Basketball: Washington game thread

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FINAL SCORE: Washington 62, Cal 47. Perhaps Cal’s poorest performance of the season, certainly its worst offensive performance. Crabbe, who entered the game No. 9 in the nation at 21.4 ppg, was held to a season-low 9. Kravish led the Bears (9-6, 1-2) with 14, his season high. Cal shot 37.7 percent, was outrebounded 48-33 and allowed 20 offensive rebounds. C.J. Wilcox led the Huskies (10-5, 2-0) with 19 points.

7:57 2nd H: UW leads 52-38. There is no evidence Cal has a winning comeback in it tonight. The Bears have gotten no closer than 11 points at anytime in the second half. Richard Solomon delivered a highlight with a quick spin past UW 7-footer N’Diaye for a reverse dunk. But he stumbled returning up court and moments later Desmond Simmons dropped in a jumper for the Huskies. Just not the Bears’ night.

14:16 2nd H: A wide-open 3-pointer by Wilcox — the Pac-12’s active career 3-point leader — and a putback by N’Diaye helped give UW a 43-28 lead. 

HALFTIME SCORE: UW 34, Cal 20. Fifteen offensive rebounds by the Huskies — that’s just about all you need to know. Cal shot 36.4 percent from the field and 3 for 10 from the FT line. Washington shooting just 37.5 percent, including 0 for 8 from the 3-point line, but has outscored Cal 11-0 on second-chance points.

2:13 1st H: Thurman pass to Bak Bak for a layup ends Cal scoring drought at 2:43. Bears hadn’t scored since 7:18 and hadn’t made a FG since 8:50. The basket ended UW’s 16-0 run. Huskies lead 34-20.

3:45 1st H: A layup by Aziz N’Diaye pushes UW run to 13-0 and gives Huskies a 31-18 lead. Cal is shooting 3 for 9 from the FT line and getting outrebounded 23-9. UW with 13-point lead despite shooting 0 for 8 from 3-point line. Huskies are simply more athletic, quicker and more aggressive.

5:01 st H: UW on an 11-0 run and leads 29-18. Washington the aggressor, as evidenced by 13 offensive rebounds already.

7:18 1st H: UW leads 18-17. Huskies continue to hurt Bears with offensive rebounds — 11 of them already. Neither team has led by more than three points. During timeout: Over-50 Cal fan just missed about 8 or 10 straight free throws, then tried under-handed and made five . . . to big cheers from the crowd.

11:45 1st H: Cal leads 15-14. Cobbs back at the point. Solomon in for Thurman, Jeff Powers giving Crabbe a short break. Bears getting hurt on the boards, where UW has 11-4 edge, including seven offensive rebounds. Crabbe back after timeout.

15:49 1st H: Cal leads 8-6 at first timeout. Thurman already has a pair of layups, so that switch is working out OK. Also different — freshman Tyrone Wallace running the point, allowing Justin Cobbs to play off the ball and concentrate more on being a scorer. His shooting percentage has dipped in recent weeks, so maybe Monty sees this as a way of freeing him up.

LINEUPS: Washington will start Desmond Simmons, Aziz N’Diaye, Scott Suggs, C.J. Wilcox and Abdul Gaddy. Cal goes with Robert Thurman, David Kravish, Allen Crabbe, Tyrone Wallace and Justin Cobbs.

WELCOME: The Bears (9-5, 1-1 Pac-12) take on Washington (9-5, 1-0) for the only time this season. This is Cal’s conference home opener. The game can be seen on ESPN2. For anyone who hadn’t heard, Brandon Smith (concussion) and Ricky Kreklow (foot) remain sidelined. Word from Cal is C Robert Thurman will get his first career start tonight in place of Richard Solomon. Will be back with lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho



    Jorge gutierrez
    Dj seeley. Didnt contribute


    Bak bak doesnt contribute
    Brandon smith
    Markuri sanders frison


    Allan crabbe
    Emerson murray didnt contribute
    Alex rossi didnt contribute
    Richard solomon
    Gary franklin didnt contribute

    You look at this and its easy to see why our team isnt gery good. Our recruiting has been full of misses.

  • Juancho

    Love bill walton. Agree with his comment that cal needs to play a different style of offense. Agree its unacceptable that haas isnt full when were smack dab in a basketball mecca. Agree bay area is an area of innovation and our program and style of play is blah.

  • gobears49

    Another piss poor game. Our worst loss.

    Haven’t checked the stats, but I know that U of W’s scheme allowed for a much higher percentage of shots with open looks than Cal. Why does Washington get a lot higher percentage of open looks then Cal? The answer, I’m sad to say, is coaching, and I’m not talking about coaching during the game, but rather before the game. I am sick and tired of watching Cobbs and Crabbe driving the lane and throwing up shots, in congestion, with a hand in their face. They make a very, very low percentage of those shots. When I see them start their drive, I hope they get fouled, because chances are they are not going to score points by making a basket.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Anyone else taste vomit?

  • SteveNTexas

    Go Monty!

    When will you guys realize that we SUCK. Make all the excuses you want. We are the only team that gets injured we were 9.5 point favs.

    Yesterday I posted the analysis how Cal hasn’t impressed and just beating the bottom teams in the Pac 12 will not get us anywhere.

    We can’t even beat them.

  • SteveNTexas

    GOBEARS Heres’ a quote from you from last week

    “Good to stay in the hunt for the NCAA’s. It’s a long road to get there but if we play like we did tonight the rest of the year, it is certainly very doable.”

    Milo said we would finish in the upper half of the Pac12 – and on the way to NCAA Bid. Upper half isnt saying much but no bid at this rate.

    Wake up!

  • gobears49

    I love to listen to Bill Walton, who is a real basketball guru (though he does make mistakes, like when he said that a shot from the side by Kravish that went two feet over the basket was a pass to a teammate). Walton started off by saying how good Cal looked at the start of the game, which is when they were passing the ball well and getting easy shots. In the second half, he kept saying that Cal needed to change its style of basketball, which I to took to mean play more team ball in addition to actually change its style of attack. He also kept on saying how surprised he was that Cal was not playing better at home.

    It could be that Monty is trying to instill having his team play like a team and not as individuals (which primarily means Cobbs and Crabbe). But maybe they can only do that in spurts and then resort to their old, one on one, style, driving the lane, in congestion and while being guarded, and then throwing up “pray shots.” We have seen those rarely go in the basket.

  • Eric

    Bad, bad loss. This could really sink the season. Losing to Harvard at home is bad. Losing to a mid-level Pac 12 team at home is arguably worse.

  • gobears49


    You quoted me accurately. I did say we could make the NCAA’s, but I qualified that statement by saying only if we played like we did like we did against USC. Obviously, we didn’t do that against Washington, a better team than USC. I sound like a broken record, but the reason we stunk against Washington was primarily because we only played effective team ball for a short time, whereas against USC we played that way for a longer period. Also, Crabbe played an usually super game against USC and was very ineffective against Washington.

    BTW, is it only me, or do other people think Crabbe’s outside shot, particularly his three pointer, is heading south in recent games. I should probably check the stats to see how his 3-point percentage this year compares to last years. Maybe those overall stats are close, but not based upon recent games. Crabbe is driving to the basket better this year but, like most players, he can’t finish if the shot he ends up taking when he drives is very difficult to make. Unless Crabbe improves his three-point shooting, if he leaves early, he is going to be sitting close to the end of the bench in the NBA even though it is clear he is a much better all-round player this year than last.

  • rollonubears

    I think the only way we could make the tournament this year, is to win the pac12 tourney. And with our lack of depth, that’s basically impossible. This season is done. Sad.

  • DaveintheHills

    I was there. It was depressing. That is all.

  • gobears49

    Monty needs to show the team the first five to ten minutes of the last game, when they were playing good team ball, with good passing, compare that to the rest of the game, when they were not, and then challenge them to play as a team FOR THE WHOLE GAME.

    I know it’s probably just my pet peeve, but I would tell the players not to take a shot unless they can get it off without being closely guarded. That is more difficult to define for inside shots, but I think it can be done. It’s a good, basic, rule to improve a team’s shooting percentage. It would probably eliminate driving down the lane by guards, unless they shoot early, for a “floater.”

    I still think the team can turn this around if they play smart basketball most of the game, and not stupid basketball, like they did most of last night. Cal has good talent, but they are not using it effectively. We can’t be nearly as bad as we were last night.

  • Juancho

    Gobears isnt that tedfordesque ? Winning the end of the game after were blown out ?

  • rollonubears

    I watched the game on replay this morning. It’s a great way to watch a game in about a half hour, skipping all the commercials and halftime. And with the 11pm eastern starts the last two times, it’s the only way. These guys looked like ben braun’s bears last night. This has really been bothering me about our team, but we have been unable to compete against just about any decent team, since 1995. Washington’s guys looked huge compared to ours. Bigger, taller, faster. It’s definitely recruiting. Occasionally, a small team will fire up some 3s and get some Ws, but we can’t even do that. Year in and year out, we roll out a lineup of short and/or skinny guys and wonder why we get dominated by all the good guys. Even when we make the tournament, we never make it past the first weekend. I’m really tired of investing emotional energy in this garbage. I will give it until next year. If it’s not substantially improved, I’m done until Monty retires.

    And the women’s team? Once again, they fail to beat Stanfurd. ugh!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I think Cal can make the NCAAs, but only if they only play USC over and over in Pac 12 play.

  • SteveNTexas

    Ben Braun was not a good coach -but how many times in his career did we lose at home by 15 to a team probably not in the top 100?

    There are a lot of historians.

    I quoted an article a few days ago that said we do not have ONE SIGNIFICANT win all season. None Nada – and had we won yesterday we still wouldn’t have had one.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Steve, Braun was good. I’d even say very good. He just was not exceptional, great, excellent, or elite.

    He could coach/teach defense (especially defensive fundamentals) quite well and was an exceptional recruiter. His offensive style, however . . .

  • SteveNTexas

    Wisdom Braun doesn’t seem to be doing well at Rice. He was a decent recruiter and always honest and frankly I forget some of the issues back then.

    IN any event my point was how many times did Braun have us lose to a team this poor at home by 15?

    Branch Rickey once said Its better to let someone go a year too soon than to keep him a year extra.

    When was the last time we won a televised game meaning out of the California era?

    We have no significant wins! Which Monty supporter predicted this?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Yeah, but the Pac 10 was much stronger then. Many of those losses were against teams that went on to have deep NCAA runs. I was a season ticket holder from 2000-2005, and I was very pleased with Braun for that stretch.

    One aspect I liked most about his teams – they always gave a great defensive push at the 4:00 mark. It was uncanny. As long as they were within 8-12 points at the 4:00 mark, you knew there was a run coming, sparked by defense, that would get them back in the game. Didn’t always win, obviously, but they usually made a game of it, especially at home.

  • SteveNTexas

    Wisdom you may be right. The irony is by the time Braun was let go -feeling among Cal fans was very similar to that about Tedford – with even less defenders.

    Now even though Braun has shown nothing at Rice its almost as if you are being nostalgic and looking benignly at the Braun years.

    This doesn’t reflect very well for our current coach -does it.

  • gobears49

    Braun’s Rice team recently lost by 30 to Harvard at Harvard. But Harvard is pretty decent. After they beat Cal they lost to Saint Mary’s at Saint Mary’s by one point. The guy at Harvard must be a helleva coach. He certainly did a number on Cal.

  • H8sRed

    The oddsmakers got this one wrong. I was there, and UW is bigger, stronger and deeper. Cal’s injuries have forced Monty to go much deeper into his bench with mostly predictable results. Plus with students still on break, there was in effect no real home court advantage.

    That said, it seemed like every bounce, as well as almost every call, went UW’s way. Even when Cal out-hustled UW, somehow Cal could not capitalize on it, epitomized by Kravish’s missed dunk and by Solomon’s dunk followed by his stumble which led to an easy UW basket.

    Juancho — sorry to disagree with you (again), but I don’t think the Bay Area has ever been a basketball “mecca.” Moreover, classes don’t resume for another week and a half, so there were very few students in attendance. As a result, in addition to a lower turnout, there was an appreciable lack of energy from the crowd.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Just frustrated, Steve. People rip Braun still even though he gave the school a quality decade, IMO, and may have had better results with just a few more breaks (lack of injuries or players going pro). Few coaches can maintain more than 10 years at the same school.

    Then, people give Monty so many excuses. Walton hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said the program and fans shouldn’t have to just sit around waiting for next year’s recruits. More should be expected than what I have been watching. Monty has a bad hand to play right now (which he dealt himself via poor recruiting), but to mix metaphors, he does not seem to even be trying to make lemonade, leaving us to suck on lemons.

  • SteveNTexas

    Wise post Wisdom.. We disagree slightly on how good a coach was and of course many coaches get bad breaks. MIke Davis was fired from Indiana after decent seasons and had JR Smith come to IU as planned instead of jumping to the NBA they might have won it all.

    Much more on point are your comments about Monty. As telling as the poor recruiting is the way we choked last year .

    We can find an excuse for each game ( as if we are the only team with injuries) but its more than half the season gone and we have ZERO quality wins.

  • gobears49


    I am a bit confused. I didn’t say anything about winning the end of the game. I said (or I think I said), we were playing very good basketball at the START of the game, exemplified by Walton praising Cal after it had played a perfect (or almost perfect game) for the first several minutes, even though we weren’t ahead of Washington by much. By the end of the first half, and most certainly in the second, he was saying in so many different (but polite) ways of how disappointed he was in the way Cal was playing.

  • SteveNTexas

    Goberas even the worst teams have good moments. So Cal was winning at some time? Penn State was ahead of Indiana for a couple of minutes and teams worse than Cal all had a few moments of a lead against Indiana. Iowa played Michigan even for a half.

    Try to have some objectivity. We suck and we are a reflection of our coach.

  • Juancho

    H8sRed – nothing wrong with disagreeing. If everyone on here agreed on everything this would be boring.

    You make a good point on school not being back in session. I guess I’ve been out of school long enough that I forgot about that. I thought they were back already. I guess not.

    Also – I think the basketball mecca thing can be debated by everyone. There’s no way to prove that.

    And – those weren’t my comments. Those were Bill Walton’s comments. On it not being a sell out, and on us being in a basketball mecca, and on us needing a new offensive system.

    He is a refreshing broadcaster. A lot of times you get these boring guys like Ted Robinson who seem so scrubbed and sanitized that it doesn’t add anything fun to the game. Walton is the opposite. Agree or disagree with what he says, but he adds a different type of fun commentary. In my opinion.

  • Juancho

    Gobears – I just realized I made a mistake. You referenced the first minutes of the game. I got confused. I misread your comment and thought you were saying the last few minutes of the game.

    My apologies. I take back the comment that playing well at the end when the game is over is Tedfordesque.

  • wehofx

    worked last night and forgot to set dvr. sounds like a good thing.

    telling stats: uw shot %35 from the field and we still lost.

    Out Rebounded 48 to 35 (at home is a really, really bad stat. crabbe was our leading rebounder.)

    Almost another negative assist to turnover ratio 11 to 10.

    at least on the stat sheet, the only positive is kravish finally showed up.

    in monty’s post game interview he said the team lacked heart. the fellas gotta look inside themselves and someone has to step up and say, “no more of this bs!” I remain hopeful that it will be crabbe or cobb.

    I’m guessing monty was hoping kreklow would replace gut and kamp as team leader.

    rebuilding year.

  • Juancho

    Have to say lack of heart reflects on coach. As does the assists to turnovers.

    We sure as heck used the lack of heart thing to bag on Tedford. Monty doesn’t get a pass on this.

  • gobears49

    Lots to respond to —

    1. SteveNTexas — we’ve played pretty bad so far. I do think we have good talent though we are challenged in the front court. I’ll wait till about halfway through the league games to decide whether we suck or not. I will admit so far that we suck at shooting three point shots and are not very good at the free throw line.

    2. Wehofx — learned something from you. Bad assists to turnovers probably shows not enough passing, not handling the ball well, or a combination of both. Would be interesting if their is a correlation to the top assist to turnover ratio to rankings. Probably this stat, plus ranking of other stats, would show a decent correlation. Note, Jauncho, I am not requesting anyone to do this work. Way too much work for anyone to do, but I am surprised some national publication hasn’t tried it and published their results.

    3. Wehofx — I have previously posted that we really miss Jorge, who was a leader in showing how to do anything to win. Agree Kamp was also a team leader and steadying influence.

    4. Juancho — I think the lack of heart thing can only be laid on a coach if it occurs over several seasons, or at least two. I don’t think anyone had identified, prior to this year, Monty’s teams at Cal lacking heart. I think we used to win most close games, which shows a certain level of heart. But it is hard to get a team to have a lot of heart if all of the players don’t already individually have it. Really can’t see an emotional, team guy, in Cal’s starting lineup and really couldn’t count on Kreklow, since he wouldn’t have started anyway, to provide it. Crabbe seems much too reserved to provide it and I question how much of a team guy Cobbs is, given the number of ridiculously difficult shots he takes (which Monty IS responsible for, since he can discipline him if he does so and apparently does not).

    Just my thoughts. I think I’m commenting too much and will write sparingly for at least the next two weeks. Would love to read comments from some new responders.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Gobears, I gotta chime in on one aspect. Jorge and Randle had such intangibles that their teams never lacked “heart.” I can’t give Monty credit for the fight the teams had when those two were the leaders (though recruiting Jorge can be transferred to it through some argument, I suppose). Even at Stanfurd, Monty’s teams lived or died down the stretch of tight games on the shoulders of the team’s star.

    I just don’t think he is the type of coach that inspires. He’s got fire, but he’s more of a cerebral coach. When he has a complimentary player/leader with heart, then his teams excel.

  • Juancho

    Fair point gobears.

  • SteveNTexas

    wehox– Rebuilding year?????? the word rebuilding assumes there was something built in the first place. Last year we were expected to make the NCAAs, even to win a few games. We choked horribly down the stretch and then lost the playin game to South Florida who then lost its next game. Stop with the excuses.

  • wehofx

    #34 did you read my post?

    or did you just see the line that gave you the opportunity for another self righteous I-told-you-so?

    does T Wallace suck?

    does J Cobb suck? (sometimes. but then so did J Randle until he figured it out and put it all together. but I’m sure you thought JR sucked?)

    do you ever get tired of patting yourself on the back?

  • SteveNTexas

    I didn’t have a problem with the rest of your post. Kids who play college basketball whether they are good or not do not suck-teams and high paid coaches do.

    I saw nothing in that post 34 about myself or patting my back- nor in the prior post – it has nothing to do with me -I’m an older fan/alum who wants better for us.

    Please point out where my post had anything to do with patting myself on the back.

  • wehofx

    ok. I’ll answer your question, if you do me the courtesy of answering mine in #35.

    RE: “rebuilding?”

    #34 making tourny but losing play in game is bad. but we made the tourny.

    the questions I ask in post #35 about wallace and cobb (and my comparison of JC to J Randle) are reasons I think this is a “rebuilding” year. if they develop and improve (along w kreklow, solomon and kravish)then, along side next year’s class, we “COULD” – not will – be very good.

    on the other hand, if the above mentioned players all suck and have no chance at developing under Monty’s substandard coaching then, you’re right. we suck. and, you’re right again, there is nothing upon which to “build.”

    (and how you can separate players from their team is beyond me.)

    am I right that you thought J Randle sucked?

    monty had nothing to do w JR making that final big improvement in his game that lead to conf title?

    Examples of “Patting yourself on the back:”

    In post #29 I’m pretty sure I made no excuses. I pointed out flaws and troubling stats. BUT you wrote:

    >>>”stop with the excuses”

    implies – make that, states – that I am in denial which means that you know better. (pat. pat. pat.) as all knowing seer of truth (pat. pat. pat.) it is your duty to educate the misguided and deluded. (pat. pat. pat.) and make us/me see the error of our ways. (pat. pat. pat.)

    you think there might be a reason why you’re second – albeit a far distant second – to moron in posts (counter) attacking your posts?