Basketball: Gutierrez improving in D-League

Ex-Cal star Jorge Gutierrez continues to make progress in the NBA’s Development League.

A professional rookie with the Canton Charge, Gutierrez is averaging 10.8 points, 4.6 rebounds and 4.6 assists for a team that is 18-11 and first in the D-League’s East Division.

In the month of January, he was better still. He averaged 13.8 points, 4.9 assists, 4.2 rebounds and 1.7 steals. Twice he scored 20 points and he had 17 points and 10 assists in a game last week against Iowa. In 12 games played in January, Gutierrez had five games of 12 points or more.

The D-League regular season runs through Feb. 13, when the playoffs begin.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Boaltblue

    Jorge played his heart out for Cal and carried the team on many occasions. Met him on CAL Day last year. He is a real friendly, classy guy. Talented, smart, energetic player. Honored as the best in the conference, including on defense. He is one of my favorite Cal BB players of all time. I sure wish him well and look forward to seeing him in the NBA. And much success in his BB afterlife,

  • Juancho

    Echoing boalts comment.

    Jorge made time for my baseball kids on one of our field trips.

  • Gobears49


    Just checked the Canton website. They indicate Jorge is playing “guard.” Any idea of whether he’s playing “point guard?”

    He’d better, because I don’t think he shoots well enough to play shooting guard. From his Canton team stats below, he certainly isn’t shooting the three well. I still think Jorge has a chance to point guard in the NBA. He improved tremendously while he was at Cal and I think that will continue. He has a chance to develop into a “fairy tail” story of rags to riches. Hope it happens.


  • Juancho

    So looks like cameron hunt is gone.

    And per an oregon blog, looks like we should bank on ragin joining him in eugene.

  • rollonubears

    Wow. This is like buying network appliances stock in march 2000. good luck with that. Still hoping for some surprises on signing day. Was that armstead on the oregon basketball bench with a long face after we took care of business last weekend? I can’t wait for the sanctions to start rolling in this spring/summer. I love our staff, and whoever decides they want to be on our team. We’re gonna be great next year.

  • Gobears49


    Spent a few moments following up on other men’s basketball classes that were better than Powe’s. A very good argument could be made for the class that came in in ’92 — Lamond Murray, Al Grigsby, and Monty Buckley. I think Grigsby’s banner is already in the rafters of Haas. Murray’s will, if not already. Buckley was a good solid player.

    From your list, you only have one player who was a standout WHILE AT CAL — Powe. I have two, so I think I win.

    You can check my list from the list of players who are listed in the link below as playing at Cal in ’92.


    Murray was drafted much higher than Powe and had a seventeen year career in the NBA. I didn’t check Powe’s pro career, but it was probably no longer than five.

    Buckley was a good, solid, player for Cal.

    I admit Ubaka was a good to very good player at Cal. McGuire was also good, but not very good, when he was at Cal. He shined when he was at Fresno St.

    Let me know if you agree, but maybe you are just too young to have witnessed Cal playing in the mid-90’s. I think Grigby played at Cal over a six year period, getting a special medical redshirt year. He was good, but always a bit injured, which probably is the reason he never played pro.

  • Gobears49

    Other good recruiting classes, back in the “good old days” (actually, a few years before they actually became good), were the following classes —

    1969 — Charlie Johnson and Jackie Ridgle. Charlie Johnson was a great Cal player and played in the pro’s probably eight to ten years. Played a lot, and started often, for two NBA champions — Bullets and the Warriors. Ridgle was a lightning quick forward without a real good shooting touch, but he could really jump. I think he was two time Cal winner of MVP. Lasted only a half season with the Cleveland Cavs.

    1970 — Phil Chenier and Ansley Truitt. Chenier left early for a great pro career, I think shortened by injury. Truitt was about 6’9″ and was out of position playing center — he should have played forward. I think he was also a Cal MVP. He tried to pay in the pro’s but had little success.

    Any other suggestions for best freshman classes?

  • Juancho

    GB49, my brother. I have to admit that as a younger alumni (28), I’m not all too familiar with a lot of the pre-Jason Kidd history.

    Jason Kidd’s success was when I first started watching Cal. But in 1992 I was 8. I would Shareef’s years were when I really understood what I was watching.

    By the time Brian Wethers & Joe Shipp were running the show – I was already 100% committed to wanting to be a Bear.

    That being said. If we’re going to base the best class on how they did at Cal, I think that the Jason Kidd and Shareef class may be best just on the fact that they were in it.

    I’m having a hard time finding stats on our recruiting classes pre-1998. So I can’t figure out who was in each class back then.

    But if we look at the most recent years. The other one I would present for consideration is I believe 1999. The class included Joe Shipp, Brian Wethers, and Shantay Leggins.

    Shipp & Wethers were stars. I would posit that both are in our all time top 20 ?

    And that’s another intesresting question – who are the best 20 players in our history ?

    Jason Kidd
    Lamond Murray
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    Ed Gray
    Kevin Johnson
    Joe Shipp
    Leon Powe
    Sean Lampley
    Amit Tamir
    Brian Wethers
    Patrick Christopher
    Geno Carlisle
    Jamaal Sampson
    Richard Midgley
    Jorge Gutierrez

    Who else ???

  • Esquire Joe

    No Ryan Anderson? He has to be top 10 (although I don’t go back much further than KJ myself).

  • Esquire Joe

    Also, I should advocate for Yogi Stewart sneaking into the top 20, at least of the last 25 years. He was such a surprise success in the NBA that most people think he didn’t do anything at Cal. But he was so solid on defense for 4 years. By the time he was a senior, he had become one of the best shot blockers in the Pac 10.

  • Juancho

    Esquire youre right. Howd i forget them. Theyre easily top 20.

  • Juancho

    Sean marks ?

  • Gobears49

    Juancho (and everyone else),

    Kidd was in the ’93 class and Shareef was in the ’96 class. If you closely at the link in post #6 (also posted below) you will see just a ton of information about Cal men’s basketball, including every year that every player ever played for Cal (though not sure it covers all of the really early years). That is how I know what year the players were freshman (though it is possible that the first year listed was not the freshman year but rather the year they first played).

    I did not check to see whether Shipp, Weathers, and Legans were actually in the same freshman class because I don’t consider that group even close to my group of Murray, Grigsby, and Buckley. None of your three will ever get a banner in Haas with their name on it honoring them and none will ever be considered for one. They were very good (Shipp) to good, but not great. In contrast, Grigsby already has his banner. Murray should eventually get one, if he doesn’t have one already, and in he will certainly be considered for one.

    To start a new thread, I don’t think I have ever seen a list for the all-time Cal starting five. I started going to Cal in the late 60’s, so the first star player I saw was Russ Critchfield. So based upon what I have seen, plus reputation, I think the starting five should be as follows:

    Jason Kidd — point guard
    Kevin Johnson — shooting guard (though I think he actually played the point)
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim — power forward
    Lamond Murray — small forward
    Darrell Imhoff — center

    For the second team, Ed Gray should get some consideration for shooting guard, as should Russ Critchfied. Not sure would play the point. Sean Lampley was a hell of a small forward but was not nearly as complete a player as Lamond. Ryan Anderson was big enough to play power forward but his game was both inside and out. He should be on the second team somewhere, probably at small forward. Powe was smaller than Anderson, but his game was inside, so he should be the power forward. I would rate him above Lampley, who could not shoot outside Not sure who Mark McNamara was a good center for Cal.

    So I guess my second team is

    Point guard — haven’t decided
    Shooting guard — Ed Gray or Rusty Critchfield
    Small forward — Ryan Anderson
    Power forward — Leon Powe
    Center — Mark McNamara

    Would love to see everyone’s list for first and second team. Be sure to check the link below (scroll down slowly — the list of players and the years they played is sort of in the middle) to see the list of players as well as a slew of stats as to who holds the Cal record in many categories.


  • wehofx

    Great Hoops thread! (a rarity here usu fb)

  • Gobears49

    On second thought, since I am almost positive that Kevin Johnson played point guard, I will reluctantly have to put him on the second team at that position, even though he was clearly one of the most illustrious players Cal has ever had.

    For first team shooting guard, I think it is between Phil Chenier, Ed Gray, and Rusty Critchfield. Tough choice. Without checking stats, I think the best pure shooter between the three was Ed Gray, who could really light it up, but I could easily make a case for the other two. Of the three, only Chenier had success at the next level. I’m not sure Chritchfield even tried to do so.

  • Juancho

    Gb49 are we picking teams based on their career at cal or talent level ?

    If its on career at cal i dont think i include powe, anderson, kately.

  • Gobears49

    Juancho and everyone else,

    Just to let everyone know that the link I provided above showing Cal’s basketball history, including a ton of stats, only goes through the 2000 season.

    In answer to Juancho’s question in #16 above, I think we just go on how well players performed at Cal.

    Based upon that, who has been selected as having their name on a banner above Haas should count for a lot in determining the best freshman class. Your three players will never get their name on a banner and will never be considered to be up there, while I already have at least one (Grigsby), and if Murray is not up there now his name will at least be considered (could be his name is not up there because Cal doesn’t want to have two players from the same team hanging from the rafters, but I could be wrong about that.

    In terms of who should be first team shooting guard, based upon Cal performance, I should point out that Critchfield won Cal MVP three times (though on very mediocre teams), Chenier twice (also on mediocre teams), and Gray once (I think).

  • Gobears49

    Point of clarification — for those not familiar with the Cal teams from the early 90’s, Lamond Murray played with Jason Kidd for a couple of years, and a banner with Kidd’s name on it is now hanging from the rafters of Haas, so this provides the underlying facts relating to my comment above about Cal possibly not wanting to have two players from the same team on a banner (but I could be wrong about that).

  • Gobears49

    As I’ve changed my mind a couple of times in my comments above, here is my final list of first and second team all time players, based upon their performance at Cal only.

    First team —

    Jason Kidd — point guard
    Ed Gray — shooting guard (though I think he actually played the point)
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim — power forward
    Lamond Murray — small forward
    Darrell Imhoff — center

    My second team is

    Point guard — Kevin Johnson
    Shooting guard — Phil Chenier (though a very good argument could be that it should be Rusty Critchfield)
    Small forward — Ryan Anderson
    Power forward — Leon Powe
    Center — Mark McNamara

  • Gobears49

    Sorry, I have to do this again, as I didn’t delete a comment about the first team and I’ve cleaned it up a bit to make the presentation of the first and second teams consistent.

    First team –

    Point guard — Jason Kidd
    Shooting guard — Ed Gray
    Small forward — Lamond Murray
    Power forward — Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    Center — Darrell Imhoff

    My second team is —

    Point guard — Kevin Johnson
    Shooting guard — Phil Chenier (though a very good argument could be that it should be Rusty Critchfield)
    Small forward — Ryan Anderson
    Power forward — Leon Powe
    Center — Mark McNamara

  • BlakeStreetBear

    First team:

    Kidd – PG
    Jorge – SG
    Murray – SF
    Shareef – PF
    Powe – C

    Can you imagine the defense of a Kidd and Jorge backcourt?? And it could happen if Jorge gets a shot at the NBA, maybe the Knicks are looking to expand their fan base, a la Jeremy Lin?

    Second team

    Randle – PG
    Gray – SG
    Buckley – SF
    Kamp – PF
    Anderson – C

    How fun would it be to watch Randle, Gray and Monty run the break?

    Go Bears!

  • milo

    Viva Jorge!

  • Gobears49


    Thanks for contributing. Have a problem with a few of your selections, but overall, they are not bad.

    Came across this link looking up Buckley’s stats (averaged about 12 and 16 points his junior and senior years (got them from another link). Confirms that Murray, Grigsby, and Buckley were in the same recruiting class, plus K.J. Roberts. A good article, with probably some great footage, including Kidd when he was playing in high school. When I have time I am going back to read it. The Kidd/Murray years were the best for Cal since 1959-1960, which was way before my time.


  • Juancho

    Do to the fact that this is based on how they performed at Cal. I will begrudgingly exclude Marquis Kately. If this was based on putting together a squad to win one game, I’d have Kately probably on my second team. Guy had unreal athleticism. And I never saw anyone at Cal get to the basket and above the rim with such ease.

    First Team:

    PG – Jason Kidd
    SG – Ed Gray
    SF – Lamond Murray
    PF – Shareef Abdur Rahim
    C – Amit Tamir

    Second Team:

    PG – Jason Randle
    SG – Kevin Johnson
    SF – Joe Shipp
    PF – Ryan Anderson
    C – Yogi Stewart

    My disclaimer: I didn’t see a lot of the older guys like Imhoff. So I have to just focus on the guys I saw play.

  • Juancho

    Honorable Mention:

    Geno Carlisle, AJ Diggs, Sean Marks, Solomon Hughes, Patrick Christopher