Football: A busy NFL Sunday for Cal alums

Cal football alums everywhere in Sunday’s NFL playoff games:

— Running back Shane Vereen, 23, who had five career touchdowns in two pro seasons, scored three times in the Patriots’ 41-28 win over the Texans. He rushed seven times for 41 yards, including a 1-yard TD, and caught five passes for 83 yards, with TD receptions of 8 and 33 yards.

— Tight end Tony Gonzalez, 36, caught six passes for 51 yards and a touchdown in the Atlanta Falcons’ 30-28 win over the Seattle Seahawks. His 19-yard reception set up the winning field goal. The NFL’s No. 2 all-time receiver, in what may be his final season, Gonzalez won a playoff game for the first time in his career.

— Safety Thomas DeCoud, 27, had three tackles and one pass defended as the Falcons won a playoff game after losing in the first round the past three seasons.

— Running back Marshawn Lynch, 26, scored what appeared to be the winning touchdown for the Seahawks with 31 seconds left, only to watch the Falcons come back to win. The All-Pro from Oakland had a mixed day: 16 carries for 47 yards and a TD, plus three receptions for 37 yards. He also lost a fumble.

— Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, 27, had five tackles, four of them unassisted, for the Seahawks.

— Kicker Ryan Longwell, 38, just signed by Seattle on Wednesday because of an injury to their starter, made all four of his PATs but did not attempt a field goal.

Jeff Faraudo

  • discdude

    You forgot Justin Forsett on Houston…he watched from the sidelines!

  • Easy Ed

    How could we not get to a BCS game with players like Rodgers, Lynch Desean, THomas Decoud, Brandon Mebane, Shane Vereen, Marvin Jones, Levelle Hawkins?

  • Juancho

    Offensive lineman chris borrayo has committed to cal.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Jeremy Ross helped out too…

  • H8sRed

    Easy Ed — because they didn’t all play for Cal at the same time. (And if the current BCS rules/system were in place in 2004, Aaron Rodgers and co. would have led the Bears to the 2005 Rose Bowl.)

  • covinared

    its also a matter of overall depth and qb play. we’ve been lacking there. I remember watching Chuck Muncie, Wesley Walker, Matt Bouza, Joe Rose, Steve Bartkowski, Craig Morton, Vince Ferragamo and more all those years we sucked in the early 80’s.

  • wehofx

    Covina going Old School. Where would you put Joe Roth in cal qb hierarchy if tragedy didn’t strike?

    Twitter rumor: we lost wr yogurt cavil to ok.

    great to see recruiting emphasis on OL and DDL. But, anybody else think we need at least one more rb in addition to khalafani(SP)?

    Preferably a big back in cj/marshawn type.

    I count bigs, lasco and yarnaway.

  • Dan

    Cal’s big WR commit Dannon Cavil, from TX, just announced he’s changed his mind by committing to Oklahoma. Bummer, as he’s big, fast and highly ranked nationally.

  • Steve W


    Great comment on depth. Maybe Cal gets to the 2005 Rose Bowl if Chase Lyman doesn’t go down early in that pivotal game against SC. And maybe Cal goes to the Rose Bowl in 1993 if Dave Barr doesn’t go down with a shoulder injury after starting 5-0, including a win over Rose Bowl champion UCLA. Cal was putting a hurt on Washington and heading for 6-0 when Barr went down.

    If anyone can remember the QB who took Barr’s place in that Washington game, he deserves consideration in the Cal trivia hall of fame.

  • covinared

    Pat Barnes?

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    If I’m a WR I would want to play for Sonny Dyke’s offense.

    I wonder what type of student Cavil is? With Dykes commitment to improve Cal’s academics this wouldn’t be the first time a new staff discouraged a player. And we all know every football player at OU passes their tough classes. Unlike Tubberville at Cincy who just yanked guys schollies and didn’t tell them.

  • Steve W

    Nope. Barnes got the nod later. The backup guy to Barr is the reason that Cal has taken so many swoons when key guys have gone down. Thought of one more: Longshore goes down in 2007 after starting 5-0 and beating Tenessee and Oregon. Another probable Rose Bowl down the drain.

  • Juancho

    Cavil is a great student. We didn’t pull his offer. He got an offer from his dream school. Simple as that. For some of us Cal was our dream school, for him it was Oklahoma. Good for him.

    He runs a 4.4 40 and is 6’5″. Would have been great at Cal. But realistically until Dykes and co. show some results on the field, Cal is in irrelevance land when it comes to BCS, and programs like Oklahoma and now unfortunately Stanford are on another level.

    It sucked to read Austin Hooper’s comments on his commitment to Stanford. Essentially he said, there is no better combination of academics and football. Him being a bay area kid from the east bay made it worse. Back during the Aaron Rodgers years we were that school. But now Stanford has become the dominant program here in the Bay.

    Let’s hope Sunny D fixes that pronto.

  • Juancho
  • Dan

    Yep, just read about Hooper. He will play TE there. How can you blame him- being a TE at Stanford is about as good as it gets for a kid like Hooper. Great kid, a leader and a winner at DLS, I wish him the very best. He’ll get a truly world class education, play in a BCS game or two, and have a great shot to play in the NFL.

  • Larry

    Steve W,

    Who took over for Barr…Was it Cary McGonigal? McConigal? Or something like that?

  • SteveNTexas

    USC just sacked Basketball Coach O’Neill saying they wanted to do this at the start of the Pac 12 Season – perhaps they can right the ship but I hope not. They were only 2-2 in Conference but had just beaten UTAH by 17.


  • Steve W


    How about Kelly McGonigal? Great trivia knowledge. To think that a probable Rose Bowl season was tubed by that lack of depth at a key position. When Barr came back from injury that season, they were unbeatable again.