Football: Sonny Dykes on Friday practice

Prefacing his remarks by suggesting it’s early and everyone still will get more opportunity, coach Sonny Dykes on Friday night gave high marks to freshman quarterback Jared Goff for his work in the team’s first day in pads.

“He did pretty well (Wednesday) night, so we wanted to kind of wanted to throw him into the fire and see how he handled it. Looking at it, overall I thought he did some good things, was pretty productive,” Dykes said.

“Kind of similar to the other day — at times looked real comfortable and other times he looked a little bit uncomfortable. That’s what you’d expect.

“I think he’s far ahead of the game right now for a young guy. I just think he’s calm and confident. He’s got some talent, so we’ll see.”

Dykes said the coaching staff will watch video over the weekend, evaluate further, then decide who will get more reps when the team practices next on Monday.

Redshirt freshman Zach Kline also got a good dose of snaps on Friday. Again, Dykes downplayed reading too much into anything at this juncture.

“It’s hard to put too much into it,” he said. “We’re just trying to go through and see who we think deserves to get some more reps. What you do is you eliminate guys as much as you decide on somebody as a starter or decide to give somebody a lot of reps. It’s a moving target right now, really.”

Dykes’ comments on other topics after Friday’s evening workout:

— Overall reaction to Day 3: “Usually first day of pads is a little sloppy. I thought today was pretty sloppy. Had some pretty significant ball-securuity issues. That’s someting we’ve got to get addressed. Anytime you put the ball on the ground as much as we did it’s disappointing.

“Again, it’s a positive because it means the defense is doing a good job stripping the ball. I thought those guys really did a good job of flying around, getting to the football stripping it out. A lot of things to work on.

“I thought our effort was good, thought the intensity was good. Thought the guys competed against each either well. I thought we definitely got better today.”

— On Kenny Lawler and the wide receivers: “He did some good things, made some competitive plays on the ball. We’ve got some guys who can do that, I think. It seems like Lawler’s done it, Maurice Harris has done it from time to time, Bryce Treggs did it a couple times the first practice. We’ve had some guys who’ve made some competitive plays on the football, which is a good thing.

“That group’s just got to get more consistent. Their heads are spinning a little bit. It’s not complicated, but it’s complicated in not really what to do but how to do it. There’s probably a little more technique thing than there has been in the past, maybe some fundamentals being stressed differently than they had been.”

— On the running backs and fatigue: “I thought the running backs weren’t very good. I thought they got tired. There’s not a lot of guys, in their defense. We’re repping four or five guys, but we’re going with three pretty heavily.

“I think our team’s still getting used to things happening as far as it is. I thought offensively we got a little tired, which is a little unusual. Typically it’s the defense that gets tired. Seemed like the offense kind of struggled, especially at the end of practice.”

— On defensive end Kyle Kragen: “I’ve been pleased with Kragen. He’s exactly what we thought when we recruited him. He’s an effort guy who’s going to come out every day and give you 100 percent effort. When you do that and you’ve got ability, then good things are going to happen.

“Every day out here he’s going 100 percent at everything. So, if a guy does that and you mix that with talent — and he’s got that — then you’re going to have a good player. We expect him to be a good football player. He’s really been consistent so far.”

— His impressions of Week 1: “I think the good stuff has been the effort and the enthusiasm. Defensively, we run pretty well. That’s been encouraging, just overall the defensive speed has been a pleasant surprise in some ways.

“I think coming in the wide receiver position, I just didn’t know how many guys we would have. I feel better about our depth. I don’t know that there’s guy that have separated themselves, but I think there’s eight or 10 players who have a chance to be good players, so that’s a positive.

“Just the competitive environment. Good attitude, been positive. Guys are really competing against one another, having fun. I think that stands out more than anything else.”

— On details of his contract being released: “I haven’t read it. I’m kind of anxious to see what it says. The funny thing about my situation is, you don’t pay much attention to that. When you come someplace, it’s kind of on a handshake agreement in a lot of ways. Other people work that stuff out.

“I’m glad to be at Cal. The fact that that got released today doesn’t change anything.”

Jeff Faraudo