Football: QB Allan Bridgford leaves team; will take weekend to decide future with the program

Senior Allan Bridgford, Cal’s most experienced quarterback, has left the team to decide if he wants to remain part of the program after being told his spring practice opportunities would diminish.

“He kind of got some news from us that he was going to get some reduced reps. Decided he going to take a day or two to kind of assess things some things,” coach Sonny Dykes said.
Dykes said Bridgford will discuss his options with his family over the weekend and report back to the coaching staff by Monday.
Dykes said Bridgford would be welcome to return. “It wouldn’t be a big deal,” Dykes said.
But freshman Jared Goff, redshirt freshman Zach Kline and sophomore Austin Hinder have “kind of distinguished themselves and deserve to get more reps,” Dykes said.
Bridgford started three games last season — the opener vs. Nevada and the final two games after Zach Maynard suffered a season-ending knee injury. He completed 45.6 percent of his passes for 277 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions. The Bears did not win any of the three games.
Without Bridgford at practice Wednesday, Goff, Kline and Hinder had what Dykes called “their best performance to date” in Cal’s fifth spring workout.
“Hinder has done some things pretty good, has gotten better and better and better every time he’s come out here,” Dykes said. “I think we’ve all been surprised with Goff and how far along he is for a young guy. Kline’s got a lot of talent and continues to do some good things.
“All of them are dealing with the same thing, which is a little bit of (in)consistency. But I thought today was their best performance by far. I think the guys are starting to pick things up.
“The ball is coming out earlier, on time. The ball is coming out to spots on the field that make sense. And we had some receivers that made more plays today on balls. It’s starting to look more like a semblance of an offense. We’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s starting to get cleaner and cleaner and cleaner.”
The Bears plan to scrimmage during a portion of Saturday’s workout, which runs from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Dykes said he anticipates releasing an initial depth chart by Monday.
But he cautioned that it will be very tentative, and said it’s possible spring practice will end March 23 without the starting quarterback job resolved.
“I would think it’s probable. We’ll come out with somebody we think is a starter, but that’s going to be decided in (August) two-a-days,” he said. “So I don’t know if it does us any good to name a starter in the spring.
“If there is one, we’ll name one. If it’s still a tight competition we’ll carry it into the summer. Even if we name a starter, he’ll still have to prove himself during camp. We’ll see how it plays out.”
NOTE: Dykes said that senior safety Alex Logan, who was working with the first defense, will miss the remainder of spring ball with a knee injury. He does not believe Logan will require surgery.  

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Bummer for the kid. Hopefully things work out for him.


  • Juancho


    This is the first time lenny dykes’tra has come off really disingenuine to me. He could have just said yes bridgeford is out of that discussion for starter at this point. To dance around it was kind of out of character for him.

  • Shaka

    10-4 Juancho, but to me it sounds like Sonny tends to drift toward being the nice guy, which is actually a nice change. A hard habit to break. This one time let’s give him a hall pass and see how he and his candor grow in dealing with the media and his players at this level. And also because it’s in the eighties here, the sun is setting over Waikiki, and it’s too early…

  • Juancho

    Shaka my brother youre in hawaii ? I will always have fond and blurry memories of honolulu and the strip clubs where i learned the young ladies carry pillow cases for their money.

  • Kevin

    Love the fact that Jared Goff, the pride of Marin County and Marin Catholic HS, is putting on pressure as an early enrollee true freshman. Nice work, Jared!

  • Kotempman

    ” Their best performance to date”……music to my ears for all three quarterbacks…I have confidence that Sonny will have the best one picked out who will give us the best chance to win and no dancing around by saying ‘HE DOESN’T KNOW THE PLAYBOOK!!!!…..like you know who!

  • Gobears49

    Pretty poor that a coach can’t be up front and not beat around the bush with one of his players about their current role with the team. “Kind of got some news from us,” if that is a true statement from Dykes, it seems to me as being as unsophisticated as Franklin’s quoted statement, if made, that his goal is that he wanted some Cal QB’s to “go away.”

    Good that at least Dykes did not walk up to Bridgford and, using Franklin’s language, just tell Bridgford to just “go away.” The press would likely have a field day with that sort of statement to a player. But Dykes doesn’t seem to have the guts to be a man with Bridgford and tell him, UPFRONT, AND VERY CLEARLY, something like “you can stay on the team but in the immediate future your reps will be reduced” instead of “sort of” saying that. Is it too much to ask for a coach to do that? Or is that just to be excused because it may be the southern way of doing things?

  • Gobears49

    Watched the practice today, though I missed the first twenty minutes.

    Almost all of the real reps went to Kline Hinder, and Goff. While the competition was close, I thought Goff was the most accurate of the three (sorry, Juancho). He certainly has a strong arm, a quick release, and is mostly accurate. The two others were accurate, but not quite as much. But certainly, things could be different on other days

    Boehm did not really participate till the end of the practice, when he led the offense for a few plays. He did have the only direct running play of the day.

    Hinder showed the most escapability of the three in avoiding a pass rush, making one nice scamper out to the pocket and into the secondary. The other two QB’s essentially seemed to stop when they were seriously rushed.

  • Gobears49


    It would be nice if your readers could make comments about the Cal basketball game last night on the Stanford game thread. But there seems to be a technical problem preventing this. This type of problem has occurred quite often recently.

  • covinared

    Not surprising. I was always hoping to see what Bridgford could do throughout so many Maynard misadventures,and then when he would finally get in, he showed why Tedford kept sticking with Zach. I think the coaches saw the tapes from last year and decided he was not in the plans. hopefully, he’ll get an opportunity some where next year if not at Cal.

  • Gobears49

    It could be that Bridgford’s strength was throwing the deep ball, not quick short passes. From the practice yesterday, it seemed most of the passes were of the short, quick variety. Dykes seems to like the quick end across the line of scrimmage pass, which Tedford would also use some. Goff was nicely leading the receivers nicely better than the QB’s, especially Kline, who often had the receiver catch the ball off of his back shoulder.

  • Stay Golden

    Best of luck to Bridgford. Maybe he can hook up with Ron Gould up at UC Davis.

  • Kotempman

    I think Sonny told Bridgford nicely with class and it was no beating around the bush because he knew exactly what the coach was saying by going this weekend discussing it with his parents….I would like to hear Bridgford comment on it because I don’t think there was a problem to him the way coach told him….I’m just saying….

  • 1brsfan

    I bet Dykes was more direct with Bridgford but he didn’t want to take it easy on him through the media. He’s not going to tell the media that he told Bridgford that he wasn’t cutting it and that he should consider transferring.

  • discdude

    Exactly 1brsfan. His comment to the press is probably completely different from what he talked to him about in private. He gave it his all, but let’s be honest, unless he was absolutely unreal on the field, he was probably looking at being 2nd to 4th string because there is no sense in developing a guy for 1 year. He just got squeezed out by guys with 2 to 4 years left, it kinda sucks, but life isn’t always fair. And he did have 3 years of chances to get on the field, plus a scholarship to the finest public university, so it’s not like he got a completely raw deal. Hopefully, he graduates and he can actually use that last year elsewhere.

    GB49 – probably no comments on Furd game because…why bother, what good will come from it? Is there anything interesting we have to say? We all saw it, it was ugly. It was also yesterday, I’ve forgotten it. Hope the team has too.

  • Gobears49


    I do have some comments about Stanford’s offensive basketball scheme versus ours, which is much better than ours, and what we need to do to correct that, but I will wait for awhile before I give up and post those comments on this Bridgford article.

    BTW, I agree Bridgford was the least likely guy to rely on this year, because he had only one year of eligibility left. I said that in a prior comment regarding Franklin’s statement that all QB’s would be treated the same, which I said didn’t make sense because it did not take into account future years of eligibility for each QB.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Really? Some of us are scrutinizing and trying to read between the non-existent lines for a problem with how SD told the 4th string qb that he’s not gonna get many practice reps? Really? C’mon…Bridgford is a terrible bcs QB and shouldn’t have seen the field these last years even with ZM as starter. We know this, SD knows this, heck, even the students know this. It looks like Bridgford is the last to get the memo.

    Let’s move on. I have faith in SD and his staff to get the BEST young men on the field and put them in positions to win. Bridgford will be fine, as long as he keeps at it, earning his Cal degree…

    Go Sonny, Go Bears! Hinder, Goff, Kline, oh my!

  • Eric

    I am quite surprised anyone would think that a media quote equals the same thing as what a football coach would tell a football player. Indeed, I think the fact that Dykes has basically said Bridgford is welcome to take time to figure out next steps and is welcome on the team (even if he is never going to start or be the second string) is the RIGHT way to handle it.

    Of course, I am so thrilled that we now have a coach who is far more transparent and willing to look for the best talent that I could be biased, just as those who are not thrilled with the hire look for ways to take potshots. At least poster immediately jumped on Dykes’ contract has being too high, and then the Wilner article demonstrated he is 9th in the Pac-12.

    On that note, isn’t it nice one can post a comment on the interpretation of a media quote and immediately also post on attending the Spring practice?

  • Bobsac

    The more recent comments make the most sense on the coach’s handling of Bridgford. The coach was clear enough in what he said to the player that Bridgford is going to take a few days to decide whether to stay on the team. It would not be good to tell the press, what, that he doesn’t think Bridgford is a good QB? I don’t see any coach credibity issue here at all.

  • ConcordBear

    How can we tell a coach how to deliver tough news to a player that’s working hard but losing the race?
    If Sonny does not want to be brutally honest to the press about a kid that probably will transfer for a chance to play as a senior I applaud that.
    Who wants to see our new coach crush a kid on the way out?
    I sure don’t.
    Come on people, coach is handling a tough sitation the best way he can, delicately

  • daredevilfan

    First off, I think it is interesting to note that I remember Bridgford being a pretty decently touted guy out of high school (I’m pretty sure I remember seeing him do well at one of the east/west high school allstar games or something like that), so it makes you wonder how Tedford screwed him up so badly while he was here. But as stated above, no reason to make an investment in a 1 year guy.

    On the basketball game, certainly a lot to point at the players (pressure got in their heads and just general bad play) and as usual on the refs (how does each week top the previous week for worst officiating ever), but I also was really frustrated with the coaching after a few weeks of coaching accolades. Why was Cobb pulled for B Smith early in the 1st half after Cobb got off to a sizzling start? Why so much B Smith, just because its senior night? Why suddenly go so much to krekolow in such an important game? And what happened to our defense? Our scheme was horrible, always someone wide open. We looked confused and unprepared and obviously we got outcoached at halftime. Our offense seems to only be 1 on 1. Either dump it in to a big guy, and he finds a way to take the shot no matter if matchup is good or not. Or we pass around the outside until one person finally decides to either take an outside shot or try some runner in the lane. Why no inside/outside game? Why everyone standing around like NBA crap? Can’t believe we layed that egg. Hope they shake it off soon.

  • rollonubears

    I think the big factors in this one were kreklow disrupting chemistry (not his fault, but monty’s) solomon getting into foul trouble (partly his fault and partly the refs), crabbe not showing up in a critical game (just happens sometimes, but i selfishly hope it means he comes back for 1 more year), and standard hitting 50% from beyond the arc. the last one is partly our poor defense, but they were just hot last night. we took about 1/3 as many 3s, and didn’t do all that well with those. i remember at one point seeing that standard had 17 free throw attempts to our 4. that’s horrible officiating, and total bs. crabbe got called for an early foul because he ran into a guy while the guy was dribbling, and he got to shoot 2 free throws. unacceptable. and the commissioner was there to see this filth. he deserved to see that melee. i hate standard more than ever before, especially that punk, bright/eminem.

  • Gobears49

    I have never read that a quote by someone in the media cannot be trusted as being accurate, though I am sure it does occur. But, Jeff seems to be a detail sort of guy, and I have been reading his columns for some time, so I trust him more than other media guys to get quotes exactly right. Hard to believe he could have made up the “kind of” remark, which is pretty distinct and would be a major departure from whatever Dykes said if Jeff had added it on his own I believe the same could be said for Franklin’s “go away” remark.

    I can’t recall any remark made by Tedford that I was somewhat shocked by, as I was by Dykes’ and Franklin’s remarks. I do appreciate their candor, but somehow it doesn’t come out just right with regard to what they will or have told their players.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Stanford made lots of open shots, something that a Cal opponent has not done much of lately. Cal’s defense has certainly been stellar, but not impenetrable nor flawless. They easily could/should have lost at both ore schools had either of those teams made a single extra wide open shot – of which there were many.

    It really just sux that furd chose last night to play their best game of the year…9/17 on 3s, 26/30 on fts, only 6 TOs. Grrr…

    Maybe ore loses twice and ucla again?? it could happen…

    pac12 tourney will be fun, Bears will be rested, could lose the first game, could win it all!?! Maybe this roller coaster season has a couple more thrills? Go Bears!

  • Mr. B


    We are all CAL fans here, so please take what others have previously said, and what I am about to say, as one fan supporting another fan with an explanation. Because based on your comment #23 you are totally missing the point.

    Coach *SHOULD* say things differently to the player than to the media. That does not mean coach is lying or dis-honest or that journalist is not accurate, or any of the other wild ideas you are tossing out here. It means people speak differently to different audiences.

    I am 100% certain Coach sat down Bridgford for a direct, private conversation full of candor about his likely position on the depth chart – hence Bridgford’s taking the weekend off to think about his future.

    I am also 100% certain JF accurately reported on what Coach told journalists when explaining what was up with Bridgford.

    It is that simple man….different audience, different words. No need to over-think it.

    Coach is doing the RIGHT THING by using softer, gentler words and more general, less specific language with the media.

    As many have already said, there’s no reason to trash someone on their way out – Bridgford has been a good team player and deserves as much. While his play may not have been what was hoped for, he also is stuck in a cr@ppy situation – 1 year left, great talent to develop behind him, so it’s not like he was a total washout, waste of a scholarship.

    No reason for Coach to repeat verbatim to a reporter the words he said to a player when counseling that player about his lack of a future with the program.

    I feel like I am trying to explain something to my 4 year old right now. I hope I’m more successful here than there.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Gobears, I was absolutely shocked and even insulted when in 2010 postgame JT so heroically proclaimed: “blah, blah, blah…we won the second half.”

    That, my friend, is a shockingly ridiculous (head in sand) statement for a coach who’s team was trailing 42-0 at halftime.

    I think that Sonny D and co are bringing good ol’ boy southern/texas style football to Berkeley (along with a focus on the classroom) and we lucky ones are in for a real treat come August!! And at Cal, there is by far the most offensive AND defensive talent that these guys have ever had to work with.
    Hard not to like what has transpired over that last 3 months, thank you Sandy, and thank you rich alumni who “ushered” out the old and in the new… Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I didn’t mean to trash Bridgford on his way out, after re-reading my post I feel it was harsh. Regardless of his on-field performance, he really is one of the last victims in the long line of qbs that really really suffered under the “tutelage” of JT the “qb guru”. I hope Bridgford can transfer and play for a season if he doesn’t care about his Cal degree. But really, had he won the starting job two seasons ago instead of ZM he’d be the obvious starter heading into next season, but he’s not, and the others are more logical choices at this point to start as they will have longer careers in the new system. Good luck to Bridgford. Go Bears!

  • rotfogel

    Anyone getting Goff-ities? Will Kline end up transferring too?

  • Gobears49

    Mr. B

    “Coach *SHOULD* say things differently to the player than to the media.”

    I can’t think of why this should be so. Perhaps I think different than others on this blog, but I would respect Dykes more if he had said, in public, that he had leveled (not “kind of” leveled) with Bridgford, told him it would be unlikely he would get _____ (fill in “any” or “much” or any other word you want) playing time, and that, in any case, in the near future (or just in the future) he would get reduced reps. There wouldn’t be any downside to Dykes or Bridgford if he had been upfront with the media.

    I think it is worthwhile to essentially cut a player if there are many others that fit the coaches philosophy and have a long time to be molded to fit it. So I have no problem in easing Bridgford out if that is what Dykes wants, or even cutting him outright. My only quarrel is his Dykes’ choice of words, though they were not nearly as bad as Franklins. I prefer a coach to be honest with everyone. Maybe Dykes did tell Bridgford what the deal was directly — I think there would be no harm in telling the public that.

    After a bit of research after his hire (I was particularly impressed that he was the son of an accomplished college coach), I decided to support Dykes hire and previously was a long advocate that Tedford had fallen behind the times and we needed to move forward with someone else. I think his offense could be fantastic, but I am concerned he doesn’t have as much to contribute to the defensive side of the ball.

    I have, and will continue to raise questions or even make suggestions, if I think they are worthwhile. I definitely do believe in following the herd. Maybe people should petition Jeff to be me removed from the board, like a lot of people may have wanted to do with the guy who loved USC. That “groupthink” would be apropos for UC Berkeley (think pressure to support a certain political wing of a certain political party).

    One question which hasn’t been asked and answered by anyone yet is why Dykes’ believes his offense should be adjusted to fit the abilities of his offensive players but we will run the 4 -3 defense when it appears that our personnel, like so many other teams, better suits the 3 – 4 defense.

  • rollonubears

    He’s still going to have 5 linebackers out there. He’s just going to call 2 of them linemen, was my understanding.

  • Gobears49

    Unless he’s truly not running a 4 – 3, it would seem that two of the five “linebackers” would be undersized as defensive linemen, but maybe that’s the trend. I don’t consider myself an expert on this at all. All I know is that we seem to have a lot more qualified linebackers than defensive linemen, but we seem to be moving to a formation that requires more defensive lineman than linebackers. Again, maybe its the formation that counts more than the physical size of the players playing there. If that is the answer, then maybe someone from the staff should get the word out. Maybe they should give Jeff a call.

  • Juancho

    Rotfo im going to pretend i didnt read that.

  • Gobears49


    Your man looked good, got more snaps than anybody, and seemed to be the first one to perform in each drill. I think Dykes will redshirt Goff and will play him only if he thinks it is absolutely necessary for some reason. The differences between Goff and Kline, if indeed Goff is better than Kline, are very slight.

    I project Kline as being the starer, but partly because he can’t redshirt anymore. I also think Hinder looks pretty good and has the makings of a pretty elusive runner. He moves well when he runs. Couldn’t tell about that with Kline of Goff.

  • Maybe Bridgford will stay at Cal for the sheepskin but not on team and then do post-grad somewhere else (Davis?) and play the last year he has. Not a bad overall outcome for him. Technically possible.

    What of Boehm? Does he stay? Is he sitting at #4 with a RS-Fr and a true Fr ahead? May depend on whether SD gives Goff a RS, but if Goff is the most accurate does SD want to do that? But then Goff’s problem is not his arm, its his frame, or lack thereof. He needs a year of the right food and some serious weight work to get to 200#. Otherwise the twig will break. He has good potential, but so so immediate potential with his current weight/mass.

    All that said, if I am Boehm you make the move now. Gives you time to grow into a program somewhere else. If you stay what is your future?. If he leaves, maybe Bridgford also breathes deep and stays (and Goff goes RS).

    Maybe they ought to have a meeting. No doubt SD is thinking of all this but probably hopes they are not.

  • Juancho

    Petebear. You are my brother.

    I guess my assumption is boehm was told the same as bridgeford. Ie their reps are cut bc the other three are ahead.

    I agree. If im him and my top goal is playing football i transfer. If my top goal is not football i stay for the degree and try to change positions.

    Gb49 you had a typo. You said goff was sharper yesterday. You must have meant kline. In his name amen.

    If i look at the qb battle from a business perspective. Goff would have to be light years better than the other two to name him the starter. The risks associated with that are way higher. Id bet if goff is named the starter kline-itis b or hinder transfer.

    Whereas if the klineasaur is named the starter goff sits in the sidelines while we get a chance to see what kline has. If kline bombs then goff or hinder are in.

    If hinder is named the starter. That eill really be interesting. Would kline stick around to play his rs junior year ? Then goff have to wait til his rs jr year ?

  • drizzlyboy

    I see two good things in this. First, while I don’t dislike Bridgford, I didn’t see anything in his few starts last year that got me excited about his possibilities for the coming season. Second, Dykes doesn’t come across as being married to a particular QB like JT was, but is idling to go with whoever performs the best. I think those of you who are concerned about the way SD is handling the situation are misreading the quotes. I see it this way: SD tells AB that he’s deep on the chart and not likely to see any time on the field, but doesn’t want to trash the kid in the media. Doesn’t sound like he’s pulling the scholly, allowing AB the chance to complete his degree.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I just watched a Hinder HS highlight tape on youtube, dude can run! This qb situation is so dang INTRIGUING! We’ve been starved of anything like this with JT. Go Bears!

  • Gobears49

    Just to let you all (in deference to our coaches) know, we have FOUR Elite 11 QB’s on our roster, if you count Bridgford (and you should). They are Bridgford, Hinder, Kline and Goff. I’ll be nobody else has more, except for USC. That’s a ton of talent.

    BlakeStreetBear, glad you agree that Hinder can run. I could tell that after his just one run from the pocket. Kid has some nice moves and good speed. Big kid, too (I think 6’4″). Good passer, too..

  • rollonubears

    In keeping with Dyke’s strategy to put the best 11 on the field, why don’t we play 4 quarterbacks?

  • rotfogel

    I really believe this about Boehm. I don’t think he’ll ever be a starting QB at Cal. That is sad. BUT, he is really athletic and big.

    What about a switch to saftey? Boehm would make a helluv a saftey! Big fast smart! C’mon Boehm make the switch!

  • Juancho

    Wehofx my brother.

    I pray you saw two five star recruits joe mixon and michael lazarus each have updated their twitter photo to cal.

  • rotfogel

    Juancho, That is really good news. Cal doesn’t have an every down NFL running back currently on it’s roster. Mixon is an every down NFL back and although he is ranked lower than other RBs that is only because of the east coast bias. I’ve seen tape on the others, Mixon is the best back in the class by far. That’d be awesome if he went to Cal

  • Larry

    The way I see it, ‘elite 11’ is an opinion on the top HIGH SCHOOL QBs. For the HS level, these are the top 11. Once a kid moves on to college, the slate is clean and then, like a seed, either the player blossoms and grows or wilts and dies. Players need to work hard period. If a kid has natural abilty, but doesn’t work hard, he won’t make it. Some kids work hard, but just don’t have the natral ability for the next level. So in HS they could have appeared to be the next Joe Montana, but instead turn out to be a JaMarcus Russell or any number of ‘sure things’ that didn’t pan out.

  • Larry

    With that said, I noticed Bridgford wasn’t getting reps and figured something like this would happen. My guess is that he will stay at CAL and get his degree after realizing that there is no point in transfering to possibly play 1 season at Sac. St. or the University of South South West North East State. He should hopefully realize that the window of opportunity to play in a game is just about closed right now.

  • Juancho

    Bridgeford tore up his throwing shoulder and had it operated on his freshman year. He never recovered his arm strength. And his motion was never the same.

    Elite 11 is like someone having an elite school on a resume. Doesnt guarantee success. But never hurts.

  • bigdruid

    Wow. So much angst from GB49 over “kind of”. I’ve been reading this blog for years, and I often disagree with posters, but this is the first time that I literally just couldn’t understand how someone’s brain works.

  • BlueNGold

    Coach D is getting almost 2 mil a year to do his job. I want to see how he does it and what results he obtains before passing judgment or being critical. I realize there is not much else to think and blog about in the college football world right now, but I frankly think its a huge waste of time to be second guessing every action or non action of a coach or a team that is reported by the media.

    I also have to say that if GoBears49 cannot comprehend (#29) why it is necessary or a good idea for a coach to speak differently to the media than he does to his players, then your real life experience must be extremely limited and uninforming. In other words, that just is not reality.