Football: Signing day is here!

— Packing up now to drive to Berkeley for Sonny Dykes’ press conference.

— Cal’s lone commit holdout is DB Trek Cheek of Archer-Lawrenceville, Ga., who has tweeted he intends to sign with the Bears next week. OK then.

— WR Jack Austin, a 3-star prospect from Chino Hills, has delivered his signed letter. The 6-3, 205-pounder originally planned to attend Boise State, but flipped to Cal last month. Could have been catching balls from ex-San Ramon Valley HS QB Joe Southwick; now could be target of passes from ex-San Ramon Valley HS QB Zach Kline. Check out the big wideout in action.

— CB Darius Allensworth is confirmed a Bear, reports Cal. The 5-11, 175-pounder from Heritage HS in Riverside County is a 4-star by Rivals, 3-star by Scout. Allensworth looked at WSU, but never decommitted from Bears.

— A nice local signee for the Bears: DE Takkarist McKinley of Kennedy-Richmond. The young man is 6-3, 240 and runs sprints for his high school T&F team. Who does that? Watch as McKinley chases down running backs and QBs.

— No Cameron Hunt, but the Bears landed their other recruiting target from SoCal powerhouse Centennial-Corona: DE Garrett Hughes. It’s official. Check out the 6-2, 230-pound Hughes on the field. Scout and Rivals both say he’s a three-star prospect.

— More letters arriving in football offices at Cal: O-linemen Vince Johnson of Christian Brothers-Sacrament0 and Erik Bunte of Rancho Santa Margarita-Mission Viejo are both done. Check out the 6-7, 310-pound Bunte in action. And here’s video of Johnson.

— No surprise here: 4-star OG Cameron Hunt of Centennial-Corona signs with Oregon.

— DT Tony Mekari of Westlake and OL Chris Borrayo of Paramont both signed and delivered.  Borrayo, at 6-5, 295, brings great size. A consensus 3-star pick. Switching to a 4-3 alignment, Bears needed more depth along D-line. Mekari, at 6-3, 260, can provide that.

— New signed letters at Cal FB office: OT J.D. Hinnant, a 6-3, 267-pounder from Fountain Valley, and LB Edward Tandy, a 6-foot, 220-pounder from Tustin. Hinnant another big piece in O-line rebuilding job. Here’s some video on Tandy. Both are consensus 3-star pickups. Scuttlebutt now is that DB L.J. Moore of Fresno to choose between Oklahoma and ASU.

— Cal reports that DE Ray Davison, a 6-3, 215-pounder from Crespi-Encino, has signed. Older Old Blues will remember that’s Russell White’s alma mater. Davison a 3-star according to Scout and Rivals.

— Now also on board officially: RB Khalfani Muhammad of Notre Dame-Sherman Oaks, OT Aaron Cochran of Buhach Colony-Atwater. And DT Macrus Manley of Santa Monica CC. Muhammad, rated four stars by Rivals, is the Bears’ only RB signee. Here’s some video on Manley. At 6-6, 320, Cochran joins his older brother Matt, who will compete for the starting center spot this spring.

— Cal’s current official count at 7:45 a.m.: 9 signees. Many more to come.

— Starting to come in fast and furious now for the Bears. Walker is official. So is OLB  Johnny Ragin III, a 6-3, 215-pounder from Wilsonville, Ore. Cal got Ragin to flip from BYU commit in late January, then closed the deal after in-state Oregon made a strong late push. Ragin is a three-star prospect whom at least one recruiting expert suggested is underrated. A good win for Dykes and his staff.

— DB Cameron Walker of Loyola-Los Angeles, is just a little excited this morning. From his Twitter account: “like actually, ive been waiting on this day since i was 13. too blessed. very grateful for it”  And this: “im literally so happy right now tho you all have no idea. im forreal sitting here watching my dream come true :’)” I think we can assume he signed.

— WR Caleb Coleman, a 6-foot, 178-pounder from St. Mary’s-Berkeley, now officially on board with Cal. Coleman is a 2-star prospect, according to Scout and Rivals. But a hometown guy who must be salivating at the prospect of playing in Sonny Dykes’ wide-open offense. Watch Coleman beat triple coverage for a long TD reception.

— Cal website officially listing Hunter and Whitener as signees, along with 5 signed and enrolled at midyear: QB Jared Goff, PK Matt Anderson, DE Kyle Kragen, DE Sione Sina and WR Drake Whitehurst. So, officially, that’s 7. So far.

— A Sonny Dykes sighting on Twitter: He welcomes DT Jacobi Hunter, a 6-foot, 285-pound, 2-star prospect from Cypress Falls, Houston. And Dykes also a Twitter S/O to MLB Chad Whitener of Mansfield, Texas.

— It’s nearly 7:20 a.m. and still no official word from Berkeley. However, TE Ray Hudson of Foothill-Pleasanton tweets: “Fax has been sent. It’s official. I am a Golden Bear! Dream come true.”  Hudson, an early commit, is 6-4, 235, a 3-star according to both Rivals and Scout.

— It’s almost 7 a.m. Cal will shortly begin official release of its signed NLIs that have been vetted by its compliance dept.

— OT Erik Bunte of Mission Viejo: “My papers have been faxed. I am now… OFFICIALLY.. a Cal Bear!!!”

— On the national front, Ole Miss scored big this morning when Robert Nkemdiche, the nation’s top-ranked overall prospect, picked the Rebels over LSU and Florida. A 6-4, 270-pound defensive end.

— DT Jacobi Hunter of Cypress Falls-Houston on Twitter: “Just signed my life away for a happy meal and 250,000 dollars!!!”  Hunter a late get by the Dykes coaching staff. He’s a 6-foot, 285-pound two-star prospect.

— TE Ray Hudson of Foothill-Pleasanton tweets: “Wake up to California fight song blasting through the house….”

MLB Chad Whitener of Mansfield, Texas, tweets: “Coach just called they got my papers it’s official.” Whitener, 6-1, 235, was an early commit under Jeff Tedford who stayed with the Bears when Sonny Dykes came on board. A three-star prospect.

GOOD MORNING. The day all college football fans — and coaches — await. The fax machines are humming. We’ll keep you posted as the signed letters of intent arrive at Cal’s football office.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    LJ Moore announced a week ago that his final two were Oklahoma and ASU !

    Why has there been all these changes from the experts on where they thought he’d go? They said Cal, then ASO or Or St, now back to what the kid said his final two were ? Good grief.

  • Juancho


  • daredevilfan

    Enewally to WA, dang it. Oh well, lets be happy with what we got, given the circumstances, and shift focus to training these kids to have a dynamic offense, a stout defense, and a winning mindset.

  • H8sRed

    This is a very impressive list of signees for a team coming off a 3-9 season and a complete coaching staff change. Sure it would have been nice to get Hunt and a couple others, but there will always be a few players like that. Sonny D and his staff appear to have things moving in the right direction.

    Honorable mention has to go to Sandy Barbour and Coach Tedford for bringing the facilities up to par with the University and the setting, and a tip of the cap to Ron Gould and the skeleton crew who maintained recruiting momentum prior to Sonny D’s hiring.

  • Dan

    A big improvement next year (from last year’s 3-9)for the Bears, with them playing exciting, aggressive and imaginative football, with a high scoring offense with lots of yards and touchdowns for QBs, RBs and WRs will get people buzzing and recruits excited about SD and Cal football.

    Not overwhelmed with this class, but I think a very good job given the circumstances by SD and staff. I think he’ll develop and coach these guys up, and my hope is that we look back at this class as laying a foundation- guys who believed in Cal and the potential of Cal football and faith in Sonny Dykes.

    Hey, I think my Tedford hangover is lifting a bit.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    It isn’t bad at all, but I expected more.

    I thought that more highly ranked recruits would have bought into the Sonny offensive stats the way so many blues have. Guess not. It makes year 1 even more important. He needs to put up numbers to make the sales pitches easier next season.

  • ScottyBear

    Loving the absolute beasts we’ll have on the offensive line next few years. Freddie, the Cochran brothers, etc. Very impressed that Sonny’s boys came in and got this done. Only getting better from here on. Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    After last year’s drama fest kinda nice to have a no drama loi day. Last year’s loi day at this time of the morning I bet the post count had already broken 50/pushing 100.

    esp agree w H8sRed.

  • clonedoc

    As with most things, winning cures all. If our Bears improve significantly on the field next year (and with SD that means will the attention be paid to defense to allow this to occur), the recruits will come.

  • Juancho

    Good class. Not a great class. But that was to be expected. Keys for next year.

    Joe mixon
    Manny wilkins

  • rollonubears

    I love this class.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    This ranking puts us at 30th, 5th in the p12, ahead of ‘furd and just behind pku. I’ll take that considering the 3-9 fugliness! Thank you Sonny and co for getting it done today! August 31st, where are you!!!! Go Bears!


  • daredevilfan

    Ohio State #1, yikes! That game will be a great opportunity for us to have a coming out party and let the nation know we are a force to be reckoned with!

  • Juancho
  • Juancho

    The Cat just asked:

    “You had a very short time to build this class…how will it be different next year…”

    Dykes: “We’ll have a higher standard in the future…I think next year’s class will probably have a little more star power.”

  • Dan

    I love how Sonny is direct, honest and open. The exact opposite as Tedford’s platitudes and cliches.

    Kind of reminds of the girl you go out with cuz she’s kinda cute and maybe there is something a little extra there too- but maybe you’re not head over heels. You go out a few times, and all of sudden you realize they are leaving an impression on you. You like everything that comes out of their mouth, you realize there is serious quality stuff you like there.

    Waitin’ to see if we all fall in love with Sonny. So far, pretty interesting.

  • rollonubears

    Dan, great analogy. I came across somebody like that 7 years ago. Still working out ok today, although she refused to watch tedford games. That will hopefully change next season.

  • wehofx

    In SD’s presser he said how good the staff are as recruiters. Based on today’s results I agree.

    Juanch, re: Joe Mixon.

    SD singled out P Ingram as an up and coming recruiter. I read that JM has already had an UO w current staff. JM will be the big test for Ingram.

    Set dvr to record pac 12 recruiting show. Can’t wait to see Sonny’s interview.

  • ScottyBear

    So Tedford always landed top recruits who go on to the NFL but didn’t do so well at Cal under Tedord’s game plan. I’m excited to see how Sonny’s attitude and system brings out the best in each of these recruits. Look how overnight Oregon changed the college game. it was Chip Kelly’s system. Sonny is doing the same. Let’s kick some ass this year!! No more taking a knee! No more at least we won the second half!! No more punts inside our opponents 50!!! No more punts on 4th and 1 !!! Who’s with me (Bluto from Animal House running out of Delta House) Let’s go !!!!!!!

  • Steve W

    By most accounts, Cal’s recruiting class finished in the Top 30. Take a look at those 30 teams and tell me how many finished with a losing record and failed to get to a bowl game. Just one: Cal. By those standards, not bad at all.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    ScottyBears said: “Let’s kick some ass this year!! No more taking a knee! No more at least we won the second half!! No more punts inside our opponents 50!!! No more punts on 4th and 1 !!!”

    Music to my ears!!!

  • BlueNGold

    It will be interesting to see if SD rises to the same sort of cult status as did JT in his first few years. Of course it depends on how well the team does, but if things go well, I could see the tie dyed shirts and the whole bit. Lets hope it goes great!

  • covinared

    not nearly as much drama as last year and fewer big names. I saw the 2011 Wisocnsin team in the Rose Bowl and checked its previous recruting classes. They ranked in the 40’s with mostly 3 and 2 stars. Let’s hope these guys play to their potential and as a team. Welcome to the new Bears!

  • Eric

    I’m really happy Khalfani signed. I had occasion to chat with him earlier in the week, and he was super excited. Dude is going to thrive in Sonny’s system.

  • Daniel

    No offense to Pierre Ingram, but signing a back like Khalfani really makes me miss Ron Gould. I would expect to see him breaking big runs from Day 1, and playing on Sundays in a few years. Let’s hope Ingram can keep the mojo going.
    I like this class. Give me some big uglies, and I’ll make Joe Igber rush for 1,000 yards every year.