Football: CB Steve Williams to enter NFL draft

In something of a surprise, cornerback Steve Williams became the second Cal player to announce he will skip his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Wide receiver Keenan Allen made the same decision last month.

UPDATE: The Sporting News pegs Allen to go as No. 7 pick to Miami Dolphins.

Williams started 28 games for the Bears. His 25 career pass breakups rank sixth in school history.

In a statement, Williams thanked the university for the opportunity to play at Cal, adding, “This was a difficult decision to make, but my family and I felt it was in our best interest and that this is the right time to take advantage of another set of opportunities we feel will be presented to us in the NFL.”

Williams had three interceptions this season and earned honorable mention all-Pac-12 honors from the league’s coaches.


Jeff Faraudo

  • ScottyBear

    Another halfway decent Cal player who will probably go on the start/star in the NFL. Hopefully Sonny can get more out of the constant pedigree of talent we get at Cal and translate it into wins and a Rose Bowl. How many of you sat there with total envy New Years Day and watched the parade and game in Pasadena?? Go Bears!!

  • ScottyBear

    BTW, whatever happened to Darren Thomas at Oregon who left early for the NFL. Didn’t he go undrafted? Bad move if so.

  • rollonubears

    I watched part of parade, until the stanfurd band made complete a$$es of themselves, then i tuned back in for about 20 minutes of the game. I watched a quarter of the NC game last night, and that was it for bowls. Maybe it was just the pathetic bowl matchups this year, or maybe i’m just getting old, but I have almost lost all interest in bowl season. it used to be a really big deal for me. i wish williams well, but i think he’ll be back unless he signs with an agent.

  • covinared

    Williams will be missed, but I don’t see him as a high pick. He should stay another year.

  • David

    He has a young daughter to look after, I’m sure he weighed the decision.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Covinard, he’ll definitely be missed, but the move makes sense. Aside from the chance of injury, a year under new coaching may not be entirely appealing to him.

    Regardless, while he’d likely move up the draft board with another year, I doubt he’d move up all that much, money-wise. Not sure where he stands now, but his height and speed at the combine will be the primary factor, and those won’t change. So, an extra year of getting paid by leaving early greatly outweighs moving up the draft board wth another year of college experience.

  • wehofx

    Best of luck and thanks, Steve Williams.

    I sure hope McClure’s rehab is going well.

    per twitter, coupla more 4/5 stars de-committed from $c today.

    also per twitter, seems like a 4 star o line and 4 star D are making official visits this weekend? or next?

  • covinared

    so many Cal players these days are knocking up women while still in school. what’s up with that?

  • Juancho

    Surprised by the decision. Maybe he has a good sense he’ll be drafted in the first three rounds.

    If I had a million dollar job waiting for me, I would have left Cal after three years too. The job market sucks anyways, good for him.

  • Larry

    I hope he graduated. There goes another player not graduating in 5 years if he didn’t graduate already.

  • Steve W

    Hey Steve….go back and look at the tape on how you defended that big tight end from Washington. There’s a ton of guys like that in the NFL, only better. Me thinks you’re getting some bad advice.

  • he needs another year.

  • Crawford

    Apparently we have NFL scouts that post on here, give the kid a break…He’s chasing HIS dream, don’t hate on him

  • covinared

    questioning his decision based upon what we’ve observed over the years is not hating. I admit I was wrong about Cameron Morrah. He’s stuck around.

  • ScottyBear

    I’m still loving the disappearance of Morencsarecoming. Hopefully no mas ever!

  • Larry

    That means K.Allen won’t be going to Miami.