Football: Cal, Tedford settle for $5.55 million

Former Cal football coach Jeff Tedford will collect as much as $5.55 million after a settlement with the university following his termination after 11 seasons.

Tedford’s coaching contract, which extended through the 2015 season, called for him to earn a total of $6.9 million over that period.
According to terms of the settlement, Tedford and the university agreed to share evenly any amounts above $1.5 million that Tedford earns if he accepts a college head coaching job or NFL head coaching or assistant position before Dec. 31, 2015.
Cal already has paid him $150,000 this year and will pay him an additional $1.65 million on or before April 1. He will be paid $1.8 million by that same date in 2014, and $1.95 million by that date in 2015.
Tedford was the winningest coach in Cal football history, compiling a record of 82-57 record from 2002 through 2012. He was 5-3 in bowl games. Cal fired him after this season, when the Bears posted a 3-9 record.
“During his tenure at Cal, Jeff Tedford deeply cared for his student-athletes, their performance on the field and in the classroom, as well as their families, this department and the entire university,” athletic director Sandy Barbour said in a statement. “We appreciate all that Jeff contributed to Cal’s reputation for excellence during his 11 years at the University and wish him well in all his future endeavors.”
Tedford, in a statement, said “I am proud of all the accomplishments we achieved together at Cal, both on and off the field, and the manner in which we raised the program’s national profile and expectations. “I am honored to have played a role in the renovations to California Memorial Stadium, and in improving the facilities, with the goal of enhancing the experience for the entire Golden Bear community.
“I look forward to maintaining my strong personal bond with my former players and staff, while pursuing the next chapter in my professional career.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Eric

    Seems like a fair settlement of a badly negotiated contract. Net present value is probably around $5mm, with possibility of further reduction.

  • Kevin

    Good luck, Coach Tedford!

  • 707 Bear

    I imagine the Bear donors that ponied-up for Tedford’s salary must feel like baseball owners who must pay for players that are retired or on other teams.

    I truly enjoy college football on fall Saturdays, but we are a seriously twisted society when a PE major from Fresno State was the highest paid–by far–state employee.

    7 months until Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    Twitter(great news if true):


    Johnny Ragin III ‏@Glory_IIIERA

    Oregon was the dream growin’ up, and I had a nice visit. But My Future’s at Cal, and I can’t wait to get there and go to work! #GoBears


    If we enewally and/or lj moore commit, a damn good class that might stay in top 25.

  • wehofx

    If Ragin commit is true, it says a lot for SD and Buh going head to head w pku/helferich(sp) and splitting.

    Go Bears!

  • Steve W

    The winningest Cal head coach was also the losingest. The man lost the fire in his belly at the peak of his earnings curve, and there’s some shame in that. Age has nothing to do with it. If it did, Kansas State would not have awarded a $16 million contract extension to a 70-year-old Bill Snyder.

  • bigdruid

    I don’t think he lost his “fire in the belly” – remember that coach Gregory left because he didn’t want to pull those long hours with Tedford, right at the same time that you claim he was losing it. Tedford had his problems, but not working/caring hard enough were not among them.

    @707Bear – I have no idea what you’re saying. Are you saying that coaches at public universities should not be paid market rates? If you’re complaining that college coaches in general get paid too much, then what does Tedford’s status as a public employee have to do with it?

  • 707 Bear


    I blame myself for bringing up the value of a coach’s salary in a wider societal context; my inner Harry Edwards Soc 17 came out.

    Hey it’s America…get what you can get.

    But that doesn’t mean we’re any less twisted.

    Somehow I got on the email list many years ago that was soliciting donations to keep Tedford; email said minimum donation $5000.

    I’m sorry, but with all the problems in the world, I would never “donate” 5 grand to pay the salary of a guy who coaches a sport. And we’re not talking about donations to keep the sport alive; basic uniforms, transportation, etc. We’re talking donations to live in a mansion in Blackhawk (did you see his crib online, nice).

    Go Bears!

  • Yoda

    YEah, we live in a culture that values entertainment over most things, but this “highest paid state employee” term is misleading because the state isn’t paying that salary and the money that is used to pay it wouldn’t be going to other programs otherwise. And if you’d never donate, do you watch anyway?

  • 707 Bear

    Once again, I blame myself for bringing up an issue that isn’t X’s and O’s.

    Let me right a wrong: So will the gunslinging QB from Marin Catholic challenge the anointed one Mr. Kline?

    Will Bigelow get 20 touches per game?

    Much better.

    Go Bears! Next year in Pasadena!

  • Steve W.


    You can put in long hours and still lose the fire in your belly. I separate the two completely. I think he got burned out, which also probably means the same thing.

    And then you contrast what Bill Snynder continues to do at the age of 70 over at Kansas State. Of course, Snyder stepped away from the game for a few years. Either way, I stick with my contention that it was a bit shameful that Tedford was collecting that kind of money with the poor results on the field and in the classroom.

  • Juancho

    Zack Kline got a tattoo 707. So there’s no telling whether he’ll even play football anymore at this rate. Or just throw his life away.

  • No tears over Tedford. He was burned out and did a lousy job the last two seasons. It’s a shame donors had to pay so many millions to get rid of him.

    No tears, just good riddance!