility for all of our coaches, heck yeah.

    He’s the 2nd highest paid coach in the conference. If I’m the AD – ultimately it’s a business decision, do I grow the business or do I resign to being middle of the pack and look to get Monty to retire and hire someone cheaper.

  • Juancho

    Michigan is probably the best example of a school that has been great in both basketball and football. And guess what, they’re tied with us for being the best public school in the nation.

    My thoughts on why they’ve been great in the past at both – recruiting.

  • Juancho

    Michigan, Arizona, Ohio State are all currently top 10 basketball programs. All have pretty good football traditions.

    Illinois, Florida, Cincinnatti, Michigan State, San Diego State. All in the top 20, all have pretty good football programs, even SDSU.

    Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, PItt, NC State, K State, are all in the top 25, all have pretty good football traditions.

    And we can’t use the academics as an excuse. Michigan, Illinois, Notre Dame are all good schools.

  • Juancho

    Being devil’s advocate – could Sandy just have an issue with accountability of her employees, i.e., coaches ? Maybe she too easily accepts the “this guy represents Cal well in the community” thing over results, and future projection of the programs.

    I’d be interested in finding out how many she has fired since she’s been at Cal.Tedford is one, anyone know of another ?

  • Juancho

    Forgot Louisville and Syracuse, both top 10 basketball programs, and good football schools.

  • Juancho

    Here are the final top 25 rankings for this past Baseball season:

    1 Arizona (31) 48-17 11
    2 South Carolina 49-20 6
    3 Arkansas 46-22 20
    4 Florida State 50-17 3
    5 UCLA 48-16 4
    6 Florida 47-20 1
    7 Kent State 47-20 NR
    8 Stony Brook 52-15 NR
    9 Baylor 49-17 2
    10 Oregon 46-19 10
    11 LSU 47-18 7
    12 Stanford 41-18 13
    13 North Carolina State 43-20 16
    14 Oklahoma 42-25 NR
    15 TCU 40-22 NR
    16 St. John’s 40-23 NR
    17 North Carolina 46-16 5
    18 Texas A&M 43-18 8
    19 Kentucky 45-18 12
    20 Rice 41-19 9
    21 Purdue 45-14 14
    22 Oregon State 40-20 17
    23 Virginia 39-19-1 15
    24 UCF 45-17 18
    25 Vanderbilt 35-28 NR

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Juancho, totally agree on the transfers. It speaks volumes. He’s a coach that knows and CAN teach the game.

    A guy out of high school doesn’t usually get that. I guy that went to a school and saw the wrong it for him often does. [though that goes both ways – when a Franklin realizes what he wants is to play free, not learn a system]

  • Juancho


    1 Duke (63) 12-0 1,623
    2 Michigan (2) 13-0 1,547
    3 Arizona 12-0 1,474
    4 Louisville 12-1 1,434
    5 Indiana 12-1 1,378
    6 Kansas 11-1 1,313
    7 Syracuse 11-1 1,197
    8 Ohio State 10-2 1,079
    9 Minnesota 12-1 978
    10 Gonzaga 12-1 946
    11 Illinois 13-1 929
    12 Missouri 10-2 912
    13 Florida 9-2 810
    14 Cincinnati 12-1 761
    15 Georgetown 10-1 718
    16 Creighton 12-1 629
    17 Butler 10-2 591
    18 Michigan State 11-2 447
    19 San Diego State 11-2 437
    20 New Mexico 13-1 389
    21 Notre Dame 12-1 361
    22 Oklahoma State 10-1 333
    23 North Carolina State 10-2 270
    24 Pittsburgh 12-1 219
    25 Kansas State 10-2 149

  • Juancho


    1 Notre Dame 12-0
    2 Alabama 12-1
    3 Florida 11-1
    4 Oregon 11-1
    5 Kansas State 11-1
    6 Stanford 11-2
    7 Georgia 11-2
    8 LSU 10-2
    9 Texas A&M 10-2
    10 South Carolina 10-2
    11 Oklahoma 10-2
    12 Florida State 11-2
    13 Oregon State 9-3
    14 Clemson 10-2
    15 Northern Illinois 12-1
    16 Nebraska 10-3
    17 UCLA 9-4
    18 Michigan 8-4
    19 Boise State 10-2
    20 Northwestern 9-3
    21 Louisville 10-2
    22 Utah State 10-2
    23 Texas 8-4
    24 San Jose State 10-2
    25 Kent State 11-2

  • Juancho

    Looks like Florida has the best strength across the big 3 college sports.

  • Juancho

    Agree Wisdom.

    That actually may be an area where Montgomery has done worse than Tedford – team discipline issues.

    Amondi Amoke kicked out of school. Richard Solomon almost kicked out of school. Gary Franklin transferring because he didn’t get along with Montgomery.

    Am I missing anyone ?

  • Takeoffthatredshirt


    Monty’s salary is toward the top of the conference – and he’s finished there every season.

    Tedford came in 10th of 12 or whatever with #2 salary. Monty’s squad actually came in 2nd…

    Say what you want about a down PAC12, but they are our peers and we rise and fall with them. Certainly the conference struggles have affected everyone’s recruiting. So our relative success is still success.

  • Juancho

    2008 finished tied for 3rd, 2009 won the conference, 2010 tied for 4th, 2011 tied for 2nd.

    Definitely right about Montgomery’s teams finishing closer to the top than Tedford’s.

  • Juancho

    Here is Tedford’s results:

    2002 T-4th
    2003 T-3rd
    2004 2nd
    2005 T-4th
    2006 T-1st
    2007 T-7th
    2008 4th
    2009 T-5th
    2010 8th
    2011 4th (North)
    2012 5th (North)

  • Juancho

    Actually pretty similar first 4 years afterall. Especially if we include 5 years where Tedford tied for the conference win.

  • gobears49

    Was talking to a huge UCLA fan yesterday. He said Cal should have fired Tedford a year earlier. I disagreed. But based upon Juancho’s stats in #65, I now agree with him. Tedford finished in the top half of the conference his first five years, but finished in the bottom half of the conference/division HIS LAST SIX SEASONS. I didn’t realize that. So I now agree we pulled the trigger too late, maybe at least two seasons too late.

    Monty’s teams being in the top half of the conference for all four years shows we made the right pick for a coach, at least so far.

    Juancho, it would be great if you could show the stats for how Braun’s teams finished in the conference, along with the number of years they went to the NCAA and NIT (please list separately, and show the year I think they won the NIT — again my memory is starting to fail me again). I think it will show Monty has been a distinct improvement from Braun.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Takeoff, I don’t buy the rise and fall with the peers argument. Does Boise St. in football? Recall the UNLV basketball dynasty of the 80s, or them and SDSU now? they have some outright patsies in their conference.

    Judging by peers means you have a team that plays down or up to their opponents, which doesn’t reflect well on the mental side of a program, regardless of recruiting. Best example of the flip side is probably the old Princeton teams that could play and execute their game against anyone (with probably my favorite non-Cal game ever in that almost upset of G-Town).

    It cannot be taken away from Monty that his first Cal team won the Pac regular season title, but it’s also a reality that he had a deep, talented, veteran roster going for him, one he did not put together. Monty can and should be judged by his rosters here on out, having had a full four years of recruiting off the initial Pac Championship.

    I can’t say I am pleased with the state of the program looking long term. The recruiting is not achieving in the front court in terms of much needed depth, and it is not like Monty has that much more left in the tank. It is going to remain an issue for years, with no telling if Monty will remain coach long enough to see it turn around.

    [off topic side note – the Umpire of the Rose Bowl didn’t know how to pronounce Jane Goodall’s last name. Way to represent two academic conferences!]

  • wehofx

    How can anyone ignore Monty winning the Conference 2…now, 3 years ago? First win in 50 years since Pete Newell.

    Wisdom, Monty brought key players Boykin, MSF and, if I recall correctly, Gut played some important minutes as a defender/frosh.

    In the last ten years of Pac 10/12 Champions:

    Zona 3 (2 by Lute)

    3 ucla

    1 furd (’03 Monty)

    2 udub (romar)

    If you wiki romar/udub’s record it is similar to Monty’s here and at furd. Especially if udub is – as it seems – in a down/rebuilding year.

    Rose Bowl and Bloody Mary’s here I come.

    Happy New Year!

  • gobears49

    Wisdom Cow,

    Braun had several years to win a conference with his own recruits, but I am almost certain he never did it, and probably didn’t even come close. So Monty should be given a lot of credit for winning the conference, even with Braun’s recruits. Stat man expert Juancho will hopefully clear that up for us.

    Since he’s such a statistical genius, it would be great if Juancho can come up with the national recruiting ranking of Braun’s best recruits, the best of which must have been Leon Powe. Then we can compare that ranking to Monty’s recent recruit, Bird, who I think is ranked #25 nationally in a respect service. I know Crabbe wasn’t ranked that high, but I think that one should be listed (I think he was ranked nationally around #50, but was also the Cal state player of the year). Just for fun, and to show how good he is, Juancho should be able to dig out Jason Kidd’s national recruiting ranking (and maybe even Lamond Murray’s, and I should throw in Shareef Abdur-Rahim, though that was before Braun’s years). Juancho, please don’t spend too much time on this, as recruiting rankings for old years may be hard to come by, online.

    Watching Stanford take the lead on Wisconsin, in part because of great QB play from Stanford. They probably would be undefeated if they had used Hogan, their freshman QB, all year. Hope Kline lives up to his press clips next year, is willing to take a hit in the pocket to make a good pass, and likes to run the ball effectivley when needed.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Boykin was here under Braun and MSF came in Monty’s second season, but Jorge did play nearly 19 minutes a game as a frosh.

    Not saying winning the regular season was not an accomplishment, but it should be taken with a grain of salt, given the conference was nothing compared to previous years. Several of Brauns teams were superior, IMO, and both of Kidd’s squads would have eaten them alive.

  • Juancho

    Gobears i can handle that request. First i must imbibe some liquid courage so i can feel the holy spirit.

    Daredev when can we expect a new years performance to christen the new year.

    Initial thoughts. Braun took us to a sweet 16. Monty hasnt. Braun never won a conference title. Braun had higher nba draft picks. The day a guy like jorge is a bench player is the day were a legit national contender.

  • gobears49

    If Boykin came to Cal under Braun, which I don’t contest, since I didn’t look it up, it makes Monty’s record in recruiting front court guys even worse, though Boykin really didn’t have the size to be a true front court guy. MSF was adequate, and not a really good quality guy. And he didn’t meet my definition of a BIG front court man — 6’9″ or taller. He was 6’6″ or, at the most, 6’7″.

    Again, Monty’s record at Cal is stellar, so far. I just think he’s been deficient in his front court recruiting and letting his star guards dribble the ball around the outside, which doesn’t begin to get them open, and then let them go one on one, which most of the time doesn’t result in them getting a clear, open, look at the basket when they do shoot, which is probably too much anyway. He’s being outcoached by the other coaches if he thinks that type of offensive strategy will be effective over a season. I don’t think that is a smart offensive strategy to rely upon.

  • Juancho



  • Juancho

    How about crabbes lack of improvement as a critique on monty? Fair or unfair? We always critiqued tedford for lack of qb development.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Unable to find the final national rankings of Braun’s Cal teams, but there are some worthwhile stats on his Wiki page. Monty’s first four Cal years may arguably top Braun’s (arguably – without really diving in, I’m not sure I’d side with Monty, though the championship is huge), but I can’t see Monty’s next 3 being a better first 7 years, or even close to it. It’s impossible to ignore that the Pac 10 was a national force back then.


  • Juancho

    Brethren. How about some new years fun ? Best and worst Cal sports moment/ memory of the year ?

    Here are mine.

    Worst moment. The tosh fiasco. We were on the precipice of having the number 3 recruiting class. It was a huge heartbreak for a recruiting nerd like me.

    Runner up. Sonny dykes hiring. Im on board now. But when he was announced i was super underwhelmed. If you recall i wanted macintyre.

    Best. When Cal beat stanford in 18 innings at sunken diamond.

    Runner up. Watching womens softball in college world series.

  • Juancho

    Bovine. I bet attendance was better for brauns teams. Monty a million times better coach. Brauns teams for me though a million times more fun to watch.

  • Juancho

    How about this. None of montys teams have finished the season ranked in the top 25. In the 09-10 season they received some votes at least.

    Furthest hes gone in the tourney is winning one game.

  • Juancho

    Braun made the tourney 5 out of 12 years.

    1 sweet 16
    2 final 32
    2 losing first game

    Nit 3 times

    1 winning it
    1 winning 2
    1 winning 1


    Tourney 3 out of 4. Better than braun.

    1 final 32
    2 losing first game


    1 winning 1 game

  • gobears49

    Braun’s Sweet 16 was with Bozeman’s recruits, so if Monty gets an asterisk for winning with Braun’s recruits, so should Braun, for a similar reason. That reasoning may also apply to Braun’s NIT championship to some extent, primarily depending upon whether Gino Carlisle was a Braun recruit.

    Note Braun finishing at the low bottom of the conference his last three out of four years, somewhat Tefordesque. He was a good, but not great, coach. I was not a fan of his strategy of passing the ball around the outside and then taking a three point shot. I am waiting to see Juancho’s stats as to the level of his top recruits compared to Monty. I don’t think Ryan Anderson was a highly ranked recruit.

    California (Pacific-10 Conference) (1996–2008)
    1996–1997 California 23–9 12–6 T-2nd NCAA Sweet 16
    1997–1998 California 12–15 8–10 T-5th
    1998–1999 California 22–11 8–10 T-5th NIT Champions
    1999–2000 California 18–15 7–11 7th NIT Quarterfinals
    2000–2001 California 20–11 11–7 T-4th NCAA 1st Round
    2001–2002 California 23–9 12–6 T-2nd NCAA 2nd Round
    2002–2003 California 22–9 13–5 3rd NCAA 2nd Round
    2003–2004 California 13–15 9–9 T-4th
    2004–2005 California 13–16 6–12 T-8th
    2005–2006 California 20–11 12–6 3rd NCAA 1st Round
    2006–2007 California 16–15 6–12 9th
    2007–2008 California 17–16 6–12 9th NIT 2nd round
    California: 219–152 110–106[citation needed]

  • Eric

    Ted Miller had a great blog on Kiffin, but Miller is suffering the same problem he had with Tedford – he doesn’t recognize the critical need to nip the big problem in the bud. Football programs cannot let bad coaches linger, and after the truly horrific coaching job at the Sun Bowl, he should have been fired.

    With just a week to prepare for the nation’s best defense, USC’s backup quarterback Max Wittek played pretty darn well. His performance was encouraging in a 22-13 loss to No. 1 Notre Dame on Nov. 24.

    [+] Enlarge

    Kirby Lee/Image of Sport/USA TODAY Sports
    USC coach Lane Kiffin might want to consider hiring an offensive coordinator next season.With over a month of preparation for the Sun Bowl, against a Georgia Tech squad that gave up 30 points per game and is the only bowl team with a losing record, Wittek played terribly. He looked lost and overmatched. With additional preparation time and practice reps, he regressed.

    That should fall on USC’s quarterback’s coach.

    Wittek wasn’t helped by the Trojans play-calling. USC, laden with future NFL players on offense, gained just 205 total yards against a poor-to-middling defense that yielded 510 yards in an 21-point loss to Middle Tennessee State.

    That should fall on USC’s play caller.

    Both are named Lane Kiffin.

    The Pac-12 blog doesn’t believe Lane Kiffin should be fired after his team produced a season that is, by a handful of objective as well as emotional measures, the most disappointing in college football history, though there are many USC fans who do. And not just the crazy ones.

    But USC athletic director Pat Haden needs to make clear to Kiffin a significant part of the problem with the Trojans in 2012 is Kiffin’s coaching. He needs Kiffin to agree with him, because that’s the only way to receive reassurance that Kiffin isn’t deluded.

    Haden then needs to insist Kiffin hire an offensive coordinator who also coaches QBs and calls plays.

    And, yes, we are repeating ourselves.

    If Kiffin argues against that, Haden, a former NFL and USC QB who was also a Rhodes Scholar, needs to pop in a tape of the Sun Bowl and ask Kiffin to defend the performance.

    Haden could point to poorly designed plays. He could point to feckless execution. He could point to USC repeatedly running exactly the wrong play into the strength off the Yellow Jackets defense.

    There was something so shockingly lacking in USC’s offensive performance, I’ve got $5 bill that says there were multiple times in the huddle when players expressed dismay over the play they were about to run.

    Kiffin already will be hiring a new defensive coordinator, as his father, Monte Kiffin, has elected to step aside. Better coordination is the most obvious thing USC needs; it’s the most obvious way for the Trojans quality of play to catch up to its superior but presently unharnessed talent.

    But it’s more than Xs and Os. Kiffin needs to be more focused on his team than on that Denny’s menu (yes, I stole that joke from a reader) he buries his nose in during games. He needs to pay more attention to his players’ focus, motivation, emotions and discipline. For example, he needs them to be more afraid of him, which means they would be less likely to tweet insulting things about the gracious town of El Paso which showed a failed team hospitality.

    Why not just fire Kiffin? Because he was a good coach in 2011. Because he’s a great recruiter. Because he’s still got potential. And because there really is an obvious path to follow that could quickly solve the Trojans problems.

    The hippocratic oath is something coaches share with doctors: “First, do no harm.” That means, at the very least, don’t make your team worse than it is.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    My only problem with the program now is that it feels like it is trending downward, even with the Bird signing (if he’s THAT good, he’ll be gone before any depth in the front court will be able to compliment his game).

    Braun’s first decade was almost always trending upward. The down years had young rosters you watched develop, and the future always had possibilities.

    Recall Monty’s first two years. Even with guys graduating, there was so much promise, so much to look forward to. IMO, the bottom fell out when Max opted to go pro in China. I’m not faulting Monty for that, but the prospect of quality depth up front has been absent ever since.

    And I just can’t get excited over “we can compete in a down Pac 12 with mediocre ball.”

    The difference may not be clear. I can get behind a club with poor results, enjoying development and individual achievement, and I did with many of Braun’s clubs (we knew there was no way we’d win the conference going into each year). It’s hard when the future doesn’t have a high potential, though.

    Currently, we have development in several players, but very little as a unit. Some guys have taken great strides (Solomon, Thurman, Cobbs), but I have not seen much TEAM play improvement even in their games, though their improvements have been pluses themselves.

    Again, so much of it comes down to the lack of recruiting for the front court. No matter how good Solomon and Kravish may be next year, they will not have enough (any?) support, and that really hurts my impression of what the future holds.

  • Juancho

    Wisdom jabari has said his goal is one and done.

    That was crabbes too though. So well see. I think jabari would be drafted higher than crabbe today. Ive seen him live. Real deal.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I don’t mind watching a one and done guy. I’d just be a lot happier had he managed to sway a F or C one and done guy to come with him for more depth up front. Then there would be some real possibilities.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Crabbe’s lack of improvement?

    You’re really reaching now.

    He’s 11th in the country in scoring as a JR on a team with little help. Seems to create his own shot better, more aggressive rebounding.

    Braun killed basketball attendance in his last few years with player defections and unimaginative offense. The last 30 years of Cal basketball history is about as rich as Iowa St, Vandy, Auburn, or at best Florida St.

    Many schools have trouble with recr
    uiting front court and when a few guys don’t work out it hurts. That’s where Cal is and believe me the coaching staff knows this.

    Also to say Jabari was all Cal no matter what is not a fact, just your opinion.

    And to Wisdom Cow – Boise St football isn’t a good
    comparison. I think in college bball when a conferences traditional powers are down it hurts all teams.

  • Juancho

    Takeoff your comments often seem aimed to antagonize and little else. In my post i mentioned the crabbe thing as a question.

    And “not a fact just your opinion” is essentially what a blog is.

    You always attack others and offer little organic or self produced analysis. Show me the attendance stats. Otherwise thats just an opinion, not fa…

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I have not seen much improvement in Crabbe’s game aside from running the curl off multiple screens more effectively, which accounts for much of the improved FG%.

  • SteveNTexas

    I noted that Takeoff was remarkably calm and restrained just a few hours ago.

    Remember we are all Cal fans wanting the same thing We don’t have to agree and its great many of us think independently.

    We probably all have much bigger battles to fight.

  • wehofx

    WOW! biggest hoops thread! But aren’t all y’all watching the Rose Bowl? Great game. I’m very impressed by Wisconsin D.

    speaking of recruiting 4 and 5’s – Twitter:

    >>>Kameron Rooks ‏@KameronRooks

    I want to thank god that I’m able to announce that I’m committing to cal Berkeley GO BEARS!!!!!!!

    And Crabbe has gotten better. just not nba better. He has to figure out how to deal w being the man D focus on – double teams. His drives to the hoop are getting better.


  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    You asked whether Crabbe’s lack of improvement was a fair criticism of Monty, not whether it was true or not. That’s a false choice, since his game has improved remarkably. He’s averaging 5 more points per game (15 to 20), shooting 5% better on FG, and credited by his coach for better defense. It’s not easy to average 20ppg with defense focused on you. I’m impressed with his improved play

    It’s not an attack to show what someone posted was wrong and I was not rude.

    You said with conviction Bird would be Cal no matter what so no credit to Monty. Totally unfair and shows your bias.

    Regarding attendance, it is fact: Braun’s last year was the lowest average attendance from any year I clicked on, with only 7,915 per game. I attended games then and now and Haas was dead.


  • Juancho

    Thanks for the news wehofx. ! Whats rooks size ? What school does he attend ?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    That is a HUGE get. He was presumed to follow his legacy father to AZ, if I remember right.

    7′ and still growing!

    It does say something about AZ since Lute left. Still a very good team, but not the BIGs factory it once was. I bet his dad had much to do with him choosing to play for Monty, a guy that can teach him and use him.

    I’m drooling. A 7 footer with soft hands! That is what I’ve been waiting for since Monty joined us and have been baffled as to why it had not happened as of yet. Monty LOVES to feed the post on every possession when he has the player tat can make the choice to send it back out or take his shot.

    My cup that was shy of half full just got a couple shots of Red Label poured in. Suddenly Bird has a front line Ds will need to at least keep off the boards.

    Still not loaded up front, but wow does this news change the outlook of things to come.

  • Juancho

    Is that sean rooks kid ?

  • gobears49


    Yes, it is Sean Rooks kid.