Basketball: Crabbe honored, plus Az leftovers

Allen Crabbe was honored Monday as Pac-12 Player of the Week after scoring 31 points to spark Cal’s win over then-No. 7 Arizona on Sunday at McKale Center.

Crabbe shot 12 for 15 from the field, had seven rebounds and five assists as the Bears beat the Wildcats in Tucson for just the second time since the 1994-95 season.

Crabbe continues to lead the Pac-12 in scoring at 19.8 ppg.

Other notes related to the Bears and their big win:

— Cal vaulted 16 spots from No. 75 to No. 59 in the latest RPI computer rankings. That still leaves them very much on the outside of the NCAA tournament bubble, but it’s a nice bump with the opportunity for another jump on Thursday againsst UCLA.

— With wins over then-No. 10 Oregon and the Wildcats, the Bears have beaten two top-10 opponents in the same season for the first time since the 1998-99 season, when they did it three times. That season, an unranked Cal team d. No. 9 North Carolina 78-71 at the Pete Newell Challenge in Oakland, and No. 9 UCLA 85-69 and No. 7 Arizona 89-76, both in conference home games.

— Cal had not beaten an Arizona team ranked as high as No. 7 since the aforementioned win in 1998-99. The Bears hadn’t scored a road win over a Wildcats squad ranked as high as No. 7 since a 98-93 overtime win over the No. 6 Cats on Jan. 13, 1994 in which Lamond Murray scored 33 points and Jason Kidd had a triple-double with 17 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

— The victory was coach Mike Montgomery’s 266th in a conference game, tying him for No. 4 all-time with Washington’s Hec Edmundson (1921-47). Next up: Oregon State’s Slats Gill (1929-64) with 276 conference victories.

— Crabbe passed Roy Fisher and Ansley Truitt on Cal’s career scoring list and now ranks No. 13 with 1,385 points.

— The Bears played about as well as possible in the second half at Arizona, missing just eight shots and committing five turnovers while limiting the Wildcats to 36.7 percent.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Gobears49

    With at least eight games left for Cal this season (seven league games and at least one Pac-12 tournament game), Crabbe will move within easy striking distance of Jerome Randle’s all-time Cal career scoring mark of 1,835 points.

    Assuming Crabbe averages just seventeen points for an assumed eight games the rest of this season, he would add 136 more points this season, for a total career point total of 1,521 points at the end of this year, only 315 points shy of the all-time Cal record. If we assume that next year Cal plays the same games (minimum) that they are scheduled to play this year, or 31 games, if Crabbe plays return to Cal and plays in all of those games, he would need to average only slightly over 10 points a game to get the overall scoring record.

    It would be great for Crabbe to get that record and next year lead a projected more talented team than this year, with an excellent freshman class coming in, to at least a Sweet 16 berth.

  • ConcordBear

    Crabbe has some real skills. He is a really good player.
    His performance against u of a was the most impressive of his career.
    His huge game on the road vs Oregon last year was really good too.
    If he and Cobbs can lead us consistently as well as they did Saturday it will be a great finish.
    Think about the team the Bears have the potential to be next year.
    Scary good!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Great game by Crabbe, no doubt. I am really hoping he comes back to play next year cuz we could be championship material…BUT, his numbers would almost undoubtedly come down next year with the wealth of scoring arriving in the fall (and Kreklow)…SO, if he stays at ~20 ppg this season, I think he is Audi 5000 and maybe sneaks into the first round and people will wonder who this guy is. But, at 6’6″ with range, and some decent defense/rebounding skills, he’s the type that could stick in the league.

    ALSO, did anyone notice that Tyrone Wallace, a freshman, played 34 minutes on the road in front of a loud, packed house, had 7 assists and NOT A SINGLE TO!!?? Amazing! I doubt any other freshman in the country will duplicate that 7-0 ratio on the road this season. I could be wrong tho…

    Thank you Bak for making your shots and for the 2 fouls that lead to missed fts by az.

    Any word on Kreklow? Is he shut down for the year?

    Still 5 weeks before either the NCAAs (or nit as the case may be…) and if he has no chance at a 6th year then he might as well try to come back for the postseason. Could still help out.


  • gobears49

    Unless playing Kreklow would hurt his ability to physically fully recover next year, I hope they play him, as he is an unselfish and smart player, a very good passer, and a good shooter.

    I think Monty may have made a mistake in playing Kreklow after midseason, as after a brief reading of the redshirt rules, that may eliminated Kreklow from claiming this year as a medical redshirt year, though I could be wrong. But he may have felt Kreklow would play the rest of the year, so that is why he played him. See the article below on the medical redshirt rules and the quoted section from it.


    “A special case involves the eligibility of a player who loses the majority of a season to injury. Popularly known as a medical redshirt, a hardship waiver may be granted an athlete who appears in fewer than 30% of his or her team’s competitions (with none coming after the midway point of the season), then suffers a season-ending injury. A player who is granted such a waiver is treated for the purposes of his or her eligibility as though he or she had not competed in that season.”

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Kreklow hasn’t played after the midway point. He last played against ucla, which was game 13 and the Bears will play at least 30 this season. The reason he can’t get a sixth year, as i understand it, is that you can’t sit out a year for transfer rules, and then sit out a year for injury too. You have to have season ending injuries twice or have a 2-year long injury to get that sixth year.

    Grigsby had season ending injuries in 2 different seasons – granted sixth year.

    Jason White, ok QB tore BOTH acl’s at the same time and was out the remainder of that season PLUS the entire next season, so he got a sixth year.

  • gobears49


    I stand corrected. I thought Kreklow had played after midseason, but should have checked that before commenting. Just checked the calbears.com website and you are right.

    I didn’t know about the limitation in not getting a medical redshirt year if you have transferred. In skimming the article I posted, I didn’t see that subject covered. Seems unfair to me if that really is the rule, as the delay in playing after you transfer is imposed by the rules, not something a player would ordinarily want. Do you know if a player can just redshirt, without transferring, and then later claim a medical redshirt year? If so, what really is the difference between that situation and claiming a medical redshirt year after sitting out a year from a transfer?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Yeah, I agree, doesn’t make much sense if the rules are as I described…not sure really what the deal is.
    I just think that we would have heard something definitive one way or the other by now…which makes me think he is gonna try to play again this season.

    And I am fine with that, UNLESS he can get that sixth year, then I’d rather him wait cuz I am selfish and want to see him play when he’s 25 – how good will he be then!? lol.

  • gobears49

    Agree he should redshirt if he can (you seem to feel he cannot), but NOT if the coach’s feel he can make a good contribution the rest of the year AND (most important) he will not likely re-injure himself by doing so. I think he’s the most unselfish player on the team and we sure could use him this year.

  • Juancho

    Team could be really good next year if Crabbe comes back. I worry that if Crabbe goes pro, so will Solomon. Even though he isn’t the prospect Crabbe is. Because those guys are so close – it just gives me a feeling Solomon could bolt.

  • gobears49


    With all due respect, Soloman would be crazy to go pro next year unless he is content to play overseas. His inside game is not close to being at the pro level and he is not a great shot blocker either (I don’t believe, but I haven’t checked any stats). His rebounding, at this time, is the only part of his game that I think can be called above average.

    He undoubtedly will improve next year and could have a shot at the pro’s after that, though probably the NBA. But height does matter a lot in the pros. I think that explains, at least partially, why Sean Marks and Soloman Hughes, not big scorers at all in college, got to play in the NBA and lasted so long doing so. Soloman obviously has that height, but there are many players out there that are tall

    Soloman really needs to work a lot more over the summer on his inside game so he can show he can consistently score inside, using some moves. I have read he has worked on it, but it is not easy to learn, as I think it takes years to master. Kamp obviously had been doing it a long time, probably starting early in high school, which in large part explains why he was so good at it. I doubt Soloman did that then, as he likely just overpowered players in high school. That is more difficult for him to do now and will be even more difficult at the pro level.

    Maybe it can be viewed that I am being too tough on Soloman. I think he’s a solid starter for the Bears but he needs to really pick up his game nexzt year if he is going to be considered potential NBA material.

    I think Crabbe IS NBA material, but I’m not sure he’ll be good enough to start there until he also improves his game. Playing another year at Cal would provide useful experience for him to more quickly gain that level of experience, as he could easily just sit on the bench a lot his first few years in the pro’s.

  • joey

    Solomon Hughes played in the NBA? You must mean Francisco Elson.

    Rich Solomon will not go anywhere after missing the 2nd half of last season. He needs more organized basketball experience to show his skills before taking on the pros.

  • gobears49

    My mistake, which I seem to be making a lot of today. Francisco Elson (a great shot blocker) it is, probably the only guy at Cal, other than Sean Marks, who played in the NBA who was born outside of the U.S. I brought up that point a few days ago, but I didn’t remember that. I’m an older guy and maybe I’m having an early onset of Alzheimers.

    Glad, at least, you agree with me about Soloman, who I think is a great athlete, but needs to improve his basketball skills to get to the next level.

  • Juancho

    You guys are right about Solomon. I hope everyone comes back next year. Because if Bird hits his stride early, this team could be special.

  • Gobears49

    What I think should be the starting lineup if Crabbe returns next year, though it would result a in “going small,” but not overly so. Maybe this lineup would result in the average height being normal or above average, but it does not include a seven footer.

    PG — Cobbs – 6’3″
    SG/SF — Crabbe – 6’6″
    SG/SF — Bird – 6’6″
    PF — Kravish – 6’9″
    Center/PF — Soloman – 6’10”

    Reserves —

    PG — Wallace – 6’4″
    SF — Kreklow – 6’6″
    SF — Powers – 6’7″
    PF — Behrens – 6’9″

    Other candidates for possible playing time, and we specifically need more subs in the front court.

    1. Possibly Rooks, Sean’s son, who is 7’1″. I would be nice to also have a seven footer who is productive, like other teams in the league have. He better be a runner as I think we will fast break more next year with Bird.
    2. Our two freshman forwards who hopefully sat out the whole year, which means they redshirted — Rodriquez, 6’9″, and Johnson, 6’7″
    3. The other freshman we have this year, also redshirting who I don’t know anything about, who are Frid, 7’1″ and Galvin, a 6’4″ guard. From the little I’ve read, I think Rooks will play above Frid, but that could always change.
    4. I believe three guys coming in as freshman next year in addition to Bird, who are somewhat highly touted, though I really know nothing much about them.

    I think Monty needs to come up with an offense that spreads the ball around to the three guards so we won’t have a situation like we have this year, where they focus on locking down one player, Crabbe. A potential problem could be too much competition to shoot early, when the guards get their hands on the ball, resulting in bad shots being taken. Anyone reading these blogs knows that I believe in trying to always take open shots and not forced ones, as open look shots should normally result in a much higher shooting percentage than forced ones, which we obviously want..