Basketball: Lunardi has Bears in 1st 4 out

ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi has four Pac-12 teams in his mid-season projected NCAA tournament bracket — and lists Cal among his first four out.

Lunardi has unbeaten Arizona as one of his four No. 1 seeds. Also in the field, by his estimation, are Colorado (No. 7 seed), UCLA (No. 8) and Oregon (No. 10).

Cal is listed as the second of the first four to miss the cut, Stanford next.

Click here for Lunardi’s complete bracket.

According to RealTimeRPI.com, Arizona is No. 4 in the latest RPI rankings, with Colorado at No. 6, thanks to a No. 2 strength-of-schedule ranking.

UCLA is No. 40, Oregon No. 51, Arizona State No. 54 and Cal checks in at No. 66 in the RPI. Washington, which visits the Bears on Wednesday night, is No. 71.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Random thing i noticed doing research. It pertains to recruiting. The new coaching staff is much less ethnically diverse than before. The previous staff had several african americans, ambrose, kenwick thompson, todd howard, wes chandler, ron gould.

    Had a fellow latino in marcus arroyo. And had a samoan fella back a while named tosh.

    The new staff is all white guys except running backs coach pierre ingram. I thought this was strange and wonder how this will or wont work out in recruiting.

  • Juancho

    As a minority i sort of worry how middle aged white guys with southern accents may not always seem relatable to young inner city kids in particular. We shall see.

  • Juancho

    Ucla 4 african americans

    Oregon 2 african americans

    Washington 1 african american and 2 samoan fellas

  • Juancho

    Stanford 3 african americans

    Utah 2 african americans and 3 samoans

    Arizona 3 african americans and 1 latino

  • Juancho

    Or state 2 african americans 1 samoan

    Asu 3 african americans

  • Juancho

    Maybe the world is ending. Cal has the least diverse staff in the conference. Go figure.

  • Mitchie V

    Yikes. Is Oregon that good? Haven’t seen much of them this year. Was hoping Cal could have that 4th place finish and squeek in.

    Arizona, UCLA, Colorado look like locks. Unless UCLA unravels.

    Well, let’s start with a win over UW.

  • wehofx

    Sounds about right.

    the ‘ho is – I’m pretty sure – of Italian descent. His grandfather fob opened a market in walnut creekish (???)