Football: Sonny Dykes on Friday practice

Prefacing his remarks by suggesting it’s early and everyone still will get more opportunity, coach Sonny Dykes on Friday night gave high marks to freshman quarterback Jared Goff for his work in the team’s first day in pads.

“He did pretty well (Wednesday) night, so we wanted to kind of wanted to throw him into the fire and see how he handled it. Looking at it, overall I thought he did some good things, was pretty productive,” Dykes said.

“Kind of similar to the other day — at times looked real comfortable and other times he looked a little bit uncomfortable. That’s what you’d expect.

“I think he’s far ahead of the game right now for a young guy. I just think he’s calm and confident. He’s got some talent, so we’ll see.”

Dykes said the coaching staff will watch video over the weekend, evaluate further, then decide who will get more reps when the team practices next on Monday.

Redshirt freshman Zach Kline also got a good dose of snaps on Friday. Again, Dykes downplayed reading too much into anything at this juncture.

“It’s hard to put too much into it,” he said. “We’re just trying to go through and see who we think deserves to get some more reps. What you do is you eliminate guys as much as you decide on somebody as a starter or decide to give somebody a lot of reps. It’s a moving target right now, really.”

Dykes’ comments on other topics after Friday’s evening workout:

— Overall reaction to Day 3: “Usually first day of pads is a little sloppy. I thought today was pretty sloppy. Had some pretty significant ball-securuity issues. That’s someting we’ve got to get addressed. Anytime you put the ball on the ground as much as we did it’s disappointing.

“Again, it’s a positive because it means the defense is doing a good job stripping the ball. I thought those guys really did a good job of flying around, getting to the football stripping it out. A lot of things to work on.

“I thought our effort was good, thought the intensity was good. Thought the guys competed against each either well. I thought we definitely got better today.”

— On Kenny Lawler and the wide receivers: “He did some good things, made some competitive plays on the ball. We’ve got some guys who can do that, I think. It seems like Lawler’s done it, Maurice Harris has done it from time to time, Bryce Treggs did it a couple times the first practice. We’ve had some guys who’ve made some competitive plays on the football, which is a good thing.

“That group’s just got to get more consistent. Their heads are spinning a little bit. It’s not complicated, but it’s complicated in not really what to do but how to do it. There’s probably a little more technique thing than there has been in the past, maybe some fundamentals being stressed differently than they had been.”

— On the running backs and fatigue: “I thought the running backs weren’t very good. I thought they got tired. There’s not a lot of guys, in their defense. We’re repping four or five guys, but we’re going with three pretty heavily.

“I think our team’s still getting used to things happening as far as it is. I thought offensively we got a little tired, which is a little unusual. Typically it’s the defense that gets tired. Seemed like the offense kind of struggled, especially at the end of practice.”

— On defensive end Kyle Kragen: “I’ve been pleased with Kragen. He’s exactly what we thought when we recruited him. He’s an effort guy who’s going to come out every day and give you 100 percent effort. When you do that and you’ve got ability, then good things are going to happen.

“Every day out here he’s going 100 percent at everything. So, if a guy does that and you mix that with talent — and he’s got that — then you’re going to have a good player. We expect him to be a good football player. He’s really been consistent so far.”

— His impressions of Week 1: “I think the good stuff has been the effort and the enthusiasm. Defensively, we run pretty well. That’s been encouraging, just overall the defensive speed has been a pleasant surprise in some ways.

“I think coming in the wide receiver position, I just didn’t know how many guys we would have. I feel better about our depth. I don’t know that there’s guy that have separated themselves, but I think there’s eight or 10 players who have a chance to be good players, so that’s a positive.

“Just the competitive environment. Good attitude, been positive. Guys are really competing against one another, having fun. I think that stands out more than anything else.”

— On details of his contract being released: “I haven’t read it. I’m kind of anxious to see what it says. The funny thing about my situation is, you don’t pay much attention to that. When you come someplace, it’s kind of on a handshake agreement in a lot of ways. Other people work that stuff out.

“I’m glad to be at Cal. The fact that that got released today doesn’t change anything.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Brethren, cal atletics uploads all the post practice interviews on youtube after each practice.

    Jeff, any chance someone will ask dykes point blank who would start between our spiritual leader or gof if there was a game tomorrow?

    It seems like its either of those two at this point.

  • Eric

    I like the fact that he indicated the runnings backs were having a bad day. Tells me he is not a blow smoke up the wazoo kind of coach.

  • Kotempman

    I like what I’m hearing from Sonny….agree with Eric, if they are bad he says it…and I like that the fundamentals are being learned in a different way…interesting….Juancho what if he goes with Goff…are you going to be okay?…just watching out for the brethren!!!

  • Juancho

    Man. I hadnt even thought of that kotemp.

    Id say theres zero chance goff is named the starter. If he is kline and hinder would likely transfer. And i doubt the staff would do anything to jeopardize kline.

    It seems like kline is getting far more first team reps now. If you check out dykes comments on youtube he tries to talk around that.

    I think kline has got the job. Which is why theyre supposedly cutting the competition to two guys in a week or two.

    My fuess is the two are kline and hinder. Theyll say goff did great but hes physically not ready and needs to redshirt. Kid is a twig.

    Then kline is named the starter at the end of spring to give others time to transfer and let kline organize offseason.

    I hope everyone has a kline saturday.

  • Juancho

    Brethren a reminder that today is cal junior day. So a lot of elite recruiting targets including mixon will be in b town and at the basketball game.

  • Gobears49

    “What you do is you eliminate guys as much as you decide on somebody as a starter or decide to give somebody a lot of reps. It’s a moving target right now, really.”

    Anybody want to guess how many guys are going to be asked “go away” (Franklin term, which I don’t care for) and who that will be? I don’t care to hurt anyone’s feelings on this subject (guess I’m feeling more kinder and gentler today), but I think it will be just one and it won’t be Kline (or else Juancho will have a heart attack) or Goff.

  • Rollonubears

    Great to hear that guys were flyin around out there.

  • Kotempman

    Yes I agree Juancho, I hope it works out that way…btw…does anyone know the best way to let Cal know of a diamond hidden in the rough kind of player so they can start making contact with him? He is only going to be a junior here at Atascadero High school. His name is Ethan Hicks….his mom is a Berkeley type of person and she would love for him to go to Cal. He’s linebacker/fullback, big, smart, fast, and tearing it up!!!!

  • Gobears49

    Changed my mind — I think there will be two “cuts.” Easiest choice would be the two walk-ons.

  • Juancho

    Rollon no question it is great. Why doesnt sonny d wear sunglasses ?

    Gb49 i interpretedfranklins comments as meaning, were going to cut walk ons. A program like cal has no use for walk on qbs. Those are reps others could use. And that they will be honest with scholarship guys about their chances at cal.

    Lets say klinestein is named starter. I have no problemwith hinest conersations between the coaches and hinder and boehm regarding playing time.

    If kline is successful those guys will need to transfer to play.

    Lets not forget during the transition it came out that qbs were considering transferring anyway. No names came out.

    Kotemp its twitter. Kid needs a highlight video on youtube. And a twitter account to share it with the recruiting messagers. His hs coach should be helping.

    Also there is a link for recruits on calbears.com he should visit.

    In klines name.

  • Kotempman

    Ok Juancho, thanks for info…I’m on it….may the Klineman be with you!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    WHOEVER SD chooses as QB I will support. And I think that if he sees a player that has the intangibles at QB I do not think he is afraid to start him even if hes a freshman. This is a clean slate situation – recruiting rankings, reputations, all that is out the window while SD and staff gather objective evidence and narrow down the field. This process will be fun to watch unfold.

    As for the defensive comment: “just overall the defensive speed has been a pleasant surprise…”.

    Yes Sonny, welcome to Cal, we’ve always got loads of speed on defense and NFL talent on that side of the ball. In the 4-3 you’ve basically got 5 LBs and 2 interior lineman, that speed is gonna be utilized. Whats the status of McClure? How many hours till kickoff?

    Go Bears!

  • c98

    Kline said let there be touchdowns. And it was good.

  • Tom S MV

    Let Kline roll.Glad to have that big arm

  • Gobears49


    Am leaving in a second to go to the Colorado game with my girlfriend, but just wanted to say before I left that I don’t think having two QB’s (Kline and Hinder) is nearly enough. Three QB’s would be a minimum, maybe four. Maybe someone can tell me how many QB’s Cal carried in past years. I think it was at least three. Who knows what weird stuff may happen in a game regarding injuries. That possibility must be taken into account.

  • Juancho

    Gb49 i agree. I assume theyll be carrying 4. But they want to pick the top two to battle for the starting spot.

    So that those top two get a big sample size.

    But i expect the walk ons gone. That leaves 5. Bridgeford is out of it by now. Hes apparently looked hands down the worst through week 1. And is already in the second group with boehm.

    Kline is the starter so hes staying.

    Goff is a freshman who will stay.

    I think hinder will stay bc hell be next in line this year if klinesaurus rex falters.

    I think boehm will transfer and bridgeford may not. I think if bridgeford isnt done with his degree hell stay. If hes on track to graduate this year i expect he transfers for one year.

    Heck maybe gould has space for one at davis.

  • Juancho

    The big diff i saw in franklins comments vs tedford is franklin doesnt want bodies around just to have bodies. Ie no walk on qbs. And honest competition for the starting job.

  • rotfogel

    I’m pretty excited to see what Kenny Lawler can do. Last year I was of the opinion that he was our most talented freshman WR, at least by his high school tape. I am a biased fan but I must say Cal does have NFL talent…like it always has over the last ten years, this year is no different.

    I also think Steve Williams will be a very good NFL player, someone is going to get a steal with that guy.

  • Gobears49

    Went to the Cal game today. It was a great victory. More comments about it and news on Kreklow in the Colorado thread.

    My comment about three QB’s is the number I expect them to carry on the active roster Normally, you would like some additional QB’s as redshirts and if Bridgord is judged not up to snuff by the coaches, he can’t do that, as I believe he has already redshirted. Maybe he could almost get a degree at Cal and then maybe transfer before he graduates, and play Dii, a la Perry Kline, who transferred before his senior year to C.W. Post, set DII passing records, and then played for the Atlanta Falcons.

    If the coaches don’t think Boehm is doing well (and I don’t think we really know at this point how Bridgford or Boehm are doing, since its awfully early to predict how this will all work out), I think they would carry him as the third QB, allowing Goff to redshirt. Boehm can’t redshirt, since he already has done that. If they really needed a third QB to play, they could choose to bring Goff later into the active squad. Not sure if someone who redshirts can practice with the team and, if not, maybe they won’t redshirt Goff.

    BTW, I’m sort of rooting for Boehm to play for Cal, as I watched him play a whole high school game, and i thought he was pretty good. But I haven’t seen the other Cal QB’s in action, other than Bridgford.

    Again, this is really all speculation at this point. We obviously will, as someone once said recently, see how this plays out.

  • daredevilfan

    I am hearing a song in my head…Days of Kline and Roses…can’t wait

  • Larry

    I went to yesterday’s practice and observed a few things:

    The practice seemed very up tempo and quick moving.

    Whenever a ball was rolling/bouncing on the ground, guys were jumping on them. So that is good that they are instilling that habit on the players.

    A guy was wearing a black & white ref shirt and players would flip him the ball after a play was run. He would quickly set the ball like ref does and they would run another play. Hustling to the line and getting set.

    Most/all? of the coaches seems thin or in shape. I had this image of southern good ol boy bubbas, with guts hanging down (coach Delgado). So much for stereotypes.

    When a QB was running a play, the other 5 or so QBs were taking “mental reps” in the background faux snapping and making their reads with no ball in their hands.

    Practices seems quick, spirited and productive.

  • Larry

    Player wise, Lawlor made some great catches. Ervin was the only RB that seemed D-1 (Bigalow/Lasco not practicing)

    Lots of fumbles-bad for offense/ good for defense.

    During lineman drills, Kragan schooled Tagaloa a bunch of times where the other players were whooping it up.

    Kaufusi & #59(Farley?)were going at it for a bit.

    Goff got lots of reps as Kline did. Kline was threading the needle on most throws. I don’t think I noticed Bridgford take a snap.

  • Juancho

    Great post larry.

  • Gobears49


    Based upon what you saw, how would you rate the quarterbacks?

  • Kotempman

    Thanks to Larry and anyone else who go to practices and are our eyes and ears for everything about Cal football….I’m 235 miles south in Templeton and it kills me I can’t go!!!!!!

  • Tom S MV

    tHANKS FOR UPDATES GUYS. kUDOS TO YOU ALL. I love Sonny D’s transparency so far. His communication skills are light years ahead of Tedford.

  • Larry

    QBs based on FRIDAY’S practice was in my opinion based on what I saw was: Kline & Goff got most of the reps. Kline looked really consistant and accurate. He was throwing bullits to the receivers. Boehm had some reps too. I didn’t notice Bridgford at all.

  • Kotempman

    Thanks Larry…your making Juancho a very happy man with that kind of update….

  • Gobears49

    Glad to see my man Boehm out there competing.

    I may be going to the practice Wednesday before the Stanford basketball game, something I would not be surprised a lot of people may do. Will file a report on my evaluation of the QB’s if I do. I regard myself as a connoisseur of who are the best QB’s, not what is the best caviar.