Basketball: Utah game thread

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FINAL SCORE: Cal 64, Utah 46. Bears win their sixth straight, their eighth in nine games. Improve to 19-9, 11-5 in Pac-12. They remain just one game out of first place. Colorado visits on Saturday afternoon. Utah falls to 11-16, 3-12 in conference play.

3:57 2nd H: This is over. Cal leads 55-36. Crabbe had 15 points and 11 rebounds. Cobbs has 12 points and seven assists. Wallace has 11 points. Utah shooting 26 percent.

10:15 2nd H: The Cal run reached 21-0 — with the Utes going 10:14 w/o a point. Bears now lead 47-31. Crabbe just limped off with a gimpy left ankle, but he’s standing on the sideline during the timeout and appears OK.

15:31 2nd H: Cal leads 38-24. Utah has not scored in 8 minutes, 40 seconds — since 4:11 remained in the first half. The Bears have outscored the Utes 19-0 since then. Utes are 0 for 11 shooting with 6 TOs during their drought.

HALFTIME SCORE: Cal 34, Utah 24. Cal ends half on 15-0 run and leads by 10. Utah shot 0 for 3 with five turnovers during Cal surge. Bears made final six FGs of half — three of them 3-pointers — and scored on nine straight possessions. Crabbe leads Bears with 10 points and seven rebounds. After starting 6 for 21, Bears are 12 for 27.

3:37 1st H: Utes led 22-14, but Cal has outscored them 7-2 over the past 90 seconds to pull witin 24-23 on fastbreak layup by Wallace. Richard Solomon hit just his 3rd 3-pointer of the year a moment earlier. Not sure it’s a good thing — he may take more. Cal coming alive.

6:53 1st H: A month of good work by the Bears in danger of being undermined by this . . . Utah leads 20-14. Cal shooting 6 for 19. Crabbe returned after 2 1/2-minute break and hit a 3-pointer just 15 seconds after he came in.

11:52 1st H: Cal clinging to 11-10 lead. Bears shooting 5 for 14, including 1 for 8 from the 3-point line. Crabbe 1 for 4 from deep. Utah worse at 3 for 12. This is just the way the Utes want it — awkward and ugly.

15:59 1st H: Solid start for the Bears, who lead 7-3. Utah made its first shot, has missed past four. Crabbe with a 3-pointer for Cal and Kravish a pair of layups.

LINEUPS: A late arriving crowd as Utah announces it will start Jason Washburn, Jordan Loveridge, Jarred DuBois, Brandon Taylor and Cedric Martin. Cal will go with Allen Crabbe, Justin Cobbs, Tyrone Wallace, Richard Solomon and David Kravish.

WELCOME: Back at Haas Pavilion for tonight’s Pac-12 game between the red-hot Bears (five in a row, seven of eight) and the 10th-place but dangerous Utah Utes (losers of nine games by 7 points or fewer). Cal just one game out of first place, sitting alone in fourth.

Will be back with starting lineups.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Joey

    No Greenstein. Looking good for Cal early.

  • Joey

    Sad effort on offense so far.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    In a huge lull and they go to Bak Bak twice in a row?

    They are not playing smart ball against a decent defense. They need to move like they did against UCLA.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    [ref kinda missed a goal tend against us, . . . , shhh.]

  • Boaltblue

    Go Bears! Win the next two and sweep the Pac-12 Tournament.

  • Eric

    Roll on your bears….

  • milo

    Nice win. Good teams win the trap games.

  • daredevil fan

    They still need to figure out how to avoid the slow starts though

  • ConcordBear

    Bears did not play perfect but they got a great result. Big W and got to rest the starters down the stretch.
    Nice to have a game in hand most of second half and kind of rest a bit.
    Won’t be able to relax at all the rest of the way though.
    Saturday a Colorado team that has beaten us up 3 straight comes to town.
    Our guys have got to want a little revenge.
    Hope they are ready to play well in this huge game.
    Haas will be rocking.
    This is what college basketball is all about, hope the team is having fun. Everything in front of them with tremendous opportunities. Sieze it California.
    Go Bears!

  • joey

    Not enough intensity on the rebounding but great transition offense.

    Looks like OU/OSU got the crappy refs tonight.

  • Gobears49

    Went to the game. Utah does not have good talent. Liked the fact that Monty played Bak Bak early — we need to see if he can develop so he can be more helpful if we get to the NCAA’s.

    Somewhat strange at the end of the game to see true freshmen Garrett Galvin and Kahill Johnson play the last minute or so, which would seem to eliminate this season as being a redshirt year for each of them, assuming they hadn’t already played in a game earlier in the year. Since I am not an expert on the rules as to when you can play and not blow a redshirt year, I decided to look them up, and what I read indicates that ANY playing time during a season eliminates that season as a redshirt (non-medical) year — “In a redshirt year, a student athlete may attend classes at the college or university, practice with an athletic team, and dress for play but he or she may not compete during the game.”

    Not sure why Monty played these guys tonight unless they had already played in a game this year, but if I am correct that playing each player tonight eliminated a year of eligibility for each of them, most likely that was done with the permission of each player knowing that this year could not be a redshirt year for them.

  • Jeff Faraudo

    GB49 —
    Johnson already had played this season and was not eligible to be red-shirted. Monty addressed it postgame; said he never would have played him in that situation at this point in the season if it meant burning his red-shirt. Said he hadn’t used Johnson lately because they’ve had mostly very close games.
    Galvin is a walkon. Not sure they are terribly concerned about whether he’s around for 4 or 5 years.

  • Gobears49


    Thanks for addressing this issue by making your comment. I did say in my comment that playing either player would not burn a year of eligibility if that year had already been burned by them playing earlier this year at any time. From your comment I now have learned that Galvin is a walk on.

  • 1brsfan

    Lunardi finally jumped on the bandwagon and now has us as a 10 seed. CBS has been saying we’re a 10 seed for a while now. That gives us some breathing room but still can’t take our chances. Win the next 2 and we’re in. maybe even share the conf. title. Only potential downside to that is getting up to the dreaded 8-9 game.

  • Dan

    Went to game last night. Utah is horrible. Any win at this point is a good win. With that said, not a great performance, will need a much better effort on Saturday to get the W- the Buffs have had our number, and basketball is so much about match ups.

    Also, weak turnout last night, LOTS of empty seats. Really sad that the Cal fan base “supports” the hoops program so poorly. Weak stuff. No excuses please, oh early game, playing lousy team, etc. Haas should be packed and rocking EVERY GAME – no excuses. Far from it. Let’s hope it’s packed AND rocking the next 2 games. This is help the guys close out strong with 2 Ws.

  • Gobears49

    Agree with Dan that attendance last night was p*** poor. I fondly remember the days when most Cal games were sellouts, and when the teams were about the same level as this year’s team. Maybe Sandy needs to hire a new marketing director.

    Cal has a very exciting team this year, with a couple of potential future pro’s (Crabbe and Cobbs). Cal fans should come out and support the team for their last two home games (unless, horrors, we don’t make the dance and play a round or two of the NIT at home — if we win the last two games that will not occur as we will be going dancing).

  • Gobears49

    Wallace could also be a potential pro if he improves his shooting. He has time, as he’s only a freshman.

  • Gobears49

    Hopefully final comment for the day.

    Speaking of improvement needed by players for next year, both Soloman and Kravish need to develop hook shots. I don’t see them doing them (Thurman only, though Wallace has a terrific hook shot as well as a great floater). Hook shots are consistently easier to get off than jump shots, as long as you are in close enough to take them. Soloman, in particular, seems to take most of his shots going away from the basket rather than toward it, which is what you expect in a big man. He occasionally tries to go to the basket to score, but he doesn’t seem comfortable yet in doing so. But I know that doing effective true post moves takes tons of practice.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I think Solomon can make it to the NBA too, if he really focuses on defense and rebounding next season.

  • Gobears49

    Disagree, unless he really learns new moves well. He does have a good turnaround jumper, but I don’t think he moves well with the ball at all, and he would have to be able to do that, as an NBA forward (he’s too small to be an NBA center). He still likes to take his occasional “three,” like he did last night. After that, every time he touched the ball near the 3-point line, I kept yelling “No,” as I thought he was going to try another.

    Despite my comments, I think Soloman is a good college player and is an important player for Cal. He certainly is a very good rebounder.

  • rollonubears

    He’s certainly better than jamal sampson.

  • 1brsfan

    Lunardi moved us to the Green teams (80%) chance of making the tourney. Makes sense since the trap/bad loss games are behind us and our next games can only help our numbers with wins but not really impact them with a bad loss. I still think we have a shot at winning the conference. Go Bears!

  • rollonubears

    If we lose the next two, we really don’t deserve a tourney slot. If we split and win one pac12 game, I think we do. I have a pretty good feeling we’ll end up somewhere in the 7-10 range, far away from home. It would be so nice, for freaking ONCE, to play in the bay area in the tournament.

  • Gobears49


    Could be wrong about Soloman. Just my opinion. A good tell about Soloman’s NBA potential will be how he rates in the Pac-12 after the end of the year. I think he needs to at least make the second team to show that potential.

    Don’t remember Jamal Sampson that much, as he only played one year at Cal, though I remember being really excited about him when he first arrived here. He actually played a few years in the NBA. See the links below.


  • rollonubears

    GoBears, I’m with you. I think he needs a lot of work, but the Jamal thing was ridiculous. He was terrible, in my opinion, and yet still got picked up. It’s crazy how the process works sometimes. Anyhow, I’m just pointing out that if Jamal Sampson could make it, Solomon can too, even if he doesn’t see much action at that level. I’ve been floored with how he’s turned his game around this year. Proud of what he’s done. He’s become a man out there, in just a few months, and he’s a HUGE asset to this team.

  • Gobears49

    A player with good height does have an advantage in being able to play in the NBA. Francisco Elson (7 foot), Sean Marks (about 6’10”, and Jamal Sampson (6’11”) all shared three main characteristics — they were just good players at Cal, never sensational at all, were tall, and had decent NBA careers (especially Elson and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Marks). Soloman was easily a better scorer than Elson but Elson could play some with his back to the basket and I seem to recall he was a fairly phenomenal shot blocker. Marks was probably the best scorer of the three and was a pretty tough guy.

    Soloman could take heart in the NBA careers of these three guys (though not really Sampson), but then there’s Devon Hardin, who was 6’11”, very athletic, who seemed like he had loads of potential, but was bust in the NBA.

    Again, I think we need to view how the coaches around the league judge Soloman before we can make any solid judgements about his NBA prospects. I think he has many good tools but he needs more weapons on offense to be very effective at the next level. And, I must admit, I don’t focus on defense much except for blocked shots. Maybe Soloman is a very good defender.

    I think I’m done on this topic for awhile.

  • 707 Bear

    Fan Bonus

    Nice little beer garden in front of Haas before the Saturday game.

    Stop off at Top Dog, watch the crowd gather, and have a beer before the game.

    Life is good.

    Go Bears!

  • Gobears49

    Too bad they can’t sell hot dogs from Top Dog next to the beer garden. But I will stop by for a beer anyway with my girlfriend.

    Really psyched to beat Colorado. Hope the team is, too!