Basketball: Crabbe top-30 finalist for Naismith

Junior guard Allen Crabbe is among the top-30 finalists for the Naismith Player of the Year award.

Joining Crabbe on the list from the Pac-12 Conference is UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad.

Saint Mary’s senior point guard Matthew Dellavedova also is on the list.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. this is great national recognition for Crabbe and bodes well for his chances to win POY in the conference.

  2. Wow, Indiana goes down! Again!!! That’s 4 for the supposed best team in the country. So all this talk about the “weak” P-12 loses a little weight when the top teams keep losing. That’s not to say they or the B10 are not better, just that all the dogging on P-12 could be slightly wrong. Barring a loss, Gonzaga is #1 next week.

  3. Cal wins the PAC 12, and the way it stands right now, they have a legitimate shot at a Co-Championship, and Crabbe wins the MVP. Cal comes in 2nd or lower, Crabbe is only a 1st Team Selection. Beat UTAH, COLORADO & Stanford with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  4. Crabbe is a top 10 player when he plays inspired. Let’s hope the utes talk about his momma or something…If I see him on campus over the next two days I’m gonna shove him then tell him to wake up!


    Go Bears!

  5. Imagine next year ? Cobbs with another year of experience. Jabari big bird coming in to take the load off yhe crabbe cake. And then solomon and kline dominating down low.

  6. Jauncho,

    I’m just teasing you, but is Kline going to pull a Gonzales and play both football and basketball? I think you mean Kravish and have too much Kline on the brain. You need to turn down that “hero worship” a bit.

    Wallace and Kreklow will be coming off the bench as will my new main man (after Cobbs), Frid, the surprise of the year. Also Powers and Behrens. Hopefully, a whole host of guys. It’s time we fielded a deep team and not just one with, primarily, seven guys who play.

  7. I meant kline. Im not sure hes ever played basketball. But i feel hed be a dominant PF. I mean he has all the intangibles. Hes 6’2 but 8′ in heart.

  8. Good. Another famous Cal two sports player to be, like Jackie Jensen (football, baseball), Joe Kapp (football, basketball, though I think he mostly sat on the bench in basketball) and Tony Gonzeles (football basketball). Would love for other people to add famous Cal two-sporters.

  9. 49: in my day we had a power forward named Wes Howell. He started 2 years, and when his b ball eligibilty was up he played a year of football and started all year at tight end. He was on the 1982 team that did the play.

  10. If Powers and Behrens are hardly getting any playing time this year, when MM only has 7-8 regulars, I don’t see them getting more time with a healthy Kreklow, developing Frid, and the incoming freshman (though isn’t there a rumor that Rooks will blue shirt?).

  11. Of the current football players I think at least RRogers, FTagaloa and CMcCain could help out more in practice than random 6 foot walkon who’s dad knows the coaching staff…along with several people who play in the rsf.
    Has Armstead gotten any minutes?

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