Football: His place in NFL history secure, Tony Gonzalez confirms he `probably’ will retire

Tony Gonzalez didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.

And the former Cal star didn’t reverse his field on plans to retire after a 16-year-old NFL career.

After Gonzalez and the Falcons lost 28-24 to the 49ers in Sunday’s NFL title game, Gonzalez said the game was “probably” his last.

If he follows through on that plan, he will retire as the greatest tight end in pro football history.

The numbers are undeniable: 1,242 receptions (427 more than any tight end in history), 14,268 yards (4,208 more) and 103 touchdowns (20 more).

Click here for more on what was likely Gonzalez’s final day in the NFL.

Jeff Faraudo

  • discdude

    TG is the man! Too bad he couldn’t make the Super Bowl.

  • Juancho

    He is da man. And on a personal note was an example as a fellow latino.

  • BlueNGold

    It has been great to see so many former Cal players in the NFL playoffs this year. Even those whose teams did not win showed some great stuff. Though too bad Shane Vereen did not play better for the Pats. They could have used it.

  • Juancho

    Tony g rank # 2 all time in buffoonish Cal quotes ?

    1. Jason kidd turning things around 360 degrees

    2. Tony g being vegan but eating chicken and fish, and wearing leather

  • daredevilfan

    SB saying, we can pay for this stadium?

  • Juancho

    Shoot or Sandy saying that Tedford is an icon.