Football: Signing day approaches


It’s the second-to-last weekend before signing day on Feb. 6, and Cal coach Sonny Dykes will have prospects on campus.

None is more critical than four-star offensive guard Cameron Hunt of Centennial-Corona, who committed last fall but is being aggressively pursued by Oregon. Hunt is on campus this weekend, and Brandon Huffman of Scout.com told me, “The big one is holding onto Hunt.”

Huffman said that Gahr-Cerritos cornerback Patrick Enewally is making an unofficial visit to Cal and he believes the Bears have a shot at stealing the three-star prospect from UCLA. Enewally is expected to announce his decision by Sunday.

Rivals.com reports that Raymond Davison, a 6-2, 218-pound weakside defensive end from Crespi-Encino, and Marcus Manley, a 6-2, 279-pound defensive tackle from Santa Monica CC, both will check out the Berkeley campus.

Davison is a three-star prospect who originally committed to Northwestern, but now is open.

Also visiting is DE commit Takkarist McKinley of Kennedy-Richmond. McKinley checked out Washington State last weekend and reportedly plans to visit UCLA a week from now, although it”s unclear whether the Bruins will have an available scholarship for him. Either way, this is big chance for Dykes to try to seal the deal with a strong local prospect.

Possibly visiting is Jamal Morrow, a 5-8, 18-pound running back from Heritage-Romoland, who is committed to Washington State. The three-star player visited WSU last weekend.

Also, De La Salle outside linebacker Victor Egu no longer is on Cal’s list of commits, but has announced he will attend Yale and play in the Ivy League.

Cal missed this week on four-star safety Tyler Foreman of Crespi-Encino. Originally a Wisconsin commit, he picked UCLA over Cal and Missouri.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    They told egu his offer was only for defensive end. And he didnt want to switch positions.

  • ScottyBear

    Loving all this last minute jockeying and moving up. Go Sonny!

  • Sean

    Not sure how well that 18 pound running back Morrow wil hold up…

  • wehofx

    I wish Victor Egu well but we have a plethora of lb’s and I hear yale ain’t a bad school.

    Enewally would be a BIG flip from udub and ucla! We need db’s.

    JF and Juancho, on twitter – for what it’s worth – there are tweets saying that lj moore is also doing an unofficial this weekend?


    Come on, Sonny D and Coach Yenser, show us you got game and close the deal w C Hunt!

  • LJ moore will be at cal (unofficial). He is coming with his parents. Good news.

  • rollonubears

    Looking at the visits over the last few weeks on scout.com, Sonny’s basically gotten every 3 star or higher prospect who’s visited, to verbally commit. That’s incredible, and today’s visits are LOADED with talent. People always say “if we we can just get them here, the place sells itself.” Well, he’s getting them here, and it’s working. I would expect a great class with just about any new coach, as there’s always that excitement that comes along with “NEW” and guys know the coach will be here likely their whole careers, so that makes a difference, too, but Sonny has been really incredible. If we put up a solid .500+ season, next year we’ll have our pick of the litter. I’m excited. Go Bears.

  • Juancho

    If they flip lj moore that will be tremendous news. He is coming up.

    But i think he also announced his final two a few days ago and it was oklahoma and someone else.

    We shall see.

  • Juancho

    Asu was the other school.

  • wehofx

    Bear, oh, Bear! I hope Sonny D and Co can flip LJ.

    per twitter: Jacobi Hunter a 3 star DE from Tx is also on an unofficial this weekend.

    does it seem like if SD maintains his success rate in landing commits, we’re going to go over 26?

    if McKinley, Allensworth(sp?) and C Hunt commit we’re at 25, counting V Egu’s de-commit.

    does anyone know what happens then?

    do they have to encourage one of the 2 stars to de-commit?

  • Calduke

    They can offer preferred walk-on status
    (whatever that means)

  • Eric

    Since Crespi is my kids’ chief arch-rival (and we won this year in quadruple OT) if we miss out on any Crespi guys, that’s ok.

  • Steve W

    Can’t forget that my favorite all-time player at Cal was a Crespi guy with the initials RW. The best WR on the team next year will be a Crespi guy. It’s been a good pipeline to Cal, though I will admit I know nothing about this kid visiting this weekend.

  • wehofx

    Sonny D doing it up at the Official Visit! Tweet:

    >>>Darius Allensworth ‏@Dnice_KTA

    The band is on the field !

    …and Goff, Anderson, Whitehurt, sina and kragen do not count against the 26.

    So I count 20 scholly’s taken with 6 available.

    Go Bears.

  • BlueNGold

    Memo to Jeff Faraudo— Please consider scheduling coach Dykes for a live chat here after signing day has passed and the results are in. It is something that J Okanes used to do with JT and some of the players from time to time and seemed to be very popular. I am sure the regulars here have a lot of questions they would like to ask him. Hopefully Dykes’ answers will be much less cliche ridden and more informative than were JT’s!