Basketball: Cal-Oregon thread

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FINAL SCORE: Cal 48, Oregon 46. Justin Cobbs hits game-winning jumper with 0.7 seconds left and Bears completed a comeback from 11-point first-half hole to knock off the No. 23 Ducks. Cal improves to 17-9, 9-5 in the Pac-12 and pulls within one game of the conference lead. Cal has beaten Oregon 11 straight times and has won six of its past seven games — including Oregon twice, Arizona and UCLA once apiece. The NCAA tournament is a big step closer to reality. Cobbs had 14 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and eight turnovers. Allen Crabbe scored 12 points and Richard Solomon has eight points and 11 rebounds. Oregon (21-6, 10-4) gets 11 points and 18 rebounds from Arsalan Kazemi, but shoots just 27.6 percent, including 2 for 15 from 3-point range.

Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTexas

    Interesting game Cal down by 1 with 3 minutes left. Cal seems to have more raw talent but they are not very disciplined or perhaps I’m watching too many Big Ten Games.

    if we win that’s all that matters.

  • Will


  • SteveNTexas

    Great ending ! It looked like the clock could expire. Cobb got free and whoosh!

  • CalBearister

    I will never. Never. Never. Never. Never ever again yell at Justin Cobbs for taking crazy shots.

    That dude is as money as the Federal Reserve.

  • OT

    Ugly game, but a W for Cal.

    I still have Cal ticketed for Dayton, assuming no slip ups between now and selection Sunday.

  • Mitchie V


  • milo

    That was one hell of a game. Sloppy play, beyond terrible bad refs…and Cal take down Oregon on the road! Wow!


  • discdude

    Wow. One ugly game. That’s just what it’s like playing the Ducks. Another Duck game, another W, I’ll take it.

  • Juancho

    48-46 ?

    I got caught in a duck dynasty marathon. Sounds like it was a sloppy game.

  • Will

    Their football team puts up more points than their basketball team.

  • daredevil fan

    Worst officiated game I have ever seen. But SCOREBOARD!

  • covinared

    nice comeback win. we were lucky that they were so cold. Cobbs has his shot back. things are looking up, so long as we don’t wear down like last year.

  • BlueNGold

    A road game win against the conference leader is beyond awesome! OSU should be worried. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  • rollonubears

    another upset win on national television. bizarro bears. this season has been a rollercoaster ride, and a hell of a good one at that.

  • 1brsfan

    Sitting at a bar in Eugene. Man it feels good! Go Bears!

  • wehofx


  • ConcordBear

    Big time gut check win for the Bears in a game that the Refs were the worst for both teams. Wow what a terribly officated game!
    Pac 12 should release those guys based on that one game, unreal inept job they did.
    Not fair to the student athletes to have to deal with that, both teams work too hard throughout the year and do not deserve that.

  • Juancho

    You cant spell rose bowl without ZACH KLINE

  • ConcordBear

    Cobbs sure stepped up when the team needed it with that game winning beautiful J.
    Congrats Justin.
    He filled up the stat sheet, Points, Rebounds, assists and the bad one, turnovers. He sure made up for those turnovers though.
    Golden Bears played tough D and really willed that road win. Character win.
    They should enjoy it all tonight, keep the feeling they have, winning is a blast. Keep working hard Bears, keep rolling toward the NCAA’s.
    Team has put themselves in position to control their own destiny.
    Very exciting.
    Fired up that this team keeps getting better and better down the stretch.
    I think all the guys understand what it takes and how hard they have to play to win while playing together.
    This Cal basketball team is on a major roll and so much fun, get on the band wagon.
    GO BEARS!!!

  • ConcordBear

    Did I mention I’m fired up!!!
    Won’t be able to sleep again tonight.
    Love it!!!

  • milo

    Wow what a wacky season. Bears are in contention and control their destiny, WTF. (knock on wood)

    Go Bears! Win it all! Why the F not?!

  • DRW

    Justin Cobbs comes through again. Monty is among the best basketball coaches.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    The 27.6% shooting by ore is no accident. Monty’s teams are generally solid defensively by scheme, but now he’s got five starters who are long and athletic and seem really motivated to work hard on defense for long stretches of games. Solomon and Kravish are fairly imposing inside now, staying out of foul trouble for the most part while still blocking shots regularly. Wallace, Crabbe and Cobbs all can defend and rebound well too. This team has the blueprint for some NCAA tourney success with its good coaching, solid defense and clutch guard play. But I am getting ahead of myself, first lets hammer the beavs! Go Bears!

  • DRW

    Having said what I said, O State is next, a tough game; this team, described by Justin as a family, is chill. Go Bears!

  • ken1w

    I can’t believe the Bears managed to pull out a win! It seemed like the Bears had butter on their fingers when they (almost) rebounded the ball. They’d (almost) secure the ball, and then they’d lose it somehow, countless times. And with Cobbs and others turning over the ball so many times. Plus Crabbe missing two minutes of the game because ALL three refs couldn’t seem to tell the differences between “3” and “23.”

    Except for the unexplainable number of turnovers, butterfingers rebounding, and the Crabbe-less two-minute handicap, Cal played very well. With the Ducks shooting so poorly (due in large part to great Cal defense), the Bears should have won it going away. Instead they make it exciting with an amazing shot by Cobbs at the buzzer…!

    Go Bears! Get your focus back and keep up the intensity (and clutch play) at OSU!

  • Eric

    I will happily take this win any day of the year.

    No let up against OSU!

  • rollonubears

    I’m surprised we didn’t get a technical for having two coaches on the floor as Oregon inbounded. Also surprised Oregon didn’t call timeout after that. It was like they were in complete shock. I know I was. This simply NEVER happens to us. We never win like this. I’m so proud of these guys. They really turned it around in the second half, and that’s credit to Monty, as usual. Man, I wish Crabbe would come back next year. We’d freaking dominate the league. Sweet 16 for sure. With Kreklow back, and Bird on board, wow. With Crabbe back, we’d probably start the year ranked in the top 10. Come on bears, close this bad boy out in style. If we can win out, and win a couple tourney games, we might even be a 6 seed. Suck it, Lunardi.

  • Mitchie V

    “bizarro bears”


    It works.

  • kasaja

    Sometimes you have to win ugly. Last night was the best definition of winning ugly I’ve seen in a long time. For most of the game I thought I was watching a high school Junior varsity game at a non-basketball high school. How in the hell can Oregon be rated number 23 in the country after the way they played last night. Awful shooting, terrible floor play by the guys responsible for controlling the flow of play on both sides. All I can say is that Dominic Artis must be one hell of a player to make Oregon a competitive team.

    Great win by the Bears in spite of the caliber of play. One game out,they could share a tie for the conference championship if they can get by OSU> Better play a lot better.

    Does anybody here think a Pac-12 team will go any further than one and done in the tournament? Maybe one or tow but not one program will make it to the Sweet 16. If the Pac 12 merged with the Big 10 I’m not sure one Pac-12 team would break into the top 8 in the conference. Why is west coast basketball, particularly the Pac-12 so shitty? Interested in this groups thoughts.

  • Uh Huh!

    If Arizona can get into an interior battle, they could potentially do okay. They are the only team with size to match up with those guys. But you are right to question the conference. Oregon is in first place and looked like that?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    The “problem” with the pac12 is that traditional power ucla is a frickin headcase, az hasn’t fully recovered since the Lute era, furd has sucked since Johnson left, and with the rise of Gonzaga, St Mary’s, SDSU, etc, there are just plain more good programs in the West now – diluting the pac12 teams. I think that actually, the Bears have the most talent, 1-7, and that would be a definite 1-8 if Kreklow was playing. God this team would be amazing if it had RK filling it up as well: dude can pass, defend and shoot if needbe.

    Great win last night, now let’s go hammer the beavs!

  • effStanfurd

    ^ Hammer the beavs. LOL.

    anyways I was having a horrible, horrible day. And then I came home for the last two minutes of the game, and my day was suddenly awesome. Go bears!

  • Gobears49


    Glad someone agrees with me about Cobbs taking crazy shots. My guess is that he only makes about 5% of them when guarded. But he’s getting better about that, due to my expert “coaching” through this blog (just kidding!). However, I don’t think the shot he made at the end was crazy — it was necessary and he wasn’t even closely guarded.

    I thought we were going to lose this game because it looked like Oregon wanted it more. They seemed to get most of the loose balls and second chances everywhere on the court. and we kept fumbling the ball away But they got cold and we somehow survived. Now on to continue our comeback at Oregon State.

    BTW, those people with season tickets and others that will attend this Thursday night’s game — try to come a little earlier than you did for the UCLA game. Haas was only one-third full at the start of that game. We need you yelling for the Bears when the game starts! I will be there and I don’t normally go to the game — but I have been to the last two home games.

  • Gobears49

    BTW, I keep hoping that Monty will give us a surprise and start playing Kreklow. If this year is burned in terms of it being a redshirt year (or a redshire year is not allowed for transfers), AND if he plays any physical problem he may re-injure will heal just the same if he did not play the rest of the year and in plenty of time for next season, AND he can pay effectively, I’d say Monty should strongly consider giving him a shot. I think Powers is good but not is good as Kreklow when he can play effectively.

    Just a thought.

  • rollonubears

    That’s a lot of IFs for Kreklow. The guy reinjured himself shooting layups before a game. I think he’s done for the season, and needs the time to heal. Plus, the chemistry of these team has shifted dramatically since he last played. You can’t just plop a new body in there. I kind of like what we have right now, even though the fouls will kill us, as they always do, come tourney time.

  • Concordbear

    Getting a healthy RK back would be huge.
    That would give us a great shot to make a deep PAC and NCAA tourney run.
    If he’s not healthy no way.
    Simple situation.

  • Concordbear

    If he’s not healthy no way do we play him in the tournaments.
    That would hurt the team and him.
    With or without him the way the team is playing is really exciting and they are in position to make a lot of noise!

  • Esquire Joe

    Why do people think that J. Cobbs doesn’t shoot well, or has poor shot selection? I’d say that his numbers tell quite a different story. He scores 14.7 points a game on 46.1% shooting, with a 32.7% avg from 3 point range. Compare that to:

    Lyons from AZ (15.3 pts on 43.7% shooting; 34.5% on 3s)
    Carson from ASU (17.8 pts on 46.7% shooting; 31% on 3s)
    Dinwiddie from CU (15.3 pts on 46.3% shooting; 37% on 3s)
    Artis (when he was healthy) from UO (10.2 pts on 38.9% shooting; 35.1% on 3s)
    Drew from UCLA (7pts on 43.8% shooting; 39.5% on 3s)

    I’d say that Cobbs stacks up pretty well against other point guards in the Pac 12.

    What ticks me off is when a 35% shooter who only hits 22.7% of his threes (Mr. Smith) jacks up shots with 30+ seconds left on the shot clock. Talking about wanting to “coach” him through my TV set…

  • Gobears49

    Esquire Joe,

    I haven’t checked the game by game stats, but I think Cobbs shooting percentage has gone up significantly the last six or so games, probably due to my good coaching through the TV set or, more importantly, my drumbeat of comments on his often taking very difficult shots while being closely guarded (while I don’t really claim credit for Cobbs improvement in shooting, I did notice that Monty made a public comment, shortly after I started my criticism on this point, regarding Cal’s poor shot selection).

    I think I checked about eight games ago and Cobbs 3-point shooting percentage then was about 28%, about 5 percentage points below where it is now. I also think he’s shooting more layups than he used to, which should normally raise your overall shooting percentage (a corollary rule is that front court players most often have a higher shooting percentage than guards, most likely because they shoot closer to the basket and perhaps get more lay ins).

    Cobbs has been playing much more disciplined ball the last few games. He likes to shoot, is pretty good at it, and if he shows discipline in his shot selection, plays good defense, and doesn’t turn the ball over so many times, like he did last night, I think he has an outside shot to make an NBA squad as a shooting guard. He should make first, but likely, second team all Pac-12 this year and could make the first team next year.

  • michaelchangfan

    Cobbs is one of those rare finds whose game may translate better in the pros. Exceptional athlete (remember the blocked shot when he chased another player down on a breakaway earlier in the season), decent shooter, has a little Tim Hardaway in him, but needs better court vision and an ability to get into the teeth of the defense before dishing or finishing at the rim.