Basketball: Cal-Oregon channel change

Cal’s game Thursday at Oregon has been moved from ESPNU to ESPN2.

Tipoff remains 6 p.m.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Mitchie V

    Is this an indication of our rising status?

  • discdude

    Nice! Larry Scott just got off my bubble watch and into the real world (for now, we’ll see how he wins the next few games).

  • discdude

    I wonder how many replays and discussions the announcers will have about “The Shove.” I sure hope both Monty’s apology and Crabbe’s response about it being over are broadcast. Maybe then we can put it to rest…

  • daredevilfan

    I’m over it. I’m glad Monty had discussions with the parents and ate a bit of crow (as opposed to his doubly embarassing postgame comments) so that its clear that these are good people, who are passionate, and who make mistakes. Heck, even Zack Kline makes a mistake every now and then. A key to life is taking mistakes, learning from them, and even using them as a source of energy to drive you forward. Let’s go on the road and continue making our stmt.

  • jabes

    We are now officially a storyline.

    How will Montgomery’s assistants handle him? I’ve seen them (especially Jr?) calm him down a few times this season, will they be more or less likely to do so knowing it will get into Sportscenter as the game after “The Shove”.

  • Mr. B

    Juancho is going to take you down for thiat bit of Kline blasphemy. The savior don’t make no mistakes, not never!

    LOL man.

  • Juancho

    This post is blessed in the name of the Church of Kline.

    I can officially announce as one of Kline’s Disciples that he has officially forgiven Mike Montgomery for the Great Shove of 2013. Kline is a man of great passion much like Mike Montgomery. And while not many can be as pure and true as one Zack Kline – he understands Montgomery was acting from a place of goodness, and he regrets what he did.

    And while Zack Kline had to dish out much tough love – 1000 shoves of repentance – to Coach Montgomery, Kline’s final words to Monty sum it up: WORKED DIDN’T IT.

    Daredevil may be referring to my earlier critique on Kline for the tattoo he got on his arm. At first I thought it reflected poorly on him. But now I realize, it reflects poorly on all of us who don’t have tattoos yet. We need to get them.

    In Kline’s name, amen.

  • daredevilfan

    I stand corrected. Am off to get some ink now.

  • Wehofx


  • ken1w

    Cal making some lemonade… I guess it’s true what they say, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”