Football: Sonny Dykes on his recruits


DARIUS ALLENSWORTH, CB (5-11, 175), Heritage HS-Menifee: “Darius is coming off an ACL injury. He’s one of the most highly recruited players in the country. His deal how quickly can he rehab? He’s a good tackler, plays physical. He’s a good student. I think he can end up being a heck of a corner for us.”

CAMERON WALKER, CB (5-11, 180), Loyola HS-Los Angeles: “It’s hard not to like his (video) tape. Really good open field tackler. He can recover because of his speed. He’s tall and has long arms. I love his maturity. He’s a very bright young man. He will adjust (to college football) quickly.”

GARRETT HUGHES, DE (6-3, 245), Centennial HS-Corona: “I think he will get a lot bigger. He could up being 275 pounds. He’s strong, a very explosive player.”

KYLE KRAGEN, DE (6-3, 250), Diablo Valley College: “He’s a productve player. Love the way he plays. He plays with an attitude. He’s an explosive pass rusher. Tenacious. He’ll make a quick contribution to our program. His dad (Greg) played in the NFL. He really knows how to play football, never gives up on a play.”

TAKKARIST MCKINLEY, DE (6-3, 240), Kennedy HS-Richmond: “He’s a pretty special talent, a unique guy. An unusual football player. There’s not many guys who are 6-3, 240 pounds and run 10.5 (for 100 meters). He’s a very raw athlete that we’re very excited about. I think he’s got a tremendous upside.”

SIONE SINA, DE (6-2, 255), College of San Mateo: “He’s coming off an ACL as well. He’s a really, really explosive football player. He can play a variety of positions. He’s very, very athletic. His ablity to contribute early will depend on his ability to recover from that injury.”

JACOBI HUNTER, DT (6-1, 300), Cypress Falls HS-Houston: “He was committed to a Big Ten school (Indiana) and they had a coaching change. He’s powerful. A heck of a student. Comes from a great fanmily. He’s a 320-pound guy who can really move. He’s really athletic, real explosive.”

MARCUS MANLEY, DT (6-2, 280), Santa Monica College: “He will have four (years) to play three. He was very productive at the JC level. A good fit for us. We needed to get bigger up front.”

TONY MEKARI, DT (6-2, 265), Westlake HS-Thousand Oaks: “Great motor, very determined kid. Strong and can add weight easily. Uses his hands very well.”

RAY DAVISON, DE/OLB (6-3, 215), Crespi HS-Encino: “He’s got a chance to be a big kid.  He’s a long, athletic guy. Can play a lot of different positions. He can be  240 or 250. He’s got great length and can run.”

JOHNNY RAGIN, OLB (6-3, 225), Wilsonville HS, Ore.:  “A really athletic, fast, sudden guy. A relentless player. A great student. He’s had like one `B’ in his entire life. A tremendously interesting guy just because he’s interested in everything. Oregon made a run at him. He stuck with us. Cal sold him.”

EDWARD TANDY, OLB (6-1, 220), Tustin HS: “I’m really surprised everyone in the country wasn’t recruiting Edward. He’s a physically mature kid. The first time I met him he looked like he was about 25 years old. A really tough kid. They told us pound-for-pound, the strongest ever to play at Tustin. An intense guy.”

CHAD WHITENER, MLB (6-1, 240), Mansfield HS, Texas: “We recruited him at Louisiana Tech and he’s gotten bigger. He’s 6-1, about 250. He’s a heck of a football player. He was a top BMX bicycle racer as a kid. He’s going to be successful at whatever he does. It’s really hard to find middle linebackers. Chad’s a true physical middle linebacker.”

MATT ANDERSON, PK (6-0, 180), San Ramon Valley HS-Danville: “He’s got a really good, consistent, strong leg. The kicking gurus all swear by him, a guy we’re very excited about. One thing he does well is he gets the ball up quickly. He is less likely to get kicks blocked as a result.”

CHRIS BORRAYO, OL (6-5, 290), Paramount HS: “A real tough hard-nosed kid. A great wrestler — has a chance to win a state title. He finishes blocks, the kind of guy we look for at the guard position.”

ERIK BUNTE, OT (6-7 325), Mission Viejo HS-Laguna Niguel: “A huge guy — very phsyical. A good athlete for somebody who’s his size. Sometimes a guy that tall has a tendency to not bend very well. He bends very well, comes off the ball well.”

AARON COCHRAN, OT (6-8, 350), Buhach Colony HS-Atwater: “Aaron’s a huge guy. He’s got a great frame. Like Erik, he bends well, plays basketball. I think this kid has a chance to be a really good one.”

J.D. HINNANT, OL (6-4, 260), Fountain Valley HS: “I really, really like the way he plays. He had a ton of offers. Was involved in a serious car wreck (in December).  He’s really made kind of a miraculous recovery. He’s doing incredibly well. He’s athletic, finishes well. He’s persistent in the way he plays.”

VINCENT JOHNSON, OL (6-5, 257), Christian Brothers HS-Sacramento: “He’s a guy we got on late. Love his athleticism. He’s got a great frame. Moves his feet well. He’ll be 280, 290 fast. Could be a 300-pound guy before long.”

RAY HUDSON, TE (6-3, 235), Foothill HS-Pleasanton: “A big guy that has the body of a tight end who can do a lot of different things. The thing that was fun about watching Ray’s (high school) film is they would split him out at times. He  catches the ball very well. Can be a matchup problem. Can play a lot of different roles in this offense. Those guys are hard to find.”

JACK AUSTIN, WR (6-3, 205), Chino Hills HS: “Jack’s got a bright future ahead of him. He’s one of these guys who was way underrated. He fits our offense perfectly. He’s a great route runner, great hands, smart kid. Makes a lot of catches with people on him. Good size and strength.”

CALEB COLEMAN, WR (6-0, 180), Kennedy HS-Richmond: “Someone we felt was undervalued. Everytime you turn the film on you like him more and more. Great attitude, great ball skills. Runs well, real productive. Has excellent hands. Has a chance to be a really good player.”

DRAKE WHITEHURST, WR (6-6, 215), City College of San Francisco: “A big body. He can go up and make plays. We were able to find some big bodies in the receiver corps. It’s something we needed to do. He transitions very well in and out ot his break.”

KHALFANI MUHAMMAD, RB (5-8, 175), Notre Dame HS-Sherman Oaks: “Great speed, great quickness. You’d be surprised how physical he is for a smaller guy.  He’s a good player in space, but runs surprisingly hard. He gives us some pop. He gets going north and south fast. He had about a 20-minute highlight video, which is usually a good sign.”

JARED GOFF, QB (6-4, 185), Marin Catholic-Kentfield: “We’re really excited about Jared. He’s got good size, a good arm. Felt like he does everything well. Moves well, shows touch — has all the intangibles. A very smart kid. He does a nice job working the pocket — a skill that’s very underrated.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • rotfogel

    Some very good prospects. Seems like T. McKinley has a ton of potential as does Aaron Cochran could be great players.

    Recruit Joe Mixon hard next season, best rb in the nation in Berkeley’s backyard.

  • rollonubears

    He’s been offered, and also took an unofficial visit to Cal last month. That would be a great pickup. I noticed that the top ranked RB and OT, number 1 and 3 overall according to scout, for 2014, are both from Louisiana, yet not on Cal’s radar. Dykes should at least be able to get in front of those guys. Two 5 stars would be huge for next year’s class.

  • Sean

    How many times did he say “…coming off an ACL injury…”. Sounds more like a rehab center than a football team! 🙂

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Q: What’s the difference between Tuiasosopo and Lupoi?

    A: A Dr. Phil interview.

  • Juancho

    One made us a national player in recruiting. And has done the same for washington.

  • daredevilfan

    Tosh + Sark = forbidden love. Can’t wait to kill those guys this year. Was missing Tosh when we had old-school recruiting. Now with new blood, don’t need ’em. Let’s smash them all.

  • daredevilfan

    We should draft some more QBs for 2013. Don’t want to drop under 80,000 QBs vying for that one spot!

  • Juancho

    Haha. Mark my words, the guy Sonny and co. will be all over is Manny Wilkins. He’s from up here in Marin. He’ll be one of the top dual threat QBs in the country. He’ll be a 4-5 star by the time recruiting season rolls around.

  • Easy Ed

    Tosh “Piece of $hit” Lupoi enjoy your last 2 years at Washington. Don’t ever darken the doorway at Cal again!

  • Steve W

    Which one of our quarterbacks has the quickest arm release? Because that’s who is going to start for Sonny Dykes. I think there’s a misconception that Dykes wants a running quarterback. I think what he really wants is a quick slinging dude who can see the whole field and find small openings. Tim Couch at Kentucky wasn’t a running quarterback, nor were any of those guys under Leach at Texas Tech.

    So I am ruling out Bridgford because he has a slow mo delivery. Is the consensus Kline all the way?

  • Juancho

    At his press conference yesterday dykes said the ideal qb for his system would be a mobile guy. But he implied that gentleman isnt on the squad. Which is why im saying start to get used to the name manny wilkins. Hell be their top target next year.

    Kline is the best qb. Goff is the most mobile.

  • BlueNGold

    Glad to read that coach D sees the need to get depth on both lines. That has been a problem in recent years. One guy gets hurt and suddenly they are scrambling to find a suitable replacement. Depth is good. Hope to see an abundance of it.

  • Gobears49

    Last year I watched some tape of Kline. I think he’s mobile enough but I may check out some tapes on YouTube. Also Goff (who’s too skinny right now) and Juancho’s guy, Wilkins. Boehm is definitely a running type QB (who can also throw well), though I don’t know how fast he runs.

    Kaepernick (and others) has showed the benefits of a QB being able to run. Makes it much harder for the defense to defend that additional weapon. Loved it when the media suddenly discovered, a month of so ago, that “Kaepernick is really a fast runner.” Anyone who saw him destroy Cal a couple of years ago knew all about that. His long legs make it seem like he is not moving fast, but he just flies by people.

    BTW, I think the 49ers would have scored on their final drive with a play designed for Kaepernick to run (which he started off doing before the ref blew the whistle), which never occurred because Harbaugh called timeout just before they ran it. Looked like it was set up well against the defense.

  • rotfogel

    So I checked out the youtube highlights of Manny Wilkens. Juancho, what exactly do you see in him? Take a look at Zack Kline’s youtube highlights and compare. Kline is appears just as fast as Wilkens, the only MASSIVE difference is that Kline has an accurate cannon for an arm and has superior footwork.

    Perhaps this Wilkens kid will turn out OK, but wow, Kline is about a trillion times a better prospect.

    Check out Joe Mixon, that’s the guy we want. Perhaps not a QB, but that guy is only going to play 3 years of collegiate football.

  • Juancho

    Rotfo. Im not sure that guy is good or not. I just think hell be dykes top target at qb this year.

  • Gobears49

    I’m putting my two cents in here kinda late, but I did watch a YouTube tape of Wilkens in his sophomore year, which showed mainly running plays. He seemed like a good runner, but not a big deal. Seems he could have a good arm, but noting special. But the sophomore year is a bit early to judge a guy.

  • Eric

    A mobile QB is not necessarily the same as a running QB, or a dual threat QB. Rodgers is not a running/dual threat QB, but he is definitely mobile (which is why he runs quite a bit in the Packer offense, and is light years better than Favre). Steve W said is right – in Sonny’s kind of system, quick release is key, and the ability to scramble out of trouble is icing on the cake, but planning to get 50-100 yards a game from your QB is not required.

    Not sure which of our QBs singularly satisfies that role. Any thoughts on whether we should be considering a dual QB system?

  • rotfogel

    From what I’ve seen, it’s Zack Kline time. He looks extremely talented. I’ve watched all of them. That’s my opinion.

  • Kotempman

    Well here’s my take for what it’s worth….regardless of who we got or just missed on in the recruiting race, I am hoping that Sonny and company can do what Boise St. does every year with two and three star athletes, and that is win!!!

  • ScottyBear

    Still enjoying no Moren on this site. This has to be a record for her being absent. Maybe she was banned. Either way it seems like as soon as JT was fired, so was she. Another reason to celebrate Sonny’s arrival. Go Bears!!

  • Larry

    Maybe Moron was Tedford. Both are gone.