Basketball: WSU game thread

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FINAL SCORE: Cal 67, Washington State 54. Wallace scores a career-high 16 points for Cal, including the Bears’ only two field goals in the final 11:43. Wallace had not scored in Cal’s two most recent home hames. Cal made 17 of its final 20 free throws to ice the win. Crabbe had 14 points, Cobbs had 10 — all in the second half. Cal improves to 10-6, 2-2 in the Pac-12. Cal tied school record with 11 blocked shots, including six by Richard Solomon, who also had seven points and eight rebounds. Cal won despite having more turnovers (19) than field goals (18). Bears finished 28 of 36 from the FT line. WSU (9-7, 0-3) shot 33 percent and was 4 of 18 from the 3-point line. Motum scored 16 points, but was held to 5 for 14. 

5:48 2nd H: Cal has gone 10 possessions w/o a field goal and still leads 52-49.

7:27 2nd H: The Bears had the lead up to 50-43 after two FTs by Crabbe, but Dexterm Kernich-Drew hit a 3-pointer and Cougs are within 50-46. Bears have gone nine possessions without a field goal . . . and still lead. I’m telling you, a strange game.

12:24 1st H: Cal leads 44-41 following a baseline jumper by Bak Bak, who has a season-high five points off the bench. Moments earlier, Cobbs attempted his first shot of the game and made it — a 16-foot pull-up jumper with 14:47 left. Then he fed Solomon for a layup. Crowd coming alive after snoozefest for most of the afternoon.

15:53 2nd H: A putback and 3-pointer by Brock Motum and WSU leads 37-36. Crabbe scored on Cal’s first two possessions of the half, and actually appears to be trying to do too much. That’s something of a switch for him. Has a turnover and almost a second. Cobbs still has not attempted a shot. Not sure what to make of this game, but it doesn’t have a comfortable feel.

HALFTIME SCORE: Cal 29, WSU 27. A bad half of basketball. Cal took the lead on a putback off a scramble for loose offensive rebound by Robt Thurman with 6 secs left in half. Cal shooting 43 percent with 10 turnovers. Bears completely out of sync on offense. They had six turnovers on their final nine possessions of he half covering the final 6 minutes. Crabbe has taken two shots — made one. Cobbs, who shot terribly in recent games, has not attempted one. Ty Wallace leads Bears with seven points. WSU shooting 35.7 percent, including 1 for 8 from 3-point. Brock Motum has 10 points, but has had to work for them. 

3:59 1st H: WSU leads 24-22. Cal’s past four possessions have ended with turnovers. Bears have eight turnovers, seven field goals. Not a workable equation.

5:21 st H: We’re tied at 22-all. Cal offense sputtering — Cobbs hasn’t taken a shot and Crabbe is 1 for 2.

7:49 1st H: Cal leads 17-16 in what, so far, has been a fairly unwatchable game. Cal has not made a field goal since Wallace’s 3-pointer with 13:21 left. Biggest cheer of the afternoon just now for new Cal football coach Sonny Dykes, introduced along with several members of his staff.

11:50 2nd H: Crabbe returned to the game and appears fine. But he just picked up his second personal foul. Cal leads 14-9.  Cal football recruits at Haas, including QB Jared Goff, set for mid-year arrival when second semester begins.

15:42 1st H: Bears lead 6-5, but Crabbe is on the sidelines with some sort of ailment. He seemed to limp off the floor with 16:22 left, but medical staff then was working on his right hand or wrist. He’s still not returning after the timeout.

LINEUPS: WSU will start Brock Motum, D.J. Shelton, Mike Ladd, DaVonte Lacy and Royce Woolridge. Cal goes with Allen Crabbe, Justin Cobbs, Jeff Powers, David Kravish and Robert Thurman. First start of the season for Powers, a junior walk-on from De La Salle HS. Still no Brandon Smith or Ricky Kreklow available to play.

WELCOME: Cal (9-6, 1-2) takes on Washington State (9-6, 0-2) this afternoon, otherwise known as the 49ers-Packers pregame show. Tipoff is 1 p.m. at Haas Pavilion.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Heres to hoping the niners lose. Amen.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Starting to assert themselves down the stretch. Me likey. Four minutes to go and up nine. Step on their necks, Bears.

  • SteveNTexas

    Yes its nice that we won but we should easily beat teams ranked around 100 at home. Its a win and it should buttress our position as not one of the worst 3 teams in Pac12.

    I’m hoping AR has a super game vs the 49ners. He throws much more accurately and with less time than Manning.

  • Will

    Sorry Bromigo….even Aaron Rodgers couldn’t stop the Niner Train. Let’s go Niners!!!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Hey Juancho, I called him Kaeperunamok after he gashed Cal. Still fits. Thanks for jinxing.

  • gobears49

    49er game — Kaepernick demolished Green Bay almost as bad as he did Cal. Hope Cal’s offense has the QB running as it makes it much tougher on the defense, though I don’t think that’s really Kline’s game (or probably any other Cal QB, including incoming QB Goff). That’s Oregon’s game, and they seem to do it well year after year.

    Regarding the Cal basketball game today, did you see how controlled Cobbs was today and how few shots he took. Maybe Monty sat him down and said you can only shoot good shots today, and only a few of them. In any event, Cobbs was significantly improved. He’s really quite a talent when he doesn’t try proving he’s the second coming of Michael Jordan.

  • Juancho

    I was secretly rooting for the 49ers.

    As we all know jim harbaugh is a raider. His dad was a long time al davis employee and harbaugh grew up around the team and he got his coaching start as qb coach for the raiders super bowl team.

    Jared goff is the best runner if we go that route with our qb strategy. Hands down the best one. Dont forget goff is a stud shortstop.

  • Juancho

    With regard to the basketball win. Doesnt move the needle for me.

    Cal taught me the value of demonstrating excellence against the top competition. So wins against the cellar dwellers dont get me pumped. Its like getting 10/10 on your participation points.

    I want a program that kills it on finals (the big games against good competition) and leads the curve, sweet 16.

  • Juancho

    You know what will be interesting. What qb can best handle the no huddle offense dykes and franklin run.

    I think people havent spent enough time talking about that in the press.

    The thing people talk about is the spread well run. But nobody seems to think about how a no huddle offense will be different.

  • gobears49

    I don’t think people discuss the no-huddle offense from a technical standpoint much. Probably have to read some technical football literature to find it discussed. My guess is that the no-huddle concept can be applied to any specific type of offense, whether it be the spread, the pistol, any type of T-formation, etc. It doesn’t require running the offense Oregon runs, whatever that is called (I think it’s a form of the spread). But I could be wrong about all of this.

  • Juancho

    I agree with you Gobears.

    To be honest I sort of which the press talked about that change more so I could be better educated on it. I think that’s one of those things that is probably pretty damn hard to understand if one hasn’t played the game.

    And other than my pretty stellar high school PE career, I didn’t play football.

    It will just be interesting to watch, because essentially the team will not huddle before snaps now. That’s a pretty big change right ? I just don’t understand what that means in terms of what it demands of the QB and the other players on offense.

    Oregon is probably the most famous example of an offense that works this way. Get on the field, line up, look at the sideline for the adjustment, run the play.

    I just wish I understood how this made the job of QB different. It probably means cardio is even more important for everyone. Probably means less time of possession. Probably means we tire out the defenses more per drive.

    But again, this is one area where I admit I’m ignorant.

  • Juancho

    I had a moment of clarity. You know what my Raiders should do. Trade down and take Keenan Allen. Then see if one of those giant tight ends from Stanford drop to the second round.

  • Will

    I disagree, hermano. I’m a firm believer in good things coming from having a top notch offensive line. Look what happened to the Niners after they drafted all those big linemen (Davis, Iupati). Don’t know too much about the Raiders o-line, but it can’t be too great given how feeble their running game was. I would start there.

    You guys can have Alex Smith for first round and second round picks if you’d like. He’ll probably be more productive than Carson Palmer ever was in silver and black.

  • SteveNTexas

    Will √√√√√ If Rodgers had the time to throw that Romo or Kapernick or Manning – he might complete 90% of his passes.

    I root for GB because of Rodgers ( and Bishop). WEe may not have a good football team at Cal but we can brag we have the best player in the NFL. He tried to convince GB management to get Lynch from Buffalo but they refused..

  • gobears49

    When Cal tried to run the no huddle offense last year, it took forever for them to get the signal and then line up for the play. It was a joke. Took as much time to get the play off as if they had huddled first. I kept on saying to myself they should “go huddle” instead of trying to copy Oregon and use the “no huddle.”

  • Juancho

    Will and steve you guys are right.

    Although i have a bet with a friend that alex smith will never be a starter again. I think the market for him will be slim. I felt bad for him to an extent bc i thought this season really hurt his career.

    Gobears thats partially why id like to learn more on the no huddle. In theory we will be a lot smoother at it this year. Bc last year we did it every once in a while. In the new offense its every single play.

  • wehofx

    FF’s through wsu game during commercials of SEA vs ATL game. LOL petey!

    Another big negative turn over to assist ratio but DEFENSE made up for it. Glad the fellas had a “Come to Jesus” meeting. No whining. Started to show some heart and stones. But allowing wsu all those O rebounds was bad.

    Did anyone know Bak could be such a good defender? He might have been a good 2nd matchup against McDermott(??) the creighton star?

    I hope monty uses him more like that against big 3’s and small 4’s.

    JF, could you ask monty about Kreklow’s prospects for playing this year?

    and per Blake and GoBEars, the chance of a medical red shirt. Or is RK even interested in pursuing one?