Basketball: USC game thread

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FINAL SCORE: Cal 70, USC 62. Crabbe finished with 27 points and the Bears improved to 9-5, 1-1 in the Pac-12. Cobbs had 10 points, as did Wallace, who mae two big 3-pointers late in the game. Cal was 21 of 22 from the FT line after missing its first four tries. USC fell to 6-9, 1-1.

3:15 2nd H: Cal up 60-56 after 3-pointer by Tyrone Wallace.

9:38 2nd H: Nine straight points by Crabbe, including a 3-pointer just now, and Cal leads 53-47. Crabbe has 21 points in front of a big contingent of Cal fans, including his family.

12:14 2nd H: Well, that didn’t last long. USC in midst of 7-0 run, with layup and FT by Jio Fontan, pulling Trojans within 44-43. Crabbe now has three PFs.

14:06 2nd H: Cal has biggest lead at 44-36 after USC turnover led to Crabbe jumper. He has 12 points.

15:42 2nd H: Cal leads 40-35 after a jumper by Crabbe, who has 10. Bears, who played zone defense most or all of first half, now in man. USC is shooting 3 for 9 in the half.

HALFTIME SCORE: Cal 32, USC 29. Two FTs by Cobbs with 4 seconds left pushed Cal’s lead to three points. Moments earlier, Powers hit his 2nd 3-pointer of the night off — get this — an assist from Bak Bak. It was just the fourth assist of Bak’s four-year Cal career — one each season. Crabbe has eight points for the Bears, who have gotten 10 from their bench, a big lift for the depth-starved Bears. Eric Wise leads USC with seven points.

3:07 1st H: Bears cling to 25-24 lead. Cal shooting 11 for 25 and has 18-12 rebounding edge. USC shooting 9 for 22. Crabbe’s eight points lead all scorers.

6:34 1st H: Cal leads 19-17 after twisting drive by Cobbs. Jeff Powers hit a 3-pointer with 7:58 left, ending a drought of 22 consecutive misses from beyond the arc, spanning 98 minutes, 5 seconds and dating back to Cal’s Dec. 22 game vs. Prairie View A&M. In other words, three days before Christmas!

10:34 1st H: Cal leads 14-11. Bears took the lead at 10-9 on a jumper by Crabbe, pushed it to 12-9 when Solomon scored on a turn-around shot. Monty subbed Crabbe out at 12:56. He will return after this timeout, getting about 5-6 minutes of rest in real time. Solomon picked up his second PF with 12:08 left and came out for . . . Bak Bak. Bears actually added to their lead with  lineup of Robt Thurman, Bak, Kravish, Wallace and Cobbs.

15:41 1st H: USC leads 9-8 at the first break. Cal is shooting 4 for 7 from the field (has not attempted a 3-pointer). USC is 3 for 5. (Cal entered the game having not made a 3-pointer in its past 20 attempts, spanning 86:06).

STARTING LINEUPS: Cal will start Richard Solomon, David Kravish, Allen Crabbe, Tyrone Wallace and Justin Cobbs. USC goes with Eric Wise, Aaron Fuller, Dewayne Dedmond, Byron Wesley and Jio Fontan.

WELCOME: Here at the Galen Center to watch Cal (8-5, 0-1 Pac-12) take on USC (6-8, 1-0). Already have the news that neither Brandon Smith (concussion) nor Ricky Kreklow (foot) will play for Cal tonight. Will be back with lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Dan

    Once again, Cal fans in the Bay Area get screwed. The game is once again being broadcast only in LOW (sic) def. I have a phenomenal TV, and the picture is so bad, grainy and blurry, it’s unwatchable. Seriously. This picture sets tv broadcasting back 50 years. How is every other P12 game today was broadcast in high def on an array of channels, and both Cal games on this LA swing look like garbage. Someone should seriously be fired.

    So my wife and I are watching a Homeland marathon on demand, and I get to be as apathetic tonight as most Cal fans are about the BB program. After the way they played the other night and most of this season, I suspect I won’t be missing much. And if I am, I wouldn’t be able to see it anyway. At least Cal gets like $20 or $30 mil a year in tv dollars. Who cares if most of it’s fans can’t watch the games. What a joke.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Relegated to gamecast, my bad feeling isn’t going away at the half, Cal 32, U$C 29.

    Out shooting them and out rebounding, yet up only 3. Being short handed and going into the second half of the second game on the road, I’d bet on those favorable stats edging back towards even, with U$C having the energy down the stretch.

    They will need to play smart and pick their spots to expend energy in the second half. It’s going to be a tough one.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Very pleased. Not the easy game some thought it should be.

  • gobears49

    Not to brag, as others have mentioned it as well (though, I believe, after I mentioned it), but I have been harping for some time upon lack of ball movement rather than relying upon dribbling. Tonight we had a lot of our the former for a change. That was what Monty just emphasized, several times, in his post-game radio interview.

    Good to see Bak Bak play, and he was decent. I missed the first half, when Powers stepped up, but Crabbe was great in the second half. Gotta love the promise of Wallace.

    Good to stay in the hunt for the NCAA’s. It’s a long road to get there but if we play like we did tonight the rest of the year, it is certainly very doable.

  • ConcordBear

    Happy to see the team get a W. Road wins are always worth celebrating.
    We are so thin right now and injuries make it even worse.
    Really need Cobbs and Soloman to step up and help Crabbe more.
    Allen had a great game tonight, I hope he takes everything from tonights game and goes with it the rest of the way.
    If guys play better we can have a solid year.
    Get healthy Bears!

  • SteveNTexas

    We won. Extrapolating beating a team ranked #150 to the NCAAs when we have lost every game we played vs the top 50 is a stretch but we won.

  • rob bear

    A Road Win is a Road Win is a Road Win. Nice! Now comes two tough ones against athletic U of W and much improved WSU. Beat the Huskies and Cougars with EXTREME PREJUDICE! GO BEARS!!!!

  • Mike

    The game was broadcast on many channels on Direct Tv. Fox Sports South west, Fox Sports Oklahoma, Fox Sports west etc.If you invested in a Big Tv, get Sattelite.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt


    Your shtick on this blog is pretty old at this point.

    Do you realize you post the same crap over and over, or is your old-man brain getting forgetful?

    Glad to see others here are tired of it as well.

    I just don’t see the point of only posting negative stuff about Cal on a Cal fan board. Get another hobby or something…

  • Juancho

    +1 for steve. Everyone should post whatever the F they want. Promoting the only positive posts is what helped tedford stick around so long. Were Cal fans not stanford fans. If we cant be open to dissenting views something is wrong.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    Great post from someone on Bear Insider:

    (Probably someone who actually watch the games and enjoys Cal sports)

    “apparent at the SC game who was the better coach. Depleted roster, Solo and Crabbe in foul trouble and Monty figures out rotations and schemes involving walk-ons and bench warmers to beat a team full of highly recruited (albeit transfer in some cases) players. They way Monty handled the last two and one half minutes of the game was masterful, and made O’Neill’s strategies look foolish. Other comment: Cobbs and Wallace had an off game shooting wise again, but Monty seems to really know how to have guards play tough, fundamental basketball, and do all the little things correctly. If you watch Cal bench, Monty seems to focus more on the guards (i.e., he yells at them while play is going on), while Reynard the bigs. I was fortunate to sit behind the bench in both SoCal games, and its amazing how much you can pick-up watching and listening to Monty. and I love the way he works he player. He yells at Crabbe (I guess Crabbe works best being pushed), builds-up Cobbs who tends to get down on himself, talks intellectually with Solo and Thurmund, who seem like intellectual guys, and talks like a father to Wallace (who I think will be a real Monty favorite). He is very respectful of Powers, who must be a good student, and with Bak Bak its all about complimenting hustle. Monty is a real professional who coaches up players. We seem to lose track of the coaching aspect this among the recruiting wars, the flash of frosh success at the Kentucky’s of the world. Monty may be a throw back, but I for one will take it.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I watched the game on justin.tv because I don’t subscribe to Wave Broadband’s sports package or I would have gotten the Fox College Sports channels that the games were on. The justin.tv stream was as good as streaming sports get. http://www.justin.tv/ujiryan, password is gobears if prompted. I have never been let down by whoever admins that site, when I can’t find a Cal football or bball game on tv, it is almost always there. Thank you to whoever is ujiryan.

    And, if lo-def broadcasts look like crap on your HD tv you need to change your display settings and watch the lo-def not stretched out across your whole widescreen, ie, at its original aspect ratio and resolution, there should be an option for that.

    Anyway, about the game:

    winning on the road in the P12 is not gonna be easy this year and the team’s confidence had to have been waning so this win was a HUGE step in the right direction – even though, as Steve warmly pointed out, if it was against a pretty crappy team.

    This was the first game in a while where there was patience on offense and it paid off.

    Thank you Powers for doing a Kreklow impression, nailing two threes and setting up Crabbe for another. Thank you Wallace for having the guts to take and make prolly the biggest shot of the game. We will need more contribution from the supporting cast moving forward, obviously.

    This season is gonna be tough, there is no way around that with our depth issues. But with the addition of a true 7 footer with actual potential (sorry Frid) to next season’s class I feel like I can watch this season in a less dramatic and desperate fashion because even if Crabbe leaves after this season, of which I am not convinced, I think that next season is gonna be awesome. Rooks commitment really made me smile. Go Bears!

  • covinared

    Wallace looked pretty good the few times he was at point. Cobbs just does not pass well enough to be a good point guard. Powers can contribute if he plays. The most impressive is Crabbe’s new ability to attack the basket and score inside.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Thank you for that Takeoff…great post indeed. Big Monty fan here as well…I just hope he is willing to stick around for another 5-10 years and REALLY build this program.

  • SteveNTexas

    Takeoff why not just post your opinion and those who agree with you– why even have any other? Attacking people personally behind the cover of anonymity is low class.

    As far as my views getting old _I could say the same for the other views about how Monty is turning the program around while we haven’t beaten a top 50 team all year.

  • milo

    A road split in the Pac is very solid. Suggests Cal can hang in the upper division of the Pac, sign of a well-coached team that will battle. +1 on the analysis of Monty.

  • ConcordBear

    Monty is an elite coach.
    I think he has a staff in place and structure that is leading to a big time recruit class coming in next year.
    If our Seniors come back to have a huge year in 2013-14 we will finally have the depth and experience great teams are made of.
    I’m hoping this year we can hang tough and have a solid year but next year and going forward are shaping up to being the chance for program to take off.
    Injuries this year, have been a tough thing to deal with along with senior production being very very low so far.

  • Juancho

    Gobears I still owe you that recruiting research. I didn’t want you to think I forgot. I’ve just been trying to finish a major personal project this week. I’m a lifelong music collector (CDs) and I’ve been trying to make sure all of them are recorded on my computer. With over 1,000 CDs this has been pretty time consuming. But a worthwhile effort.

    Reminder on the specifics of your research request ?

    Comparing top basketball recruits by player and by class for Braun vs Montgomery – was that specifically it ?

    Also brethren, it’s not mutually exclusive to support a coach or team but also point out criticisms. It’s unfortunate that too easily when we can’t come to agreements on things, responses sink to personal attacks.

    I’m not a Monty fan. I think he’s done an okay job. Especially early on. I feel like he should have a short leash if this and next year aren’t significant improvements.

    I will ask this question again, how do you guys measure whether Cal basketball is a success ?

    Me: if we make it into the sweet 16 in the tournament. So for me Monty has not met that criteria once. Braun only did once over the million years he was here.

    But my curiosity is how each of you measure it as a success. Because as Dan pointed out in another thread, for whatever reason, it seems like expectations are really low for Cal bball, and to a certain extent football.

    I wish everyone a carnal 2013.

  • Juancho

    Concord I agree with your post. I think next year will be telling.

    One thing I think is competely different than football, is the recruiting vs coaching impact. I think coaching is much more important in college football as opposed to basketball. Look at Boise State, and even to a certain extent both of the Oregon schools. They aren’t always at the top of recruiting but they compete.

    Basketball though I think is the opposite. Why you may ask. Because high schoolers are no longer allowed to skip college to go pro. So essentially all the 5 stars, the mega game and team changers that weren’t considering college a few years ago (Jabari Bird for instance) now have to pick a school. So those guys create a completely different level of talent consolidation at the schools that these guys select.

    Look at how bad UCLA was early on, and how in large part b/c of Shabazz Muahamad they’re good. Look at what Kentucky does year after year.

    I think Monty is a great coach. I just wonder if coaching is overrated now in college basketball and if really what’s more valuable is recruiting. If so – maybe that’s where Monty needs some help, maybe that’s why Theo Robertson was brought in.

  • SteveNTexas

    Well success has to be measured in relation to the teams in our conference and what our potential should be.

    We have done ok during the worst era in recent Pac 12 history. UCLA was supposed to be in shambles -dissent, players leaving. Arizona had a horrible spell. Last year the Pac 10 was ranked about 6-7 and often considered on the par with a mid-major. Monty and Cal fizzed horribly down the stretch.

    We still don’t win recruiting battles in Northern California, although next year is shaping up pretty decently.

    When only one Pac 12 team is ranked in the top 25 than it should not be much of a stretch to say we should go to the NCAAs.We are a major school in a major conference.

    Going the NCAA’s is not an unreasonable barometer for success.

  • Juancho

    A 6’6″ WR from SF CC committed to Cal. Don’t know much on the guy. Doesn’t have many recruiting stars. He apparently was a guy that Louisiana Tech was after, and they extended a Cal offer to him now.

    If you’re going to bring in some of these under the radar type guys, they might as well be good students (which he is) and have some type of size intangible (speed and/or size) – and he’s got size. So while he may not be a 5 star. At least he’s got some interesting potential. Wish him luck.

    My analysis on this is that Cal is probably out of the running for the other top guys in CA so they’re starting to extend offers to their second round of targets to make sure we have enough guys in time for signing day.

    I.e., Vanderdoes/ Hutchings / Redfield, all those guys are probably now a thing of theh past for us.

    I do however think that Austin Hooper will commit to Cal in the next week or so. So keep an eye out on that. If so maybe then Hutchings reconsiders Cal with two of his buddies (Egu & Hooper) coming to B-Town.

    It’s an accomplishment in itself for this current staff in that they’ve kept a good class, and improved up on it. If we finish with a top 25 class that’s a tremendous job. Two years time is when these guys will really be full steam ahead in recruiting.

  • Juancho

    Thanks SteveN. I’ll keep track.

    So far this is how folks measure our Bball program as being successful or not.

    1 vote for Sweet Sixteen
    1 vote for being in the Tourney

  • wehofx

    GoBears, yeah, that was the team I’ve been waiting to see. too. Player movement. Sharing the rock. No whining. Banging for rebounds. Crabbe driving to the cup. oh, and good team defense!

    Monty also mentioned in presser that he has to trust the bench more. Perfect world powers and bak don’t play much. But with the injuries he’s gotta give them both 10 minutes a game to rest the starters. based on yesterday’s game they also earned more minutes.

    TakeOff, great post on Monty.

    SteveT, you regularly attack posters. Example: ucla thread, you attacked GoBears.

    Covina, coming to the same conclusion about Cobb. His natural position is 2 w Crabbe at 3. asap, Wallace should move to the 1. However, I’ll take Cobb at the point over B Smith every time. Getting B Smith back and playing 12 minutes will be important if Crabbe, Cobb and, now Wallace are going to have anything left come tourny time.

    Dan, in previous thread you mentioned sdsu’s expectations for sweet 16/8(??). In Fischer’s first 6 years, he only had TWO winning seasons. How many alum were screaming for his termination? especially in 5 and 6 year?

    It was in 7 season that he turned it around and they’ve been on a run ever since. Yeah, I know, sdsu was a complete rebuilding job compared to the tradition at Cal and the players braun left monty.

    Juancho, measuring stick? tourny appearances and conf championships. Monty in 4 years: 3 ncaa, 1 nit and 1 pac 10 championship. 3 X 20+ wins. no losing seasons.

    this year feels like nit. the minutes starters are already playing almost guarantees they’re going to be out of gas by pac 12 tourny.

    Next year we could make a serious run in the ncaa. Unfortunately, the way Crabbe’s driving and mid range game are improving, I fear he might be leaving after this year.

    Agree about Sonny D’s recruiting class so far. Outstanding given the circumstances. I’ve been reading same thing about Hooper and he’d be a BIG get.

    Have you heard anything about C Hunt?

  • Juancho

    Hunt’s visiting Michigan and Oregon over the next couple of weeks. I think we’re 50/50 at best in terms of keeping him. If I had to make a prediction, I predict he stays. But Michigan will be the real threat here. Let’s hope it’s cold as hell when he’s out there. Oregon due to the Chip Kelly / Sanctions stuff probably losing their shot at him.

    Wehofx – pick 1, tourney apperances or conference championship as your most important measureing stick.

  • Juancho

    I think a 4/5 star guy commiting to Cal solidifies our class and makes any of the guys considering other options, stop considering others.

    My hope here.

    Hooper pulls the trigger early this week. Hutchings decommits from SC. Hutchings commits to Cal. Let’s hope.

  • SteveNTexas

    I try to be realistic. Too many times rabid fans of the teams I follow have crazy expectations.

    Recently a Texas criminal defense attorney posted how Tony Romo was a better QB than Aaron Rodgers. IN the same vein The EL Paso Times pumps UTEP so that each year fans expect conference championships. When they fail – fans become even more angry.

    Perhaps the best sports reporting comes from Terry Hutchins of the Indy Star. They set detailed and fair expectations for Indiana University -I can trust them.

    Jeff The Cat purrs along pretty well with Cal reporting.

  • gobears49


    Wanted to know the established recruiting ranking out of high school of a few famous Cal players — Leon Powe, Jason Kidd, Lamond Murray, Ed Gray, Shareff Abdur-Rahim. Wanted to see how they compare with Monty’s recruits (Bird – #18; Crabbe – #69, Soloman – #109). Don’t kill yourself on this — stats probably don’t exist for anyone before Powe, though Kidd was probably universally considered in the top 5 or 10 — he was somewhat of a high school national legend coming out of high school.

    Though it was interesting that Monty decided to play two guys who have played very little (Powers and Bak Bak). Maybe he realizes he really needs to get effective minutes out of his bench so his team does not run out of gas at the end of the season like last year.

  • gobears49

    s/b Shareef

  • gobears49

    Switching to football, it’s too bad that Chip Kelly has decided to stay at Oregon. But I think it’s a wise decision for him. I don’t think his offense would suit the NFL that well, as least for most QB’s. I think most college coaches can’t make the jump effectively. At least at the college level your fate is much more in your own hands (I.e. you can recruit the players that you want rather than wait your turn for your team number to come up in the draft and see them drafted beforehand).

  • ConcordBear

    Cal hoops needs a true point guard to emerge and lead us next year.
    Losing hope that Cobbs can be a true PG

  • gobears49

    Saw Theo a couple of times behind the Cal bench but didn’t realized he had switched jobs and is now working for the Cal basketball team. Anyone know what his title is and what his duties are. Really liked him as a player. I think he was a last second recruit (I believe, from De La Salle) when someone decommitted from Cal (or something like that).

  • gobears49

    Don’t bother commenting about Theo. Just went on Google and read about him. I know he started out working for the Pac-12 so I was surprised when I read, above, that he is now working for Cal as a graduate assistant. A very smart player with a very good outside shot.

  • Juancho

    The one downside of Theo’s current role is that Grad Assistants are not allowed to recruit. So hopefully he moves up quickly to become an official assistant.

  • SteveNTexas

    ON football– Marshawn Lynch had a great day and ran for the winning touchdown. All I hear about is the QB for the losing team.

    Lynch never seems to get credit for the Seahawks success- I hear more about their mediocre QB.

    Cal must be way underrepresented among sportscasters. We never have gotten the press we deserve.

  • SteveNTexas

    ON Basketball – Monty is smart using the bench vs teams like USC. Those players need playing time as we lack depth.
    Indiana had issues with its frontcourt do to injury and 9 game suspensions for a $187 donation over 2 decades ago.
    Crean said it best – missing a day for a young player is like missing a week for an upper division regular.

  • gobears49


    Cobbs plays just like Crabbe. Both are shooters who like to go one on one. Agree he is not a natural point guard, but rather a shooting guard. But I’m not sure Wallace is a PG either. The only slick passer we seem to have is Kreklow, who is injured most of the time. But he doesn’t play point guard, anyway.

  • gobears49


    Met Theo about six months ago at The Habit in San Mateo. Very mature and well-spoken. I think he will go far if he can effectively communicate what he knows about playing basketball.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    On Kelly returning to Oregon,

    The NFL may like to think of itself as king, but a Knight can out-spend them whenever he wants.

  • Larno

    On basketball recruiting – Jason Kidd was considered the top, or no worse than the second or third recruit, of his senior year. Shareef Abdur Rahim was also considered in the top five in recruits. So, those two would be the highest rated recruits in the last 20 years.

  • gobears49


    Thanks. Knew Kidd was at or very near the top, but not Shareef. Most interested in Powe, to see if he was higher ranked than Bird (#18), now coming in. I know Powe was extremely well known in the Bay Area in high school, but probably not nationally, as Kidd was.

  • discdude

    First, there’s a new interview on goldenblog’s that once again notes Monty’s disdain for the one-and-done rule. Say what you will about his recruiting, you know where he stands philosophically. But, he may have changed his tune based on what people say about Bird. At some point, he needed to recruit an impact player and even though there is a possibility that Bird is one-and-done, that’s true of most of the top players these days. 2013 is a vast improvement in recruiting.

    Juancho, for me success is measured by:

    – outplaying weaker competition all the time
    – competing at the top of the conference every year
    – beating top 25 teams
    – gaining a reputation as a place where basketball is a priority, where you can come as a player and be successful
    – filling the (damn) seats!
    – making the tourney at least 2 of every 3 years and eventually every year (FYI: Monty has done it 3 of 4, Braun was 5 of 12, Bozeman 3 of 4**, Campenelli one time…before that is ancient and irrelevant history)
    – making the Sweet 16 and having deeper runs every few years (though I’m not sure what the measure is, we haven’t had many deep runs in the last 50 years)
    – and let’s be honest, beating Stanfurd two times every year

    Success does take time. I like the current trend. Obviously, some have higher expectations for Monty given the success he had at Furd, and while the conference has been relatively weak, the conference was also very weak in several of Stanfurd’s best years. Look back at the history, other than Zona, most teams were up and down. For example, in 2003 when Furd was 17-1, the next best team was UW at 12-6, Zona at 11-7. Only those 3 went to tourney. Or in 1999, when they were 15-3 tied with Zona, UCLA was 10-8 (though they made the Sweet 16).

    Point is, Cal is what they are in their current environment, but overall these 4.5 seasons far exceed the last 4.5 seasons, I hope most people see that. I’m hopeful things will continue to trend up and I think Monty will leave the program in much better shape. He’s a good coach, but he’s not without fault and he even admits when he makes mistakes (Tedford). He said the other night “I guess I need to trust the bench more.” So, we’ll see if he uses them more going forward, he probably doesn’t have much choice, really.

  • wehofx

    #24 tourny appearances

    #38 LOL! I’m stealing that on twitter

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Football post – NCG

    A joke already, not only does a playoff system need to be put into place, it really should be conference champions with a wild card or two, for eight teams. Have the Pac 12 vs B1G in the Rose Bowl be a constant 1st round game + 3 other 1st round bowls.

    Screw seeding, it would be based on the same crap that currently has ND #1 anyways. You have to win out to be champion, and conference champs ensures you play teams that at least won a conference.

    I am so sick of this lipsticked swine of a “National Champion.”

  • wehofx

    I never thought the Pac’s ref’s were as bad as many maintained. Then, furd got robbed.

    Then, tonight. This ref crew is a complete and total embarrassment to Pac 12.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, shon akins de-committed. seems like sd and co encouraged him to look elsewhere. LJ? Or they have some other db’s they’re higher on?

    Also thinking I hope they’re going to add one more rb – a banger in the cj mode. seems like we’re outta the newby race?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I do have to admit, now 28-0, I’m going to keep watching the NCG hoping for the shutout. Once ND scores, there really isn’t any other reason to watch unless you are a Tide fan.

  • Juancho

    Well. It looks like the coaching staff pulled the scholarship offer from akins. Surprising. But maybe the size was too big an issue. Hes 5’9″. If you look at his twitters thats what one can infer.

  • Juancho

    Newby is down to nebraska and ucla. Were prob austin hooper away from finishing our class. I dont see any other major guys were in the mix for.

    Tosh cleaned up this weekend. He got 3 guys.

  • Easy Ed

    Good for Tosh “Piece of $hit” Lupoi. I hope the recruits like the new coach for their junior season when Sarsleazian and the rest of his staff are replaced.

  • gobears49

    I don’t follow recruiting like a lot of others who write on this blog, but it looks like we are doing “OK” in recruiting, especially considering the coaching change. But does anyone know how we are doing this year compared to prior years.


    1Notre Dame 23
    2Florida 26
    3Alabama 20
    4Ohio State 21
    5USC 15
    6Michigan 24
    7Texas A&M 35
    8LSU 25
    9Georgia 29
    10Texas 13
    11Florida State 18
    12Auburn 15
    13North Carolina 19
    14Clemson 15
    15Virginia Tech 19
    16South Carolina 20
    17Vanderbilt 22
    18Oklahoma 17
    19Washington 22
    20UCLA 20

    21Ole Miss 20
    22Oregon 13
    23Miami (FL) 13
    24Penn State 18
    25Oklahoma State 21
    26California 21
    27Nebraska 19
    28Baylor 22
    29Mississippi State 21
    30Tennessee 18
    31Virginia 18
    32Wisconsin 18
    33West Virginia 23
    34Michigan State 15
    35Rutgers 22
    36Missouri 19
    37Arizona 27
    38Stanford 10
    39Indiana 19